Where to buy Wedding Lehengas in Delhi

Weddings are sacred occasions in India, a country where marriage is an institution considered to be one of the most essential and primary functions of life. At these weddings, we witness the guests, especially women, don their best clothes and put on their best look so as to engage in mutual appreciation and grace the occasion. The wedding dresses industry evolves multifold every year, and Delhi has emerged as one of the hubs for purchasing wedding wear such as Anarkali suits, lehenga, sherwanis, etc. Some of the best places to buy bridal lehenga in Delhi are –

Karol Bagh:

The iconic roads and shopping centers in Karol Bagh were once popular for their range of affordable lehengas and Anarkali suits even as designers across the city charged a bomb for nearly the same designs. However, this is no longer so. Today, Karol Bagh area of Delhi is host to some of the most exquisite and extravagant lehengas and Anarkali suits on display in the town. With the numerous small dealers replaced by large and top-notch showrooms and emporiums, the Manish Malhotra and Ritu Kumar’s of the industry now sell their pieces in this region.

buy Wedding Lehengas in Delhi

Chandni Chowk:

This is yet another region of Delhi that is famous – or infamous – for its large crowds and the array of stores that offer different styles of wedding dresses. Known for imitation and realistic depiction, one can find many replicas of established designers in the famous emporiums and shops of Chandni Chowk. One of the famous shops here is Om Prakash Jawahar Lal that offers an unbelievable variety of lehengas. Chandni Chowk is relatively pocket-friendly and customers have often displayed ecstasy at finding their dream lehengas at a price much lower than that charged by the original designers.

Hauz Khas Village:

While the above-mentioned regions are unrivaled in their capacity to offer a diverse variety of collections to shoppers, it is no secret that shopping in Chandni Chowk and Karol Bagh can get quite tiring and arduous. If you are the type that detests crowds and wishes to shop in peace, Hauz Khas Village is the next best option. Armed with plenty of cafes and eateries, Hauz Khas Village is relaxing and has a quaint air about it. The emporiums here have lehengas a shade on the expensive side but come with the endorsement of established top-notch designers.


Lastly, if hopping from shop to shop is not your idea of the right method to procure your dream lehenga, you can pay a visit to the numerous malls in Delhi and the surrounding regions that offer many designer lehengas at affordable prices. One of the best lehenga emporiums in malls is the DLF Emporium. This emporium is known to be host to some of the most expensive pieces in town but consequently offers you the best and most fashionable wedding wear before it hits the streets. Work from top designers is delivered to DLF emporium right in the beginning.


How to Choose a Wedding Gown

The biggest problem most brides-to-be face when planning their wedding is the gown. Of course, the bride wants to be the most beautiful girl in the celebration-it is her wedding after all. As a bride it is also her opportunity to be the center of attention during the whole event, and the gown has to serve that purpose.

Wedding gowns come in all designs and forms. Some are too fancy, while others are just too plain. But how should one choose her wedding gown? If you’re among these girls who are still looking for a wedding gown design to wear for their big day, then here are some pointers to look at:

wedding gown

1. What kind of bride do you want to be on your wedding day? Many brides fail during their big day because they opted for styles that didn’t match their ideals. They went for fancy, trendy fashion ideas that didn’t compliment their looks, or even their aspirations, hence they looked bad. In order to avoid this, you have to be clear about what kind of bride you want to be-do you want to be the typical blushing bride, the power bride, a provocative bride? You simply have to decide on this first, as your answer will entail the kind of gown that you’ll choose to wear.

2. Start browsing for designs. Once you’ve decided on the kind of bride you want to present, you can then start checking for the designs that match your ideals. You can talk to your wedding gown designer about the ideas you have in your head, so that he or she can show you the styles that may suit you best. You can also have your gown custom designed, so that it will truly represent you as a person.

3. Keep in mind the class. Of course, getting married is a milestone, and the best way to celebrate it is by looking classy and elegant during that day. You don’t actually have to go for something expensive to achieve the look-as long as you get avoid looking drag. If you want to play safe, then you can keep your gown simple but beautiful. However, as long as you are able to look your best during the day, then everything is fine.

