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How To Create A Deck That Connects To Your House

One of the great advantages that you get with deck building is that it improves the value of your property by enticing your prospective buyer or renter. Secondly, decks add more living space to your home and give you a great place to spend time with friends and family.

Learning how to build a deck with even simple the one needs specific steps no matter what the design. The following are the simple and easy ways on how to build one on your homes:

Check drainage and grading where the deck will be built and fix any problems.

  • Set the ledger against the house wall or other solid build and attach with lag screws. This must be done against a flat surface.
  • Flashing should be installed between any wood and the house.
  • Mark the foundation with string line, then mark the footing and post areas.
  • Cast concrete footings in the ground, and then attach the concrete piers on top to hold the posts. Piers can be cast in place or pre-made.
  • Let footings cure for at least a week.
  • Cut a post longer than the required length, and then set it in the post anchor on top of a pier.
  • Make sure to check the post for plumb, using a carpenter’s level. Then use a line level or water level to mark the post so it is the same height as the bottom of the joists.
  • Follow the same procedure for all other posts, marking and cutting them individually to allow for any height variations.
  • Nail or bolt any beams in place, then attach any necessary bracing. Add any rim joists at this time and check to see they’re square.
  • Decide on a decking pattern and the spacing of the deck boards. Starting at one end of the ledger, mark the location of the first joist. Continue marking along the ledger. Transfer the joist markings to a scrap piece of lumber, and then mark the beam opposite the ledger.
  • Add joist hangers, and then fasten the joists in place. Set the joists so the crown, or bowed side, faces up. Add any required blocking for stability.
  • Set posts for railings, benches, and overheads in place, and install any plumbing or wiring. Install railings that go through the deck.
  • Add stairs now or wait until the decking is finished.
  • Apply any protective finishes to the deck substructure.
  • Cut the decking boards to the correct length, then start laying them across the joists, beginning at the ledger and setting the convex side up if attractive.
  • Fasten boards to the deck with nails or screws. Add spacing between the boards, as needed.
  • Adjust the width of the final board as needed, either by setting a slightly wider board in place or cutting one so it is less wide.
  • Once the final board is set, you have to cut off any long ends.

Apply any finishes to make it more attractive and become a happy place.

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