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How to Choose An Appropriate Home For Your Loved One

Choosing an appropriate home is not so easy especially when it is for your loved ones. You need to keep certain things in mind before choosing the best one. This depends on many factors like health, state of mind, age etc.

A long-term care facility is a specialized residential home or community that is equipped to provide long-term health care to mentally ill, physically ill, or elderly individuals. While most families strive to stay “intact” by providing for a loved one on their own, sometimes the type of care required is beyond what can be provided at home. In this event, it’s best to consider a long-term care facility for a loved one.

How to Choose An Appropriate Home For Your Loved One

While making the decision to place a family member in a care facility can be hard, keep in mind that if it’s best for them as well as you, then in the end, it is a good, albeit hard, decision to make. The horrors of nursing homes are a thing of the past, as today’s long-term care facilities are carefully staffed with compassionate, professional individuals who strive to provide the best possible care.

Selecting the appropriate residence for a loved one can be a difficult process, simply because there are multiple types of residences to choose from:

Retirement villages are ideal for independent elderly individuals who are in good mental and physical health, but are simply not up to or no longer want to worry about the hassle and strain of taking care of their own home and property.

Home care is an option that keeps your family member in their home or yours, but offers staff who are trained to help with in-home care – cooking, cleaning, bathing, running errands, etc. Some home care employees can reside in your home with your loved one, or may just check in for several hours several days a week.

Traditionally, an assisted living or staffed community is appropriate for individuals who may need to be checked in on daily, and assisted with some basic care such as bathing or preparing meals, but are otherwise in sound mental and physical health.

Then there is the skilled nursing home, which is almost a step down from a hospital: it’s a long-term residency that is staffed by nurses and medical professionals, and is ideal for those who are physically ill, bedridden, or are otherwise unable to meet most of their basic needs on their own.

What type of home is best for your loved one? You can visit St Ives to learn more about the options available.