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Ways for Small Businesses to Leverage Their Marketing Tactics Using Facebook

For small businesses that only have a small amount to spare for their digital marketing efforts, it is reassuring to know they can always turn to Facebook marketing.

While there’s a lot of things small businesses can learn from large corporations in terms of Facebook marketing approach, the difference is not actually as vast as it seems.

If you are a small business looking to model your marketing efforts after those campaigns run by big businesses, the following tips should get you off to a wonderful start:

Ensure you have a strategy and a plan.

More often than not, big businesses have a blueprint for their Facebook marketing campaigns.

That means apart from strategizing, forecasting, and plotting, they also have goals in mind and they’ve brainstormed the likely hurdles they will encounter and how to best overcome them.

Small businesses on the other hand, often only create Facebook pages sans any real goals in mind.

Often, they just create one because they see other businesses doing the same.

Fortunately, planning ahead and coming up with a realistic and feasible strategy will not cost you anything.

Figure out what you want out of your Facebook presence.

Additional traffic?

More sales?

Lead generation?

Once you have figured out what your goals are, you are in a better position to figure out the strategies to make your Facebook presence as fruitful as possible.

Ensure interaction and engagement are prioritized.

Social media users (Facebook users included) want interaction and attention.

In most cases, this is the part where big businesses blow small players out of the water.

From virtual gifts to contests to sweepstakes, big businesses often give users what they want.

It is unfortunate to note this is one of the areas where small players fall short.

To help ensure success, it is important that you take into account Facebook’s ideals—engagement and interaction.

Promotional features like sweepstakes, virtual gifts, and others are accessible through the custom tab apps. If you are not taking advantage of it now, ensure that you sign up soonest and start being social.

Be easily available to your customers at all times.

Big businesses often have community managers paid to help ensure interaction with customers are done on a daily basis.

If you are a small business however, there is a huge chance you don’t have the money to spare to hire a community manager.

If you find yourself in the same scenario, consider setting aside at least an hour a day to interact and engage with your audience.

Keep in mind that your online availability might just be the encouragement your next customer needs to make a purchase.

As a general rule of thumb, check your Facebook daily and be sure to respond on time when fans post to your wall.

Put the custom tab applications to good use.

You’ve probably noticed those sharp and customized page tabs big businesses have.

Years prior, companies have to hire managers just to build those tabs.

They were labor-intensive, hand-coded, and difficult to maintain.

Suffice it to say, it was an expense many small businesses can definitely do without.

Fortunately, nowadays, you don’t have to be an expert in programming languages or hire a web designer to create customized page tabs.

ShortStack, and a host of other applications gives small players the ability to create their very own custom tabs effortlessly.

More importantly however, you will have access to the look and functionality at only a fraction of the cost most big businesses shell out for the job.

These custom tab applications have definitely helped level the playing field so taking advantage of them is highly recommended.