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New Year Fitness Campaign

If you have over-indulged over the festive period and are carrying a few extra pounds, do not worry. You are not alone. People who do not gain weight over Christmas are few and far between, let’s get that straight right from the start. The good thing about starting off a fitness campaign at New Year, is that there are plenty of others doing exactly the same thing. Make use of the camaraderie and support of your fellow dieters and fitness friends to help galvanise you into action.

New Year a New You

So where to start on the new you for the New Year? Why not take some time to think about your goals for the coming twelve months and note them down. This will bring an element of clarity and perspective to your hopes for the coming year and you can keep going back to remind yourself if motivation levels start to drop.

Motivation is the key to success

Because motivation is the key to sticking to a new diet or fitness regime. Try and minimise thoughts about how hungry you feel and how tired your aching muscles are, and visualise the positive benefits that these very temporary states of being will bring to your life. Losing weight will have wonderful health benefits, you may drop a dress size or two and your confidence levels will soar. Feeling fitter will have positive knock on effects throughout your life – you will have increased stamina and flexibility and your general sense of wellbeing will be elevated.

Why not make a decision to get fit this New Year?
Why not make a decision to get fit this New Year?

Visit the Doctors

If you are not used to exercising, visit your doctor before embarking on any new fitness regime. They will advise you on realistic goals and give you a check-up if necessary.

Losing weight is really not rocket science. There is a basic equation that applies to everybody, no matter what physical make-up – if you expend more calories through physical effort than those you consume in food, then you will lose weight. It’s that simple.

Dieting is more mental than physical

What isn’t simple is convincing your mind that your body has had enough of the foods you like. Dieting is all about the mental battle that goes on inside our heads –‘I need that slice of cake to cheer me up’. No you don’t, you are perfectly fine without it, and if you are genuinely hungry, have some nuts or an apple. Far healthier and less loaded with calories and guilt. Too many of us use food as an emotional crutch, and the sooner we can cast it off, the sooner the weight will start to fall off.

Starting a diet at New Year in the depths of winter may seem a bit grim, but consider all the time you have until the summer to get slim, toned and bikini ready. Plan ahead to keep motivation levels from dipping. Blue Monday is a common problem for New Year fitness campaigners – it usually lands around the third week of January and can see resolves crumble and diets fall by the wayside. Be super-prepared for such times of danger to your plans and organise a galvanising activity or special, low fat healthy feast.

One of the most successful ways of sticking to a new diet or fitness activity is when it is a group effort. Weight loss clubs where dieters meet on a weekly basis are very successful, chiefly due to the supportive atmosphere and camaraderie of fellow club members.

Getting a good piece of exercise equipment can help.
Getting a good piece of exercise equipment can help.

Fitness can be fun!

The same can be said for fitness activities. If you join a sports team or club, the motivation to play well and succeed not just for yourself, but your team mates, makes the whole getting fit thing redundant – it’s about the competition, the enjoyment and the bonding.

Think fun, as opposed to fit. In London you will find social netball leagues (like London Netball leagues) which are the perfect way of combining fitness with fun – for a relaxed approach to team sports in a supportive and friendly environment, joining a netball league is hard to beat. Or you might like to try other team sports such as football, volleyball, hockey and baseball which can be great fun with the additional benefit of increasing your fitness levels and making new friends.


For 2014, why not make a new year’s resolution to start enjoying yourself more? Think about the getting fit and losing weight as by-products of a new fun attitude to life, rather than miserable sacrifices. It’s all about mental attitude and looking at life through a positive lens. Go for it in 2014 and you’re guaranteed a happy new year…



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MMA Supplements – Why They Should be a Part of Any Martial Artist’s Regime

When it comes to fitness, MMA fighters are often unparalleled. Unlike some other athletes, Mixed Martial Artists have to be very versatile, able to master multiple fighting styles which utilise lots of different parts of the body. They need to be muscular to the extent that they can both dish out a good beating, but also take a pretty hefty one too. Not only this, but in terms of cardio, competitors need to be in peak physical condition to endure the hardships each round presents.

