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Increase in Mobile Technology and Mobile Searches

Mobile devices are becoming more popular and more varied. Smartphones are crossing the lines into tablets and tablet – PC hybrids are also being made making mobile technology more widely used, and therefore mobile search is growing in leaps and bounds. What does this mean for your business? Whether you have an online or an offline business, it is so important to optimize your business so that it will show up in mobile searches. This will allow you to capitalize on the mobile search results and capture the attention of searchers using smaller screens to find businesses to patronize.

Mobile searches

Here are some statistics from recent studies to show you the impact of mobile search on searchers’ purchasing trends:

  • Research from BIA/Kelsey  showed that 97% of consumers use online media to shop locally.
  • Consumers are not always on the go when using wireless devices to search, in fact, 77% of the time, mobile searchers are at home or at work.
  • Tablets will outsell desktops  for the first time in 2013.
  • 50% of U.S. mobile subscribers are smartphones owners.
  • Mobile visits to search navigation sites have increased over 25% in the last 9 months.
  • More than 50% of all mobile device users use web browsing  more than any other web browsing function.

The following statistics are from a Google and Nielsen  report called Mobile Search Moments. The purpose of the study was to show how mobile search leads to customer conversions.

  • 90% searches performed on a smartphone result a purchase or a visit to a local business.
  • 73% of all mobile search results in a type of follow up action. (Sharing on social media or text, prompting additional research, or an actual conversion.)
  • 28% of searches result in a conversion (Conversions can be a store visit, call, or purchase offline or online.)
  • 45% of mobile searches are goal-oriented with the intent to help make a decision
  • 57% are more likely to visit a store
  • 51% are more likely to make a purchase

As mobile devices become more prolific, faster and more efficient, mobile commerce is becoming more popular as well. Ecommerce purchases online are referred to as m-commerce. First Round Capital Partner Chris Fralic said that during the 4th quarter of 2012, “13% of all e-commerce was mobile commerce. Transactions on eBay conducted via mobile now total about $13 billion or around 17% of the company’s gross merchandise value.”

So what do all these facts mean for business owners and marketers? In order to take advantage of this increase in mobile searches, that is here to stay and will only continue to grow.

Takeaways for Businesses with Websites:

If you have a website, then the best way to make sure that mobile searchers can find your business is to make sure that your website has a responsive design. If you are not familiar with a responsive design, it is a type of design format that insures that your website will show up on any size device, whether it is a smartphone, tablet, PC, or even large Smart Televisions or TV projectors. Even if you do not sell online, your website with a responsive design can help let mobile searchers know about your business. Mashable named 2013 The Year of Responsive Design  because of the mobile search revolution. In addition to optimizing your website for search engine listings, the one main thing that you can do to ensure that your business capitalizes on the abundance of mobile search is to use responsive design to ensure that when mobile searches find your website that they can properly view and navigate it to find your store, make a purchase, or complete any other type of goal actions such as find contact information, pricing, or make an appointment. Here are some of the benefits of implementing a responsive design:

  • A responsive redesign is not very costly, but the benefits are high. The potential lost sales from visitors who cannot see or navigate your website would eclipse the cost of having your website redone with a responsive layout. Consumers expect businesses to be up to date and leave websites within seconds if they are unable to see it properly and immediately find what they are looking for.
  • A responsive design will be able to “future proof” your website. Establish your website as an industry leader. As new technologies continue to emerge and innovate, your business’ website will be viewable on any size screen from small smartphone screens to the largest new smart television screens. This also means that your website is accessible to a greater number of customers.
  • A responsive design will increase conversions both online and offline. As you can tell from the research and studies listed above, mobile search leads to conversions and allows your business to reach its goals.

Takeaways for Businesses without Websites:

If you do not have a website, there are still steps that you can take to make your business listing online more visible to local searchers that are looking for the products or services you sell.

SearchEngineLand  reports that 50% of the online listings for small businesses are actually incorrect; in addition to that, 70% of small business owners say they do not have time to keep their business online listings updated.

This is despite the fact that updating most online listings can be done in a matter of minutes; and all of these listings are completely free. Updating listings on sites like Google Local, Yahoo Local, and Bing’s Local business sections and include entering simple things like your business name, address, and phone number. Do not forget about any other industry specific business listing sites and the Yellow Pages online sites because 48% of mobile searchers  use the online Yellow Pages. You can also add in a description of what you sell or the services your business provides and some pictures to make your listing stand out.  Business listings on these types of local sites show up in mobile searches when consumers are searching for keywords related to your type of business; therefore your descriptions should include keywords relating to the products and services you offer.  Another important feature available with all of these free local listing search sites is that they offer the ability for customers to review your business. Positive online reviews can drive a significant amount of business your way, so setting this up and encouraging all customers to review your business will increase the value of the free online local listings. If you set aside a few minutes each day, or even once a week, updating and maintaining listings can give you a significant edge over your competition.

