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A Review of the savelgo Social ecommerce Platform

SavelGo is a new social commerce website that blends together elements of traditional commerce with new e-commerce features. It uses the power of social networking to connect businesses and customers, helping businesses to promote their products and encouraging customers to share their thoughts and reviews. In this article we will provide a review of the new SavelGo website.

Sign up to SavelGo so you can shop online and share your purchases all in one place!
Sign up to SavelGo so you can shop online and share your purchases all in one place!

About SavelGo

SavelGo was created by Massimo Rossi Salvatore Vacante. He started the business in 2009 with the aim to fuse ecommerce features with elements of social media, to create social ecommerce. The SavelGo website has an in-built search engines which provides users with exclusive offers from various different companies. It also has online window shopping pages where businesses can promote their products and services. As a SavelGo member, businesses can gain access to a wide range of powerful social and business management tools and customers can benefit from exclusive offers.

The SaveIGo logo.
The SaveIGo logo.

How does it work?

When a user wants to look for a particular product or service, they simply need to type what they are looking for into the search bar on the SavelGo home page. The website will then bring up a list of companies offering relevant products of services. The user then simply needs to click on the business that takes their interest and they will be sent to their personalised shop window page. Here they can find out more details about the business, including where they are located, how much their products cost to ship and the various offers that are currently available.

Benefits for users

SavelGo provides a simple and easy way to discover new stores, restaurants and services in your local area. The search bar makes it really easy to find what you are looking for within seconds. Users can also benefit from businesses’ exclusive offers on SavelGo. A great way to make sure that you are always kept up to date with the latest offers is to sign up for the email newsletter.

The social side of SavelGo

SavelGo isn’t just about buying products, but sharing your purchases too; it has some similarities to sites like Groupon. Basically it is the one stop destination for all of your social shopping needs. After you have bought a product or service you can share your thoughts about it on your profile. By sharing, commenting on and reviewing recent purchases you can inform others about whether or not the product or service is worth buying. As a SavelGo user you can also benefit from real time news feeds and personalised special offers based on your interests, social buying at its best!

Benefits for businesses

SavelGo is beneficial to businesses in many different ways. One of its main selling points is the fact it can help you reach your target customers by matching their interests to your products or services. It is easy to generate revenue from the social search engine and you will also find that as customers begin to review and recommend your products or services, you will gain more and more sales. Today social sharing of products and services makes up for a large percentage of ecommerce sellers’ conversion rates.

Benefit from increased sales as your customers begin to review and recommend your products.
Benefit from increased sales as your customers begin to review and recommend your products.

As a member of SavelGo you can choose whether you use your window shop as your main ecommerce store or whether you link it to your existing website. The company provide you with a wide range of management and sales tools which you can use to promote your SavelGo page and set up offers for your customers. Whilst providing an excellent social ecommerce platform for promotion and advertising, SavelGo also breaks down existing barriers of communication between business owners and customers. It can help you improve your customer service by ensuring your customers are 100% satisfied every time.

SavelGo packages

Unlike many other social shopping sites, SavelGo does not focus on making money through commissions. Instead they offer a number of different packages for businesses to choose from. Even if you choose to sign up for the free package, you can still use many of the site’s features. The only real restriction is the fact that you are limited to putting up two offers a month. If you cannot see a package that is quite right for you, it may be worth getting in touch with the company as they do provide customised packages and reseller packages too.


SavelGo is certainly a website with an interesting concept. It fuses together ecommerce and social platforms, like no other site has before. SavelGo brings benefits to both customers and businesses. It provides customers with a place where they can shop, take advantage of offers and share reviews. For businesses it provides a place where they can promote their products, services and offers at a low cost, whilst benefiting from access to their target market and social sharing.

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