Many MMA fighters train every day to stay in top physical condition. With such commitment dictating both exercise and training, it only makes sense that this discipline should extend into a fighter’s diet, as a good diet is an essential part of any fitness regime. Supplements can be one of the best enhancements to a diet and in turn a brilliant addition to any fitness regime.

What Supplements?

Having decided to enhance your diet, it’s good to know exactly which supplements will work best. This article shall look at five supplements that can complement a healthy diet and can make a real difference to the way that you stay in shape.

MMA Supplements are a great support for martial arts.
MMA Supplements are a great support for martial arts.

Protein Supplements

MMA Protein supplements are effective in building and sustaining muscle. Whatever format you choose – powders, shakes, bars or anything else – it’s essential to make sure you have a sufficient level of protein in your body.

Protein is necessary for building muscle, and although high levels of protein can be attained through a meat-rich diet, it’s often helpful to have a supplement too. Taking a protein supplement just before going to bed can be beneficial due to the amino acids they contain, which can help rebuild muscles during sleep. In addition, a protein supplement can be a great means of getting high levels of protein into the bloodstream and ready to use for building muscles just before a work-out. Having a protein-high meal immediately before working out could leave you feeling bloated and hinder your training.


Different vitamins help your body to be most efficient in lots of different areas, from growth, to muscle movement, to memories. For example, vitamin B encourages production of red blood cells, which can help your body deal with lactic acid build-up during a fight, staving off cramp and fatigue.

A balanced diet should provide you with all the necessary vitamins you need to stay as healthy as you can be. However, it can sometimes be difficult to ensure that everything you eat has the ideal amount of vitamins in it. This can be a common issue when you have meals prepared for you, or when you decide to eat out; it can seem somewhat rude to question someone else’s food. Not only this, but sometimes an ideal diet is difficult to achieve if you are trying to stick to an extensive and time-consuming exercise and training programme.

As such, taking multi-vitamins can act as insurance, just for those times when your diet slips a little, allowing you to enjoy your meals without having to constantly monitor everything.

Fish Oil

Fish oil is rich in fatty acids that increase your body’s hormone production levels; it can therefore encourage the production of testosterone in your body. Testosterone is the hormone that contributes to physical energy, so as such, high levels can give you that edge which can be the difference between victory and defeat in a fight. Not only this, but fish oil can aid recovery after fights and intensive workouts as it reduces inflammation.

MMA Supplements will help you get a body ready for martial arts.
MMA Supplements will help you get a body ready for martial arts.

Fish oil has the added benefit of increasing the amount of high density lipoprotein in your body. Lipoprotein is the good cholesterol found in blood which reduces the risk of heart attack and heart disease.


An MMA fighter needs to maintain the best diet possible, and MMA supplements can be the best means of enhancing the efficacy of your diet in the context of your fitness regime.



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Common Weight Loss Myths

13090913_sObesity and weight problems are common in any urban area due to the different lifestyle changes. Some people struggle with weight problems due to genetics while others it’s purely due to poor eating habits. Generally, obesity is a lifestyle problem as many people who are overweight tend to overfeed and avoid exercising. Due to the weight problem in most developed nations, there has cropped a breed of weight loss myths that tend to confuse overweight individuals in their bid to shed the extra fat. The media also offer conflicting information on this thorny subject and sometimes victims end up confused about the whole issue. Here are some common weight loss myths and what they mean.

You Can Lose Weight  Faster If You Skip Meals 

Some ‘experts’ or friends may mislead you into believing that skipping a meal ensures that you lose weight faster. This is one of the oldest weight loss myths and it’s absolutely misleading. Skipping a meal doesn’t add any value to weight loss endeavors as scientists have proven that when you skip one meal, you tend to eat more on the next one. Furthermore, you will be more likely to crave for high fat foods for supper if you didn’t eat lunch. If you want to reduce the amount of food you take, make sure you eat small servings a couple of times in a day. Remember to eat your fruits and vegetables as they help you to feel full and avoid high fat foods.

In Order To Lose Weight, You Need To Absolutely Do Away With Your Favorite Foods 

This is also one of the most common weight loss myths today. It’s advisable to leave the bar of chocolate alone but not completely. To be able to work out a great weight loss program, it’s good to eat your favorite snacks once in a while; this motivates you to keep going, knowing that you will eat your favorites at the end of the week. If you stick to a strict healthy diet, you can never go for long before giving up especially if you are advised to eat vegetables which aren’t sweet.

