Meet The First 13.3” Ultrabook – ASUS Zenbook Prime UX31A-R4005G

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The tech global is a fast-paced industry. human beings in this field never stopped looking and making something new to provide to the market. This enterprise conduct sparked and paved manner for makers to attempt again and again. we can see laptop makers providing something new every sector to the delight of the marketplace.

One of the pioneering companies that by no means ceased to amaze the public is Asus. It become reported that this year, the Taiwan-based pc business enterprise won earnings and sales from the sales of their laptops, notebooks, and tablets. The market additionally sees the innovative streak that Asus comprise to their line of products.

Asus is likewise called the leading edge of ultrabooks. For the advantage of individuals who are unaware of this computer category, an ultrabook is a subnotebook which is designed to reduce bulk without compromising the performance and battery existence of the tool. but due to restrained length, some pc functions are omitted, just like the optical disk drives.

ASUS Zenbook Prime UX31A-R4005G

Nevertheless, this laptop classification became successful within the tech marketplace. one of the maximum extremely good samsung ultrabook launched became the ASUS Zenbook high UX31A-R4005G. This Asus ultrabook is considered and known to be the first ultrabook that comes in 13.3” screen.  Portability is one of the great factors of this computer. This Zenbook measures 3mm in the the front and 9mm within the again, and its precision-crafted aluminum all through its monoshell construct ensure light durability.

The velocity and energy are two of the things that this Zenbook provide. notwithstanding its compact and ultra suave shape, it can pretty compete with newly released fashions. jogging in third generation Intel® center i7 processors, it also has SATA 6Gb/s SSD storage that outdo its contemporaries by using up to 4 times.  The upgraded USB (USB 3.0), Bluetooth (Bluetooth four.0) and dual band 2.4GHz/5GHz wireless gives quicker wireless connectivity and networking, while the V-formed air channel preserve the device cool via driving the heat away that would reason instability.

Every other first rate thing about this Zenbook is the cellphone-like characteristic with the intention to reply in your needs. the 2-2d instant on resume offers this tool an continually-on ultrabook and will in no way make you wait. on the equal time, it may additionally go on for hours and days. It may stay in standby mode for 2 weeks with the safety of computerized record backup to prevent records loss just in case. And its battery can ultimate 25 % longer than everyday laptops. And for delivered protection, it has a facial popularity feature that permits the consumer to restrict the users who can get right of entry to the device. this may help shield all of your documents from being stolen particularly private ones.

This Zenbook can also be used for leisure; the overall HD 1080p IPS panel can deliver visuals to lifestyles with 350cd/m2 brightness and 800:1 comparison. And the IPS era additionally offers a 178° viewing attitude so greater human beings can look and revel in the bright visuals with higher great from almost any route. And to supplement the breathtaking visuals, Asus’ audio is powered by using the specific SonicMaster audio generation, evolved collectively with Bang and Olufsen for sharper excessive notes, clearer visuals and huge sound variety.


What Is The Best Video Game System?

Really the playstation  One has had some of recreation hits and offered thousands and thousands of devices with tough competition from both Sega (Dreamcast) and Nintendo (N64), but no recreation machine has loved extra exceptional recreation titles and greater old-school gameplay than the superb Nintendo.

The great Nintendo entertainment device (SNES) did not dominate the hardware sales charts (selling over forty nine million devices) like Nintendo become able to perform with the authentic NES console (over 60 million devices offered) due to accelerated competition from the Sega Genesis, but the sheer variety of nice video games for the SNES became top notch for a machine that contained over 700 games in its game library.

Whilst Sega was raving approximately “blast processing,” the SNES added a new time period to gamers – Mode 7. Mode 7 are the outcomes used by recreation builders which includes sprite scaling and rotating of items by no means earlier than seen on a console before its time. recreation writer Konami became large on including Mode 7 results in many of their key titles like exceptional Castlevania IV, Axelay and Contra III. Mode 7 effects are commonplace on latest generation of sport systems, however they have been modern on the extremely good Nintendo.

