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Innovative Solutions for Office Storage

When it comes to storing things, offices can become cluttered messy and unorganised very quickly. Admittedly, much of this is down to the individual(s) in charge of storing things, but quite often, part of the reason things get so hectic is due to a lack of proper storage space.

We take a look at some of the most innovative solutions available to help create the right kind of storage for your office.

Growing Businesses

If your business is growing, it is likely that there will be a lot of paperwork coming and going and it all needs places to be kept. The more your business expands, the more things you’ll need to find space for. You may find yourself spontaneously buying extra storage units and adding them into the office space as and when without properly thinking about how it will fit into the layout as a whole.

However, as things progress and more and more impromptu or hurried storage solutions are found, an office can very quickly become cluttered and messy. Not only does this mean that finding the right file can be a nightmare, but it also creates a stress-inducing environment, to the detriment of your workforce.

Finding innovative solutions for office space is hard to do.
Finding innovative solutions for office space is hard to do.

Finding Long-Term Solutions

As such, it can really be worth re-thinking your storage solutions and investing in a new and innovative alternative that will benefit your office.

This article shall consider two office storage solutions that can drastically improve the organisation of your office and the way in which things are stored.

Storage Walls

A new means of storing items which is enjoying increasing popularity is the use of a storage wall.

A storage wall consists of multiple storage spaces that come together as one unit that dominates the entirety of a wall; imagine numerous filing cabinets side by side that reach right up to the ceiling. The installation requires that you sacrifice the floor space of the office along one wall of the room, but it gives you the optimum storage space.

Your first thoughts regarding a storage wall might be negative. Not only have you taken out the use of a whole wall, but you can also stand to lose a couple of feet off the room. Admittedly, if your office floor-space is already somewhat pressed, maybe a storage wall isn’t for you. However, if you can imagine taking your existing storage units and putting them all against the one wall side by side, it’s easy to see how it optimises the space available.

A storage wall first and foremost consolidates your storage space into the one location. If it’s not in the drawer you thought it was in, at least you needn’t search all over the office for it, it’ll be somewhere in the storage wall.

But the most important feature of a storage wall is the total efficiency in storage space it presents. Not only do you have the benefit of having all of your storage units stacked side by side (as a single unit, the dividing walls between storage spaces can afford to be thinner too, giving you more space), but a storage wall reaches right up to the ceiling, giving you the best use of available space in the room.

Another significant advantage of a storage wall is that it looks a lot neater than other options, talk to a company like Storage Aspects to discuss your options. Storage walls are specifically designed to look like just that… walls. Instead of looking like a stack of shelves or a row of filing cabinets, a storage wall looks just like another wall, giving your office a slick and organised aesthetic. This is perfect for offices with notoriously poor filing methods; even if the filing looks horrible, it’s hidden away in the storage wall and won’t negatively affect the workspace environment or people’s moods.

Roller Racking Shelving

Roller rack shelving is an innovative and somewhat genius means of storing items in an office.

The shelving in a typical library makes great use of height and is very easily accessible from both sides. However, it is somewhat flawed in that the access ‘corridors’ required on both sides take up a lot of floor room leading to an inefficient means of making use of potential storage space in the room.

Roller racking takes this basic model of shelves that are accessible from both sides and minimises the need for access corridors by putting the shelves on a raised fake floor and rollers. This means you can move the shelves around at will, creating a viable access corridor when you need it to the particular shelf you need to get to, while ensuring the other unused shelves are making the most efficient use of available storage space.

Having space like this can make life easier.
Having space like this can make life easier.

In this way, roller rack shelving can be more than twice as efficient at making the best use of available storage space than a conventional shelving layout, while still providing you with all the benefits of ease of access found in a conventional shelving layout.


This article has considered storage walls and roller racking as two brilliant innovative storage solutions that can really benefit your office space. Whether or not you choose either of these two options or another choice entirely, finding a new and innovative means of making the most effective use of available storage space really is a worthwhile endeavour .


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How to set up a registered office

This article is provided for general information and can’t be relied upon without legal/professional advice where required. 

When you run your own business, you may not always need an office in which to greet customers. With advancements in technology, an increasing number of individuals conduct their transactions online, meaning they may never actually need a physical meeting. Or if the business in question provides a service, all meetings may be carried out on the customer’s premises.

