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Going Green: Home Cleaning Products

Cleaning with caustic, hard hitting cleaning products might make the task a little easier, but it can be rough on the environment, both around your home and where it was produced. Chemicals used to make cleaning products are some of the most harmful out there, and take their toll on but the earth and us. After all, there is a reason most require a well-ventilated space in order to be used safely, and why it’s important to keep them out of the hands of children. But by going green with your products, you can much more safely clean your home, protect the environment, your children, AND yourself, all without losing that cleaning advantage.

Make it yourself. The cheapest way to go green effectively is to make your products yourself. There are a lot of recipes out there, but there are a few ingredients that continue to pop up over and over again. Vinegar and baking soda are near universal in and homemade recipe you’ll find online, and for good reason. They are very effective in cleaning up in almost anything, be it dirt, oil, grease, or other food stains. Mix these together with water and a few fresh smelling additives such as shredded soap, citrus acid, or lemon juice, and you have a very effective, green, and cheap homemade all-purpose cleaner.

Freshen the smell. Baking soda is really a wonder product when it comes to uses around the house. While everyone knows of its magical power to absorb stinky odors in the fridge, few realize that you can utilize this benefit throughout the house. Simply sprinkling baking soda over a carpet to soak up any smells, and then vacuum it up to freshen any room. Chemical air fresheners are also easy to replace; instead, bring together your favorite smells such as cinnamon, herbs, and cloves, and boil them together. The brew you create will fill you house with a wondrous aroma. Plants are also great natural filters that can enrich the air quality of any home.

Keep the dirt out. Most of the toxics and impurities that are brought into your home come through the front door. We walk through all manner of chemicals and waste every day, and rarely do we think about the significance of bringing that into where we work and live. A surprisingly large percentage of homes don’t even employ the relatively obvious and cheap expedient of an entry mate to scrub your shoes on. So consider buying a mate! And if you have it, it use; not just the customary one or two swipes, but a real, meaning cleaning. Paired with a no shoe policy, you can cut the dirt inside your home by half.

home cleaning products

At the end of the day, most “green” solutions are really just simple things that can save your money and your health. Best of all, they help you to be a more considerate occupier of planet earth.

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Tips for Folding or Hanging Dress Shirts to Retain Good Shape

Dress shirts are the most important clothing items of men’s wardrobe. To help dress shirts retain a long life, it is necessary to take proper care of them and save money. If men ask that what act make the most damage to the dress shirt, then tossing them over floor is the one. After using dress shirts, men should hang or fold their dress shirts. Below we will discuss the proper way to fold and hang custom dress shirts.


Hanging dress shirts

Little is known to men that without proper hanging, shirts get deformed. If dress shirts are taken proper care of and properly hanged after each use and wash then shirts degrade gradually over a long period. Generally men are categorized as negligent in terms of clothing care as they throw shirts in basket or floor after use. Even while washing, no care is given to shirts as they are washed with hot water and then dried through dryer. Then they are jumbled up in heap of clothing items. Even after shirts are ironed, men generally fold them, making shirts to get wrinkles. When wearing shirt, they again iron it to remove the wrinkles caused from folding. Extra ironing decreases the shirt’s life speedily.

Besides, the bad habits of men, they also do not have proper hangers for shirts. Most of them have wire hangers, which are not appropriate for any kind of clothing because they are sleek and bend with the weight, making shirt wrinkled. Use of wider hangers is the best way to keep not only shirts but also coats, pants and T-shirts in best shape. When acquiring hangers, make sure that they have broad shoulders without any pointed edges.

Best way for hanging dress shirt is to fully unbutton the placket, place hanger inside carefully and then button up the shirt. Watchfully hang the shirt in wardrobe while keeping distance in-between different clothing items. Before closing the closet, take a final look and adjust the dress shirt areas that have overlapped or folded, because it will create wrinkles after some time. Ensuring these steps would enhance your dress shirt life while making certain that there is no need of second ironing.

Folding dress shirts

Up till now you must have got the idea that hanging dress shirts properly is the best way to keep good care of dress shirt. However, we know that many men do not have enough space to hang all of their clothing items in their wardrobe. Now we cannot force a layman to make a new wardrobe for himself, but we can surly come up with another idea that will save their dress shirts from potential damage. Perfectly folding a dress shirt is great alternative to hanging. In fact, folded shirts save a lot of space and gives ample room to other apparels.