4. Consider the comfort. Some brides think that having a long train or a thick veil is important, thus they find it difficult to carry their gown during the ceremony. You don’t really have to add a long train or a very thick veil; you can even go without these details depending on the theme of your wedding.

If you’re not comfortable with these appendages, then you can settle with shorter trains and thinner veils instead. A good alternative to the veil is a flower tiara, especially when you don’t want to cover your face during the wedding ceremony.

5. What’s your budget? Lastly, you may want to look at how much you can spend for the gown. Custom wedding gowns cost a lot, and it may be better to buy a pre-made gown instead. If you’re going to buy a gown however, you may want to go for a simple style, as you can make up for it with custom additions, or with the accessories you’re going to wear.

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Decoration Ideas For an Outdoor Summer Wedding

There is something magical about outdoor wedding receptions. Couples can exchange vows in the glow of the sun as the gentle breeze blows the hair. Sunset, warm wind, and colorful flora, everything makes an outdoor wedding charismatic. Nature is itself so beautiful that for decoration, all you need is a touch up. If you are planning an alfresco wedding, bring into play these decoration ideas to plan a fairy-tale at wedding venues London.

outdoor summer wedding

Wedding Color Scheme

Summer weddings call for bold and bright hues like lemon yellow, grass green, and orange. These vibrant colors add a joyful touch to an outdoor wedding reception. Sunflowers, tulips, and daises offer a variety of color choices for floral arrangements.

Outdoor Wedding Themes

Themes add an unusual touch to a usual reception and help to transform the look of a venue. You can opt for a garden wedding, a love birds, or a countryside wedding. Show your love for Mother Nature by choosing eco-friendly theme.  Make the most of the outdoor charm by choosing any of these themes to adorn the space.


Even the simplest light arrangements can add life to the atmosphere. As dusk falls, strings of twinkling fairy lights and paper lanterns give a magical feel to the setting. Besides, hang tea lights from the branches of the trees along the walkway.  For centerpieces, you can use rustic lanterns and create a countryside setting or put glass bowls with rose petals and floating scented candles. To complement the alfresco feel, use fake bird cages with lights for centerpieces.

Wedding Arch

Wedding arches are the center of attraction at an outdoor wedding.  You can decorate the arch with flowers and ribbons. Drapes, flower garlands, ribbons, and plants can be wrapped around the arch. Floral arrangements on these arches or gazebo should be kept flowing and natural. Anything stuffy will ruin the natural feel. So keep it simple. Light the aisle with ground lanterns with candles inside. The scenery would look beautiful as the bride will walk down the aisle.

Floral Decorations

Since your reception is outdoors, Mother Nature will offer her beauty for free. Fresh flowers add fragrance and life to a dull space. You can hang flowers in metal buckets from the fences and patio posts. Besides, decorate the pathway with white flower petals to give a cloudlike ambience. You can also place potted flowers on the tables as centerpieces and later on give then as favors to the guests.


If you have an evening reception, then candles can add a certain magic to it. Candles give a romantic, intimate, and celebratory feel to the overall look. Create a fairy-tale setting by hanging glass lanterns from the tree branches. You can also place scented candles on tables to fill the air with alluring fragrance and set a romantic mood. If you having a poolside wedding, flower-shaped scented candles in the pool will create a lovely look. Don’t forget to use citronella candles to avoid bug bites.

Special Touches

Small details can make a big impact at your outdoor wedding. Place colored stones across each table. These will add a romantic touch and will twinkle in the light. Simple chair sashes will add life to dull-looking chairs. You can also tie silver balloons to the back of the chairs and trees.

To create a magical setting for your outdoor wedding, use these creative ideas and tips.