Best Video Game System

Many key franchises for Nintendo started out on the SNES like F-zero and Mario Kart. but there are some franchises inclusive of ActRaiser, Axelay and area MegaForce that have completely been launched for the SNES. certain the Sega Genesis had some versions of the aforementioned video games, however they have been not of the satisfactory of the SNES games. for instance, tremendous Ghouls ‘N Ghosts featured higher pics and Mode 7 consequences like scaling.

In electronic Gaming month-to-month’s top one hundred Video video games Of All Time list in its January 2002 problem, there are 9 best video games system inside the top 25, greater than any other recreation device (no longer along with games to be had on a couple of sport systems like Tetris).

The SNES brought game enthusiasts to many cool programming strategies like rotating levels and obvious, scaling bosses as visible in exceptional Castlevania IV and Contra III: The Alien Wars or the cartridges’ capability to play orchestrated soundtracks to set the mood in video games like ActRaiser (arguably the high-quality cartridge soundtrack ever) or tremendous Ghouls ‘N Ghosts.

Even as ActRaiser may additionally have had the high-quality game soundtrack, the best photographs belonged to Donkey Kong us of a. the usage of superior pc Modeling (ACM), rare, the sport developer, changed into able to show pics on a sixteen-bit device that looked better than maximum 32-bit playstation  One video games. ACM allowed absolutely-rendered portraits allowing items to simply appearance 3-dimensional. Crisp, bold pictures were accomplished with ACM and Donkey Kong country went directly to promote eight million devices.

In terms of pix and sound, the SNES had the biggest leap in high-quality as compared to different later Nintendo console versions. In fact, the subsequent-generation structures set for release in 2005 and 2006 will probable fluctuate little as far as pix and sound skills are worried. The early sport machines but, saw huge leaps in processing electricity.

Positive the SNES had one huge flaw – slowdown! while the Genesis was publicizing its faster processor speed of seven.67 MHz, which they coined “blast processing,” Nintendo’s processor turned into simplest capable of hastens to three.fifty eight MHz. whilst too many sprites appeared on display screen at one time in video games which includes shooters like R-type III, the motion would slowdown (although at times this changed into in reality a beneficial function for many shooters instead of a trouble because those games are so frantic and severe).

Now the talk is whether or not the brilliant Nintendo without a doubt gained the biggest game machine warfare ever. primarily based on numbers, Nintendo offered twice as many SNES devices because the Genesis and despite the fact that Sega turned into capable of cut into Nintendo’s marketplace share (peaking at sixty five%), it turned into Nintendo that had regained over 60% from its authentic 95% marketplace percentage of the NES days while Sega began not assisting the Genesis in its later cycle lifestyles days with quality games like the SNES loved.

Sarcastically, Nintendo initially planned for the original NES console to be a sixteen-bit gadget, however the fee for the components were too high on the time. consider how that would have altered the SNES/Genesis conflict. could have Sega released a 32-bit Genesis alternatively? would we now be playing on a 512-bit PS2 in place of a 128-bit console?

The SNES had an assortment of video games from every genre. Nintendo should learn from its achievement of the SNES. The N64 and GameCube are truely missing in RPG and shooter games, as an example, that have been considerable at the SNES.

At the same time as the GameCube’s recreation selection is improving with square Enix in the end returned helping a Nintendo domestic console, Nintendo will need to recreate those treasured days of the SNES with masses of extraordinary, top exceptional franchises for its sport gadget if they want to regain their market percentage in opposition to Sony’s playstation  consoles.

The SNES is the ultimate Nintendo recreation console that gamers really supported. N64 and GameCube income light in comparison to the NES and SNES days. The top notch Nintendo is likewise the only console in history to have the biggest game franchises on one system: Metroid, very last fable, Contra, Donkey Kong, F-0, high-quality Mario Bros., The Legend Of Zelda, big name Fox and Castlevania. No different console has these video games on simplest one recreation device.


