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7 Tips to Overcome Erectile Dysfunction

For a man, suffering from erectile dysfunction can be embarrassing and demoralising. No guy wants to have to face any issues with his sexual performance, but the real truth is that over half of men will suffer from it in some form during their lives.

If you believe those staggering statistics, then shouldn’t we be talking about it? Instead of getting overwhelmed, why not face your mountain and focus on getting your mojo back?

There are so many things you can do to regain your confidence and kick-start your sex drive and performance. Here are just 7 of the ways you can fight off the physical and mental causes that can cause ED.

1. Talk

One of the biggest fights for a man experiencing erectile dysfunction isn’t downstairs, but upstairs. Your head is one of the biggest contributors to any erectile problem, so get your problem out in the open with a mate, a doctor, your partner or even someone on a helpline! You’ll soon breathe a sigh of relief and realise that there’s more you can do than you think, and that you don’t have to panic or worry every time you step into the bedroom!

It might be good to talk to an advisory service
It might be good to talk to an advisory service

2. Chill

Stress affects every area of your life if you don’t manage it properly, or you’re too busy or overwhelmed by things going on in your life. It might be the last straw if you can’t enjoy intercourse on top of all that. The truth is that stress will undoubtedly affect your performance, so make sure you make time to relax. Sleeping more will also help increase your testosterone and hormone levels!

3. Exercise!

The more you exercise the more muscle you can build. When you build more muscle and work out, your testosterone levels increase, and you get healthier! It’s a complete win-win. Linking back to the previous section, ‘chilling’ for you might be hitting the gym. Exercise is an amazing way to get you feeling good, release endorphins and release stress too. A toned body doesn’t go amiss with the ladies either…

4. You Are What You Eat

Remember that if you eat badly, your body won’t thank you for it. Not many people think that your diet can impact your sex life apart from bringing food into the bedroom. In reality, your diet really does impact your overall wellness, how you feel, and even your stamina and performance during intercourse. Get your fruit, veg, protein and carbs, and make sure you have omega 3 fatty acids to help reduce any systemic inflammation. Eating well helps prevent and protect you from ED, and you might get a six pack out of it too!

5. Try Something New

Viagra isn’t just for older men; it’s actually a fantastic tool to get your sex life going again. Maybe you’ll have to use it for a while, or maybe it will be just the temporary boost you needed for your confidence. Whatever your situation, it’s a great way to help you overcome your erectile dysfunction in a practical way. Don’t be put off, give it a go. It might be just what the doctor ordered.

6. Cut Drinking and Smoking

Both alcohol and the harmful chemicals from smoking have a big effect on your body and your nervous system. Alcohol obviously reduces your response time and sensitivity, two things which play a huge role in intercourse and shouldn’t be neglected.

Cut down your drinking and smoking
Cut down your drinking and smoking













But you might be asking yourself, isn’t that temporary though? It is when you finally sober up, but long term heavy drinking can lead to permanent nerve damage and many other diseases that will lead to ED. As for smoking, in the short term the vessels in your penis may narrow, which reduces blood flow. In the long term, if you ever need treatment for cancer or radiation therapy a history of smoking can have extremely damaging effects on the tissue and nerves that play a huge part in getting and maintaining an erection.

7. Watch What You Watch

Watching high levels of pornography can have a detrimental effect on what turns you on. Coupled with masturbation, you create neural pathways in your brain and, over time, modify what turns you on and what you associate with sexual feelings. If you want a great sex life, you might want to discipline yourself so you can enjoy the real thing, instead of a false onscreen representation. Your expectations could be way off too, and lead to further issues with getting aroused.


There are so many factors that can have a big effect on your sex life. Sex is great, and it should be enjoyed to the full!

It doesn’t mean that you’ll always have to suffer though; these 7 top tips can help you overcome your erectile dysfunction, and help to prevent it in the future. Don’t make a mental mountain out of a molehill; with perseverance, communication and a bit of discipline you can still make your molehill stand like a mountain.

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