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Top 10 Sneaky Ways to Save Time

We all have the same 168 hours every week, but some of us manage to get much more done than others. How do the super-achievers manage to do it all and still have time to relax? They use these 10 sneaky time-savers. Apply one, two or all of these tips to your life to gain your hours back and spend more time getting things done and doing what you love.

Save Time

1. Don’t unsubscribe; filter instead

You’re supposed to unsubscribe to any email list you don’t like, right? Not anymore. The unubscribe feature of most email lists is long and cumbersome, often requiring you to log in to a long-forgotten account and complete an unsubscribe survey.

Instead, use a Gmail filter to sort out emails from services you don’t want. Gmail sends these emails straight to archive, meaning they never clutter up your inbox – which saves you time twice over!

2. Practice Inbox Zero

While we’re on the subject of email: if you don’t practice Inbox Zero, you’re wasting hours reading and re-reading your email. This is how Inbox Zero works:

  1. Get a new email
  2. Decide what to do with that email (answer right away, answer later, hold for reference, convert to an action item on your to-do list)
  3. Delete, archive or file appropriately

Using Inbox Zero means that your email inbox is empty 99% of the time. It also means that you have a few key folders set up for your mail: “To Answer,” “Waiting For” and “Reference” work well. Otherwise, everything else gets archived and tucked out of site.

3. Know your most important tasks

The best way to get your work done every day is to know what your work is. This means identifying the most important tasks (complete your presentation, pay your vendors) and avoiding the unimportant tasks (Instagram your lunch). This also means you’ll spend less time in active “Procrastination by Indecision” mode; by spending a few minutes at the beginning of each day sorting your workload into important to-dos and unimportant to-don’ts, you’ll be able to get everything done on time.

4. Make a to-don’t list

Having a to-don’t list is just as important as a to-do list. Your to-don’t list might include anything from “don’t check email before breakfast,” thus making sure you get out the door on time, to “don’t get involved in online forum arguments,” thus making sure you actually spend your workday doing your work. You know what your big to-don’ts are, so make a list and stop doing them!

5. Batch everything

Don’t check one email, compose one tweet and write one paragraph. Instead, batch everything. Check your email at the beginning of the workday, clear your inbox to zero, and then work on your most important tasks in batches. After lunch, check and respond to social media, clear your inbox to zero again, and get back to your most important tasks. Focusing on one thing at a time ensures you actually focus and helps you complete more things in fewer hours.

6. Batch housework, too

If your house is cluttered or otherwise in disarray, set up some 10-minute batch cleans. Pick a time every day – after work, after dinner or before bed are great options – and set your timer for 10 minutes. During that time, pick up every dirty sock, used mug and bit of trash that’s lying around. It takes about 10 minutes to de-clutter a small apartment; for larger homes, do one or two rooms every day. You can even scrub down an entire bathroom in 10 minutes; just grab some surface cleaning wipes and run them over all your bathroom surfaces to clear off dust and grit and leave your bathroom shining.

7. Make sure your appliances are efficient

How long does it take your computer to boot up? How long does it take your dishwasher to run a load of dishes? If your appliances are slow, it means you’re slow too. Invest in fast, efficient appliances and services; using Duke Energy for natural gas, for example, means your natural gas dryer can give you toasty clothes in 20 minutes instead of 40. That’s an extra 20 minutes you can spend watching Netflix – but make sure you do it on an internet connection with fast downloads!

8. Cook for yourself

How does cooking save time? Well, it saves you driving to a restaurant, finding a place to park, waiting for a table, waiting for food… you get the idea. In addition, cooking means leftovers. That means for every meal you make yourself, you get two or three bonus meals you don’t have to cook at all!

9. Eat better food

While you’re starting your new cooking project, make sure you’re feeding yourself the right foods. Greasy, heavy meals tire you out, giving you less energy to get things done or have fun. Caffeine wakes you up, but too much coffee makes it impossible to focus. Learn how to develop a healthy relationship with food and you’ll be surprised at how it adds productive hours to your day.