Finding The Best Helmet Video Cameras For Action Sport

Using helmet cams, you can record all of the minutes of the activity that is thrilling which you undertake without someone else. This can be what the film and television records of activities that are Daredevil are around that you’re now recording on your own. It’s possible for you to show friends and family as well as relatives your activities that are daredevil.

The action sport video cameras can also be brought into action during such comfortable sports like fishing, hiking, cycling or golfing. As it records the activities of the extreme sports, the camera is connected to the helmet. It could be played as numerous times to get the enjoyment when the document is completed along with all assistance from a DVD recorder. The primary advantage of helmet cam is the fact that the extreme sports actions hands free can be recorded by one. It becomes simple and totally safe to record in this manner. One doesn’t need to make alterations to it or to hold the camera. While shooting images one can narrate the action and record the audio along. Every minute of any sport competition that was extreme may be recorded this method together with the aid of helmet camera.

Helmet Video Cameras

You can search the net to locate some reputable retailer to go about purchasing a helmet camera. One can see the reviews and locate bullet camera products or some quality helmet. One should assess for different characteristics which have the camera in addition to sound quality, durability.

After it’s purchased, one must learn how to make use of the action sport video cameras correctly. Before going to record the activity the camera has to be fixed well. Otherwise, bumps, drops, and high rates can lead to the loss of the camera. The cable of the camera also needs to be fixed nicely to prevent its flapping in the wind.


Determine How Megabite Electronics Is Contributing In the US Electronic Technology

Whether it is business, industry or domestic life, technology plays a significant role these days. From business sector to agricultural field or education areas to healthcare industries, every sector has been blessed by science and technology. Its developmental volume is always increasing. Nonetheless, technological advancements have contributed immensely in the areas of defense services and space activities. With the diligent efforts of learned scientists, analysts and researchers, the defense services have been fairly quipped today.

This also applies to space activities which is, in fact, immense and needs very high level of innovation of applications and mechanisms that help make the operations successful. Finally, all these developments have become possible for absolute modernization of electronics devices, techniques and approaches. So, for all developments, you can find electronics as the core. Whether its computers, communication devices or satellite, electronics is present everywhere. The companies such as Megabite Electronics are supplying varieties of electronic gadgets and components to defense and space departments in the United States.

US Electronic Technology

Both the sectors have extreme importance because the activities they perform are related with nation’s security and scientific developments. Satellite electronics are the central part based on which the entire communication system works. We have passed those days when these kinds of technologies were beyond reach. However, if you consider today’s scenario, can you imagine communication system without the help of satellites? It’s just unthinkable. As of now, industries are so equipped with all these technological and electronics devices designed by the enterprises like Megabite Electronics that anyone can hardly ignore the importance of these implements. Importantly, with the expansion of communication system and its revolutionary enlargement, it’s been possible for people to go global. People are no more dependent only upon national resources. Whether its business purpose or education, employment or healthcare, living in any corner of the world, you can think of moving to the developed countries to meet your purpose.

Being a highly qualified engineering graduate, it is not mandatory for a youngster to stay within the country, he or she can always move overseas for great job opportunities. Business enterprises can go for international OEM tie-up; however, all these things are possible if there is proper communication system. And this must be instant. Fortunately, people have attained that level only because of these developments in technology areas. Thanks to the companies like Megabite Electronics that are devoted throughout the year for developing and presenting more innovative electronics products and services to space departments.

With its headquarter in New York; the group also supplies electronics products, components and solutions to defense department. The community is amongst the major vendors to public departments in the United States. As a long time player in the industry the company has successfully developed a highly dedicated strong business network. It also distributes wide range of hi-tech electronics components to its distributors and clients. The company is managed by a very efficient group of professionals and the group targets to become the biggest supplier of electronics devices and components in the United States market in years to come.

Cars Technology

Do Bluetooth Systems in Vehicles Really Cut Down on Distracted Driving?