People Who Lose Weight Fast Are Healthier 

Let nobody fool you that skinny people are the healthiest. This is one of the weight loss myths created by the media and mainly influenced by supermodels. Many young girls today want to be skinny as they think that’s the ultimate body shape. If you use your own methods to lose weight, you may end up losing water or muscles in your body which isn’t recommended for a healthy body. The main aim of weight loss programs is to shed extra fats as muscles are important for everyday activities.

Natural Weight Loss Products Are 100% Safe 

This is one of the weight loss myths created and spread by the weight loss product manufacturers. Though most manufacturers mention that the products don’t have any side effects, it’s good to check with the local authorities and ensure they are listed as good for human consumption. It’s also good to use these herbal supplements only if prescribed by a qualified doctor.

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daniel is a health and fitness blogger who loves to write articles about health and weight loss. Recently he read about extract from garcinia cambogia fruits and found some interesting facts about it.

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Doctor Burnout Related To Medical Malpractice

medical malpracticeWe’ve all heard of the medical nightmares after a patient, recovering from surgery, realized that there was a medical error such as the wrong limb was operated on or the wrong operation was performed all together.  We trust medical professionals with our lives as they have received the highest level of education and are the most knowledgeable in a specialized field. They are supposed to be the best at what they do.  But are they really the “best” at what they do?

How are we to feel safe and to trust a group of professionals who routinely leave sponges and gauze in a body after operation or who make a preventable medical error so severe that a patient dies?  A preventable error is medical negligence.  Many, who defend medical professionals, say that doctors are overworked and understaffed.  Others would argue that doctors just don’t care enough to perform a lifesaving technique, error-free.  And maybe doctors are just burnt out.

Are Our Doctors Burnt Out?

In a 2012 study, from the Mayo Clinic, revealed that doctors have one of the highest burnout rates of any other profession.  In the study, 7,288 physicians were surveyed on their quality of life and job satisfaction.  The results found that 46% of responding physicians reported at least one burnout symptom.  The study concluded that doctors, as a group, suffer high levels of emotional exhaustion and struggle to find a satisfying work-life balance.  Doctors who are burnt out or who exhibit burnout symptoms are most likely to make medical errors or misdiagnose a patient.  So, what makes a doctor burnt out?  They make good money, their jobs are invaluable, and they are life savers.  Do they hate their jobs?  Do they even care about their patients?  Is being “burnt out” even a viable excuse?

Doctors feel pressured, especially by the limited time they are allowed to spend with their patients, plus the constant rule changes set by insurers and other payers on what they can prescribe or offer as a treatment option.  Additionally, doctors are expected to spend more time learning and utilizing electronic medical devices, leaving less time to spend with patients.  The stress and expectations, according to The New York Times, pushes doctors to care less, make more mistakes, and sometimes quit their practice all together.

Burnout Symptoms

We have all felt exhausted at times, not wanting to go to work or even hating our job so much that we want to quit, but is that considered burnout?  The Mayo Health Clinic suggests that you may be burnt out if you:

–          Have to drag yourself to work and have trouble getting started with tasks

–          Are critical or cynical in the work place

–          Become irritable and/or impatient with co-works, customers and/or clients

–          Lack energy to be productive

–          Lack a feeling of satisfaction from achievements

–          Feel disillusioned about your job

–          Use food, drugs or alcohol to feel better or to “not” feel

–          Sleep and appetite has changed

–          Suffer from unexplained headaches, backaches or other physical ailments

The symptoms may be an underlying physical or mental health condition, but can be managed if the burnout sufferer wants to change.  Sometimes a career change is necessary, other times one can improve their feelings about work by working on managing their stress, changing their attitude, seek support, have an “outside of work” life, and get regular exercise.  Untreated or ignored burnout symptoms could lead to a myriad of serious and long lasting health issues, including, but not limited to:

–          Heart Disease

–          Substance Abuse

–          Depression/Anxiety

–          Type 2 Diabetes

–          Stroke

–          Obesity

–          Trouble in “home life”

Doctors, being medical professionals, who are trained to be aware of medical issues, should be more in tune with burnout symptoms.  While we don’t know how many are actually being treated for burnout symptoms, themselves, the symptoms should be taken seriously as they affect patient care and often times lead to medical negligence or a medical malpractice suit.  While many of our doctors should be thanked on a daily basis for their life saving abilities, the doctors who suffer from burnout should evaluate their options before more innocent lives are at stake.