10. Know what you want to do

The sneakiest way to save time is to know exactly what you want to do with it. If you know you have to get X, Y and Z done at work so you can make it home in time for a family dinner or a hot date, you’ll get it done. If you know you want to spend your weekend rock-climbing instead of puttering around the house and wasting time online, you’ll make sure you get out of bed and aim yourself towards the rock wall. Knowing what you want to do means that you are able to structure your life in a way that makes it happen – and that kind of life makes you feel like you have all the time in the world.

Sports Top 10 Lists

Top 5 Professional Stadiums in California

California has a lot of great professional sports arenas, where you can watch all kinds of athletic action. The following are some of the best among these stadiums and parks.

5. Petco Park

top stadium

Image via Flickr by cho_kettie

Petco Park is interesting because it refuses to go retro. With white, blue and sandy stucco coloration, it evokes the beach, the nearby ocean, and the sails of boats. Also of interest is the fact that PETA was able to purchase a brick on which it had an acrostic message advising people to boycott Petco. There is a grassy section where fans can sit during games for a lower price than most of the seating, and when games aren’t on it functions as an ordinary free park space.

4. McAfee Coliseum

Image via Flickr by eric molina

Serving both the Oakland Raiders and the Oakland Athletics, this is the last stadium left to function as the full-time home of two different sports of professional ball. When you buy Oakland Athletics Tickets, this large stadium is most likely where you will be visiting..

Featuring baseball seating of over 35,000 and football seating of over 53,000, this Coliseum has received criticism for the addition of 10,000 extra seats in the “Mount Davis” section. While the Alameda Hills were once the backdrop of the stadium, they are now obscured by this extra seating.

This stadium used to be named the Oakland Alameda County Coliseum, and its history has included a wide variety of different attractions. All manner of sports, ice shows, and concerts have gone on within these walls, witnessed by millions of fans.

3. Candlestick Park

Image via Flickr by Alexia Boulot

In the Bayview Heights region of San Francisco, this park was originally the home of the San Francisco Giants. Now, “The Stick” is the home of the San Francisco 49ers. Being right next to the San Francisco Bay, the area is often hit with severe winds that cause unusual playing conditions to develop inside.

For most of Candlestick’s existence, it has had natural bluegrass, but between 1970 and 1987, it had astroturf installed. On August 29, 1966, Candlestick Park was where the Beatles gave their last performance.

2. AT&T Park

Image via Flickr by eric molina

Originally named Pacific Bell Park, the AT&T Park has undergone a lot of name changes over the years, finally settling on its current name in 2006.

The Park serves as the home stadium of the San Francisco Giants, and in 2004 became the largest public wifi hotspot in the world at the time. Also being near the Bay, it is common for there to be cold temperatures even during the summer in the Park.

1. Staples Center

Image via Flickr by johrling

Home to both the LA Clippers and the Lakers, as well as the NHL’s LA Kings and the WNBA’s LA Sparks, this is a very busy stadium for athletic contests. Seeing as there are normally more than 250 total events held in Staples Center including concerts, this isn’t just a sports stadium.

Interestingly enough, the menu at the Center is even at the top of PETA’s vegetarian-friendly venues list. I guess there won’t be any acrostic messages hidden for you to find here.

California has several great stadiums filled with interesting stories and historical moments. What are your favorite stadiums to visit?.

Technology Top 10 Lists

Top 5 Tablets of 2012-2013

Tablets became incredibly popular. They have the largest market growth in the history of consumer electronics. However, tablets were not always destined to be so popular. The first tablets appeared as early as in 2002 when Microsoft launched the tablet concept, but with no success. Tablets waited for the moment, when Apple launched the iPad, to be alive again, and that’s when a great success story started, and it still is. Increased popularity brought more competition, and more competition can only mean more quality, but also more options. This situation can sometimes make people confused so we made up a list of the top 5 tablets in the previous year. However, before you take a look at the list of the top 5 tablets in 2012, it is necessary to mention that this was a very difficult task. No matter how much research is conducted and how objective you try to be, there is still a high probability that fans of one brand or platform will not agree with the order or even the tablets that appear in the top 5. Because of that we would like to hear from you, so feel free to write your opinion in the comments section at the end of this text.

