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Web design tips that will help you increase your conversion rates

Whilst getting internet users to visit your website through clever marketing and SEO techniques is an achievement in itself, unfortunately the hard work does not stop there. Once users are on your website, they have the choice of whether or not they purchase your product or services or fill in your sign up form (depending on what the call to action is). This decision will be based on how well you have optimised your website for conversion. Your websites conversion rate is the number of users that complete the call to action and become a customer. In this article we will provide you with a few web design tips that will help you increase your conversion rates.

Simple navigation

When designing a business website it is important to make it as easy as possible for users to access the information they need. Rather than clicking through numerous pages to find the information they are looking for, users are much more likely to click off your website and go to one of your competitors instead. Straight forward navigation is essential. When building your website’s navigation map, make sure that it is both simple and logical. Thorough testing will be required to ensure it works effectively. It is also worth keeping in mind that users will be viewing your website from various different websites, therefore making it essential that navigation is optimised for desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Having clear call to action buttons can help to transform users into customers.
Having clear call to action buttons can help to transform users into customers.

Clear call to action buttons

Studies have proven that users are much more likely to click on buttons than on text links. When designing your website, make sure your call to action buttons like ‘Buy,’ ‘Checkout,’ and ‘Register’ are easy to spot on your website. Keep them at the top of your page as some users will not bother reading all of your content and therefore may miss your call to action buttons if they are placed at the bottom of your website. It is also important to make sure you refrain from having too many call to action buttons on one page as this can be both distracting and confusing for users. If they are unsure what they need to do on your website, then it is unlikely that they will convert.


When writing and presenting content on your website you need to make sure it is audience-oriented rather than simply SEO-oriented. Whilst your content needs to be optimised for SEO, if it is simply stuffed with keywords, those viewing your website will see it as spam. When creating a web design for your website, make it easy for users to locate the information they require and present your content in an engaging way that captures users’ attention. The easier it is for users to find your information and the more engaging your content is the more likely users are to complete their call to action.

Reduce loading time

The quicker your website loads, the better chance you stand at converting users. If your website takes ages to load, impatient internet users are likely to click off and go to a competitors’ site instead. Users will not sit around and wait for more than about five seconds. You can reduce the loading speed of your web design by making sure the coding is clean and that you are not using unnecessary content that adds little value to the user experience.

Social media integration

Not only are internet users impatient but they are also lazy. If you require users to register before they can buy your product or service, presenting them with a lengthy online form can be off-putting. Instead integrate your web design with social media. Allowing them to sign in with Facebook or Twitter will enable you to capture the information you need from them, whilst allowing them to complete the checkout process quickly and easily. Users are much more likely to convert into customers if you use a straight forward checkout process.

Streamline your checkout process to increase conversion rates by allowing users to sign in using their social media account information.
Streamline your checkout process to increase conversion rates by allowing users to sign in using their social media account information.


When it comes to improving your web design with the aim of increasing conversion rates, it is a matter of testing to see what works and what does not. Every change you make to your web design should be justified by your users’ online experience. The better shopping experience you can provide through your web design, the more likely users are to become customers.


An article by Zachary Lowton in conjunction with web design in Southend specialists Bulldog Social Media.


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A Review of the Swagbucks Survey Website

Swagbucks is one of the most popular online rewards programmes. Basically by carrying out various actions users can earn a virtual currency known as swag bucks and turn it into real prizes. In this article we will offer a full review on how the Swagbucks survey website works.

Earn a little extra money whilst you browse the internet by using Swagbucks!
Earn a little extra money whilst you browse the internet by using Swagbucks!

Signing up

It is completely free to sign up for a Swagbucks account. All you need to do is enter your email address and password and you will gain four swag bucks in the process! You will then need to fill in your profile information, for which you will be rewarded swag bucks.

Rewards for searching

Once you have signed up for an account you can begin earning swag bucks! Our review of Swagbucks reveals there is a number of ways you can earn money. The main way is by using the Swagbucks search engine. Basically you use the search engine like you would any other. Type in what you are looking for and you will be awarded a number of swag bucks. Although Swagbucks doesn’t like to giveaway how it goes about awarding points, it has been suggested that it is not for how many searches you perform, but how long you spend searching.

This rewards scheme is ideal for those who spend a lot of time online, searching for various different things. A great way to remember to use the Swagbucks search bar is to download the tool bar which can be pinned to your browser. Get into a routine of using the Swagbucks search engine bar and you could end up earning a significant number of reward points on a daily basis.

Other ways to earn Swagbucks

Recently Swagbucks have introduced various other ways you can earn reward points. If you enjoy playing games online, then you will love Swagbucks’ reward scheme! Basically by playing the games on the Swagbucks website you can earn a number of points. You can also earn Swagbucks for simply watching a few of their videos.

If playing games and watching videos isn’t for you, then you may prefer to earn Swagbucks by filling out the various surveys available on the website. However, if you are only going to use Swagbucks to fill out surveys, you may find that you earn little rewards compared to other paid survey sites.

Other ways you can earn Swagbucks include joining sweepstakes, finding the hidden Swag codes on the website, blog and social media pages and inviting your friends to join. You can actually earn a significant number of points by inviting your friends to join, however they must sign up and actively use the website in order for it to have any benefit to you.


Once you have got a decent number of swag bucks in your account then you can begin spending them on various awards. Obviously the more Swagbucks you save up, the better rewards you will be able to redeem. In the reward store you will find various prizes such as gift cards for places like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Pizza Express, Marks and Spencer and Starbucks.

Gain enough swag bucks and you’ll be able to redeem them for an Amazon gift voucher.
Gain enough swag bucks and you’ll be able to redeem them for an Amazon gift voucher.

Making money from home

If you are looking to make money from home, in all honesty, this isn’t the best way to do it. It is not a great source of income and you certainly aren’t going to become rich overnight from using it. However if you are looking to save a little money on treats for your family, then earning swag bucks and redeeming gift vouchers is a great way to do it. Although some paid reward sites can seem a little suspicious, Swagbucks is a reputable rewards site that you can trust.


Image credits: L Gnome & topgold