About the Author:

Andrew Miller is an Avid Legal Blogger, environmental law student, and owner of The Socialpreneur blog.


Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet – The Vegan Approach To A Fitter Body

vegetablesA vegetarian weight loss diet is a healthful and nutritious method to eliminate some pounds and get your body in the right shape. Combined with working out or exercise routines, a vegan eating habit can throw in many improvements in your way of living and overall health.

Losing weight the vegan way is considered as a fast weight loss plan. Although it’s critical for you to note that even if you are a vegetarian, losing weight is not as easy as it appears. After all, when you imagine vegans and vegetarians, you think only of healthy foods. But, similar to a non-vegan diet, still, there are always enticements, treats, and foods rich in calories luring you to get back to your unhealthy habits.

Vegetarians who desire to lose weight can use many popular diet programs and fit them in their lifestyle. While most of the diet plans require consumption of dairy products and lean meats, you can use soy milk, legumes, nut, tofu, and other vegan options as alternatives. You can opt for a vegetarian weight loss diet that incorporates food consumption with no restrictions and requirements. This integrates fruits, whole grains, and veggies with low point values, so you can consume a bit of several foods while you still lose weight.

Even if you perform other diet programs such as herbal life weight loss plan or take in CLA weight loss supplement, losing weight should be carried out carefully and diligently. Crashing down your intake of calorie too radically can result to various health problems and might as well lead to gaining some pounds back rapidly. Continual losing and gaining back weight has been discovered to cause some health concerns such as heart problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, lower metabolism, and liver damage.

Prior to starting any form of vegetarian weight loss diet, you should consult with your doctor to ensure that you are on the right track. This is particularly important if you are breastfeeding or pregnant.

A weight loss system for vegetarians like you line up foods allowed in abundance such as whole grains, beans and legumes, as well as vegetables. On the other hand, foods which should be eaten in moderation are refined sugar, salt, fruits, soybeans, nuts, or egg-free pasta. You should inhibit from consuming foods that have refined soy products, avocados, oils, and flour. This is just a simple overview of the vegetarian weight loss diet. The chief focus of this diet program is to incorporate vegetables and some plant-based products as the focal aspect of your diet, while you stay away from foods with starches and fats.

When performing the vegetarian weight loss diet, you should keep an eye to the food portion sizes. You should deter false hunger signs, and you’ll soon consume less food amounts.

Author Bio

Crystal is a health and fitness blogger who loves to write articles about health and weight loss. Recently she read about  garcinia cambogia extract pure gnc.

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The Correct Way Of Losing Weight And Staying Fit

One of the hardest goals to achieve in life is weight reduction. Losing weight is not as easy as it might seem. One has to put in a lot of efforts in order to slash unwanted fat from their body. There are a lot of mistakes that people make while trying to reduce weight. Today I am going to give you a few important tips regarding weight reduction. These tips will help you lose weight and ensure that you remain fit for the rest of your life.

Use Healthy Fats Oil

Whenever you cook a meal at home make sure that you only use healthy fat oils. Healthy fat oils include canola oil, cottonseed oil, olive oil and sunflower oil. These oils have healthy fat contents that enable your body to burn fat. Bad fat oils include vegetable oil and butter. These oils contain bad and saturated fats that can have a devastating impact on your body.

Avoid Eating Junk And Fried Food

You won’t be able to reduce weight if you continue eating junk food. Junk foods contain bad fats and are high in calories. On the other hand, always try to eat grilled or boiled food. Keep in mind that your diet will play a pivotal part in determining your weight.  Always try to eat healthy and natural food.

Drink Water

Water is extremely important for the human body. According to several researches, it has been confirmed that water helps to reduce weight. You should consume at least 3 liters of water every day. On the other hand, 70 percent of the muscles in your body are made from water. It is important to keep your body hydrated. Furthermore, water also helps to enhance your metabolism. This allows your body to burn calories much faster.

