Contribute To Us offers guest bloggers to post and share their interesting, unique and quality stuff with our readers. Just follow the steps and instructions given below to start your exciting journey on

1. Register to This Blog

Registration to our site is currently open and free, what you need is your personal email address and choose a unique name mostly know as username. If you’re a regular blogger then you must use your email address which is associated on Gravatar.

You can register your account by clicking here.

2. Complete Signup and Your Profile:

In next step you’ll get an email in your inbox containing account information such as username you choose while registering with WordPress randomly generated password. Simple activate your account by confirming your email address and login to your account. After successful login first thing you need to do is change your password (a common password which you can remember easily) and then complete your profile by filling with your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ profiles links. Tell something about yourself in Author Bio (About Yourself Section).

Note: It is mandatory to complete your profile at this blog otherwise your profile might be banned in violation.

3. Start Blogging in Easy Way:

After completing all steps mentioned above, you’re ready to share your content with us. Submit unique, quality, well written and most important thing is that must be interesting for readers.

Article Submission Guidelines:

Here are some basic rules you to follow to ensure successful approval in short time.

  • Needless to mention that Article must be unique, atleast 500+ words long and having an interesting and easy to read stuff.
  • All articles are getting approved by moderator after careful review, it could take 2-3 business days to your article to be live on our blog (Note: For fast approval click here).
  • Basic HTML formatting is allowed, you can use <strong> <italic> <p> tags but building a nasty HTML code like custom coloring of text or links etc will result your article in Trash without any further review.
  • Meta Title, Meta Description is mandatory as well as use proper tagging in the respective fields (click here for snapshot).
  • Upload atleast on relevant image for your post (Click here for snapshot).
  • Choose relevant category, if category isn’t available suggest us the respective category.
  • Maximum 2 Back links to your blogs/site are allowed (Note: Only linking to healthy and useful sites/blogs is allowed, spam sites won’t be accepted).

These are some common practices to keep this community spam free, user friendly and helpful.

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