5. Apple iPad Mini

An Apple product to be on the last place, how dare we? Before you “lynch” us, take a look at the other 4 tablets and you will get an explanation why the iPad mini is the 5th best tablet of 2012. Firstly, being on the last place in a top list doesn’t mean that it is a bad tablet – it is the opposite, because it has to be so good to even get in the list of the top 5 tablets. The main reasons for this particular position of the iPad mini in our list is the inferior 1024 x 768 screen resolution and the identical hardware that you can find in the 2 years old iPad 2 for a price starting at $329 which is quite a lot for this tablet. However, the main reason iPad mini appeared on this list is iOS and its 250 000 tablet applications which are quiet important for a tablet user and its tablet experience. There is also the extraordinary build quality and a very nice design. If the screen resolution would have been higher with a more refreshed hardware, this tablet would make it even deeper into our list, but it is (only) the 5th best tablet in 2012.

Apple iPad mini

4. Google Nexus 10

It would be a shame neglecting this amazing tablet. It is the highest screen resolution in the tablet market right now that adorns this tablet so much. 2560 x 1600 pixels on a 10 inch screen is what provides an ultra-sharp picture. Other features which pushed this tablet so high in the tablet rankings is the powerful Exynos 5 Cortex dual core processor, Mali-T606 graphics chip and 2 GB of RAM. You get the full Android experience with Jelly Bean 4.2 and a guaranteed upgrade for the upcoming years because it is a Google tablet that we are talking about. For the price of $399 this is an excellent buy. The only shortcoming of this tablet is the lack of a micro SD slot so you are left to decide between the 16 GB and 32 GB version.

Google Nexus 10

3. Asus Transformer Pad Infinity

This high quality tablet deservedly takes the 3. place in our list. Infinity has an extraordinary aluminium build quality, and what stands out the most is the amazing Super IPS Plus panel with a 1920 x 1200 resolution. The Transformer concept is based on a dock keyboard with an extra battery and this is what we like very much on this tablet. Its hardware is also very powerful because it features a Tegra 3 processor, more exactly, a quad core Cortex A9 1.6 GHz processor and 1 GB of RAM. 16 hours of battery life when combined with the dock keyboard is spectacular and makes this tablet a great buy. The upgrade to Jelly Bean hasn’t been perfectly ironed and there are some bugs, and it heats up a little bit more than normal, but besides that, it is an excellent Android tablet.

AsusTransformer Infinity

2. iPad 4

Sometimes the best hardware on the market which can be found on this tablet is not enough for climbing to the top of our list. We had a really tough decision to make, and even though the iPad 4 didn’t make it to the number 1, it is truly an amazing tablet. A high build quality of aluminium has always been on the iPad, but what makes this tablet so extraordinary is the awesome IPS Retina 9.7 inch display with a stunning 2048 x 1536 screen resolution, which is being topped only by the Google Nexus 10. The most powerful processor on the market, its dual core A6X 1.4 GHz and quad core PowerVR SGX554-MP4 GPI provide outstanding performances. Just like the iPad mini, the good thing with the iPad 4 is the 250 000 tablet applications available. When you take everything into account, this is a really great tablet, but unfortunately not the best one (but it could easily be the other way around) – part because iOS is tightly closed and part because of the price.

Apple iPad 4

The competition was very strong, but there can be only one best tablet, and in our opinion it is the Google Nexus 7.

1. Google Nexus 7

As we mentioned earlier, the best hardware on the market doesn’t necessarily guarantee the top place on the list. What we found more important is the price/performance ratio, and Google Nexus 7 is really the champion in that category. In cooperation with Asus, Google has made a truly magnificent tablet at a very affordable price of $200/$250. Nobody managed to provide such hardware for that price and we truly hope that this move made by Google will influence the tablet market and generate even more positive competition which would only mean more powerful tablets at affordable prices. Nexus 7 is currently the best choice for technology fans and it will probably stay like that in the upcoming months, maybe even longer.

Nexus 7

Even though it is not the most powerful tablet on the market, it is definitely one of that kind with its quad core Tegra 3 chipset and a ULP GeForce GPI. Nexus 7 is very portable like most 7 inch tablets and has a good IPS panel with a 1280 x 800 screen resolution. The display is not only beautiful but also durable, it is protected by Corning scratch resistant glass. Even though it is not made of aluminium like the iPad tablets, the plastic of the Nexus 7 is of excellent quality. Holding it in one hand feels nice and there are no sharp corners or anything else which would make it uncomfortable. It comes with 16 GB or 32 GB of internal storage space. Besides the WiFi version, there is also a 3G version available. Battery life is pretty solid, around 7 hours of active use, or up to 9 hours of video playback.

