Whistle and Other Pet Apps

When you think of all of the advances that Internet technology has led to, you probably don’t immediately think of the impact for pet owners. But thanks to integrated apps for smartphones coupled with external devices which can be used on pet collars to monitor all sorts of data, the market of Internet technology available to pet owners is astounding. Here are a few apps that are particularly powerful for pet owners.

Pet Apps

Whistle- An integrated app and collar monitor helps turn your phone into a full-fledged activity monitor. An in-collar accelerometer tracks motion data and send this information back to your app. This data is compiled across all users and users can check this internal database and compare their pet to others based on dog breed. Whistle is a cutting edge monitoring tool for pet owners looking for more information about their dog’s activity. A notification system can also deliver alerts if your pet’s activity level suddenly drops drastically. With many other competitors emerging on the market, Whistle’s clean, easy to use interface ranks high on the list of new technology for pet owners.

Tagg- Do you have a pet that likes to get out of the yard? Are you a concerned pet owner looking to be able to keep track of your pet when you’re not home? Then Tagg might be the perfect app for you. Using GPS technology integrated with your dog or cat’s collar, this app allows you to receive notifications when your pet leaves the acceptable boundaries that you set with your phone. Additionally, it gives you the ability to track your pet’s activity level based on movement. A truly useful app, Tagg is a must have for all concerned pet owners.

DoggyDatez- The local social network for dogs has arrived in the form of the DoggyDatez app. Essentially providing a way to list your pet and search other dog owners who visit the same areas as you, this app is a flexible tool for creating dog dates. You can specify dog age, breed, gender, and many other criteria to find the perfect match for your pup. This app is an outstanding tool to use if your dog is a social animal looking for more playmates.

MapMyDogWalk-Another GPS based tool for you and your pet, the MapMyDogWalk app allows users to get fit with their pet while monitoring calories burned, distance, and a host of geotagging capabilities for pictures and other data. The integrated mapping feature uses map data to show you the routes you have taken with your pet and allows you another way to track your walks. Great for fitness conscious pet owners or data-lovers alike, this app again uses powerful Internet technology by combining GPS data and other information to create a fun, powerful experience for dog owners.

Pet First Aid- Dog or cat lovers who previously may have panicked in pet emergency situations can feel a bit more assured with the Pet First Aid app. With dozens of pictures and videos to help explain CPR for your pet, muzzling, restraint, and many other procedures, this is a surefire way to make sure you up on your safety chops as an animal lover. The app also doubles as a record keeper for your animal’s vital information from allergies to vaccinations and any other necessary data, proving it is a great value for new and long-time pet owners alike.

Clicker Training- Internet technology now even means easier ways to train your pets. Refer to to see what internet access you have in your area. Whether it is a dog, horse, cat, hamster, or any other animal, Clicker Training for the iPhone allows pet owners to train their animals based on a reward system that is correlated with a specific clicking noise. Through the process of positive reinforcement, your animals learn good behavior and new tricks. With additional information on training tips for your animal, the Clicker Training app is the quickest way to get up to speed on teaching your old (or new!) pet new tricks.