Why Should Farmers Stop Using Chemical Fertilizers?

Many farmers make the grave mistake of applying chemical fertilizers to their crops. However, many framers still are unaware of the detrimental effects that such fertilizers have on the environment as a whole. The plant does not absorb all of the nutrients that are sprayed and so the remaining amount of these nutrients are taken in by the soil.

The need for awareness

Geoffrey Morell is an expert when it comes to sustainable farming and he says that it is important for the modern farmer to stop using chemical fertilizers today. The chemical fertilizers that are manufactured today do not provide the natural micro and macro- nutrients that the soil needs. With the passage of time, the soil absorbs the harmful ingredients and this is passed to the food people consume. The quality of the vegetables and fruits are affected. People consume them and they fall ill.

Farmers Stop Using Chemical Fertilizers

Reasons To Shun Chemical Fertilizers In Agriculture Today!

Since chemical fertilizers are used with pesticides, fungicides and herbicides they have a negative impact on the water, soil and the natural environment. They pick up chemical traces and they are absorbed when consumed by humans. The chemical fertilizers kill microorganisms that harm the soil and make it useless to such an extent that nothing else can grow.

Long- term harmful effects

When it comes to the use of chemical fertilizers, more and more farmers have to be aware. They often make the mistake of using large amounts of chemical fertilizers on their plants. Little do they realize the fact that these plants are later consumed by man and they are the major cause of diseases and illnesses. It is time for the modern farmer to start using organic fertilizers that are rich in the components of potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus. This organic fertilizer ensures that the nutrients reach the plant with success. They are friendly for the soil as well. The nutrients of the soil are not stripped and this makes agriculture safe for both the people and the environment.

Organic fertilizers are also cheap as they are made with local ingredients. They save a lot of costs and have long term benefits to the environment. They do not have toxins and are free from pollution as well.

Save mankind

Chemical fertilizers lead to contamination and pollution of groundwater. This causes malformations in birth, gastric cancer, testicular cancer, stomach cancer and hypertension. The excessive nitrogen from chemical fertilizers cause breathing issues, cardiac disease and several forms of cancer. Farmers should be educated and made aware of the above diseases that are caused by chemical fertilizers.

Therefore, Geoffrey Morell says that when it comes to farming, farmers must ensure that they reduce the use of chemical fertilizers in order to protect the environment and people. This awareness has to be made widespread not only in the USA but across the globe. Sustainable farming is friendly for the globe and will save mankind from diseases and illnesses to a large extent- it should be practiced uniformly he says!