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New Year Fitness Campaign

If you have over-indulged over the festive period and are carrying a few extra pounds, do not worry. You are not alone. People who do not gain weight over Christmas are few and far between, let’s get that straight right from the start. The good thing about starting off a fitness campaign at New Year, is that there are plenty of others doing exactly the same thing. Make use of the camaraderie and support of your fellow dieters and fitness friends to help galvanise you into action.

New Year a New You

So where to start on the new you for the New Year? Why not take some time to think about your goals for the coming twelve months and note them down. This will bring an element of clarity and perspective to your hopes for the coming year and you can keep going back to remind yourself if motivation levels start to drop.

Motivation is the key to success

Because motivation is the key to sticking to a new diet or fitness regime. Try and minimise thoughts about how hungry you feel and how tired your aching muscles are, and visualise the positive benefits that these very temporary states of being will bring to your life. Losing weight will have wonderful health benefits, you may drop a dress size or two and your confidence levels will soar. Feeling fitter will have positive knock on effects throughout your life – you will have increased stamina and flexibility and your general sense of wellbeing will be elevated.

Why not make a decision to get fit this New Year?
Why not make a decision to get fit this New Year?

Visit the Doctors

If you are not used to exercising, visit your doctor before embarking on any new fitness regime. They will advise you on realistic goals and give you a check-up if necessary.

Losing weight is really not rocket science. There is a basic equation that applies to everybody, no matter what physical make-up – if you expend more calories through physical effort than those you consume in food, then you will lose weight. It’s that simple.

Dieting is more mental than physical

What isn’t simple is convincing your mind that your body has had enough of the foods you like. Dieting is all about the mental battle that goes on inside our heads –‘I need that slice of cake to cheer me up’. No you don’t, you are perfectly fine without it, and if you are genuinely hungry, have some nuts or an apple. Far healthier and less loaded with calories and guilt. Too many of us use food as an emotional crutch, and the sooner we can cast it off, the sooner the weight will start to fall off.

Starting a diet at New Year in the depths of winter may seem a bit grim, but consider all the time you have until the summer to get slim, toned and bikini ready. Plan ahead to keep motivation levels from dipping. Blue Monday is a common problem for New Year fitness campaigners – it usually lands around the third week of January and can see resolves crumble and diets fall by the wayside. Be super-prepared for such times of danger to your plans and organise a galvanising activity or special, low fat healthy feast.

One of the most successful ways of sticking to a new diet or fitness activity is when it is a group effort. Weight loss clubs where dieters meet on a weekly basis are very successful, chiefly due to the supportive atmosphere and camaraderie of fellow club members.

Getting a good piece of exercise equipment can help.
Getting a good piece of exercise equipment can help.

Fitness can be fun!

The same can be said for fitness activities. If you join a sports team or club, the motivation to play well and succeed not just for yourself, but your team mates, makes the whole getting fit thing redundant – it’s about the competition, the enjoyment and the bonding.

Think fun, as opposed to fit. In London you will find social netball leagues (like London Netball leagues) which are the perfect way of combining fitness with fun – for a relaxed approach to team sports in a supportive and friendly environment, joining a netball league is hard to beat. Or you might like to try other team sports such as football, volleyball, hockey and baseball which can be great fun with the additional benefit of increasing your fitness levels and making new friends.


For 2014, why not make a new year’s resolution to start enjoying yourself more? Think about the getting fit and losing weight as by-products of a new fun attitude to life, rather than miserable sacrifices. It’s all about mental attitude and looking at life through a positive lens. Go for it in 2014 and you’re guaranteed a happy new year…



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Advanced Lower Ab Exercises

If you are interested to face some real challenge and want to try some advanced lower ab exercises, you are at the right place. These exercises are very effective for your lower abs if you can do these exercises regularly. Once you start doing these regularly, you can change some of steps of these exercises by yourself and you can do it in your own way which fits properly with your fitness level. But make sure that you are doing exercises in the right form. Otherwise, all your efforts will go in vain.

Decline Reverse Crunches

Let’s start with Decline Reverse Crunches. You need a decline bench to do this exercise. First, lie down on the bench and keep your back pressed to the bench. Try to keep the bench in a position where it is at about 30 degrees. Let your neck and head relaxed and hold the top edges of the bench. Hold your knees and hips and bent it at about a 90 degree angle. Use your ABS to lift your hips and push it toward your rib cage slowly. Breathe out on the lift and breathe in slowly while you are lowering back your hip to the starting position. While doing this exercise, make sure that lower abs is the main part here, not your legs. You can repeat it for 15-20 times.

Cork Screw

Corkscrew is another useful exercise among the other advanced lower ab exercises. In this exercise, you have to lie down on the surface. You can use a floor mat to avoid injuries or accidents. Now extend and hold your legs up at about 90 degree angle and keep it straight. Let your neck and relax and while your hands are down at your side with palms down. Now use your lower abs to move your hips and raise them from the floor and try to move your legs in the direction of the ceiling. While moving your legs, move your hips to the right side like a corkscrew. With each move, your legs will go more and more near toward the ceiling. Now stop and slowly move backwards to get back in the starting position. Now apply these movements to the left side and keep switching sides. You can repeat it for 12-15 times. Don’t try to involve your hands in this exercise. And do all these steps in the right manner and slowly. Don’t use your legs to do the steps and try to focus on your abs.

