Why is an Indefinite Leave To Remain visa becoming so hard to obtain?

It is a new time in the United Kingdom. And the immigration rules and regulations that have been implemented over the last six years make obtaining permanent residence in the country more difficult than ever. Difficult, but not impossible: if you are determined to get Permanent Residence (ILR), then you can do so with a bit of diligence and preparation.

Indefinite Leave To Remain is also known as SETO or STEM. Obtaining it gives you the right to stay in the UK without any restrictions on your employment. Getting this certification also entitles you to benefits and access to the country’s health care system. The application can be made on the basis of marriage, employment, or long residence. You must, however, meet the criteria in order to qualify.

Remain visa

Descriptions for the latter can be quite long and convoluted as presented on the Home Office website. However, when you get down to brass tacks the qualifying criteria tend to be quite straightforward.

If you intend to qualify as a spouse or partner of a British citizen, the following stipulations apply. If you entered the UK before the 9th of July 2012, then you will have already completed the initial two-year probationary period. This puts you in a satisfactory position to apply for the ILR Visa. If you applied for and obtained a spouse, civil partner, or unmarried partner visa before the aforementioned date with requirements attached, then you can apply for another 2 year probationary period under the old rules if you have failed to satisfy any one of them. You will then be able to apply for ILR afterwards.

If you applied for your vison on or after the 9th of July 2012, then your probationary period for Indefinite Leave To Remain is 5 years. The Home Office will grant you a spouse visa for 2.5 years. You will then need to qualify again for the remaining 2.5 years leave to remain. This will bring you to the ILR qualifying period. Money is also an issue. You must be able to prove that you and your sponsor are still earning enough to qualify for ILR as you did in previous spouse applications. If you don’t qualify for Indefinite Leave to Remain after 5 years because you failed to meet a requirement, then it is possible to extend your spouse visa for another 2.5 years until you meet the Home Office requirements.

Although it is not discussed as much, persons who are in the United Kingdom as family members, spouses, or unmarried partners of EU citizens can also obtain permanent residence. Because it is EU law rather than British law that governs these applications, the requirements are not as stringent. You only need to prove that your EU partner, etc. Is permanently settled here, that the two of you are in a permanent relationship, and that you have lived together in the U.K. Continuously for more than 5 years. These are the only criteria; no other documentation is required. No guidelines have been issued on how the rules will change should Britain vote to exit the EU. You should therefore get your application in now.

If you are looking for an ILR Visa , then you need look no further. For more information please visit our website.

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How To Have The Most Incredible Heli Skiing Adventure

You love to ski, but let’s face it- long lift lines, crowded trails and weekend crowds have turned your skiing trips into boring endeavors. Why not take your ski trips to the next level (literally!) with a heli skiing adventure? Take your next ski trip from a packaged adventure into one that gives you favorable conditions, new challenges, and an experience to carry with you for the rest of your life. Beat the weekend warriors and large groups and have your days on mountains to yourself, and nights in secluded lodges that allow you to explore the local scenery.

heli skiing

Necessary Heli Skiing Equipment

As with all extreme sports, you will need special equipment to have an enjoyable heli skiing experience. “All-mountain” skis are recommended, as well as your own boots, helmets and goggles. Skiers can also pack avalanche transceivers, probes, shovels and an air bag. Dress warmly, but be advised that time in the helicopter will be warmer than riding a lift up the mountain. Avoid cotton as it can get wet and keep you cold during your trip. Dressing in layers is always best. Other requirements differ between ski companies policies and safety regulations.

The Whole Mountain to Yourself

One reason heli skiing is attractive is the ability to have the entire mountain to yourself. Most popular ski resorts will be packed, lift lines will be long, and trails crowded. Heli skiing focuses on small group ski experiences, so the only people you’re going downhill with are friends or family. Since there is no lift you don’t have to wait in long lines just to get a chance to sit down, nor will you get stuck in the air for delays when you’re waiting to ski or encounter crowded trails and inexperienced skiers.