The popularity of the Nexus 7 is immense. There is no tablet with such features at such a low price. If you add the latest version of Android and guaranteed upgrades to that, Nexus 7 sounds even better. Nexus 7 is not perfect, and it has its own shortcomings but all the great features backed up by excellent hardware make them almost invisible.

Home Improvement Top 10 Lists

Twelve Simple Tips for De-Cluttering Your Home

cleaningDon’t allow yourself to be buried under piles of clutter. While it’s easy to accumulate lots of “stuff,” from junk mail to clothes, knick-knacks and toys, getting rid of the junk is not so simple. You can enjoy a clean, de-cluttered home, even if you live in a small space. By following a few simple tips, you can enjoy a clean and clutter-free home.

1. Practice the One-In, One-Out Rule

For every item you bring in to your home, send one out the door. Whether it’s getting rid of an item of clothing you no longer wear, or donating a toy to charity, one thing has to immediately.

2. Keep Waste Baskets in Each Room

To make clean-up a snap, keep a small waste basket in each room of your home and toss things in as needed.

3. Tackle One Room at a Time

Dealing with clutter can be overwhelming. Focus on only one room at a time. Start with the smallest room and gradually build up to the bigger rooms.

4. Use an Egg Timer

Set a timer for 15 minutes and pledge to clean or organize for that amount of time. You will be surprised at the amount of progress you can make in just a few minutes.

5. Create a Space for Mail and Paperwork

Most people’s clutter consists of a lot of papers. Old forms, junk mail, bills and receipts can create a monster of clutter. A simple inbox can help you get control of these papers.

6. Designate a No-Clutter Zone

Create one space where there is no clutter allowed. This can be any space—a counter top, a coffee table, a room or a spot on the floor. This is your haven. Defend it against clutter at all costs.

7. Eliminate Furniture That Encourages Clutter

If you live in a small space, you know how furniture can easily take over your space. Murray Hill New York apartments are the perfect example of how you can enjoy expansive space, even in a small apartment. Get rid of extra tables, chairs and dressers that are repositories for excess clutter.

8. Clean One Shelf…Every Week

If you have a bookshelf that’s chock full of junk, designate one week when you clean one shelf. Only tackle one shelf that week, then gradually move on to clear the entire bookshelf.

9. Pick Up 10 Things in 10 Minutes

Designate ten minutes a day to picking up 10 things and putting them away. You will be surprised at how effective this method is for cleaning your home.

10. Think Inside the Box

Decorative boxes do wonders when it comes to hiding junk. Purchase a few decorative cardboard boxes and use them to store things that have no place to go. Use them as decoration for your home.

11. Donate Those Clothes

If you let them, clothing can take over your home. Donate clothes that you haven’t worn and don’t buy another piece until you get rid of the old stuff.

12. Start Small

Enjoying a clutter-free home takes time. Start small and gradually build up to enjoy a spotless space.

Top 10 Lists

Save Money on Your Heating Bill This Winter

We all fear that day when the heating bill arrives after a cold winter. However, there are ways to keep you warm without breaking the bank. Following these 10 simple steps will keep you warm all winter long, without having to fork out.

save money on heating

1-    Keep all your entrances shut. We often walk through entrances and forget to close them, letting all the warm air escape and the cold air to come in.

2-    Make use of some old quilts by cutting them into shreds and placing them underneath doors to stop drafts

3-    Did you know that your chimney is the main draft in your home? When the fire is not ignited, you are letting all the cold air in and allowing the warm air to leave. By purchasing a chimney balloon you can block this draft, so you don’t have to light your fire if you don’t want to.

4- We all love to have a long hot shower when wintertime arrives. Using water-efficient products are a method of saving money on your heating bill, your water bill will thank you for it also.

5- Did you know that 33% of heat produced in your home is lost through the walls? To prevent this, you can place a piece of tin foil behind your radiator. This will reflect the heat back into your room and reduce the amount of heat lost through the walls.

