Some Of The Best Known Insurance Companies For Your iPhone 5

If you have accounts with banks, it may get easier for you to obtain insurance for your iPhone. You will simply be required to discuss the situation with the bank, in order to know about the possibilities or the options available. You can also check all other details from the insurance based websites. There are various UK based insurance companies that provide insurance online. You will simply be required to check out the comparison chart, in order to make sure which policy would be best for you. PYB is one of the leading insurance service provider in UK, you may check the details of their services at Protect Your Bubble iPhone 5 insurance.

iPhone 5

Best policies for the iPhone

It may be an option for you to get the insurance for your iPhone free of cost, with the topmost banks. However, that is not an option for one and all, and so you may have to check out other options too. Some of the best known bank based policies for your iPhone are available with:

Nationwide FlexPlus – For a Nationwide FlexPlus account, you will be charged £10 every month for a selection of perks against various kinds of coverage, including that of the mobile insurance policy. It is best known for its great customer service features. In case of the savings accounts too, it beats others by paying 3% AER as the credit interest against balances amounting up to £2,500. So, if you buy iPhone insurance with it, you will be able to obtain coverage for the repairs and also for replacement in case of loss or damage or theft. This coverage can amount to a value of £1,000 against every phone. The greatest thing about this iPhone insurance is that it provides coverage on all phones which are owned by people belonging to the family. However, these people will have to live with you in order to enjoy the benefits of the policy.

Barclays – You can get insurance for your iPhone with the Barclays too. The cost of the insurance on an annual basis is £90. In general, only one iPhone can be covered under this policy. However if you have joint account, you can get both of the phones of the holders covered through the insurance policy offered by the Barclays. Standard excess available for the iPhones is £100 and the amount for maximum claim on mobiles is £1000.

Halifax – Like that of Barclays, Halifax too offers insurance for your iPhone. In this case, the annual cost for the iPhone is £180. In this case too, you can get a single iPhone covered through the policy. Again in case of joint holders, you can get coverage for two phones at the same time. Furthermore, just like Barclays, you can get £100 in standard excess for your iPhone under the policy offered by Halifax. On the other hand, the maximum claim for the mobiles is £2000.

Lloyds – The cost of the policy available with Lloyds is a bit less than that of the one offered by Halifax, but is still more than Barclays (on the annual basis). As for Lloyd, the annual cost for the iPhone is £119. Again the phone coverage option is same as that of Barclays or Halifax. A single iPhone covered under this policy. If you have a joint holder, that person’s iPhone can be insured or covered too by the policy. The standard excess is same as that of Barclays which is £100 and the maximum claim amount available for the mobiles is £2000 like that of Halifax.

Other than these, there also are various other insurance agencies which offer policies for your iPhone 5. Some of these are the traditional ones and some the online ones in UK.