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Five Steps to Regain Self-Esteem after a Divorce

Divorce often leaves people feeling depressed, anxious, and wondering what went wrong; these feeling can be extremely difficult to shake but not impossible. With just a few simple steps you can boost your self-esteem and move onto the next and exciting chapter in your life. One of the things that happens in long relationships is that each person becomes dependent on each other making the other party responsible for your own self-esteem. One important thing to remember is that a marriage takes two to work and even if it does not work out, you are not the sole reason that it did not work out.

Five Steps to Regain Self-Esteem after a Divorce

Reclaim what you gave up

To make any marriage work there has to be compromises on both sides. When the marriage is over, you can finally get back to doing the little things that made you happy before you got married. Many people spend less time with friends and family once they get married to spend more time with their spouse but now is the perfect time to get back together with them because they will be an enormous source of comfort. Exploring your old hobbies is also a great way to take your mind off of the divorce.

Change your internal thinking

When a relationship ends most people tend to fill their minds with negative thoughts. Obviously, this is not a healthy situation and needs to be changed as soon as possible. You can start changing these thoughts by keeping a journal of things that you like about yourself. If you think of a negative thought such as your body image (which is common when a relationship ends), think about how you are changing this image by working out and eating healthier. Establishing the qualities you like about yourself will make you more aware of the qualities that you enjoy in others as well.

Avoid negative influences

Sadly, when a marriage is ending many people turn to negative influences as a coping mechanism. Staying away from harmful substances such as alcohol and drugs will help you in the long run and using these substances tends to lead to further problems. Not only will these substances not boost your self-esteem they will lead you into further depression and lower self-esteem. A lot of people will also jump to the next person to prove that they’re worthy of a relationship often too fast without truly getting to know this new person.

It is wise to take a break from a relationship when just going through a divorce and reevaluate what you want in a partner and what went wrong in your past relationship; doing this will save you from clinging onto an unhealthy person who could further fuel your low self-esteem. Food is another thing that can be harmful. Overeating and starving yourself are two other common coping methods that need to be avoided; these can be avoided by eating healthy and exercising.

Support groups

Divorce is much more common than a lot of people think. When going through a divorce it is important to remember that you are not alone. Support groups create an atmosphere of acceptance for everyone. You can go to meetings in support groups in person or you can connect with others online via a support group’s website; these methods are a great way to express yourself in a healthy, natural way. Your divorce attorney law firm should also have materials for you that can help you bounce back; keeping in touch with them is also a good outlet for support. Check the company website for this kind of material.

Find a new hobby

When going through a divorce it is important not to dwell on it. Focusing on all of the negative aspects of yourself and the marriage will only bring you down which is why it is important to try new and exciting things to get in a better head space. These new things can boost your self-esteem and you can find out something that you like to do. By thinking your divorce as new start and not a dead end, you can have more freedom to explore the world and take in all of its beauty. Taking healthy risks such as meeting new people can lead to new friendships and put a smile back on your face.

Regaining your self-esteem after a divorce is not going to come easily. You have to work to reclaim a healthy self-image of yourself. If you reclaim what you gave up, change your internal thinking, avoid negative influences, embrace support groups, and find a new hobby you can move onto the next, healthy chapter of your life.


Are You Planning A Wedding? You Need Professional Caterers

Your wedding is one of the most important days in your life. Therefore, nothing should spoil it. If things don’t turn out as planned, the day may turn out to be the most awful and haunt you for the rest of your life. One of the major components of any wedding is the catering services. The food and drinks served in the event need to compliment how special the occasion is.

Professional Caterers

What Do Atlanta Wedding Caterers Do?

A wedding caterer is responsible for handling everything starting from the cake, food, drinks, venue set-up, setting up lights and sound, furniture arrangement, budget planning, serving the food and drinks as well as cleaning up after the whole event.

When any of these components are missing from any wedding, you need to rule it out as incomplete. This is why you need to enlist the services of reputable and reliable wedding caterers to handle everything for you. So, what are the major roles of these caterers?