6- One of the key ways to save money on your heating bill is to use the timer on your thermostat. If you set the timer to switch the heating off while you’re asleep and at work, you could save a fortune.

7- Do you like to turn the heating up so you can skip around your home in a t-shirt? This is one method to increase your heating bill. Wearing winter clothes will keep you warmer and see your heating bill fall.

8- Next time you’re having a duvet day, leave the thermostat alone. Wrapping up in a duvet in the front of the TV will keep you just as warm as cranking the heating up and it will save you money.

9- One lesson we learned at school is that heat rises. Bearing this in mind, if you have a ceiling fan in your kitchen it is a good idea to keep this on low throughout the winter. The heat from your radiators will rise and the fan will circulate the warm air around the area.

10- If you use oil heating, it is worth shopping around to see the best supplier for you. Certain dealers are now selling Carbon Clean Kerosene – a low carbon heating oil that uses a smaller amount of energy and ultimately saves you money.

Creativity Top 10 Lists

Top Five Singing and Dancing Tough Guy Actors

There are a lot of versatile actors out there, managing to perform magnificent portrayals of both action packed tough guys and sensitive characters who can sing and dance the night away. The following is a list of the top five tough guy actors who can pull off singing and dancing their hearts out.

Number Five: John Travolta

John Travolta was well known for his soft roles as a sensitive and smoking sing and dancing machine for a very long time. He is remembered well for his role as Danny Zuko in the timeless musical Grease, as well as his role in the hit disco musical Saturday Night Fever as Tony Manero. It wasn’t until the early 1990’s when he showed the world that he could change things up and become a super tough gun wielding gangster, drug dealer, and criminal in Quentin Terantino’s movie Pulp Fiction. He starred in action packed movies such as Get Shorty, Broken Arrow, and Face/Off. In 2007, he yet again showed his musical side when he dressed in drag for the hit musical Hairspray, showing a whole new generation what a dancing music man he really is.

Number Four: Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler is a definitely hit in both tough guy roles and as a mysterious and deep dancing phantom. He has displayed amazing valor and ruthlessness in his action packed roles as Atilla the Hun and as the King of the Spartans, Leonidas, in the movie 300. Gerard Butler then took on the deep, emotional role as the singing and dancing Phantom of the Opera, in the movie adaptation of the magnificent play. His vocal performances in the movie showed us that Butler indeed does have to chops to pull off a singing role, and his acting showed us a deeper, gentler side of this tough guy actor. The Phantom of the Opera is a wonderful show, and you would be wise to see it. Check around for the phantom of the opera discount tickets.

Number Three: Patrick Swayze

This muscle clad actor was born to be a dancing star. His mother owned a dance studio, meaning that before he was a tough guy actor he was teaching dance and playing Danny Zuko for the Broadway production of Grease. Of course, everyone remembers his epic performance in Dirty Dancing, sexily teaching Baby all those moves. He also played in several tough guy roles in movies like Point Break, Road House, and Red Dawn.

Number Two: Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman, known for his role as Wolverine in the X-Men series and as the intimidating vampire hunter Van Helsing is definitely a tough guy actor. Although this tough guy had already preformed in several stage productions such as Beauty and the Beast, Oklahoma!, and The Wizard of Oz, he just recently brought his epic singing and dancing into the world of film with Les Miserables. This tough guy actor even has a degree in journalism to boot.

Number One: James Cagney

James Cagney earned his tough guy street cred during his roles in The Public Enemy and Angels with Dirty Faces. He had a huge gangster persona for the times, and was even idolized by Tony Soprano. Before his tough guy debut, his resume consisted of singing and dancing roles, along with some comedy roles. He also won an Oscar for his portrayal of George M. Cohan, a musical composer, singer, and an actor, in the movie Yankee Doodle Dandy, which was released in 1942.

All of the actors listed above have shined playing both types of roles, proving them to be excellent and versatile actors.