Special Skiing Conditions

One of the best things about heli skiing is the quality of the snow you ski on. Snow on the mountains you descend is all-natural powder- not the thick packed snow ski resorts are known for. Revelstoke is a world-renowned heli skiing destination sought out by skiers the world over. Here, the dry snow, stunning mountain vistas and amazing vertical trails of BC heli skiing await you, promising a ski trip like no other. Experienced skiers that have never tried heli skiing before will fall in love with the way the powder moves beneath their feet. You can’t get snow like this at a resort!

An Amazing Experience

Heli skiing will open up a whole new version of skiing for you if you’ve never tried it before. You’ve probably skied just about everywhere, but heli skiing brings you to a new height where you will find pristine trials and top-quality snow. After a run down a powder mountain you will never see skiing the same again! If you love your first heli skiing run down a mountain you can do it again and again on your trip. Look forward to skiing again with a heli skiing trip that will turn your favorite winter sport on its head! Great Canadian heli skiing packages are in abundance. Start your research and embark upon this amazing experience now.


Great Places to Visit in Mexico

Mexico is one of the most popular foreign destinations for American tourists. Whether you want to relax on clean golden beaches, explore Aztec and Mayan ruins, shop for handicrafts, take in museums and other cultural exhibits, sample the exquisite cuisine, or revel in the colorful nightlife, a vacation in Mexico has much to offer. Here are some of the best vacation spots in Mexico.

Puerto Vallarta

With over 40 miles of beaches up and down the coast set against a beautiful scenic backdrop, Puerto Vallarta is the perfect place for relaxing, sunbathing and swimming. If you are feeling energetic, try water sports like kayaking, snorkeling and scuba diving. There are also a number of excellent golf courses nearby. The non-stop nightlife is diverse and energetic, from bars, restaurants and nightclubs to romantic evening cruises.


Tulum is famous for its archeological ruins. The Mayan ruins, some of which are within walking distance of the city, do not disappoint. Once you have taken in the historical wonders, relax on one of the city’s expansive beaches. Diving enthusiasts can explore offshore reefs and underwater caverns. In the evening, visit a quiet restaurant for delicious local cuisine. If you crave more active nightlife, head up the coast to Playa del Carmen.


Cozumel is an island just off the Mexican coast offering plenty of Mayan ruins to explore. However, it is best known for its spectacular reef and lovely beaches. White sand beaches are on the west side, while you find rockier beaches on the eastern half of the island. Water sports include surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking and deep-sea fishing. Rated as one of the world’s best diving spots, a labyrinth of coral teeming with flamboyant marine life lies just offshore. The town of San Miguel is a charming, relaxed, friendly place reminiscent of colonial Mexico.


Mazatlan’s proximity to the Arizona border makes it a desirable location for U.S. travelers. It features amazing local cuisine, pleasant beaches, and plenty of sights to see. Old Mazatlan has historical treasures, including the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. Enjoy walking, jogging, or cycling past beautiful statues and monuments along the four-mile boardwalk. The Mazatlan aquarium, featuring over 200 species of fish, is one of the best in all of Mexico. The beautiful Isla de la Piedra rests just a short ferry ride away.

Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas, located in the municipality of Los Cabos at the tip of the Baja California peninsula, is renowned for its party atmosphere, but it also has plenty of beaches where you can relax and enjoy water sports like snorkeling, diving, jet-skiing and fishing. Charter a boat to watch whales and swim with dolphins, shoot a few rounds at Cabo’s world-renowned golf courses, and enjoy the vibrant night life in the numerous downtown bars and clubs.

Mexico City

Mexico City is one of the most fascinating cities in the world. Highlights include the National Museum of Anthropology, the Museum of Frida Kahlo, the Metropolitan Cathedral, the huge city square called the Zocalo, Aztec temple ruins, and the 1,600-acre Chapultepec Forest.

As a tourist destination for sunbathing, swimming, water sports, cultural and archeological treasures, and exciting nightlife, Mexico is unparalleled. Consider these locales for your next Mexican vacation.

Mexico CityThis article was written by John Davis, a travel expert who hopes to help you travel better. He writes this on behalf of Del Mar Escapes, your number one choice when looking for luxurious vacation villas in Mexico. Check out their website today and see what they have in store for you!