Whatever the circumstances of the company, not all businesses have a need for commercial premises and keeping one simply for appearances is not an economically viable option for most. This leaves the alternative of broadcasting your home address, an idea which may not be the most desirable or indeed practical in many cases.

However, there is another possible solution: setting up a registered office in another location by using the services offered by a professional corporate secretarial solutions firm.

If this isn’t something you have considered before, here’s the rundown about how it works and what you would need to do to set one up.

How it works

Every limited company requires a registered address but even in cases where there are other premises being used for commercial purposes; the registered address is not always the same location as where the main trading takes place.

A registered address is also known as the legal address, and is the place which will be listed in Companies House and also used by HMRC for all communication.

There are companies who offer the use of their own premises as a registered address which not only provides a professional location – often city centre – but also ensures that the individual is able to keep their own personal details private.

Any customer visiting the registered address will find a plaque with your company’s name and logo clearly displayed in the lobby and they will be able to leave correspondence should they wish to do so. Any letters or mail received at this address can either be forwarded or you can go and collect it as and when convenient.

There is no legal requirement for you to conduct any of your business at these premises; registered addresses frequently are used for administration purposes only.

Setting up a business from your own home is an increasingly popular option but it's easy to look amateurish unless you take steps to polish your image such as having a swish registered address
Setting up a business from your own home is an increasingly popular option but it’s easy to look amateurish unless you take steps to polish your image such as having a swish registered address

The benefits

If you are considering using a registered address service, it’s worth considering the benefits if you are wondering whether it is a worthwhile idea.

If you work from home, or use your own house as a base, the chances are that at present your business post will be delivered there too. Sifting through the mail every day to spot your gas bill or other important domestic correspondence can be inconvenient and time-consuming but if you don’t have separate trading premises this may well be your only option unless you set up a registered address.

Whilst the majority of your customers will undoubtedly be satisfied with your work, if you do encounter a problem with any individual, it isn’t necessarily a good idea for them to have access to your home address. And even if there isn’t an issue, being forced to release your personal details means you could end up with customers knocking on your door any time, night or day.

In addition, if you are looking to build on your reputation and secure more business and contracts, holding a prestigious address as a registered office can really enhance your image. You can use the registered address on business cards and letterheads, helping to create an impression of a professional and successful enterprise.

At the end of a long day you might be looking forward to a nice glass of wine and putting your feet up in front of the TV – do you really want to chance a customer knocking on your front door?
At the end of a long day you might be looking forward to a nice glass of wine and putting your feet up in front of the TV – do you really want to chance a customer knocking on your front door?

How to set-up a registered address

Setting up a registered address using the services provided by a professional company is surprisingly easy, are a good example.

The most important thing is to ensure you select a company which provides a cost-effective service which is fully inclusive and helps to carve your reputation as a top quality business. Check carefully what is offered for the price and whether there will be any separate costs for forwarding your mail. Not all packages include the right to use the address on correspondence or in contracts so again this is worth asking about before signing on the dotted line.

Once the address is set up, it shouldn’t impact on your trading in any way, other than to arrange the collection or forwarding of your mail. You will need to provide the company with your trading name and logo so it can be displayed at the location. You should also set aside some time to update your letterheads, business cards and email correspondence to reflect your new address.


Regardless of the size of your company, you will undoubtedly want to appear to be professional, polished and proficient and holding a registered office in a plush location can help to create a real veneer of respectability. Protecting your own privacy as well as the practical benefits of having your mail sorted separately mean that there really is only one question about setting up a registered office: how soon will you do it?


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How To Improve the Look of Your Office

Our office is where we spend the better part of our days. Eight or nine hours a day, five to six days a week are spent sitting in an office chair staring at a computer screen. The things we surround ourselves with can have an impact on our mood and general outlook. A cluttered but boring office can be chaotic, but a clean, well-organized work space can bring us into a happier head space  One can make us want to scream and run out of the space, and the other makes it a delight to sit down and begin working in a creative way.

office improvement


The first step to a more organized, efficient office is a clean office. Every few weeks, take the time to remove everything and wash down the desk’s surface. Before putting the computer, phone and files back, wipe them down thoroughly. Dirt and dust can accumulate in hidden spaces on the desk’s surface. Drawers should be cleaned out. Consider vacuuming and dusting behind the desk too. Even the chair material can be brushed or vacuumed to remove dust or allergens that can accumulate.