Image Credit: twm1340

Top 10 Lists

Top Ten Insurance Companies of U.S.A

A perfect life insurance policy is an excellent venture. It is an important step to be taken to safeguard the prospect of your family. If you acquire a good life insurance policy, it arises to our succor when you feel yourself entangled in problems. It also assists for protecting the economic solidity concerning to your children. In order to decide for the right life insurance policy, factors like reliability, price, financial backing and suppleness play a very important role. Here are the top 10 life insurance companies in USA which have fame and constant growth in their proceeds.

top 10 insurance companies

1. MetLife

MetLife is a famous life insurance company in the USA, and it provides Term Life Insurance in three ways. Their promise to give service to the deprived and the insignificant persons has leaped MetLife into one of the top life insurance providers. Their Corporate Social responsibility has made them current in the competition prevailing in the life insurance market in the USA.

2. Prudential Insurance Company of America

This life insurance company proffers life insurance policies in five categories, which are the Term Life Insurance, Universal Life Insurance, Whole Life Insurance, Variable Life Insurance and Survivorship Life insurance. They fulfill the different requirements of the persons who probe to obtain life insurance policy with many benefits.

3. New York Life Insurance

This life insurance company provides life insurance policies that are classified into four categories, which include the term insurance, permanent life insurance, survivorship insurance and life insurance for that of business. It has been getting highest ranks in the life insurance business.


The major center of attention relating to TIAA-CREF is life insurance, including level and renewable term, apart from that of the universal and survivorship life insurance. It offers term insurance and permanent insurance both in two kinds. With its headquarters in New York, it has 60 branches spread across the USA with good performance.

5. Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance

As one of the leading insurance companies in the USA, the term life insurance related to MassMutual proffers coverage for that of fixed periods relating to time. To satisfy the requirements of customers, MassMutual Financial Group also offers disability income insurance, retirement plan services, long term care insurance as well as annuities. It struggles to assist customers in the decision making procedure concerning their monetary planning.

6. Lincoln National

It is one of the famous insurance companies in the USA, dealing with kinds of life insurance of Term Life, Universal Life, Linked Benefit Life and Variable Universal Life. It is well known for concentration to arrange specialized monetary advice, and long-term requirements of the persons looking for insurance policies. It also proffers annuities.

7. Genworth Financial

Genworth Financial life Insurance has its headquarters in Richmond and it offers traditional term life insurance, universal life insurance and term life insurance with that of premium choices. The economic power of this insurance company in coping with the requirements concerning policy holders is flourishing.


American Family Life Assurance Company or the AFLAC is a top class US insurance company as it covers several health and accident insurance policies, with complete resolution to persons as well as to employers. AFLAC is huge and holds enormous possessions It endeavors to proffer reasonably priced life insurance products to employers and clients.

9. Northwestern Mutual

It is one of the renowned life insurances in the USA. It proffers several advantages. The benefits like Guaranteed Death Benefit, Guaranteed Minimum Cash Value and other such benefits have been availed by several customers. It also reveals extra purchase benefits, indexed protection benefits as well as waiver of premium.

10. Principal Financial

It is also a well known life insurance company in the USA that suggests insurance policies for persons and industry. Quality service is a natural characteristic of this life insurance company. Apart from offering life insurance it also provides dental and vision insurance. The life insurance covers term insurance, survivorship life insurance, group health insurance among the other types, and it also arranges help for individual retirement planning. It is one of the top 10 life insurance companies in the USA that provides exquisite assistance.

Top 10 Lists

Top Ten Scams to be Avoided

The UK’s Office of Fair Trading (OFT) commenced a movement in 2005 in order to enhance consciousness about the most frequent methods for people being deceived. The OFT noticed several scams which tormented UK customers. Here are the top ten scams to consider them and help you avoid being scammed.

top 10 scams


Advertisements for payments of work from home and plans for business prospects are offered. The home workers who request are required to submit money in advance for materials. But after payment no contact can be established with the parent company. Also the company really sends out some cheap materials for assembly. When the products are submitted they are always rejected because they do not meet the required quality standards.


Scammers make unwanted telephone calls to persons and impersonate as representatives of a genuine company. A few days later another call is received telling that they have won a considerable amount of money. But, before receiving the prize the person must pay a fee for management charges and taxes, while the prize never exists.