Arrangement and Planning of the Venue

One of the major roles of a professional caterer is to create an atmosphere that is comfortable for you and your guests. As the bride or groom, you need to have enough space to walk down the aisle, cut the cake, dance with your partner and be the center of attention

On the other hand, guests to your wedding need to find a venue that is properly organized. Your guests will be free to interact with each other freely and find the necessary amenities due to strategic placement.

One other thing that caterers do is that they make sure everything flows smoothly in the wedding. The wedding cake needs to be ready on time and in a convenient location. The necessary supplies will be available for you whenever you need them. This occasion needs everything to move meticulously so that you concentrate on tying the knot with your partner.

Preparation and Presentation of Food

Food and drinks accentuate your wedding to a great level. The people who are going to attend your wedding have their own tastes and preferences when it comes to eating and drinking. This should not worry you, because professional caterers have the ability to handle everything for you.

The company handling the catering for your wedding has to prepare the food in the most hygienic way possible. This is because your guests are important to you. Make sure the food is prepared carefully and according to food handling regulations set by the state. Above all the food needs to be delicious and palatable.

The way the food is presented also matters a lot. The company needs to provide proper supplies to make sure that each type of food is served in a suitable container. This will prevent embarrassing situations for your guests. Additionally, there should be enough supplies to serve all your guests.

A wedding comes once in a lifetime, which means you do not need to take any chances. Nothing should go wrong in any way especially anything to do with catering. Hire professional Atlanta wedding caterers to take you through this day successfully.

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Most Stunning Wedding Venues in Belfast

Belfast is a beautiful place to get married in and there is a lot to organise before the big day. Help from wedding florists Belfast has to be sought and a venue must be found. Thankfully, there are plenty of fantastic wedding venues in Belfast and here are some of them:

Stunning Wedding Venues

Belfast Castle

A 12th century castle, it is the perfect place to get married, especially if a bride has always wanted to marry her knight in shining armour. Belfast Castle has been hosting weddings for decades and it offers a personalised service so that all guests will have a guaranteed great time.

Park Avenue Hotel

Only two miles away from City Hall, the Park Avenue Hotel has more than fifty bedrooms which provide ample room for a large wedding. The Park Avenue Hotel has been hosting weddings for half a century. One great wedding photo after another can be taken in a sunken garden which is in the grounds of this splendid venue.

The Merchant Hotel

Located in Belfast’s historic quarter, the Merchant Hotel has a rooftop garden which wedding guests can relax on before or after a ceremony. If a bride wants to walk up the aisle on a red carpet, she can. A bride, groom and their guests can also take advantage of a personalised service at the Merchant Hotel. Wedding planners are on hand to make their big day very memorable by making sure that it is exactly what they want.

Europa Hotel

With hundreds of bedrooms, many guests can stay there after a reception. Travelling to the Europa Hotel won’t take long because it is conveniently located in the centre of Belfast. One of the brilliant aspects about the Europa Hotel is that it has a grand ballroom. Consequently, a large guest list can enjoy a meal together before dancing the night away.

Wellington Park Hotel

Great wedding photographs are guaranteed at the Wellington Park Hotel. This is because it has a license with the nearby Botanical Gardens – a bride and groom can have one beautiful photograph after another taken there. It has contemporary facilities that are designed to make all guests very comfortable as soon as they enter. The Wellington Park Hotel is also licensed to host civil ceremonies.

Malone Lodge

Able to accommodate both intimate and large weddings, the Malone Lodge can now host civil ceremonies courtesy of its Malone Suite. The Malone Lodge is a Victorian townhouse hotel where a tree-lined road leads up to it. Any bride who is driven to the Malone Lodge will be amazed at the wonderful scenery that surrounds it. An award winning venue that has recently undergone renovation, the Malone Lodge continues to be one of Belfast’s most popular places for hosting weddings and civil ceremonies.

This is the tip of the iceberg because Northern Ireland is renowned for many other venues which are the perfect setting for an intimate civil ceremony or large wedding that hundreds of people are invited to.

Author Bio

This article was brought to you by  They are involved in all aspects of floristry, from gift bouquets to stunning weddings, funeral tributes to large corporate functions and events.