Family Fun in Pittsburgh: Top Attractions to Visit

ID-1005482Whether you are an out-of-towner, or a local looking for a family fun day, Pittsburgh will not disappoint. This affordable city is loaded with all sorts of family-friendly activities to entertain people of all ages. Here is just a sampling of activities worth a spot on your itinerary.

Carnegie Science Center

With over 250 exhibits to explore, you and your family will not be lacking for entertainment and education. You can explore distant galaxies in the world-renowned planetarium, take in a show at the OMNIMAX Theater, or investigate a World War II submarine.

Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh

This museum is the perfect place for kids, with loads of interactive exhibits spread over three floors. They can do everything from computer graphics to tinkering with tools and building their own creations.

Duquesne Incline

For the last 136 years, people have been using these cable cars to commute. Not only will you get to experience an amazing panoramic view of the city, you can hang out on the viewing platform and watch how the hoisting equipment operates.

Kennywood Park

During the summer months, take the kiddies over to KennywoodPark, which has been providing entertainment to families for over 100 years. This national historic landmark is a Pittsburgh tradition that offers six different roller coasters, 10 classic rides, a Kiddieland for the youngsters and so much more. The Potato Patch fries and funnel cake are known as some of the best around.

National Aviary

One of the best ‘’bird zoos’’ in the country, you will find more than 500 birds of over 200 species from all over the world, including many endangered species. This indoor jungle has it all, from teeny-tiny hummingbirds to condors with 10-foot wingspans. You can even get up close and personal with some African penguins. This is one of the only free-standing aviaries in the world and an attraction not to be missed for animal enthusiasts.

Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium

This attraction is a great combination of education and entertainment. The zoo is home to over 4,000 animals, including lemurs, rhinos, red pandas, meerkats, monkeys, tigers, tarantulas, gorillas and giraffes. The ‘’Kids Kingdom and Discovery Pavilion’’ is great for children and because of it, the zoo is ranked in the top three children’s zoos in the whole country.

Costing 16 million dollars to construct, the Aquarium has been wowing visitors since 2000. It is not only home to penguins, sharks, octopus, and a host of other exotic marine life, it houses the country’s largest coral propagation facility.

Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

This is a perfect place to bring out the explorer in your child. Check out the towering tropical plants that started out as seedlings all the way back in 1890. Stroll the numerous indoor and outdoor gardens, and marvel at the collection of bonsai. There are seasonal exhibits for spring and winter flowers. The Discovery Garden will let kids get their hands dirty literally, exploring everything from bugs to botany.

Carnegie Museum of Natural History

The Carnegie Museum of Natural History has plenty on hand to keep kids entertained. It is home to one of the best dinosaur collections in the whole wide world, including a giant T-rex. You can view ancient Egyptian artifacts, learn about American Indians in one of the biggest exhibits in the country, or check out the Hall of Minerals and Gems.

About the Author:Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who enjoys blogging about family entertainment options; if you are in the Pittsburgh area during baseball season, grab some Pirates tickets at Headline Tickets.

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Interstate Removalists can Move Anywhere in Australia

Planning a move either interstate or within state is one of the most stressful occurrences in a homeowner’s life. There are a myriad of details at both ends, all to be dealt with while handling a job and family routines. Many homeowners find it most efficient and even cost-effective to contract with a professional interstate removalists company, such as Move Anywhere, to handle at least part if not all of a home relocation.


Planning for the Move

A requirement for any successful move anywhere is advance planning. Here are points to consider:

• Organize a separate file of all matters relating to the move

• Make a list of all items to be moved; take this as an opportunity to “clean house”, rid yourself of unwanted and unused items instead of spending good money to move them to the new location

• Use the new floor plan to decide where items will be placed, and also to make sure that there is enough room for everything; if necessary, you may have to arrange for storage of special items to be kept

• Do not make any purchases of large items until you are sure that they will actually fit in with the new floor plan, and that they can be maneuvered within the new location

• Be sure to note any special items to be moved, such as a piano; this will be important for getting accurate quotes

• Plan to book well in advance of the actual date, as companies are engaged weeks ahead

• Prepare and follow through with a detailed list of all the things to be done to close out the existing residence, including posting change of address notices, closing out utilities, dealing with food in the freezer, and even removing fuel from garden equipment