Don’t Starve Yourself

A lot of people think that if they don’t eat anything at all during the day it will make them slim and smart. Well, this is a big misconception. Recent studies have revealed that one should eat 5-6 small meals during the day. Eating small meals along with a proper workout routine will enhance the fat burning process. If you won’t eat anything your body won’t have the energy to burn the fat. Hence, you might get weak and even fall ill.

Enjoy Your Workout

Workout doesn’t necessarily mean going to gym. You can go to the park for a long walk or play soccer with your kids. By workout I mean any physically exercise that can help you burn calories. The point I am trying to make here is that you should enjoy your workout. Don’t think of it as a hurdle.

Only Cardio Won’t Help You Lose Weight

You probably won’t lose weight by doing cardio only. Try to incorporate weight training in your workout schedule. Make a well balanced schedule that includes weight training, cardio and high interval training. The right combination of exercises will help you shed unwanted fat much faster.


The bottom line is that you need to make a clear weight reduction plan. Your plan should incorporate a natural diet and workout routine. Furthermore, don’t spend your money on worthless products that guarantee weight reduction in minutes. There is no shortcut to reducing weight.

About Author

Brian is a passionate health blogger who loves to write on health and fitness. He has written extensively on Steroids and their effects , and suggest to buy winstrol uk from

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Hair Extension Methods

There are numerous methods of applying hair extensions to the hair, including glue, clip-ins, platting/ braiding/ weaving and Micro Loops, to name a few of the most popular.

All methods approach a different way of applying the hair extensions to the hair/ scalp and the type of hair extension application method that you choose should depend upon a combination of your natural hair type, what you wish to achieve by using hair extensions and your lifestyle.

Whilst most people use hair extensions to mimic their natural hair to make it look longer, some also like to add volume to the hair, whilst others enjoy adding colour, such as highlights or coloured tips/ dip dyed ends. Some like their extension method to be a little more permanent and long-lasting, whilst others prefer a quick-fix that is easily attachable and removable, maybe for special occasions.

Some hair extension applications can be very damaging to the natural hair and scalp when not cared for properly by the wearer and resultantly unfold disastrous consequences when removed, such as damage to the natural hair, resulting in thinning and breakage. It is important that hair extensions are cared for, as well as applied and removed, properly, therefore it is important to take into consideration how much maintenance your hair extensions will require and which one is most suitable for your lifestyle and the length of time you have to care for your extensions properly on a regular basis.

Glue In Hair Extensions

Glue in hair extensions, quite literally, require the use of a silicone-based glue to apply. The glue is applied to the weft or runner of the extensions, which attaches to the natural hair fibres, creating a bond.

Although very secure and long-lasting, glue in hair extensions can be very damaging to the hair, especially during the removal process, particularly if not removed properly or if they are taken out forcefully.

On removal, it is important that it is done so using professional hair extension glue remover or with lots of hair conditioner if the remover is unavailable.

This is done by applying copious amounts of conditioner to the hair, massaging it into the roots of the natural hair and wefts of the extensions in a circular motion, thus loosening them from the scalp. The conditioner must them be left on the hair for 10- 15 minutes before very gently and slowly teasing the hair extensions by pulling them downwards. The weft will come loose from the scalp and slide down the natural hair fibres. Any excess hair extension glue should be gently teased out using more conditioner and a wide-toothed comb.

Clip In Hair Extensions

The most versatile method of application is probably the clip in hair extension.

Clip in hair extensions, as the name suggests, are clipped into the hair by snapping clips sewn onto the hair weft (or runner). Application simply consists of making horizontal partings in the natural hair, sliding in the clip and snapping closed to secure, and are just as easily removed by opening the clip and sliding it out.

Clip in hair extensions are more beneficial in comparison to glue ins, for example, because they cause very minimal damage to the hair. They are very easily applied and removed by opening and closing the clip, so can just be attached by the wearer and worn at any time, without difficulty or having to have them professionally fitted.