Why One Should Choose A Professional Photographer

Pictures and photographs are a thing that people of this century has had the luck of having easy access to. Back in the old days, taking a picture was so hard to do and it was somewhat even impossible to try and immortalize a certain moment in a picture. These days, all one has to do is point a phone with a camera and then push a button. Yes, it has been so much easier for people to get and take pictures. There are times though that one would really do good to invest in hiring a professional. Getting people like a Manchester reportage wedding photographer to cover a wedding might not be such a bad idea. Here are some reasons why one should choose a professional photographer.

professional photographer

  1. Photographers know what they are doing- One of the edges that a professional photographer over a lay person who isn’t a photographer is that they are professional. They have gone through extensive training and are sure to be very well-trained and knowledgeable at what they are doing. Surely, people would know that a Manchester reportage wedding photographer would most likely be more reliable at capturing precious moments than someone with a camera they can barely operate.

  2. Better picture quality for the important occasions- What makes a picture taken by a professional photographer with a good DSLR camera from a picture taken by an amateur with a digi-cam is the quality of the picture taken. It really does not take a photography genius to notice that a picture done by a professional far outdoes that done by an amateur. When it comes to events that are so important for people, it really needs pictures that are only of the best quality and nothing less should be settled for here.

  3. They prove to be a good bargain- Not everyday does one have events that are pretty much change their whole life. It is not much of a drag to hire that Manchester reportage wedding photographer for a wedding since a wedding is usually a one-time thing. With that thought, it should really be considered as a one-time expense that would last for more than a couple of years. People could even consider hiring a professional photographer to cover important events like weddings anniversaries as forms of investment. People might not realize it directly but in the long run, they will get to see that they have made such wonderful moments and have made the right decision to hire someone very capable to capture those moments and make them last as long as possible in their hearts and minds.

  4. They prioritize during the whole event- Being a professional photographer is not really just about showing up at an event with a camera in hand. No, it actually takes a whole lot more planning than that. A good photographer plans and prepares for an event the moment he or she has booked the event. Necessary equipment would be prepared and provided thus ensuring pictures of the greatest quality possible. This would tend to be a very good thing to have in comparison to having the people and guests take the pictures for special events. They would at times become distracted by all the fun and would most likely end up taking pictures that are either of not-so memorable moments or low-quality pictures altogether.

  5. A photographer maximizes the magic of the moment- Professional photographers are trained to take the best picture out of every moment. With a professional, one can really rest assured that the pictures will not have people being in the way or having blurry resolutions. In contrast, they would have the perfect angles and the most magical close-ups that would really prove to make the moments all the more magical. This, and all the other benefits that clearly come with a photographer really makes it all worth it.

Author’s Bio: – Jason Moore is a freelance writer, professional blogger, and social media enthusiast. His blog focuses on photograph, wedding, etc.

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Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

There are many ways to save money when it comes to planning your wedding. Here are a few ideas that will help you out and your guests will never be the wiser. From locations, invitations, flowers, rings, tux rentals, wedding cake, reception décor and more; there are many ways to save money on your wedding.

Start with the wedding venue. To save money on location, consider having an outdoor ceremony followed by an indoor reception. This will allow you to cut costs on the actual ceremony and more on the reception because let’s face it, that’s where all the fun happens once the “I do’s” are exchanged.

save money on wedding

Create your own invitations by using an online graphic design company. You have more freedom when it comes to the look and feel of your wedding invitations because you are designing them yourself. Look up companies that print business cards and chances are they will also have wedding invitation options. Another idea is to make your own using elegant looking stock paper and craft supplies from the local craft store. This is your wedding, do what you want.

Flowers are an essential part of any wedding but there is no need to spend a bundle on fresh flowers. Artificial flowers can be substituted for the fresh ones but that don’t look plastic. Add ribbon and baby’s breath and you have a lovely bouquet. Have the bridesmaids carry a single flower with a ribbon tied to the bottom to cut even more flower expense.