• Decide how much of the work you are able to do yourself or with friends, and how much you will leave to the interstate removalists; remember that the work is demanding, special equipment and specialized knowledge is involved

Choosing the Right Removalists

Of course, you want your move to happen smoothly, on schedule, within budget, and without damage to any precious household goods. For this to happen, be sure to follow some basic commonsense guidelines for choosing the best removalists:

• Obtain quotes from reputable companies, ones that have a proven track record and have good recommendations

• Ask for quotes well in advance, so there is time to evaluate them

• When comparing quotes, be sure to consider all services being included; for example, do they include packing and unpacking, and include packing materials and boxes

• Some companies provides quotes from information provided by the owner on line or by phone; for a more accurate quote, consider an onsite detailed quote

• Be sure all details of the agreement are provided on paper

For a successful move, planning and attention to basic details will help ensure that the right interstate removalists company is involved. While not removing all the stress of a move, they certainly can smooth out the process. Before you know it, you will be enjoying yourself in your new home.

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Get to Know Your Local Removalists

The moving process can be extremely stressful and time consuming. Either undertaking the moving process alone, or choosing the wrong removalist company can result in lost time, damaged items, and unnecessary problems. That is why you need a company that cares about its customers and strives to provide quality and efficient service. With the right removalist company, you can focus more on getting settled in your new home or office, rather than spending nonexistent time worrying about your belongings being taken care of and moved properly. One removalist that truly provides its customers with excellent expert services that are laden with efficiency and quality is Quick Quality Moves, a Melbourne based removalist service.


Services Provided

Quick Quality Moves provides home removals, office removals, and piano removals. They provide removalist services to a wide range of areas such as Inner Melbourne, East Melbourne, West Melbourne, North Melbourne, South Melbourne, and Mornington Peninsula. Their moving experts have helped countless individuals quickly and safely relocate their belongings.

-Home Removals

Moving into a new home is an exciting and intense process, especially coupled with the many other obligations that come with it. This removalist company provides you with ease of mind during the moving process by ensuring that your items are safely moved between areas. The company’s moving experts are committed to help you relocate efficiently, which is why they take special care in moving your items as quickly as possible. In addition, you will find that prices are also budget friendly.

-Office Removals

Transferring a business between office spaces can be extremely hectic. However, this removalist company is dedicated to providing your business with as few interruptions as possible. Furthermore, office furniture is extremely costly, which is why the moving experts take special care and caution when moving your items and ensuring that everything arrives to its destination safely and without any damage. In order to provide the least interruption to the business routine as possible, moving experts work hard to quickly transfer your valuables to the new office space. With their thorough and professional removalist services, you will be glad you chose to move your office space with them.

-Piano Removals

The delicacy of pianos and the difficulty in moving such a precious item can be quite daunting. However, this business’s moving experts have long-standing experience in transporting pianos. With their services, you can rest assured that your piano is protected from any damage during the moving process.

If you are looking for removalist services for your home, business, or piano, then Quick Quality Moves can provide you with the exact quality service that you deserve. They have been servicing the Melbourne area for a long period of time, accumulating only positive reviews and feedback from their customers. Their removalist services are the best that you will find, and with their level of dedication to the customer and to safely moving the items, you will be nothing short of glad that you chose to do business with them. Furthermore, with their customer friendly prices, this is an opportunity that cannot be beat.

Quick Quality Moves – Melbourne Removalists

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Tips on Ski Rentals in Chicago

For a person who has never participated in winter sports, wearing  helmets and staying within their abilities is key. The basic rule of safety for any winter sport is to stay alert and be prepared. Skiing is a leisure activity where the participant wears long skis that are affixed to boots, when in the case of alpine skiing, and poles are used to help maintain balance, aid in turns, and such.


The earliest and most accurate evidence of skiing is found in Norway and Sweden. The term “ski” is the Old Norse word “skio” which means “split wood.” Downhill ski racing as an organized sport began in both The U.S. and Australia. and the first leisure club was established in 1861 in Australia, where the earliest documented alpine carnival was also held.[8]

Also called downhill skiing, the sport originated in the European Alps. The popularity of winter sports has increased significantly in the last few decades and with those increased numbers, so to do injuries increase. The best way to avoid any form of injury is to take professional lessons. Research shows that use of helmets, wrist guards, ski gloves and other ski gears can bring a 43 percent reduction in injuries. Click here for a selection of ski gear in the Chicago area.