Being so easily removable means that the quality of clip in hair extensions will also remain higher for longer, as they can be removed when showering, bathing, washing the natural hair and going to sleep. This means that the hair can be stored when not worn, rather than continuously being exposed to everyday wear and tear and the potentials of becoming damaged.

On the other hand, clip ins may not be as secure as other methods of applying hair extensions, as they are prone to sliding and falling out throughout the day.

Platted/ Braided/ Weaved Hair Extensions

Platted/ braided or weaved hair extensions are fitted by intertwining the natural and extended hair in a serious of plats, securing them against the scalp. Just like clip in hair extensions, there is no need for glue and damage upon removal is minimal as there is no tug from attachments or adhesives. They are, however, a lot more secure than clip ins but take a lot longer to fit and remove due to the process of braiding the hair together. These types of hair extensions may also prove to be rather uncomfortable, due to pulling the hair tightly against the scalp during application, resulting in itching and soreness.

Micro Loop Hair Extensions

Micro Loop hair extensions are one of the most tedious and time consuming methods of application, consisting of threading each tiny section of hair through a silicone bead attached to the extension, which is then clamped shut around the natural strand, using pliers to secure it.

They are, however, a lot more natural looking, due to their individual strand-by-stand application and can be built up to match and blend in with the natural volume of your real hair.

Micro Loop hair extensions can be quite painful to apply when pulling each strand of hair through the beads and can also be generally uncomfortable at first due to them being fitted so tight. You may also find that they are itchy to lie on too and must be adjusted every month or so due to new re-growth, which results in the beads and extensions slipping further down the natural hair strands as it grows.

The removal of micro loop extensions consist of using pliers to bend the bead back into its hollow form, allowing the natural hair to be pulled back through it.

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This article is written by Marc D. He is a passionate blogger with great interest in writing on health and beauty topics. He recently reviewed Mira Oil and had written interesting review about it, for more details visit here.

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Advanced Lower Ab Exercises

If you are interested to face some real challenge and want to try some advanced lower ab exercises, you are at the right place. These exercises are very effective for your lower abs if you can do these exercises regularly. Once you start doing these regularly, you can change some of steps of these exercises by yourself and you can do it in your own way which fits properly with your fitness level. But make sure that you are doing exercises in the right form. Otherwise, all your efforts will go in vain.

Decline Reverse Crunches

Let’s start with Decline Reverse Crunches. You need a decline bench to do this exercise. First, lie down on the bench and keep your back pressed to the bench. Try to keep the bench in a position where it is at about 30 degrees. Let your neck and head relaxed and hold the top edges of the bench. Hold your knees and hips and bent it at about a 90 degree angle. Use your ABS to lift your hips and push it toward your rib cage slowly. Breathe out on the lift and breathe in slowly while you are lowering back your hip to the starting position. While doing this exercise, make sure that lower abs is the main part here, not your legs. You can repeat it for 15-20 times.

Cork Screw

Corkscrew is another useful exercise among the other advanced lower ab exercises. In this exercise, you have to lie down on the surface. You can use a floor mat to avoid injuries or accidents. Now extend and hold your legs up at about 90 degree angle and keep it straight. Let your neck and relax and while your hands are down at your side with palms down. Now use your lower abs to move your hips and raise them from the floor and try to move your legs in the direction of the ceiling. While moving your legs, move your hips to the right side like a corkscrew. With each move, your legs will go more and more near toward the ceiling. Now stop and slowly move backwards to get back in the starting position. Now apply these movements to the left side and keep switching sides. You can repeat it for 12-15 times. Don’t try to involve your hands in this exercise. And do all these steps in the right manner and slowly. Don’t use your legs to do the steps and try to focus on your abs.

If you can do these advanced lower ab exercises regularly, you will start noticing changes in the shape of your lower ab in a very short time. Try these workouts at least 3 times a week to get the proper outcome from it.


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Quadruple Helix In Cancer Cells Discovered in DNA

B0006421 Breast cancer cellsDNA Is the Genetic Key To Life

The study of DNA, the basic genetic material contained in all the cells of most living creatures, has unlocked many mysteries of life. The Human Genome Project has mapped out every gene in human DNA and this promises to help us cure and prevent many diseases. Using paternity dna testing, men can now discover, with almost absolute certainty, if they are the father of a particular child. Expecting parents in England can use prenatal dna testing uk to determine if their baby will have any obvious birth defects. It is amazing how much the study of DNA can tell us about life and now scientists in the UK have discovered something that could prove to be one of the most exciting scientific discoveries of this century. It could literally revolutionize the field of medicine.