Papers, notebooks and files should be neatly stored in drawers or file cabinets unless in use. If they are being used, they should still be stacked in an organized way. Papers strewn about are more likely to fall to the floor or get lost behind the desk. Nothing can get us scrambling and panicked like an important file that gets lost. It’s hard to be productive in a chaotic environment too.


The modern office is full of technology and with technology comes wires. Unless the newest technology is wireless, there are clumps of wires cluttering the office. Wires connect the computer, monitor, mouse and keyboard. There are wires for calculators, modems and routers. All these wires can equal a tangled mess behind the desk and wires that trail across the surface. Ties can be used to keep the wires organized. There are special ties that can be purchased for wrangling disorderly wires.

Personal touches

Once the desk and surrounding areas are dust-free, it’s time to think about personal touches that reflect personality and a sense of fun. A mouse-pad that reflects personal interests or hobbies can be a fantastic way to make us smile throughout the day. If we are a lover of golf, we can use a mouse pad shaped like a golf ball. A love of Sponge-bob could be reflected in a pineapple pen holder. A pen holder in a bright color can be purchased to match the mouse pad to create a splash of color in an otherwise dull office space. These items are essential in an organized office space and let the personality of the occupant shine through.


While it’s valuable to have a productive work environment, there is no reason that decorations and personal touches should not be added, or to worry that it will distract from the job at hand. Aside from essentials like pen holders and mouse pads  the space can be decorated with framed photos of family and friends. It reminds us that not everything has to be about work and helps us reflect on why we are working in the first place. Another addition to the office space might include a lamp, plant or calendar. This gives the office space a feel of comfort and reflects personal style. A vending machine can add personal style to an office and has the added function of bringing nutritious snacks to fuel a productive work environment.

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12 Sensational Startup Offices

officespceMany offices are vibrant and unique, but 12 in the U.S. deserve special recognition.

Astounding Architecture

The architecture of the Gawker office in New York City is unique. The building has an enormous deck on the roof with furniture, a lounge resembling The Matrix, decorations with a science fiction theme, and even a surfboard.

AOL Ventures in New York City is characterized by exposed brick and numerous archways as corridors. It also houses bean bag chairs, a stress level arcade game, interactive art and murals, various video game consoles, and vending machines of health food.

Dazzling Design

Fab in New York City takes decor to a new level with bright, unconventional furniture, sculptures, unique chandeliers, branches, electrical sockets, and more adorning the rooms. It has quite a modern and eccentric style while remaining coordinated, lively, and welcoming.

ZocDoc in SoHo has lively decorations throughout its office, including walls painted with cartoons, a cafeteria fashioned by Scholastic, stuffed animals, and even a hammock. The design gives the office the atmosphere of a child’s playroom.

OMGPOP in New York City, recently obtained by Zynga, conjured Draw Something. The office contains many photos of Draw Something art as well as champagne bottles to commemorate the Zynga ownership celebration.

Abundant Gaming

Foursquare in New Your City contains several conference rooms, each themed to an individual Foursquare badge. For example, “Herbivore” is decorated with plenty of plants. Features include ping pong and foursquare courts, gymnastics rings, an amphitheater, keg, and others.

The office of LivingSocial in Washington, D.C. is a collection of several buildings with a sophisticated waiting room. Games and activities available in the office are yoga classes, rock climbing, and shuffleboard, and its board room resembles an antique library.

SquareSpace in New York City contains multiple floors that offer a library, a horse on which to draw, vibrant murals, and many games. The office houses several video game consoles, including Nintendo, PlayStation, and Rock Band. The interior design has a contemporary theme as well.

Alluring Attractions

MakerBot in Brooklyn is a 3D printing company, and its office teems with interesting attractions. Located within the office is an area of 3D printers, a factory that assembles them, a “botcave,” and a vending machine of MakerBot plastic toys.

GitHub in San Francisco entices with unusual designs, vivid motorcycles, and the plentiful appearance of its mascots, the octocats. In addition, it contains attractions such as a library, a women’s lounge, and a great deal of scotch and draught beer.

Buddy Media in New York City is a four-floor office that contains attractions such as a workout room, bobble-head dolls for decoration, and its very own studio for training purposes in media. It has a rather contemporary atmosphere.

Tumblr in New York City is a two-floor office with a living room, abounding in contemporary art. Attractions include a ping pong table, and the office even adopted a Pomeranian. Sumptuous offices such as this likely boast a successful crowdfunding platform.


Image Credit: Marcin Wichary