Great Ways for Brands to Promote Their Video

In the digital age content has exploded. As Barbra Streisand found out when she deleted footage of her home online – prompting them to reappear and go viral – it is easy to hide something on the Internet just by placing it and leaving it be, rather than attempting to remove it.

The principal works in the reverse of course. Millions upon millions of videos are stuck in cyberspace: on YouTube, on Vimeo, on Tudou, Rutube, Veoh etc. And in large they aren’t being watched. This applies to individuals, but it also applies to brands as well. For example, Withers LLP, a leading law firm, has just 157 views on its advertisement video. The official Volvo commercial video for their S60 car has fewer than 10,000 views. Santander’s advertisement video for its 123 account has fewer than 40,000. This might be huge to a small group of friends posting something nondescript. But for such large companies, it is poor. This failure of brands to connect to viewers is widespread.

So how do brands get around this, and promote their videos in order to generate revenue? There are several ways, of varying effectiveness, that will be discussed below.

Make it Interesting

The most obvious way to get people to watch content is to make the content interesting to watch. In the free market place of the Internet, with an audience which is still of a younger demographic than the general population, this means that something has to be better than everything else. There are always mediocre videos which somehow come into the limelight, however the truly exceptional videos always come out on top. But what makes them so interesting?


Humor usually works effectively. This is because people tend to remember things which make them laugh. Comedy is a societal phenomenon making such videos so prevalent: people want to share what makes them smile.

Humor can work for some brands (such as Virool’s advertisement, or the John West Salmon commercial). But it isn’t universal – an ad outlining compensation for victims of car collisions could never be funny.

The problem is that humor isn’t as easy to manufacture as it often seems. Brands may have immense difficulty making something themselves, and the use of an old-fashioned PR agency for such a purpose could be ruinously expensive.


Promote Their Video

People like to be wowed. An advertisement spreads if it can make people think it is impressive, slick, ‘cool’. This is easier for some brands than others. An Aston Martin isn’t hard to make cool in a video, but a non-stick skillet product probably will be.

So once again universality is not present. And if a brand can’t make something slick itself, it may have to go to a conventional PR agency, like those seeking a humorous video. As before, this is still expensive.

Get Help.

For so many brands, both new and old, popular and lagging, big and small, much of the above is simply impractical. But there is a better way for brands to promote their video – whether it is funny or not, slick or not. They can abandon the traditional PR route and use a modern tech company to spread their messages.

For example, the company Virool uses software to ensure that a client’s video is spread across video platforms and blogging sectors. It is often considerably cheaper and more effective than the alternatives.

Furthermore, the easy-to-use nature of viral-tech companies like Virool ensures that almost any brand can use it to promote their video, whether large or small.

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