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Tips to Choose The Best Type of Plants For Your Indoors

Growing Plants in your indoors have been a growing trend. This has many advantages too. On the other hand it increases the beauty of your house. However it is very important to choose the suitable plants for your indoors.

Flowers and leafy green plants lend a calming, peaceful influence to any area. But who says that the beautiful bloom and scent of a flower is restricted to outdoors only? With an indoor plant professional, you can easily bring the outdoors indoors, and enjoy plant life all year round. If you choose the right type of plants based on the lighting and temperature of your indoor living or work space, you’ll be able to enjoy plants indoors as well as outdoors.

Plants for you Indoors

If you do opt to keep plants indoors, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Don’t be put off by small living or work spaces. Think tall, ceiling-reaching plants such as bamboo or certain types of cat tails. On the other hand, if you have plenty of room to spread out, consider eliminating some of the excess white space with broad-leafed plants.

Don’t over-water your plants. You may think that indoor plants need more water than outdoor plants, but this is not true: indoor plants are chosen for their ability to flourish indoors. Water only as instructed.

Care for your indoor plants as you would your pets. If you go on vacation or simply away for a weekend, keep a light on — and on a timer, preferably, in order to mimic the light cycles of the outdoors.

Opt for peat-free or other specialty composts that are more suitable for indoor use. If your indoor area has a high moisture level (such as the fish area of a pet store), make sure you choose composts and plants that can tolerate humidity without causing mold growth.

Don’t use your plants’ compost as a watering ground for coffee or tea. While it may be harmless to add a little of your favorite breakfast beverage to your plant’s pot, the sugars and carbohydrates in the drinks can offer pesky fruit flies the perfect breeding ground.

Once you have chosen a spot for your plants, try not to move them around, as it takes them a while to acclimate to their surroundings.

Last, but not least, consider hiring a professional to assist you with selecting and setting up the best types of plants for your indoor environment. Click here to find one.