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Things You Can Achieve Through Social Media and Why Your Strategies Don’t Work

When it started, many took Social Media Marketing (SMM) for granted, but now that it has emerged as the giant of internet marketing, everyone pays homage to it as though it were Holy Scripture. Indeed, SMM campaigns are now a very important component of any internet marketing strategy because of these two major reasons:

1, it helps to inculcate meaningful and realistic relationships between business and customers, and

2, it provides positive SEO benefits good for your site’s page rankings.

This is the easy part and almost everyone can do this successfully, the hard part starts when you have to decide which SMM strategy will work best for you. Here, many an aspiring internet marketer has floundered on the hard rock of indecision and confusion. However, that need not happen to you if from the word go you understand that social media can help your business achieve the following:

  • Increase your brand recognition and reach by widening and expanding your followers, fans and customer base. Did you know that millions of users (potential customers) visit their social media accounts every hour of the day or night?
  • Internet marketing can be so sterile and impersonal if there is no way for one on one communication. This is the gap that social media fills by providing a platform for direct interaction, improving customer relations, opening avenues for direct feedback, and possibly offering means for complaint resolution.
  • Every business needs a unique selling point (USP) in order to maintain a competitive edge over rivals. You can extend your social media strategy to accomplish this by giving incentives in form of games, quizzes, giveaways, coupons, promotion of contests etc.
  • How else can your website go viral? Isn’t it by creating and sharing content to attract new followers, links likes and shares?

These are only a drop in the ocean of what SMM can do for your business, but only if you have a working social media marketing strategy – and this is where many go wrong. The reasons?

  • Being ignorant about the requirements of various components of social media marketing so that you can create effective strategies. Different platforms like Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook etc need different methods of content delivery. Know what content type is best suited for your business. Is it textual, Photos, images or a combination of all?
  • Many users hardly understand the importance of creating impressive social media profiles. Whether you do this in form of a short write-up about your business, or a short video depicting your company, your profile must be an instant attention grabber.
  • Failure to understand who your target audience is, and what is likely to appeal to them a lot. Interact with your visitors in a way that suits their interests and answers to their needs. This should not be a once-in –a-while practice but a regular habit.
  • It is imprudent to continue with your social media efforts without paying attention to the statistics generated.  Always look at the feedback you get in order to determine how effective each strategy is for promoting your brand. Do not forget to measure the effectiveness of your effort, time and money.

So, do you understand why the various components of social media should interact well in order to produce the desired results? OK, let’s see where you are stuck.