What Did the UK Scientists Discover?

While studying the chemical reactions in living tissue afflicted with cancer, the UK scientists discovered something very odd when the cancerous cells were in the process of multiplying. For a temporary time while in the process of multiplying, these abnormal cancer cells formed a quadruple DNA helix. As you will probably recall from biology class, normal DNA structure is a double helix, not a quadruple helix. Normal healthy cells simply do not have four strands in their DNA structure; they have two strands. The scientists also discovered that guanine, one of the four nucleotides that make up the unique genetic code of each individual and species, is present in higher than normal numbers in the quadruple DNA helix of the cancerous cells. This was discovered using a technique that used antibody proteins combined with a fluorescent marker. This allowed the scientists to literally see the guanine as it glowed under a special light. The UK scientists’ work has been published in a peer-reviewed journal called “Nature Chemistry” and it is no doubt that other researchers around the world will be taking a close look at this work. Some will try to replicate the work to make sure the same result is found. Other scientists will try to expand on this work. This is the modern scientific process and it allows for very rapid progress once an initial discovery has been made.

What Significance Could This Discovery Have For the Future?

It is thought that pharmaceutical labs, as well as university labs, will be able to use these two discoveries to create a drug that could target cancer cells and kill them without killing normal cells. This could mean a potential cure for cancer! Most current cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiation treatments, kill many healthy cells in the process of killing the cancerous cells. This is why they are not really considered a “cure” for cancer. However, if cancer cells can be specifically targeted without killing the normal healthy cells, this will indeed be heralded a cure for cancer. This type of treatment will also have far fewer side effects.

Image Credit: crafty_dame.

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Men and Sex: 3 Common Misconceptions

coupleCasanovas, studs and players: women often use these words to describe men and their sexuality. These colorful words aptly characterize some of the leading male roles in film and television today. Even in the real world, many women have expressed disappointment in what they have come to believe as a fact: guys want easy sex without relationship or commitment.

Unfortunately, this is one of many misconceptions about male sexuality. Some researchers suggest evolution as the reason for these erroneous beliefs that women have about men. Others chalk it up to testosterone and male sexual functioning.

Far too many people base their impressions on bad information. Here are three of the most common misconceptions about men and sex, as well as the reasons why the stereotypes are wrong.

Married Men are Unfaithful to Their Wives

Many women think all men are cheaters. The statistics show that men are more likely than women to have an extramarital affair. This does not, however, support the belief that all men are unfaithful to their wives. Unless the “affair” is a one-night stand or sex with a prostitute, even men who cheat on their wives generally do so within the context of another relationship.

It is much more helpful to consider why relationships end than to label all men as “dogs.” Most men love their wives and want excitement in their marriages. Couples who learn to refresh their marital relationships, especially the sexual aspect, can maintain the intimacy well into their later years.

Testosterone Encourages Promiscuity

Women often say that “men can’t help themselves” because they are men. They label testosterone a purveyor of promiscuity. This is another misunderstanding.

Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone. It is responsible for many areas of men’s health, from muscle growth to sexual functioning. Adequate testosterone levels are essential for male sexual health, and increased levels boost the male sex drive.

Amorous desires are not the same as promiscuous behavior, however. Men who are in committed relationships enjoy the sexual benefits of testosterone therapy. It is often used for treating ED, also known as erectile dysfunction or impotence. In addition to treating ED, testosterone lifts depression, improves concentration and promotes general well-being.

Men Will Never Change

Many women think that men will never change, so they simply have to learn to deal with it. This is pure myth. Men can change, and they have changed through the years.

For example, modern men are less sexist than men of two generations ago. Most men today expect and encourage their partners to pursue a career and earn an income.

Married men welcome equality as a positive thing in their marriage. Single men are much more comfortable with letting women pay for a meal or a date. Men, like women, change as the culture and times change.

Image Credit: Snowflakesarewhite

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