Folding a dress shirt is not a time taking or laborious task but it surly is a bit technical. Men would take a while to master the art of folding dress shirts. Men would need a clean and plain surface to lay down the shirt for folding. Fully button up the shirt including the collar button and place it with front facing downwards. Then fold one-third of the right side of shirt body. Now, one-third of shirt’s front side will be folded and visible. Then fold the sleeve creating an angled fold at shoulder while line up sleeve with the edge of first fold. Repeat the same procedure for the left side. Then tail should be folded, up to 6 to 8 inches, while the last button of shirt getting visible. In last, fold up the rest of the shirt up to the collar and remove wrinkles from all parts of shirt. Then simply flip the shirt and a neatly folded shirt would be visible.

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Top Ten Insurance Companies of U.S.A

A perfect life insurance policy is an excellent venture. It is an important step to be taken to safeguard the prospect of your family. If you acquire a good life insurance policy, it arises to our succor when you feel yourself entangled in problems. It also assists for protecting the economic solidity concerning to your children. In order to decide for the right life insurance policy, factors like reliability, price, financial backing and suppleness play a very important role. Here are the top 10 life insurance companies in USA which have fame and constant growth in their proceeds.

top 10 insurance companies

1. MetLife

MetLife is a famous life insurance company in the USA, and it provides Term Life Insurance in three ways. Their promise to give service to the deprived and the insignificant persons has leaped MetLife into one of the top life insurance providers. Their Corporate Social responsibility has made them current in the competition prevailing in the life insurance market in the USA.

2. Prudential Insurance Company of America

This life insurance company proffers life insurance policies in five categories, which are the Term Life Insurance, Universal Life Insurance, Whole Life Insurance, Variable Life Insurance and Survivorship Life insurance. They fulfill the different requirements of the persons who probe to obtain life insurance policy with many benefits.

3. New York Life Insurance

This life insurance company provides life insurance policies that are classified into four categories, which include the term insurance, permanent life insurance, survivorship insurance and life insurance for that of business. It has been getting highest ranks in the life insurance business.


The major center of attention relating to TIAA-CREF is life insurance, including level and renewable term, apart from that of the universal and survivorship life insurance. It offers term insurance and permanent insurance both in two kinds. With its headquarters in New York, it has 60 branches spread across the USA with good performance.

5. Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance

As one of the leading insurance companies in the USA, the term life insurance related to MassMutual proffers coverage for that of fixed periods relating to time. To satisfy the requirements of customers, MassMutual Financial Group also offers disability income insurance, retirement plan services, long term care insurance as well as annuities. It struggles to assist customers in the decision making procedure concerning their monetary planning.

6. Lincoln National

It is one of the famous insurance companies in the USA, dealing with kinds of life insurance of Term Life, Universal Life, Linked Benefit Life and Variable Universal Life. It is well known for concentration to arrange specialized monetary advice, and long-term requirements of the persons looking for insurance policies. It also proffers annuities.

7. Genworth Financial

Genworth Financial life Insurance has its headquarters in Richmond and it offers traditional term life insurance, universal life insurance and term life insurance with that of premium choices. The economic power of this insurance company in coping with the requirements concerning policy holders is flourishing.


American Family Life Assurance Company or the AFLAC is a top class US insurance company as it covers several health and accident insurance policies, with complete resolution to persons as well as to employers. AFLAC is huge and holds enormous possessions It endeavors to proffer reasonably priced life insurance products to employers and clients.

9. Northwestern Mutual

It is one of the renowned life insurances in the USA. It proffers several advantages. The benefits like Guaranteed Death Benefit, Guaranteed Minimum Cash Value and other such benefits have been availed by several customers. It also reveals extra purchase benefits, indexed protection benefits as well as waiver of premium.

10. Principal Financial

It is also a well known life insurance company in the USA that suggests insurance policies for persons and industry. Quality service is a natural characteristic of this life insurance company. Apart from offering life insurance it also provides dental and vision insurance. The life insurance covers term insurance, survivorship life insurance, group health insurance among the other types, and it also arranges help for individual retirement planning. It is one of the top 10 life insurance companies in the USA that provides exquisite assistance.

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Top Ten Scams to be Avoided

The UK’s Office of Fair Trading (OFT) commenced a movement in 2005 in order to enhance consciousness about the most frequent methods for people being deceived. The OFT noticed several scams which tormented UK customers. Here are the top ten scams to consider them and help you avoid being scammed.

top 10 scams


Advertisements for payments of work from home and plans for business prospects are offered. The home workers who request are required to submit money in advance for materials. But after payment no contact can be established with the parent company. Also the company really sends out some cheap materials for assembly. When the products are submitted they are always rejected because they do not meet the required quality standards.


