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Simple Design Changes to Make When Showing Your Home For Sale

Selling your home can be a very stressful time full of emotions as well as things to do. We are here to help reduce some of that stress with simple design improvements that you can make to your home so that it will be more appealing to buyers and can even improve the value of your listing. Some of the changes you make do not even have to be permanent changes, so if you are buying a new home and plan on furnishing it, why not use those new designs to elevate the look and feel of your current home? Any other improvements you plan on making should be ones that you will get back by increasing the sale value of your house. One of the most important things to do when showing your home is to remove the personal accents from it as much as possible so that the potential buyers can “see” themselves in the home.  Here are some improvements you can make to the design of your home that will allow you to increase the asking price of your home, or at the very list turn potential buyers into bidders:

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Get rid of the Clutter: Cleaning your home before its shown goes without saying, and if you are planning on moving, the de-cluttering is probably happening already. However, we mean to go a step beyond that and simplify the look and design of your home altogether. Remove big bulky furniture pieces, extra rugs, and any personal pieces in your home. The cost of storage with be made up in the sale of your home when the buyers come in and see a simplified idea of what the room will be once they put their own furniture in it.

Paint Makeover: Paint can be the least expensive path to making a really big difference in the rooms of your house. One of the biggest turn offs for home buyers is paint that is too bright or does not match with their style. Therefore, repainting a room with a neutral color will have an excellent impact.

First Impressions Count: The first impression is always a very important one, so making sure that the front of your house is appealing will start your home showing out right. Even though you cannot take new landscaping with you, it is definitely something that will add to the value of your home and you will get it back when the home is sold.

Backyard Spruce Up: The front yard makes the first impression, often times during a showing; the back yard makes the last impression, so they are both important. Updating and beautifying your backyard is a good step to take. You do not always have to completely makeover the entire backyard, but definitely clean it up, do not leave “a project”, and just show new buyers the potential.

Upgrade Furniture: The difference that a change in furniture can make for a room can be the deciding factor for the new home shoppers. Change the mood of the room with a new style like painted cottage furniture. When a room is filled with older furniture, it might make it harder for them to picture how nice the room can look. The furniture you buy can either be included into the purchase price of the home or take it with you to your new home. Changing the furniture or a few things in a room can change a problem room that might potentially cause a purchase to fail into a positive feature.

By Jennifer Barnum

Jennifer Barnum is Design Editor at Maine Cottage. She enjoys writing about home decor and home owner related topics.