On the Subject of Bike Protection

Bike riding has turned out to be one of the best modes of commutation, during the contemporary period; this is mainly because of the fact that it is very convenient to ride road bikes through all possible terrains, and even in the midst of huge traffic jams. Moreover, bike riding is very much cost effective also and won’t harm the wallets of common people extensively. Having said that, road bike thefts have also increased considerably in recent times, along with the increase of demand of such vehicles, and indeed, this is a noticeable actuality in many parts of the world. Various voluntary organizations and governmental level agencies are regularly conducting diverse types of campaign works, for educating the general public on the subject matter and thereby creating a common awareness in the society, regarding the topic of road bike theft protection and the various remedial measures for bike thefts.

There are numerous components for all advanced types of road bikes and all of these parts will be very much expensive; another salient factor is that, many of these parts can be very easily dismantled with the help of a few connected tools. This is the main reason why bike robbers try to steal the available bike parts, when they fail to take the entire unit in one go. As a matter of fact, all bike owners can thwart and outwit all kinds of possible theft attempts to a great extent, by following certain precautions. Some of the suggested safety measures are listed below:

road bike theft protection

  • You must always make it a point to close the bike engine and forks properly, as soon as you get down from the bike; try to make this action, a habit. This will certainly reduce the odds of bike theft.

  • You must take the key from the key-hole, as soon as you switch off the engine; you must not leave it in the bike. When you do so, then that itself will be a real temptation for bike thieves.

  • You must park your bike in the parking area in such a way that it stays within your ‘eye-reach’ area; in any case, don’t park the vehicle in unattended areas, and go to some other places. If you have got any urgent business to attend, always park the vehicle in ‘paid parking’ spaces, which are supervised by security guards.

  • Many of the modern parking spaces will be fitted with most advanced level surveillance cameras for close watching purpose; try to park your bike, somewhere very near to these cameras.

  • You must arrange a perfect security system for your bike; a good burglar-alarm is a fitting choice. You can also fix an ‘immobilizer unit’ to your bike, if possible.

  • You can also fix a good ‘auto-theft recovery – tracking system’ in your bike; this will become highly handy for tracing the unit, when it gets stolen by somebody.

You must also take a suitable road bike theft protection policy from a professionally managed insurance firm; this will give you the needed shield from the financial loses, when the bike gets stolen.