These days, we hear more and more about the dangers of distracted driving. Distracted driving does not only lead to vehicular damage—which can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars—but in some cases, can be life threatening. While there are a number of tools and techniques used by individuals who hope to avoid distracted driving, the reliance on Bluetooth systems has become especially popular in the last several years. People who are considering the use of Bluetooth systems should first have a basic understanding of the products themselves, how they are used, and their effectiveness when it comes to the prevention of distracted driving.

bluetooth vehicle

The number of electronic gadgets that drivers choose to install in their car seems to grow by leaps and bounds each year. CD players, GPS devices, and other similar product are not only common, but actually quite prevalent. Traditionally, Bluetooth systems are defined as a type of networking product that allows individuals to make and receive calls without having to use their hands. While Bluetooth systems can be used in a number of ways, they are especially popular by people who want to “stay connected” while driving in the cars, trucks, and SUVs. Though Bluetooth systems were once considered to be quite expensive, they have dropped in price substantially over the past several years.

But how effective is a Bluetooth system? Can it really make the difference between driving in a safe and responsible manner, and being a victim of distracted driving? In theory, Bluetooth technology is just what the doctor ordered when it comes to lowering rates of this activity, as it allows vehicle operators to keep their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road. However, most experts agree that distracted driving can also occur simply when an individual loses focus on the road, and starts thinking about something else—such as a phone conversation. Unfortunately, the National Safety Council reports that Bluetooth systems cannot protect against this form of distracted driving, and may therefore be ineffective when it comes to stopping or preventing accidents, injuries and possible death.

Obviously, distracted driving is a serious activity that should not be taken lightly by either motorists or the officials who govern them. Providing information and education to community members about the dangers of distracted driving and how it occurs may be one of the best ways to stop this activity from happening. Many cities and states have established cell phone bans, which make it illegal to use an electronic device in any manner while operating a motorized vehicle. Similarly, community groups and clubs are establishing support groups, in which members commit to avoiding this type of technology while on the road. Individuals who wish to be an advocate when it comes to lowering rates of distracted driving may want to provide information about Bluetooth systems, and their low success rates. By spreading this knowledge, community members can make a significant difference in the cities and towns that they call home.

Technology Web Design

Conceiving a Web Development Solution that is Accessible to All

Web development is not just about coding snippets or designing interfaces, there’s more to it. Over the time, the development community has evolved to unveil new elements and facets of the development process. One such essential feature is that of accessibility. Web accessibility is a pivotal element that determines the usability of a web development solution. In literal terms, accessibility can be defined as making web accessible to people with disabilities or even all abilities. Though, it is crucial for every developer to comprehend the significance of web accessibility, at times many development geeks overlook the fundamental aspects and thus, commit some common mistakes.

The common web accessibility mistakes have more to do with the failure of developers to comprehend the concept rather than the failure to understand technology. To avoid these errors, developers need to ensure that they by-heart the driving fundamental of accessibility- what you see is ‘not’ what you get. Here’s an overview of the common errors that developers often commit when it comes to making a website accessible.

Always “Click here”: No, we don’t have any issues with the term in itself, but we do mind the occurrence of a text on a page, using a generic term, to target different pages altogether. In order to maximize accessibility the best way out is to proceed from one link to the other on a page and scan the content as you proceed. It is best to keep navigation linear. Non-visual users don’t have the choice to navigate through the entire page just to scan the context of a certain text. Assigning unique text to a unique link is quite beneficial, especially in case of non-visual users.

web development solutions

Lack of Keyboard Accessibility: People with mobility disabilities or those who are suffering from diseases like Multiple Sclerosis or Parkinson’s, often use screen readers and thus access your site without a mouse or any other pointing devices. These users are often stymied by the lack of keyboard accessibility, which becomes more evident while using features that cannot be accessed without using a mouse. This makes it impossible for these visitors to navigate and know where they are on a page.

Bad Contrast: The contrast between background color and text color contributes majorly to the readability of a website. This particularly concerns the users who are suffering from color-blindness or any other visual impairment. It may also affect any user who is browsing your site on a device in a less than optimum condition- in bright sunlight on a handheld device or sitting in a corner in a coffee shop. The optimal color contrast is described in terms of ratio that can range from 21:1 (for high contrast) to 1:1, when the background and foreground are using the same colors. For normal sized print a contrast ratio of 5:1 is acceptable

.CAPTCHAs: Choosing between accessibility and Spam prevention has always been a tough call. However, various alternatives of CAPTCHA are available when it comes to Spam prevention. Scanning the content thoroughly is a great way of preventing Spam without impacting the accessibility of a user. CAPTCHA codes often act as hindrances for users with disabilities.