Marketing Web Design

Your Website & Marketing

Your website is the most important aspect to work on in preparation for any marketing campaign. The cost per acquisition is ever rising, so it’s vital that you make a good first impression.

A professional website design is so important because you need to make engage and entice people the second they land on your site. As a result, it makes sense to hire a professional web design company to build your website. If you don’t have good web design knowledge you’re wasting your time if you attempt to build your own site. You can quite easily order a low cost web design package nowadays that it makes no sense to build your own.

website marketing

If you have had training in web design, you may consider building your own site, however you will still need to be aware of the latest online developments and modern code to meet user and search engine requirements.

At all costs avoid poor quality web design builder programmes; you’re wasting time and money by doing this. You may question how much you are willing to spend on your website although you should also be aware that having no or a poor quality website is actually far more costly.

Reasons Why A Professional Website Is So Important:

  • Your website needs to convey a clear message, a quality web designer will be able to achieve this effectively.
  • It’s important to stand out is online, a high quality website will ensure that your business is favourable.
  • Your website is the forefront of your business. Regardless of how important you think it is to have a presentable website, your customers will expect you to have a good quality site. Otherwise they could quite rightly question the rest of your service offerings.
  • A modern web design will place your business above your competitors. People are attracted to quality. If you present yourself professionally online, you’re sure to win more business!

Developing your website is one of the most important things you can do. Everyone is trying to attract new business and win more clients, but a poor quality website is never going to fulfil your requirements.

It’s likely that there are many other businesses offering the same or similar services to you, the only way to stand out online is through your website.

You don’t need to break the bank to enhance your online appearance; an affordable web design package should fulfil all of your requirements.

Remember the website is not designed for you, I’m sure that you’re aware of the good service you provide and the high standard of work you deliver, but potential customers may not be aware of this, so your website is the only avenue to convey your message with them.

People subconsciously associate a professional website with a professional company. It’s bizarre how the human brain works, but it’s a fact that we all subconsciously assess visual aspects before using any of our other senses.


Danny Nevill is the founder of Universal Web Design, a fast growing internet marketing agency.

Business and EDU Career Marketing Technology

How Networking on LinkedIn During College Can Get You a Job

When you start out in college, one of the first things you should do and one of the best things you can do to start building your career is join the professional social network: LinkedIn. LinkedIn is quite a different social network than Facebook is, but is parallel in many ways. There are interest groups you can join, you can post status updates, and probably most important is your profile. Your profile can actually double as an online resume, so taking care and being thorough when filling it out is extremely important. Using LinkedIn as a networking tool can really help you when it comes time to apply for jobs, especially if you working on building up your network and making valuable connections throughout your time in college. You will be moving from the dorm room bedding  to a professional office in no time!

Networking on LinkedIn

Here are some tips for using LinkedIn to prepare for getting a job after college and building career contacts:

Building a Profile that Acts as an Online Resume: A public online resume is a valuable tool to have, especially since LinkedIn’s network is so large with over 200 million users and your profile is searchable across that network and the entire web. Since your LinkedIn profile is so important, here are 8 pointers for building it out to your maximum benefit:

  1. Customize your LinkedIn Vanity URL, you can change the URL string from a string of numbers to your name.
  2. Include your email in your name or the description so that new connections can get through LinkedIn’s barriers for making connections. Just understand that this will be a public email so make sure that your email is professional, not personal!
  3. Be descriptive and creative with your title or description. This is the section that appears under your name. It should explain what you do – or what you plan on doing after college. Something like “Anxiously awaiting my dream job” and specify in what field. This is one of the areas that you definitely want to see how it looks in the profile preview section.
  4. Customize your website and social media URLs. Instead of “my website” edit in a description or name; do the same for your social media links.
  5. Add a video to your profile. Make a quick video introduction and that can add personality and style to your LinkedIn profile while still remaining professional.
  6. Fill in everything in your profile. LinkedIn allows for you to add in courses taken, college groups, volunteer work, and even grades, awards, and honors; so get as specific as possible to highlight yourself in a positive light.
  7. Write in the first person. Even though LinkedIn is a professional network and this profile is like your resume, it is still a social network and should be a little more personal that a resume.
  8. Throughout your profile, use keywords and key phrases to fill your summary, to describe yourself, your jobs, and your college courses. This will help when people are searching for someone with your skills and qualifications, and will also help LinkedIn show your profile in the suggestions section.