Scammers make unwanted telephone calls to persons and impersonate as representatives of a genuine company. A few days later another call is received telling that they have won a considerable amount of money. But, before receiving the prize the person must pay a fee for management charges and taxes, while the prize never exists.


These schemes are chiefly through websites which proffer high cost  electrical and electronic devices as free gifts against purchase of a comparatively cheap product.  Only the person at the top of the list obtains the gift after certain number of new purchasers to participate. The victims are generally expected to speed up the procedure by introducing their friends and family to the scheme. No prize is given to large majority of people on the list.


The person receives a notice by post that they have won a prize. In order to receive the prize an administrative charges or registration fee must be paid up front. Once this is paid the prize will never emerge.


Prospective investors attend a free offer for persuading them to pay a big amount of money to be enlisted for making them a flourishing property dealer. Some plans include the offer to purchase property at a discount which is yet to be built. Others offer to let scheme where the scammers propose to refurbish the properties with expectation that which they will give good rental income. The properties are often dilapidated and the tenants do not exist.


A person receives a notice by post that they have won a prize. In order to claim the prize they are required to call a best rate number, generally beginning with 090, which will inflict high charges. Often there is a long recorded message and the prize never exists.


The victim receives an unwanted telephone call which offers the chance to invest in precious materials such as diamonds, costly wines or shares. The shares are not quoted on any conventional stock exchange. The diamonds etc. are normally supplied, which will be low grade and worthless as compared with the amount invested.


Advertisements are made in local newspapers to offer quick loans, even if the applicant has poor credit record. Applicants are informed that their loans have been sanctioned but they must pay an insurance fee beforehand. When the fee is submitted, the person will never get connected with the scammers again and the loan amount will never be received.


Pyramid schemes offer a return on a monetary investment which is based on the scheme to continue to flourish as new members join the scheme. The cash from new investors is utilized to pay the previous investors. The pyramid falls down as it reaches the point when there are insufficient new customers entering in order to clear the previous investors.

10. Cell phone scams

Sometimes a message is received on cell phone that your cell number has won a reasonable amount in a lucky draw. The person is required to dial a particular number to be entitled for payment which is to be added in his balance of cell phone. The number usually begins with *100* or some other code. When dialed, your own balance will fly away. Moreover, your cell number is captured through some device for unlawful purposes.

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Ten Different Appliances Available Online

The facility of shopping online makes purchase of home appliances very easy. There are several various appliances obtainable. When you begin to explore, you really feel the comfort of shopping on line. You have not to stand and wait in a line or traverse a distance to a showroom. Here are ten different appliances obtainable from online stores to satiate your needs.

10 appliances

1. Irons

There are various models of irons to select from the online appliance stores. All your needs with be met from the basic steam model to the full ironing station, within your own budget. The features of the ironing station are a large detachable water tank and storage of the cord, an automatic cord re-winder and a sensor to frequently shut the power off.

2. Toasters

Models of toasters are available online. Begin with the simple two slice toaster. For the big family there are toasters that handle four slices at a time. These are of stainless steel and various colors from white, red or black to match your other kitchen appliances.

3. Food Processors

Food preparation with food processors is a simple job. The time consuming is saved for chopping, grating and slicing. Compare brands and models with several attachments for various uses including fruit juicers.

4. Slow Cookers

The slow cooker is essential for busy families due to various activities. Adjust the timer for a one pot meal that will cook while you are away. Most models are available with a dishwasher and safe removable crockery bowl that imparts convenience of utilizing a slow cooker for the evening meals.

5. Microwave Ovens

Microwave ovens vary from a basic unit for defrosting and reheating to incorporated microwave with a built in oven for those with narrow space in the kitchen.

6. Icecream Makers

Flavor feelings from chocolate to blueberry crush can be obtained in an ice-cream maker. The equipment is available with their own recipe book and recipes of home made ice-cream are only imaginative.

7. Deep Fryers

At home, the Deep Fryers provide a great advantage to make the perfect chip and other fried items. As the temperature is controlled, the sensor will show when the oil has got the desired heat so that there can be no mistakes.

8. Kettles

At an online appliance store, choose from a big variety of kettles. It actually is as easy as matching the color of the kettle to your kitchen design.

9. Rice Cookers

With a rice cooker you get steaming rice every time you desire. These equipments are manufactured to facilitate lifestyle for the active cook.

10. Toaster Ovens

Modern bench top toaster ovens combine the traditional oven and grill for toasting and browning. These are large enough to bake cakes or roast meats conveniently.