Instructions Led by Colors: A very relevant example of this can be seen on various live websites that repetitively use the text- “all fields marked in red are mandatory.” Such instructions are completely fruitless for users who access your site on devices that don’t display color or are incapable of distinguishing between colors themselves. Any visually impaired user finds it difficult to even detect if there are any colors on your web page or not.

A web development solution is successful only if it is accessible to all. You need to value both able and specially-able users alike. This will make your site highly accessible and can increase its viewership. Only then you will be able to establish an eminent presence on the World Wide Web.


The iPad: 3 Areas it Has Taken Over in Your Life

The iPad is one of the most important contributions to the tech world since, well, ever, I guess?

It took a year or two to finally catch on with the majority of consumers and business people alike, but now, you have to try your hardest not to find an iPad in just about everyone’s home or place of work.

But it’s not enough to say everyone has one, you need to say it’s basically attached at the hip for most people. Much like what happened with the invention of the laptop, the iPad is that new invention.

Here are 3 areas the iPad has grown legs and decided to make itself at home:

Your House

It’s in your living room right now, and it’s on the couch, and it’s in the kitchen. It’s everywhere. When there’s a commercial on, you’re on it to check your Facebook really quick until the show comes on. When you’re in the kitchen, you’re using it to learn how to cook neat dishes that you would be otherwise lost cooking.

When you’re in the bathroom, you’re watching goofy Youtube videos to pass the time. The iPad has taken over your entire house.

Before the tablet and smartphone, this sort of thing did not happen. Sure, the laptop is pretty portable, but it’s not portable enough to be dragged around the house from one room to the next. This is where the iPad has taken over.


Your Business

Remember the days when you and your sales team had to carry around big, old laptops when on the road? Boy, those were the days!

Well, now you have something a little better: an iPad. Not only can you do most of your usual tasks like input customer sales in an iPad point of sale system, but you can do so without having to charge the thing. You see, you get over 10 hours of battery out of an iPad, with most people not needing to charge it for days.

In addition, it’s extremely smooth. Is your slow laptop as smooth? Probably not.

Your School

Go to school? Chances are, you seen plenty of students just typing away on an iPad instead of the usual laptop or notebook. They’re probably just going on Facebook and playing games rather than typing notes, but that’s not the point. The point is that the iPad has officially taken over the school arena, and it shows no signs of giving up.

Like with your business and home, a laptop is way too annoying to carry to class. The light iPad super portable, and go right in a backpack.

As you can see, the iPad has severely taken over in these three scenarios. If you’re one of the few people who haven’t jumped onto the iPad bandwagon with the rest of us, you’re missing out!

About the author:

Joe Petchonka is a freelance writer who does his best to bring the best tech news and tips.


Things that matter when choosing the right forklift equipment

Nowadays any supermarket or trading center can hardly do without all that necessary equipment facilitating delivery, distribution and other logistics processes. And in this case forklift machines are really worthy of our note. Due to its high mobility and quite impressive range of characteristics this lift equipment offers, business owners can’t help taking advantage of it. In connection with this here are some pieces of advice on how not to get lost in the abundance of the forklifts for sale existing on the market.

images (4)

Surely, there is a great variety of the forklifts’ models depending on the fuel type, work capacity and such dimensions as fork length and lift height which could really baffle you especially if you are not a pro in the sphere. So, as the specialists operating on the lift equipment market in Atlanta claim, before considering these specific characteristics you should answer the questions – ‘what do you need it for?’ as well as ‘where and how intensively do you plan to use it?’. Obviously, the machines you choose must correspond to your needs and meet all the specific requirements of your business, for instance, such as the size and design of the warehouse, the average temperature levels, and more importantly, the characteristics of the products the lift trucks should be dealing with. As soon as you have come up with the answers, consult the experts in order to get a list of the suitable forklifts for sale worth your attention.

