How to Have a Happy Dog and a Clean and Chic Home

There are lots of good reasons for having a dog about the house.  They’re loyal, fun and intelligent companions who are great at training their owners.  Even their greatest admirers would have to acknowledge, however, that they do pose challenges with regards to keeping a home clean and tidy.  Here are some ways to address them.

Happy Dog

Get the hall floor right

Given the weather in the UK, wet dogs and muddy paws are a fact of life for much of the year.  The first thing any dog is going to do when they come in from a walk in the rain is shake themselves and then wipe their paws and basically there is nothing you can do to stop this.

If at all possible, put your proper doormat on the outside of the door as most dogs will avoid wiping their paws on that sort of surface if they can.  Get a bath mat and put it just inside the front door, either on a permanent basis or when you are going out, so that your dog wipes their feet on that rather than your carpet.

The urge to shake is instinctive so it’s probably best to accommodate it rather than fight it.  There are plenty of affordable throws which can be used as wall-hangings and there are so many options, you’re sure to find something to fit with your décor.  These can be taken down if need be if you have special guests.

Get the right brush and/or comb and use them regularly

There are numerous different types of hairbrushes and combs available for humans and there are also plenty available for dogs.  Your vet will be able to advise on the right one for your dog’s hair type.  This is one of your first steps in combating the spread of dog hair.

Your second step is to groom your dog regularly.  All dogs should be groomed at least once a day.  For some dog breeds, particularly long-haired dogs, this is an absolute minimum.  Regular grooming does more than stop your dog’s coat from getting tangled and removes any dirt they’ve picked up.  It provides and opportunity for you to check your dog for unwanted guests such as ticks and mites as well as simply enhancing the bond between you and your pet. Think how good you feel after a visit to the hairdressers.

Get your dog some stylish accessories

Dogs should never be treated as toys, but you can still incorporate their needs into your home décor without compromising on their welfare.  Designer dog beds, for example, will promote your dog’s comfort while still looking good in your home.  Likewise treat your dog to some smart bowls for food and water that you’ll be happy to have on display.

It’s also worth investing in a smart collar or harness and lead.  This will not only keep your dog comfortable, but also send out a clear message that you are a responsible dog owner.

Kit is a full-time freelance writer and translator and the proud owner of a gorgeous collie dog, who is spoiled and pampered.  He makes sure that she spends some time away from her computer each day by taking her out for walks, but very rarely stays still long enough to be photographed.


Effective Tips to Raise a Healthy Dog

There is no better feeling for pet lovers to see their beloved pet dog being playful and cheerful and wagging its tail happily when you are around the dog. It is always a great joy to get cuddling with the dog and watch their playful antics. The wagging tail and cuddling are all tell tale sign that indicate that your pet is healthy. Keeping the dog happy and healthy always is not an easy task; you need to be consistent and dedicated to keep your pet happy. The following tips will greatly help you raise your pet puppy and keep it healthy:

Invest your time and effort in studying the temperament and nature of the dog:This is one of the most crucial factors to consider for raising a healthy pet. Each and every dog breed has a peculiar nature and tends to behave in different way from other breed. As a pet owner it is important that you take your time to study about the innate nature and temperament of the breed of dog you have at home. While buying the pet make sure that you talk to the representative at the pet store or to any other dog expert to know about the peculiar nature of your pet specie.

Always keep the dogs in collar:No matter if your pet is indoors or if you are training with your pet outdoors ensure that you keep the collar around your dog’s neck. The collar should have a tag that mentions the name of your pet, the owners name and address. It is also best advised to use a leash while you take your pet out for a stroll.

Keep yourself abreast with Vaccination:The pet dogs need to be vaccinated at regular intervals. This is important for keeping the dog healthy and worm free always. It is therefore important that you keep yourself updated about the essential vaccinations and maintain a record in your pet diary.

Regular check-up:Not many pet owners realize the importance of regular check-up of the dogs. Just like we humans, dogs too need to be checked regularly to maintain good health. Depending on the food you feed and the amount of physical activities the dogs engage in, they are susceptible to developing various heart diseases and skin problems. If you want to be sure that you pet dog is healthy and lives longer you must take your dog to a professional and experienced vet for routine check-up.