If you can do these advanced lower ab exercises regularly, you will start noticing changes in the shape of your lower ab in a very short time. Try these workouts at least 3 times a week to get the proper outcome from it.


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Got Mud On Your Face, A Big Disgrace-Not In A Mud Run

manmudrunSo you think you’re in shape? You run every week and those 5 K’s are walk in the park. Maybe you’re looking for something more energetic. Something more fun, a little variety to spice up your running routine. How about a mud run? What is mud running? I’m glad you asked.

One explanation of a mud run might be a 5 K obstacle course. In the mud. With obstacles you’ve probably never seen before. Now does it sound like fun? For many people the answer is yes! If you’re getting bored with the same old road races, a mud run may be just what you need. If you stick to your regular running routine you would most probably be able to complete a mud run. But if you’re going to put the effort into one you might as well train for it. Let’s go through some examples of what you might run into and a few ways you can train.

What To Expect – Physically

The interesting thing about most mud races is that you won’t know the obstacles you’re up against until you get to them. You will run into climbing walls, ropes to swing on, low crawls under barbed wire, cargo nets, and rivers to cross. Believe it or not these are the mundane ones. Add to that hills, 30 foot mud bogs to cross, the occasional fire pit, and underwater tunnels or even a polar bear plunge and you’ve got yourself a mud. You can expect them to be somewhere around 3 to 15 miles long. Sometimes you don’t even know the length.

What To Expect – Mentally

Besides the endurance part of the challenge you have the mental part. Not knowing what is coming next or even how long you have left for the finish line makes it a real mental challenge. Many competitors say the hardest part is not knowing what is coming up and how much energy they should expend on a particular obstacle. But with a little planning and extra training you can be ready for the challenges of a mud race.


While it’s not necessary to actually train in the mud, expect to be covered in it by the time you’re done. We won’t go into specific training routines but here are suggestions on what you should work on.

Agility and Flexibility

You have no idea until the race is done how much or what kind of jumping you will have to do, rest assured you will need to be agile and your flexibility will be tested.

Hanging Around

Get used to hanging and swinging using your arms. Again, you won’t know exactly how but you will be swinging from something.

Terrain Conditioning

Hills, rocks, water, or mud, it’s best to be prepared.

Mud runs are a unique way to challenge yourself and step outside the box. With a little fore thought and conditioning, you will be able to enjoy your first mud run. Good luck, you may need it.

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7 Outdoor Challenges That Will Seemingly Bring Your Body to the Breaking Point

mudrunningHealth and fitness are the prime interests of many people across the globe, but sometimes, people like a challenge that completely tests every aspect of their strength and endurance. These are seven outdoor challenges that can easily break the toughest people and force them to exert what they’re really made of!

Marathon des Sables, Morocco

The Marathon des Sables is an incredibly vicious race that spans a length of about 150 miles across the Sahara Desert, and it typically takes six days to complete. Racers must tread the sandy plains and dunes that exist all throughout the terrain, and at night, they must pitch tents with other participants whilst preparing for the days ahead.

Siberian Black Ice Race, Siberia

This is a race that’s not for the weak-hearted. In drastically cold temperatures, racers must tread black ice via methods such as kite, bike, or ski. Upon making it to the end, racers can enjoy a ride from the finish line back to the start via the Trans-Siberian Express.

The Great Wall Marathon, China

Imagine having to climb the stairs almost indefinitely at work, and you’ve imagined what it would be like to participate in the Great Wall Marathon in China. In this grueling race, participants must make it up a whopping number of 5,164 stairs before breaking through to the finish line. These are no ordinary steps, either. Just one step can be as large as 3 feet tall!

The Tour d’Afrique, Africa

The Tour d’Afrique is a race that you will definitely need to take time out of your personal life for. That’s because it’s 7,500 miles long, and it takes a colossal average of four months to complete for the typical participant. Those that have tried it have described it as “impenetrable” and “cruel.”

Run For Your Lives, United States

Run for Your Lives is not one of the hardest events on this list, but it definitely takes on its own level of challenge. Participants must participate in a 5k whilst being subjected to horror and zombie-fied actors along the way. You’ll definitely be “running for your life” by the time this race is overwith; there’s no doubt!

Tough Mudder, Worldwide Event

The Tough Mudder race is one that combines mud running and other taxing events to create quite the challenge for anyone of any fitness level. You’ll be doing all sorts of things from trying not to be electrocuted by wires to running through and trying to evade fire!

Valparaiso Cerro Abajo, Chile

Lastly, the Valparaiso Cerro Abajo in Chile is a downhill race for cyclists to attempt. What makes this race so intimidating are its stairs and massive jumps that must be passed and completed to reach the finish line. Even the most experienced riders find a great deal of difficulty with completing this race.

If you want to try these types of challenges out but aren’t quite ready due to weight complications, consider contacting a bariatric surgeon Passaic located to be exact.

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