Now it is time for you to consider the machine’s spec characteristics. Let’s start with the fuel option. As a rule, forklifts come in three types – gas, diesel and electric powered. They all have certain pros and cons, which you’d better weigh up before making a fatal mistake. For instance, if you are going to use your delivery vehicles outside in cold weather remember that diesel and gas machines require anti freeze protection and other anti cold services while electric ones don’t mind working outside at chilly temperatures. Moreover, Atlanta forklifts consultants warn you that gas vehicles tend to run out of gas unexpectedly and as a result require gas refueling stations in the close vicinity of their place of work.

Judging from the range of the forklifts for sale Atlanta market offers, the most popular machines are the diesel ones despite rather high level of noise and fumes they produce. If to look at the electric vehicles, they are definitely better at design (smaller in size and more ergonomic) but as a result are too sensitive to the floor surfacing and, what’s more essential, twice more expensive than the other types due to the cost of electric battery and recharging system.

One more question worth paying attention to before making the final decision is the maintenance cost and customer service the forklifts might need. Investigate the market of spare parts and look through the reviews of the current users. Sometimes maintenance for the lift equipment may cost you a fortune, thus you’d better be ready for such expenditure before this emergency comes.

And the last thing you’d better consider is if you really need a new machine. In case you are not going to load the equipment fully or even might use it occasionally, think of purchasing a reliable but used model. Some of the used forklifts for sale are better than the new but low quality ones.

Ray Houston in cooperation with Leland Griffith for the leading forklifts for sale Atlanta company about new models of lifting trucks.

Business and EDU Technology

Tutorial: How to Convert Video to MP4 on Mac

convert video to MP4 Mac” is the term that people search more often of today than ever before on Google. MP4 is one of the most popular video file types and it is compatible with almost all kinds of devices and applications like iPhones, iPads, Android phones, Windows phones, iMovie, FCP, QuickTime, etc. So, when coming across video incompatible issues, “convert the video to MP4 format” comes first to users mind. However, not all users can do the conversion smoothly. That’s the reason why so many people search “convert video to mp4 Mac” on Google.

To convert video to MP4 on Mac, the most important thing is to get credible and easy-to-use video converting software. Today, we’ll look at iOrgSoft Video Converter for Mac. This video converting tool can do more than its name implies. First, it can convert video with fast conversion speed and output quality. And it supports a multitude of formats on both input and output sides. Additionally, it can download online videos as well as edit video with basic yet useful editing tools. It is better to call it video toolbox than to call it video converter.

Key Features:

  1. Convert video to video, audio to audio, and video to audio
  2. Support a wide range of video input and output formats, including MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, FLV, SWF, AVCHD, MTS, MOD, MXF, XAVC, etc on input side, and AVI, MOV, DV, MP4, MKV, FLV, SWF, WMV, etc on output side
  3. Support a large amount of audio input and output formats like AAC, AC3, MP3, MP2, AIFF, FLAC, WMA, WAV, M4A, AMR, MKA, etc
  4. Download and convert online videos
  5. Basic editing tools: trim, crop, merge, rotate, flip, split, special effects (3D effect included), image or text type watermark, audio fade in/out effect, adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, etc
  6. Deal with batch conversion and batch downloading
  7. System requirements: MAC OS X 10.5 or above operating system(Mac OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion

How to convert video to MP4 on Mac with iOrgSoft Mac Video to MP4 Converter?

Step1. Add Files

  1. Add local files: directly drag and drop files to the program or click “Add Files” button to import files
  2. Download and import online files: click “Downloader” button to enter Downloader interface, copy the URL of the videos and click “Paste” button to start downloading. When finishes, Click “Import All” for conversion


Step2. Choose MP4 as Output Format

Go to click “Profile” list to select MP4 as output format. You can select it from “Common Video” category, or you can directly go for a specific optimized profile for your device. For instance, if you are going to convert video to MP4 for your iPad Mini, you can go to “Apple Device” and find iPad Mini MP4. Also, you can type “iPad Mini” in the search box to quickly find the output format.