On your trip, perhaps lodging has been all set, but maybe you don’t own your own equipment, and that’s just fine because you can rent it. Renting makes it affordable for people who can’t spend hundreds of dollars to buy equipment. Once you’ve decided on renting the equipment, you should reserve it as well, especially if you’re going during peak season. There will likely be a choice of equipment to rent right at the mountain, or even from other nearby stores, but it all depends on the area. At certain resorts you may have many rental options that you may get a better price. Be sure to arrive early in order to have enough time to get the equipment fitted. To save time, have your group’s measurements written down, including their each one’s height, weight and shoe size.

Buying the insurance on the rental equipment should be considered because there is always the possibility of damage. The cost for insurance is generally less than or about one dollar a day, so it won’t break the bank. Consider the cost of paying to repair or replace the equipment and anyone could easily see the benefits of purchasing the affordable insurance. Mountains are covered with snow, but beneath that snow are rocks and branches. There is always a risk of hitting these objects and causing damage to the equipment, so be wise.

Ski rentals Chicago offers newer skiers the chance to try before they buy. Skiing with rented gear allows them to see if they are comfortable and happy with the equipment, and even the sport itself. If you plan on being a one-trip-a-year skier, then stick to rental equipment because it’s simply more economical. Equipment can get pricey and it is important not to sacrifice quality to stay within a smaller budget. The right sizes, materials and ski equipment will make your trip an excellent skiing experience.


Discover the Ancient Culture and History of Cambodia

Cambodia was once known as the Khmer Empire and many centuries ago the Khmer Empire ruled over Southeast Asia with immense power and wealth. Over 600 years, many monumental temples were built as Hinduism and Buddhism was spread throughout the region.

When visiting Cambodia today, there are many opportunities to see the remains of these ancient cultures – in the form of beautiful stone temples and monuments. When you book your flight to Siem Reap you can take a number of tours throughout the region to temple complexes, monuments and other cultural attractions.


Cambodia’s Temples

What are some of the most culturally significant temples in Cambodia? Here are a few of the famous sites:

  • Angkor Wat – This temple complex is considered the largest religious site on earth and it is a truly stunning place to behold.
  • Ta Prohm – This ancient Buddhist temple is entwined with growing vines and towering trees as nature starts to slowly take over the stones.
  • Bayon –This temple is well known for its enormous carved faces, with their strange peaceful smiles and closed eyes.

Other Cultural Wonders

There are a number of other great cultural activities that you can book via your travel agency HK before heading to Cambodia. For example, you could watch the colourful and ornate costumes of the Apsara Dance Shows, which are performed at many hotels and restaurants in Siem Reap. You could also visit the Angkor Silk Farm. This farm was established by some of the local artisans, so that the ancient art of silk production could be revived. It is a great chance to learn about how silk worms are used to produce the silk and how the final product is woven.

Tips for Hiring a Tuk Tuk Driver

Hiring a driver to take you around to see the sights can be a good idea. You could hire a driver who will simply drop you off at the entrance and meet you at the opposite end, or you could hire a tour guide who will take you around and tell you a bit about the history of the ruins. When you are hiring a driver, make sure that you negotiate a fair price. Most drivers should charge around $10 to drive you around the temples for the day, so don’t be afraid to bargain if he originally quotes you a much higher price.

Book with Flight Centre and Save

When you book your Cathay Pacific flight to Cambodia, there are a lot of advantages to booking with Flight Centre. This travel agency offers a ‘Lowest Airfare Guarantee’, which means that if you can find a flight offered for a lower price anywhere else – your Flight Centre agent will beat the price by $10. They will also give you a $100 travel voucher gift for your next trip.

You can also enjoy the ‘Stay 4 Pay 3’ deal for holidays to Siem Reap, so you will save even more money. Why not get started planning your flight today?