When it comes to saving money, using a tux rental company is the way to go because let’s face it; you’d rather spend the money on a reception or the honeymoon. Tuxedos can be expensive and there are more than the groom to worry about; the groomsmen won’t want to spend a lot on a tux they will only wear the one time either.

There are many benefits to using a tux rental. Free consultation from an on-site expert will ensure you don’t miss a detail, will help you select the right tux and will make sure it fits rights. This goes for everyone in the groom’s party as well as the father of the bride.

From the ceremony you’ll move to the reception. With so many wedding and reception venues available in Cleveland, it’s no wonder you can find the perfect tuxedo rental in Parma, the largest suburb of the second largest city of Ohio.

For unique centerpieces at the reception, consider using the same type of flowers used for the bouquets in a mason jar, add a string of lights and you have a lovely piece the guests will talk about all night. Use a doily to cover the top and tie a ribbon around the mouth of the jar to hold it in place.

Skip the big company that charges way too much for a wedding cake, usually by slice, when there are local bakers that will make a delicious cake for half the cost. Put an ad in the local newspaper or online and request bids. Now you have bakers competing for your business and you’ll get the best rate. Homemade cakes are always the best.

Now you know how to save money on invitations, décor, tux rentals, centerpieces, wedding cakes and even flowers. Hopefully, these ideas will get you on the right track to planning your wedding while saving money at the same time.

Enjoy your day even more knowing you saved a few dollars!

Author: Sydney Spence is a writer, wedding officiate and freelance photographer living in Austin, Texas and has over five years experience writing about weddings.


What to Look for in a Southern Wedding Venue

Gorgeous natural landscapes, Cherokee Rose flowers budding across hillsides and live oaks drinking water from nearby ponds and lakes – these are marvelous Southern backdrops. It’s no wonder you’re planning a Southern wedding. If you’re in the early stages of your wedding preparations, there’s good news. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of places where you could get married in the South. The challenging news is that, due to simple fact that there are a host of venues offering full service weddings, you could find it tough to choose the venue that’s perfect for you.

georgia wedding venues

Selecting a venue is one of the biggest choices you’ll make as you prepare for your wedding unless you plan on doing all the behind-the-scenes work on your wedding singlehandedly. In the February 27, 2013 “Wedding Blogs, If You’re Not Reading, You’re Missing Out” Huffington Post article, it’s reported that, “While planning your wedding, one of your biggest decisions will be whom to hire whether you’re getting married in your hometown or planning a destination wedding from afar.”

Whether you want a traditional or modern Southern wedding, you could add a unique style to your special day if you familiarize yourself with standard wedding customs. For example, it’s not uncommon for brides to have a bridal shower at a friend’s house or at a local church. In fact, down South, some church goers will pick up the entire costs (and roll up their sleeves and put in the labor) on bridal showers and bridal luncheons for their members.

However, you don’t have to be from the South or a churchgoer to enjoy these amenities. In fact, if you ink a deal with the right wedding venue, you could have a bridal shower and luncheon built into your wedding package. Other Southern traditions you may want to look for at venues that plan full service weddings include:

  • Separate bride and groom wedding cakes (this is very common in the South)
  • Wedding set in a specific time period (i.e. 18th or 19th century wedding) – You could also blend elements from two or more time periods
  • Color schemes (both in outdoor and indoor decor)
  • Indoor and outdoor locations that have plenty of natural plants and flowers (could help lower your florist bill)
  • Opportunity to bring family pets to your wedding ceremony (believe it or not, some Southern full service weddings are attended by pet dogs or cats)
  • Chance for you and your wedding guests to tour the facilities (this could be a real win for you and your guests if you get married at a century old mansion or other historic site)
  • Ability to review and choose from two to three different full service weddings packages

The benefit of selecting a venue that offers full service weddings is that it could keep you from having to create menu cards, invitations, find a photographer, florist, caterer or band to perform at your wedding and reception. The best full service packages also include traditional Southern food dishes (i.e. baked or barbeque chicken, hush puppies, fried green tomatoes) and indoor and outdoor event setups, meaning you won’t have to bother setting out chairs or putting up decorations.