Step3. Adjust Output Parameters

If necessary, you can adjust the output settings to make the converted file better fit into your devices.

pic003Step4. Edit

If you just want to convert partial of the video, you can trim it to get the favorite part converted. Just make it via “Trim”. Or if you want to crop video, or rotate it, select aspect ratio, or add special effect, add 3D effect, add watermark, as well as adjust audio effect, please manage all of them by clicking “Effect” button.


Step5. Start Conversion

If everything is ready, you just need to press the round and orange button to start conversion. After conversion, you can easily playback the file on your device.


SEO and SM Technology

Web design tips that will help you increase your conversion rates

Whilst getting internet users to visit your website through clever marketing and SEO techniques is an achievement in itself, unfortunately the hard work does not stop there. Once users are on your website, they have the choice of whether or not they purchase your product or services or fill in your sign up form (depending on what the call to action is). This decision will be based on how well you have optimised your website for conversion. Your websites conversion rate is the number of users that complete the call to action and become a customer. In this article we will provide you with a few web design tips that will help you increase your conversion rates.

Simple navigation

When designing a business website it is important to make it as easy as possible for users to access the information they need. Rather than clicking through numerous pages to find the information they are looking for, users are much more likely to click off your website and go to one of your competitors instead. Straight forward navigation is essential. When building your website’s navigation map, make sure that it is both simple and logical. Thorough testing will be required to ensure it works effectively. It is also worth keeping in mind that users will be viewing your website from various different websites, therefore making it essential that navigation is optimised for desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Having clear call to action buttons can help to transform users into customers.
Having clear call to action buttons can help to transform users into customers.

Clear call to action buttons

Studies have proven that users are much more likely to click on buttons than on text links. When designing your website, make sure your call to action buttons like ‘Buy,’ ‘Checkout,’ and ‘Register’ are easy to spot on your website. Keep them at the top of your page as some users will not bother reading all of your content and therefore may miss your call to action buttons if they are placed at the bottom of your website. It is also important to make sure you refrain from having too many call to action buttons on one page as this can be both distracting and confusing for users. If they are unsure what they need to do on your website, then it is unlikely that they will convert.


When writing and presenting content on your website you need to make sure it is audience-oriented rather than simply SEO-oriented. Whilst your content needs to be optimised for SEO, if it is simply stuffed with keywords, those viewing your website will see it as spam. When creating a web design for your website, make it easy for users to locate the information they require and present your content in an engaging way that captures users’ attention. The easier it is for users to find your information and the more engaging your content is the more likely users are to complete their call to action.

Reduce loading time

The quicker your website loads, the better chance you stand at converting users. If your website takes ages to load, impatient internet users are likely to click off and go to a competitors’ site instead. Users will not sit around and wait for more than about five seconds. You can reduce the loading speed of your web design by making sure the coding is clean and that you are not using unnecessary content that adds little value to the user experience.

Social media integration

Not only are internet users impatient but they are also lazy. If you require users to register before they can buy your product or service, presenting them with a lengthy online form can be off-putting. Instead integrate your web design with social media. Allowing them to sign in with Facebook or Twitter will enable you to capture the information you need from them, whilst allowing them to complete the checkout process quickly and easily. Users are much more likely to convert into customers if you use a straight forward checkout process.

Streamline your checkout process to increase conversion rates by allowing users to sign in using their social media account information.
Streamline your checkout process to increase conversion rates by allowing users to sign in using their social media account information.


When it comes to improving your web design with the aim of increasing conversion rates, it is a matter of testing to see what works and what does not. Every change you make to your web design should be justified by your users’ online experience. The better shopping experience you can provide through your web design, the more likely users are to become customers.


An article by Zachary Lowton in conjunction with web design in Southend specialists Bulldog Social Media.


Image credits: jules:stonesoup & Sean MacEntee