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Selling a Brand New Watch: How Much Is It?

At some point in your life, there may be a time when you need financial assistance for an emergency need or just to make ends meet. This is especially true since the global economy isn’t at its best, leaving many people unemployed and many businesses bankrupt. This is when you need to consider checking your valuable belongings and see how much they are now worth. A perfect example is to sell watches.

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New York has become one of the central hubs of the country’s many industries such as finance and fashion. It is for this reason why a lot of people move to this boisterous city full of twinkling skyscrapers and honking cabs. So if you’re planning to sell your brand new watch, you need to know how you can do it, and most importantly, how much you can get from it. You need to be aware of these things so that you’ll know the current standards when it comes to buying and selling these wonderful timepieces.

What to Expect

There are several factors that you need to be aware of once you’ve decided to sell your watch. First, there is a process. The best companies would do the following:

• Your watch must be carefully checked in your presence.

• Assessments will be done not only by checking the value of gold, but the timepiece will also be evaluated based on its intrinsic values and imperfections that make it different and special from other watches.

• After the appraisal, it will be categorized based on the number of karat.

• Finally, you will be offered a payment for the watch and you will have the option to decline or accept it.

• All concerns and questions can be asked before agreeing to the deal.

• IMPORTANT: A government seller’s I.D. must be present and you can ask for it too or else, it would be illegal for them to buy the watch.

• Once you’ve agreed to the terms, you will be given a detailed receipt that includes the following information: the amount of money paid, purity, and other relevant particulars.

The Types of Watches and How Much It Costs

Although you can practically sell any kind of watch that you have for as long as it is in great condition and has a decent value, it would be nice to find out which brands are paid the highest.

Rolex. Everyone knows how pricy this watch is and many experienced buyers will be more than willing to pay for this elegant timepiece. The price of a brand new Rolex starts at around $3,000 and above so get ready to receive a lot of money with this watch.

Breitling. This watch is an eye candy for men. It’s pretty expensive too. Brand new Breitling starts at $1,500. Some are even willing to pay for it at a price of $6,000. It all depends on the watch’s current condition.

Cartier. Women fall in love with this timepiece because of its sophisticated features. Its price varies too, which can be paid for as low as $500 and can go high as $100,000. It all depends on the model and how vintage it is.

Pocket Timepieces. There’s a wide range of luxury watches that are classic and graceful in every angle. More often than not, prices range from $500 to $500,000.

These are the things that you must know about deciding to sell watches in New York and you’ll be in good hands for as long as you know what to expect from the buyer and you know the value of your watch.