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Stanozolol and its effect on Cardiovascular Health

Since medical research and study became widespread, there had been a number of drugs or steroids which have been invented to enhance performance levels of athletes and bodybuilders. The social need of having a fit and healthy body has risen due to increasing social media exposure and open criticism. This has made many people inclined towards choosing chemicals and steroids which can enhance their body building activities and boost their performance athletically. Many athletes also tend to opt for such drugs which can affect their performance positively and give them better chances of success in their field.

Stanozolol is one such drug which has been used for these purposed mentioned above. Stanozolol is a synthetic steroid which is sold under brand names known as Winstrol and Stromba, to name a few. It can be administered either intravenously or in oral form such as through tablets. In this article we are going to talk about the various uses of Stanozolol and its effect on human body. Also, we are going to talk about long-term cardiovascular problems which might come along with its usage.

Stanozolol and its effect on Cardiovascular Health

Uses and Effects

 Stanozolol has a variety of uses which are both for medical and non medical purposes. It has been proven to treat or aid in treating many diseases in humans who include anemia and hereditary angioedema among others. It is also prescribed by many veterinarians to improve blood flow, discharge of red blood cells, for increasing bone mineral content and to stimulate appetite in weak animals.

Stanozolol is also used by body builders around the world to burn fat and increase lean body mass therefore leading to a much muscular and strong body. Athletes also consume Stanozolol to decrease body fat and stimulate energy production resulting in higher commitment levels.

Stanozolol affects the body by producing an anabolic and androgenic reaction which in turn causes burning of fat and retention of lean body mass which makes it ideal for body building usage. It does not cause any estrogenic affect and water retention levels are usually normal throughout its usage.

Side effects and long term health implications

Stanozolol has been used for a long time since its inception for medical and for non medical reasons alike. Though its side effects are usually limited they are not non-existent and may depend on the level of usage and lifestyle of the consumer. Some long term effects of using Stanozolol include

  • Increased aggression and sexual functions.
  • Excessive male hormone production and increase in male characteristics among female users.
  • Can cause gastrointestinal problems and kidney malfunction.
  • Long term cardiovascular problems are attributed to the use of Stanozolol which include increased blood pressure and weakening of the artery system.
  • Causes impotency and menstrual irregularities in women accompanied by virilization

Stanozolol is currently banned in the USA and for athletes taking part in any world athletic federation events. Though Stanozolol is legal to buy in many countries, its usage has been quite limited and scarce in the current bodybuilding or athletic scenario.