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Unique themes for your baby shower

Baby showers are often thrown to celebrate the pending birth or recent birth of a baby. Traditionally they were only for the first child in a family and were women only events. Today they are a great excuse to shower mothers-to-be with love, well-wishes and gifts for both her and her baby. If you are throwing a baby shower for a family member or close friend, here are four unique themes that will make the baby shower a day to remember.

Bun in the oven tea party

We often refer to pregnant ladies as having a ‘bun in the oven’, so why not go for a baking themed baby shower? If you know the mum-to-be loves to bake, this will be something she truly enjoys. You could either get everyone to bake together, or you could pre-bake the cakes and set up cake decorating stations. After you have made your sweet treats, set up a table that everyone can sit around and throw a traditional tea party. The little details can make the biggest difference so be sure to pick a pretty table cloth, hang coloured bunting and present your cakes on vintage style cake stands. If you are unsure of the baby’s gender, opt for a neutral, yet pretty colour like mint green.

Ready to pop party

Mums-to-be always describe themselves as being ‘ready to pop’ so why not make this the theme of your baby shower? Think of everything that pops like soda pop, champagne, balloons, bubbles, cake pops and popcorn. This is a baby shower theme that you can certainly have a lot of fun with! You could even choose colours that pop against each other to keep consistent with your theme.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar baby shower

We absolutely love the idea of throwing a baby shower based on the famous baby book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. For the decorations you could use prints from the book and choose colours which are inspired by the caterpillar transforming into the beautiful butterfly at the end of the story. You could also make butterfly mobiles which will add a special touch to your party decorations. Food wise, why not pick out some of the food mentioned in the baby book? The caterpillar chomps through so many different foods including strawberries, oranges, chocolate cake, pickles, Swiss cheese, salami, cherry pie, sausage and cupcakes!

You could try a Safari theme
You could try a Safari theme

Twinkle Twinkle baby shower

Lullabies and nursery rhymes are often associated with children, so why not throw a baby shower based on these themes? We love the idea of throwing a ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ baby shower. For the decorations you could hang moons and stars from the ceiling and feature lyrics from the nursery rhyme on your invitations. You could even make prints to hang on the wall which could go in the baby’s nursery after the shower. In terms of food, think about creating star shaped cakes and biscuits, decorating them with edible glitter to make them twinkle!


When it comes to planning a baby shower there are so many different themes you can choose from. Whilst some baby shower themes have been done over and over again, the themes featured in this article are all relatively unique and will make your baby shower stand out from the rest. Putting thought into the baby shower and planning a special theme is sure to be well received by the mum-to-be who will love that you have taken care into making sure her day is a day to remember!

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How To Throw a Great Divorce Party

dancing divorceAre you coming to the close of your divorce? Is it almost final? Do you want to put the past behind you and simply relish the new chances you have ahead? While the gravity and pain of any divorce is not something that should be overlooked or understated, there does come a time when a person who is divorced must move ahead and embrace her new life ahead. Once your NJ family law attorney has finalized your divorce papers, you may be ready to move forward with your life. If you find yourself in this position, then consider holding a divorce party of sorts. At this home or restaurant event, you can invite your closest friends to reflect on the year and to celebrate the emergence of a new season in your life. This is not a time to bash your ex-husband or to spend the time reflecting negatively on the past. Instead, use the time to move forward with positive energy and thoughts. You will find at this party that you are surrounded by those who support you most and who want to see you move forward in a positive way.

Plan Your Guest List

Invite the friends and family members who have been there for you throughout your divorce. Just invite those who will support you and encourage you during this gathering, rather than people who are going to pass along negative energy to you. This is not the time to bring up the past but to simply move ahead.

Plan the Menu

If you are hosting this gathering in your home, plan a menu of light drinks and appetizers. You will want people to stick around and enjoy themselves for a little while at your gathering.

Ask for Advice

As you move forward, you will have the love and support of your friends. Ask them to write notes of encouragement to you that you can look at in the future and that will carry you forward when you are down in the future. You can set up a vase of tree branches and place the vase on a table surrounded by notes with holes punched through them and strings. Your guests can write words on the notes and then hang them on the tree. You can read one or two every day to remind yourself of those who love you.


There aren’t any divorces that are painless or easy, and that is why it is good to celebrate the life you have right now with a divorce party. You don’t have to call it a “divorce party” because you are not celebrating the end of a marriage and love that didn’t work out. Instead, you can gather your friends together for a party that celebrates you and moving forward despite the mistakes of the past. You will feel good surrounded by the family members and friends who love you and who want to see you succeed in your next steps ahead.

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