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Beat Easter Holiday Boredom!

No sooner have we packed away the Christmas tree are we looking at the next major event in the calendar.  Yep that’s right Easter is just around the corner and parents up and down the country turn their immediate thoughts on how to entertain the kids during the break.  Hold no fear let us help with our 5 ways to entertain the kids this Easter; let’s not waste any more time let’s dive right in….

easter holiday boredom

Get them in the Kitchen

 Easter is all about hot cross buns and chocolate for the kids and let’s not forget Easter eggs.  Instead of letting the run amok get them in the kitchen and let them help you make a mess!  First up hard boil some eggs for them to roll down a hill. This used to always be my favorite part of Easter (well, and the chocolate) get them to decorate the eggs too so that they can identify which is theirs!

You can also have them make some chocolate crispy bars which are so simple to make and there is nothing to put in and out the oven.  Simply melt some chocolate for them in a bowl and then hand over some rice crispies and let them mix it all in, then just pop them into the fridge while they lick the bowl!

Get an arts and crafts box

Growing up I always remember my parents bringing out an arts and crafts box full of stuff for us to do in the holidays, especially when the weather is miserable, and I used to love it.  It was always packed with things like glitter, parchment paper, pencils, pens you name it they were in there.

Getting kids into crafts is really easy and keeps them interested for an afternoon.  You can even get special kits that are specially designed for younger children for things like cross stitching so that they don’t get a chance to injure themselves.

Get imaginative

Why not gather all the rugrats round and have them use their imaginations and have them write a story together.  It doesn’t always have to be something original – it could be their favourite nursery rhyme of bedtime story but get them add their own bits in.  Kids love getting creative and it is great for them to use their minds creatively.

You could also have them write a chain story with their friends.  Each child (and you, if you fancy) writes down and sentence or paragraph and then only keep the last line visible so they can connect the previous and forthcoming story.  Once everyone has written something select someone to read aloud – the end result is usually pretty funny!

Get dirty in the garden

Spring time is usually people take the opportunity to get their gardens in shape so why not get the kids involved.  Get them to pot some plants and have them attach labels with their names on so they can track their progress!  Take the opportunity to teach them about vegetables too and have them grow their own – this is an excellent learning tool too.  They can even eat them when they are ready!

Get out and play!

Growing up I always remembered when the weather started turning better; after being cooped up in the house for so long because it was so cold and miserable through winter I was like a coiled spring when the sun came out.  Take the kids down the local park or outdoors centre and let them run wild!

This not only promotes a healthy run lifestyle but it also lets them make new friends and encourages them to interact with other children – developing their social skills.  This is great for Mum and Dad too because by the time they are finished playing they are well and truly knackered and ready for some crispy treats – perfect for getting the feet up!