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Most Anticipated Changes in Web Design in 2013

Manchester, the first industrial city, is always abuzz and never sleeps as the city is a home for varied industries that have grown both horizontally and vertically since 18th century. The city’s web design agencies and experts belong to a secondary industry which meets the online marketing requirements of the companies that can be categorized as a whole as Manchester’s primary industry-scape. The web design Manchester agencies are a part of the vast online marketing and brand management sector which provides enough oxygen to the companies that have different strong suits and look for cost-effective website design, maintenance and optimization solutions. The designer tribe of Manchester is one of the best in the world and these designers gestate many novel design ideas that become global trends thereafter. With 2013 already in, it would be great to check out the Manchester web design trends this year.

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More responsive designs

Responsive design became a trend in 2011 and became more prominent as a trend in 2012. But 2013 will completely be a year of responsive website design. It is expected that the website design Manchester experts would give more importance on designing responsive templates that can be opened from any device, irrespective of the screen size and resolution of the same. Demand for responsive web design is steadily increasing and it is expected that the web designer Manchester agencies will try to make responsive designs their USP.

Changes in typography

Web designers in Manchester are now equipped with newly designed fonts and selecting typography has become an easier task for them. Web design Manchester agencies are going to put more emphasis on typography selection this year. Another thing is, minimal use of images are recommended for fast loading as image-heavy sites are notorious for taking too long to load. In 2013, Manchester web design experts are not going to replace text with images and they would definitely choose from the trendy fonts.

Vertical scrolling will rule

A webpage can be scrolled both horizontally and vertically. However, mobile web surfers always prefer vertical scrolling and web design companies in Manchester would definitely want to meet their requirements. The websites designed by them would definitely come with advanced vertical scrolling features (e.g. the menu bar of the website will also scroll down as the reader tap the screen to scroll down the webpage. This is a relatively new trend but has all the potentials to rule the web design Manchester market in 2013.

Bigger buttons, easier navigation

Puzzling navigation is a thing of the past. Websites that were born on or after 2011 are all easily navigable. 2013 is likely to experience the birth of a legion of websites that would come with easier navigation options such as big buttons. Ask any Manchester web design agency and they can best explain you why big buttons and other elements have become buzzwords in the web design world. However, huge buttons are nothing but huge images and these elements are likely to make sites slow. Manchester web design experts are working on it and synthesized solutions are expected to emerge.

Web design Manchester specialists are all set to meet the varied demands of their clients. It is now to see what other cards they have up their sleeves.