Regardless of the package you select, this cannot be said enough. Make sure you read through package contracts thoroughly. Also, make sure that you can make changes to your package within a certain time period without having to pay extra money. And, of course, venue event planners should be proactive and regularly reach out to you, keeping you apprised of the status of your wedding.

You could get firsthand tips and reviews about specific Southern venues that offer full service weddings while reading wedding blogs. For example, some wedding blogs showcase pictures from newlyweds. Other blogs highlight venue overviews, reviews and feedback submitted by recently married couples. Keep up with this type of information and you could find the best full service weddings venues by location (i.e. state, city) and price.

Rhonda Campbell guest wrote this article about wedding ceremonies. She has years of experience offering advice relating to weddings.

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What Makes Tungsten Rings an Excellent Gifting Option

excellent giftsIf you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone important in your life – whether it’s for Valentine’s Day, a birthday, a wedding day or any other special occasion – you can’t go wrong with tungsten rings. One of the most common contemporary materials now used in jewelry for both men and women, tungsten offers many advantages over other metals.

Known as one of the hardest of all manmade materials, tungsten carbide will easily withstand even the toughest daily wear and tear. It’s also extremely scratch-resistant and hypoallergenic. There is virtually no maintenance required with tungsten rings – they won’t fade, become dull or tarnish. In fact, chances are that a tungsten ring will look exactly the same 20 years from now as it looked the day you bought it. Finally, tungsten jewelry is remarkably affordable – so much so that you can easily buy several tungsten rings for the same price you’d pay for a single band made of gold or platinum.

If all these positive characteristics sound appealing to you, the only thing left to do is to choose a color, style and finish. Fortunately, there are plenty of hues and designs from which to choose.

“Natural” tungsten:  The normal color of tungsten jewelry is gunmetal grey, so whenever you see a piece of jewelry in this shade it’s referred to as “natural” tungsten. This hue looks quite contemporary and is especially popular in men’s tungsten wedding bands.

Black tungsten: Rings that are sleek black in color are some of the most popular styles. Similar to natural tungsten, the black version of this modern metal definitely has a contemporary, masculine appearance. That’s why black is especially common in men’s tungsten wedding bands, such as a polished black ring with a domed profile.

White tungsten: Many people love the silvery glow of any white metal, including silver, white gold and platinum. Unfortunately, these metals aren’t always the best choice when it comes to rings. Silver, although more affordable than some other precious metals, can tarnish and requires periodic polishing. White gold is often coated with rhodium, and those pieces need to be recoated after a certain amount of time. Platinum is considered to have the most beautiful silvery luster, but this precious metal can be very expensive and is out of reach for many people White tungsten, however, offers wearers a silver-white appearance yet is still scratch-resistant, extremely durable and quite affordable. If you love white metal, check out the huge variety of white tungsten bands available, such as a white tungsten women’s band with a domed shape.

Gold tungsten: Even if you prefer the rich luster of yellow gold, you can still enjoy the advantages of tungsten jewelry. Rings made from tungsten with a gold plating or gold-tone PVD coating offer wearers the luxurious appearance of gold at a fraction of the price. Consider any of the many men’s tungsten wedding bands available with a gold coating, such as a satin-finish gold tone band with polished edges.

Women’s and men’s tungsten wedding bands offer so many advantages over other precious and contemporary metals, but it’s important to remember that this versatile contemporary material isn’t perfect. In fact, because of its density, tungsten is relatively brittle and can crack under extreme conditions. It’s also not possible to resize a tungsten band if your ring size changes in the future, although the low price makes it entirely feasible to replace the ring at some point in time if need be.

When it comes to finding the perfect gift for that special person in your life, remember rings made of tungsten carbide. They’re beautiful, stylish, durable and affordable.

Cindy White writes about men’s tungsten wedding bands and other jewelry for