Safety Tips for Women While Travelling Alone

Travelling alone can be fun and liberating experience, especially for women. Travelling alone has various benefits, you can travel at your own pace; you need not have to follow any time-table. You can enjoy exploring the various tourist spots without the hassles of a nagging companion. You would have the liberty to prepare your own itinerary and soak in various experiences on your own, which you may not be able to experience otherwise while travelling as per the pre-planned schedule of a tourist package.

It is a general notion that travelling alone for women is dangerous and they are most vulnerable to fall prey to various scams, cheating and unwanted attention. While it is true that, today, in the modern world women and more bold and have the capacity to look after them better it is advisable that women travelling alone take sufficient precautions to avoid any unnecessary problems. If you are a woman and wish to travel alone to a new destination, considering the following safety measures will greatly help you have an enjoyable and pleasant travelling experience.

Be aware – Being aware doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to paranoid always about the things around you. You need to be smart and proactive. While you are walking alone on the street, you must make note of the landmarks near your hotel or remember the street names. This would prevent you from getting lost. It is also vital that you notice the surrounding and the people too, if you notice any person is following you wherever you are walking, ignore the person or ask him/her politely to leave you alone make sure you are firm in your tone.

Trust your instincts – While travelling to a new destination it is advisable that you always trust your female instincts. You may not know the local language but you can certainly judge the person if he/she is trustworthy or is a miscreant. If you feel uncomfortable dealing with a certain person of you do not like being at certain place, make sure that you wisely sneak out of that place and rush back immediately the safety of your hotel.

Always have a guidebook with you – Guidebooks are the travelers’ best friend. Buy a good guide book that contains details maps of the locations and contain other vital information about the place you are visiting. These books will help you locate a good restaurant, markets for shopping without the hassles of talking to the locals in sign languages.

Stay near busy places – While travelling alone it is best advised that you always hangout at places that are popular tourist place or where there is crowd. This would help you get immediate help in case if you are being targeted by some miscreants.

Watch your dress – This is another important tip to consider while travelling alone. You need to be careful about the way you dress. Some countries, especially in the Middle East have strict policies on dress; you need to be dressed conservatively. You must understand the culture and pay due respect to it.

Thus, by considering the above tips women can enjoy a better vacation trip. Salona yachts by ensure that women are provided maximum security cover and also ensure that women travelers enjoy to their fullest with other travelers.

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Benefits of Taking a Red Eye Flight

Many people dread the thought of flying. The only thing they hate even more is flying in the middle of the night. Few people try taking red eye flights because they think they are absolutely miserable. While there are some drawbacks to them, there are a few reasons you may want to consider a late night flight.

Most people want to be asleep at 11 in the evening. The idea of boarding a plane and waiting for an eight hour flight to end is completely repulsive to them. However, there are a number of benefits that they may not be aware of.

Red Eye Flight

Red Eye Flights are Cheaper

Most people spend a long time trying to search for cheaper flights to popular vacation destinations like Florida. Unfortunately, this can be very difficult if you need to fly at a very specific time and can’t buy your tickets ahead of time. Some people have reported saving up to 60% by choosing a late night flight.

You Have More Seat Choices

It can be very difficult to find a good seat when you are flying late in the middle of the day. Most people want a window seat, but they are often lucky to even sit by the aisle unless they purchase their ticket months in advance. It is a lot easier to find good seating when you are taking a red eye. You will probably have at least six window seats available since so few people are willing to fly that late.

Avoid Crowded Airports

Many people hate having to deal with the crowds at the airport. Listening to kids screaming and dealing with people banging into you can get old fast. You don’t have to worry about that when you fly late at night. The airport will be practically empty and very quiet.

Easier to Sleep

Many people aren’t afraid of flying. They simply find flying to be extremely boring. Most people wish that they could pass the time sleeping, but few people can actually fall asleep on their flight. There are a few reasons why it is a lot easier to sleep when taking a red eye:

  • You are flying when your body is used to sleeping. You will already be tired enough to sleep.
  • You will usually have an empty seat next to you. This allows you to stretch out and get comfortable.
  • Most other passengers will be exhausted themselves. You can probably sleep a lot easier if you don’t have people screaming around you.

Sleeping through a red eye flight will make the flight a lot easier.

About the Author: Kalen is a travel writer who has flown throughout the United States. He has taken red eye flights twice before and feels they were worth the experience.