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Five Steps to Becoming a Professional DJ

A career as a professional DJ is both rewarding and exciting for anyone interested in the music industry. It allows you to be creative, social, and unique. If you are interested in pursuing this career path you will find these steps highly useful.

Professional DJ

Decide the type of DJ You Will Be

The first step in becoming a DJ is to decide what kind that you want to be. There are many types of DJ’s who focus on one specialty area. For example, some professionals choose to strictly perform at personal parties, such as birthdays. Others choose to pursue working in a club environment.

Purchase Your Gear

After you have chosen your focus area your next step is to purchase your gear. Some venues may provide you with pro audio equipment and professional audio systems. Even if they have equipment for you, you should invest in your own. Having your own equipment will open employment options for you and eliminate the need to rely on others. You will also need a professional mixing laptop.

Master the Equipment

The third step in establishing your career is to learn and master studio equipment. More specifically, you should focus on studio software and mixing programs. These programs will help improve the quality of your sound. Experiment with the software to find which controls you find most useful for your style. Most of these programs offer live looping, scratching, and delays and reverbs which will prove useful on stage.

Prepare Portfolio

The fourth step in becoming a DJ is to prepare your music portfolio. Not all DJ’s maintain one, but it will set you apart from the crowd and increase your level of professionalism. Having a portfolio will also make attaining work easier because it gives clients a chance to experience your talent. Include your best performances and tracks. Focus on your specific genre if you already have a niche. You can create an online portfolio or create demos that you bring with you when meeting with potential clients.


The last step in establishing yourself as a professional is networking. Networking involves using social media websites, attending events, and meeting new people. You never know who could become your next client. Put yourself and your skills out in the world. Try making a Facebook page and a website for starters.

DJ’s enjoy a creative career that is full of freedom. You can travel, set your own hours and meet new people. You do not need a degree to become a DJ, but you do need some guidance. Djing is a competitive career. If it is your dream, do not give up. Use these steps to help you get started

By kandaceheller

Kandace Heller is a freelance writer from Orlando, Florida. She enjoys writing about health and fashion, but will write about just about anything.