Keep your pet protected from heat:Dogs are highly vulnerable to heat than human. To keep your dog protected from heat, especially during summer seasons make sure that you provide your pet a cool and comfortable place rest. While you take your dog out for a walk it is important that you do not force your pet to run or walk with you at the same speed. Also, you must avoid forcing your dog to exercise if the dog is not willing. While the outside temperature is hot provide your dog sufficient amount of water through the day. If you find that your dog is not being playful as usual or is lying in a corner for prolonged period, you must immediately contact your vet for check-up.

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Different Kinds of Dog Foods: Know The Differences

There are several different kinds of dog foods available on the market, all with different advantages and disadvantages. Understanding the differences between each kind can help you make the best decisions for feeding your pet dog.

1. Dry Food

Also known as ‘kibble,’ dry dog foods tend to be the most popular. They are generally economical, being reasonably priced and having a long shelf life. They do not need refrigerating and can be kept in their bag or in a storage container for a significant length of time. In addition, many owners believe that the crunching action of the dog eating the dried biscuits helps to prevent the build-up of tartar on the teeth. Generally, these dry food products are formulated to be high in protein content, but it is important to read the label carefully and assess the ingredients for their suitability. The cheapest brands of biscuits often use ‘filler’ ingredients which are not nutritious to the animal and will pass through the dog without being absorbed. Dried food treats are also readily available, but these should only be fed on an occasional basic and not as the main source of nutrition.

Different Kinds of Dog Foods

2. Wet Food

Around the world, whether it’s the English feeding their pets, the German their ‘haustiere‘ or the Spanish their beloved ‘mascotas,’ wet food is generally held to be the most common kind of pet meal. Easy to find in most supermarkets, wet food comes in tins, trays or pouches and tends to include chunks of meat in jelly or gravy. In canned wet food with a high water content, there is usually a lower nutritional value, so as ever be sure to read the information on the packaging. Also check for the levels of digestible protein in the mixture, as this is important for dog health. Look for brands which are marked as being ‘nutritionally complete’ or being ‘balanced’ as these will be of a good quality. In unopened cans, this kind of food will store for a long time   the high temperatures used during production sterilise the contents and minimise the chance of deterioration. Once opened, the tins need to be stored in the refrigerator.

3. Specialist Diets

Sometimes, our haustiere and mascotas become ill. In these instances, good veterinarians are able to offer medicated and specialist food products like those offered by Hills Pets and other brands, which are specially formulated to help aid recovery. Not all dogs are happy to take their medications, but if the treatment is hidden in their regular food they are unlikely to notice the difference. A similar approach can also be used in kittens and cats, which have their own specialist diets prescribed by veterinarians where necessary. Specially tailored foods from Hills Pets can be used in a variety of situations. Example include, puppies and junior dogs, older animals and geriatrics in their later years, meeting the particular nutritional needs during pregnancy or lactation and weaning of the puppies, or for dogs with sensitive stomachs or hypoallergenic disorders including skin issues or behavioural concerns. Most people’s experiences of specialised dog foods would be in terms of their low calorie options, helping overweight animals return to a healthy size and shape.


Top Dogs That Don’t Shed

They say that a dog is “man’s best friend”, and many people would have to agree. A dog is one of the best companions that a person can have. In nursing homes, they provide assistance to those with disabilities and they also provide comfort to those who are struggling with anxiety and other depressive issues.

One problem of having a dog seems to be the piles of hair they leave behind. Nobody wants to clean up a dog’s hair and more than likely dogs will have major shedding. There are a few dog breads that do not shed and are considered to be from the hypo allergenic group. These dogs are often highly desired in homes with allergies, or when being used as a service dog. So what dogs are the best for the non-shedding category, here are a few?

top dogs


Whether the mini poodle or a full size, they don’t shed a bit. They are one of the top breads for being great for those who don’t’ want pesky dog hair around. Their short and curly hair does require frequent grooming, but will not leave tufts on the couches or clothing.

Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire terrier is also dubbed the “Yorkie” by dog enthusiasts. These little dogs may have a big bark, but they have little hair loss. They are small and their wirey hair seems to stay in place. They are highly coveted in the non-shedding group.


The petite dogs were originally bred in Germany. They are often called a wiener dog because of their small stature. Their short coats are thick and coarse but they are not known as a shedding dog. They are loyal dogs and enthusiasts can find three different hair types. They range from the long hair version to the wiry hair and then the smooth short haired.

Shih Tzu

Their big bug eyes and huge personalities make the Shih Tzu a great choice among the non-shedding dogs. They come in all types of colors, but the characteristic bug eyes make them adorable and hard to resist when it comes to a shed free pick.

Boston Terrier

While they belong to the bull dog family, their small size makes them in a league all their own. These pint size dogs are known for their bull dog appearance and bulging eyes, yet their short hair is non-shedding. They are the perfect dog for those who like the English bulls and other varieties but don’t want to deal with any hair problems.

Regardless of which kind of dog a person choices, there is bound to be a little hair. In fact, there is no dog that won’t shed just a little bit. However; there are many breeds that have a different hair structure and are not prone to leave a trail of hair behind them.

Author Bio:

Lilly Resser has been a dog lover and groomer for years now and continues to blog about man’s best friend. She can recommend many breeds of dogs that don’t shed and would be perfect family pets and suggests you visit A Place To Love Dogs to get more information for yourself!


Pomeranians Like Boo Are One Of The Top Family Dog Breeds

Many people around the world recognize that dogs are man’s best friend. However, if you are a dog owner, I think that you will agree that they are so much more than just a best friend. They are members of the family. One dog that has gone viral and received a lot of attention online recently is Boo, a Pomeranian,which proves that any breed of dog can be a great fit for your family.

Boo-CutestPomeranian Puppy in the World

In the world of cute little canines, Boo the Pomeranian, has taken the internet by storm. His little fuzzy face helped launch his fame globally once his owner, J.H. Lee, launched the “Boo” Facebook page for the little furry ball of adorability. His pictures have flooded the Internet and have caused a spike in demand for Pomeranians which has breeders scrambling to meet the demand. Pomeranians as a breed can be characterized as little balls of energy. They are known for being inquisitive by nature, commanding, animated, and even a little cocky. If you have ever encountered a Pomeranian, even for a short period of time, one thing becomes glaringly obvious – a Pomeranian believes they are top dog, although his diminutive size may indicate otherwise.

While Boo the Pomeranian may not be your cup of tea, it is suffice to say that there is no shortage of breeds to choose from and breed popularity depends on your family lifestyle. Are you an active an on the go family that is looking for a dog to keep up? Or, are you looking for a dog to cuddle up with on the couch? Understanding the type of dog that you want will quickly narrow your options. If you are looking for a child friendly dog, Labradors and Golden Retrievers are one of the best options and are popular family dogs. They love to play outside and can play in the yard with your children for hours. But if you are just looking to give a good dog a home, check out the local humane society. There is no shortage of dogs that are looking for a place to call home.

Owning a dog carries many serious responsibilities that cannot be overlooked. You are financially responsible for providing them with food, shelter, grooming and health care. You are also responsible for properly training your dog and ensuring they receive proper exercise daily. Owning a dog is not a responsibility to be taken lightly.

However, the reward of putting in the time and effort to properly care for your dog cannot be quantified. Loyalty, companionship,the amusement and entertainment provided by your dog will create lasting memories that you will cherish for years to come. Whether it’s Boo the Pomeranian or any of the other favorite dog breeds that is the perfect fit for your family, you can be sure that they will quickly become the most popular member of the family without question.

Author Bio

Lilly Resser writes frequently about her favorite dog breeds and answers yourdog related questions such as what kind of dog is Boo and why he is so famous!She is a dog lover, proponent of animal rights and can show you where to find the best collection of funny dog pictures on the Internet!