These schemes are chiefly through websites which proffer high cost  electrical and electronic devices as free gifts against purchase of a comparatively cheap product.  Only the person at the top of the list obtains the gift after certain number of new purchasers to participate. The victims are generally expected to speed up the procedure by introducing their friends and family to the scheme. No prize is given to large majority of people on the list.


The person receives a notice by post that they have won a prize. In order to receive the prize an administrative charges or registration fee must be paid up front. Once this is paid the prize will never emerge.


Prospective investors attend a free offer for persuading them to pay a big amount of money to be enlisted for making them a flourishing property dealer. Some plans include the offer to purchase property at a discount which is yet to be built. Others offer to let scheme where the scammers propose to refurbish the properties with expectation that which they will give good rental income. The properties are often dilapidated and the tenants do not exist.


A person receives a notice by post that they have won a prize. In order to claim the prize they are required to call a best rate number, generally beginning with 090, which will inflict high charges. Often there is a long recorded message and the prize never exists.


The victim receives an unwanted telephone call which offers the chance to invest in precious materials such as diamonds, costly wines or shares. The shares are not quoted on any conventional stock exchange. The diamonds etc. are normally supplied, which will be low grade and worthless as compared with the amount invested.


Advertisements are made in local newspapers to offer quick loans, even if the applicant has poor credit record. Applicants are informed that their loans have been sanctioned but they must pay an insurance fee beforehand. When the fee is submitted, the person will never get connected with the scammers again and the loan amount will never be received.


Pyramid schemes offer a return on a monetary investment which is based on the scheme to continue to flourish as new members join the scheme. The cash from new investors is utilized to pay the previous investors. The pyramid falls down as it reaches the point when there are insufficient new customers entering in order to clear the previous investors.

10. Cell phone scams

Sometimes a message is received on cell phone that your cell number has won a reasonable amount in a lucky draw. The person is required to dial a particular number to be entitled for payment which is to be added in his balance of cell phone. The number usually begins with *100* or some other code. When dialed, your own balance will fly away. Moreover, your cell number is captured through some device for unlawful purposes.

Top 10 Lists

Ten Different Appliances Available Online

The facility of shopping online makes purchase of home appliances very easy. There are several various appliances obtainable. When you begin to explore, you really feel the comfort of shopping on line. You have not to stand and wait in a line or traverse a distance to a showroom. Here are ten different appliances obtainable from online stores to satiate your needs.

10 appliances

1. Irons

There are various models of irons to select from the online appliance stores. All your needs with be met from the basic steam model to the full ironing station, within your own budget. The features of the ironing station are a large detachable water tank and storage of the cord, an automatic cord re-winder and a sensor to frequently shut the power off.

2. Toasters

Models of toasters are available online. Begin with the simple two slice toaster. For the big family there are toasters that handle four slices at a time. These are of stainless steel and various colors from white, red or black to match your other kitchen appliances.

3. Food Processors

Food preparation with food processors is a simple job. The time consuming is saved for chopping, grating and slicing. Compare brands and models with several attachments for various uses including fruit juicers.

4. Slow Cookers

The slow cooker is essential for busy families due to various activities. Adjust the timer for a one pot meal that will cook while you are away. Most models are available with a dishwasher and safe removable crockery bowl that imparts convenience of utilizing a slow cooker for the evening meals.

5. Microwave Ovens

Microwave ovens vary from a basic unit for defrosting and reheating to incorporated microwave with a built in oven for those with narrow space in the kitchen.

6. Icecream Makers

Flavor feelings from chocolate to blueberry crush can be obtained in an ice-cream maker. The equipment is available with their own recipe book and recipes of home made ice-cream are only imaginative.

7. Deep Fryers

At home, the Deep Fryers provide a great advantage to make the perfect chip and other fried items. As the temperature is controlled, the sensor will show when the oil has got the desired heat so that there can be no mistakes.

8. Kettles

At an online appliance store, choose from a big variety of kettles. It actually is as easy as matching the color of the kettle to your kitchen design.

9. Rice Cookers

With a rice cooker you get steaming rice every time you desire. These equipments are manufactured to facilitate lifestyle for the active cook.

10. Toaster Ovens

Modern bench top toaster ovens combine the traditional oven and grill for toasting and browning. These are large enough to bake cakes or roast meats conveniently.