Join Groups: Probably one of the best ways to make genuine and relevant connections is through common interest groups. You can join up to 50 groups, so take advantage of all those connections and all that you can learn from those groups. There are many different group options: school alumni, location, networking, job search, and industry specific groups.

Change the Default Invitation: Personalize the connection requests you send by changing the default message and letting that person know why you really want to be a connection.

Follow the Golden Rule: Once you are set up on LinkedIn, treat fellow connections the way you would like to be treated. Post an update at least once a day. Find interesting articles to share that show you are educated about the industry you are looking to be employed in. Recommend and endorse connections that you know before they endorse you; do not expect reciprocation for them, but just know that you will likely get it. Everyone likes positivity so be supportive of other job seekers and share jobs that you see that might help someone else. No need to worry about posting that you are looking for a job, that is what LinkedIn is all about, just be specific and not pushy.

Use LinkedIn’s Job Board: LinkedIn has a job board that you can use to your advantage when searching for and landing that perfect job. LinkedIn really helps job searchers by suggesting relevant jobs you might be interested in based on your profile details and then you can also search for jobs posted on the network in your industry or area.

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Things to Consider to Beat the Competition with Email Marketing

The average email user receives around 147 messages every day. Dealing with them all would take too much time, so it’s unsurprising that 48 percent are deleted. Read on to discover how you can ensure your emails don’t end up in the virtual trash.

Add Value to Your Emails

internet marketing

Image Via Flickr by Yoel Ben-Avraham

If you want people to read your emails, you need to make it worth their while. Offering incentives is one of the best ways to engage them, with 58 percent of people saying they subscribe to business lists to gain access such deals.

The bonuses you offer will depend on your company, but downloadable ebooks or white papers, free quotes or consultations, weekly newsletters, and subscriber discounts are great ideas to consider.

Use Calls to Action

Calls to action build on the value you’re offering to you customers. They encourage them to act on your email rather than hitting the delete button.

Good calls to action are clear about what you want customers to do, and why they should do it. Rather than telling subscribers to click a link, you could suggest they click the link to read your top 10 money-saving tips. Rather than encouraging subscribers to enter their email address, it’s better to tell them to enter their email address to receive free weekly meal plans.

Calls to action are most effective when there’s a sense of urgency. Suggesting an offer is valid for the first 50 respondents or until the end of the week inspires customers to act now, rather than procrastinating.

Send the Right Number of Emails

Send too many emails and 69 percent of subscribers say they’ll leave your list. Send too few though, you might just be forgotten. Experts suggest sending five emails over a period of two months is perfect. These should be conversational and promote the business without being overtly salesy.

Achieving that balance can be difficult, but email marketing services can help you get it right. These businesses can guide you through the creation of your emails and deliver them directly to your customers.

Consider the Mobile Market

Forty-one percent of commercial emails are currently opened on mobile devices, and experts suggest this number will rise to 78 percent by 2017. Despite this, 58 percent of businesses have no plan for dealing with mobile email. Your business can’t afford to ignore this growing market sector.

While iPhones fit e-mails to their screens, many devices will display just the upper-left corner of your message. Placing the most important information here will ensure you communicate with your mobile customers before they hit delete.

Images might make your emails look more appealing, but they’re problematic for mobile subscribers. Most mobile devices block email images by default, so users are left with blank space where the pictures are meant to be. The pictures will appear on iPhones and iPads, but they’re typically slow to load. As images are difficult for mobile users, they should be used sparingly. When they’re important, place them to the right of your text rather than above it. This will ensure your words stay at the top of the email where mobile users can find them.

Implement these suggestions and you’ll give your emails the edge you need to beat out the competition.

Business and EDU Marketing

That Came From Where?

With all the products we purchase and consume on a daily basis, how often do we stop and think, “Where did this come from?” To satisfy our curiosity, we compiled a list of some of the country’s most well known brands and highly purchased products and where they typically originate from if you are buying them in the United States. Prepare to be shocked and amazed by where some of these products are actually being made and shipped from.

fruit shipping

Bananas: Bananas for North America are mainly imported from Central and South America. Bananas entering the United States come from Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Mexico and Nicaragua.

Apples: The United States is the world’s second-largest producer of apples, behind China. Turkey, Italy, Germany and Italy complete the list of the world’s top apple-producing countries.

Barbie: Mattel has their Barbie dolls manufactured in Indonesia and Hong Kong.

Baseballs: Rawlings baseballs, which are the official balls of the MLB, are handmade in Costa Rica. Up to 2.4 million balls are made each year.

Apple Electronics: This American company’s products are actually produced in China, not the U.S.

Monopoly:  Many of its game pieces are made overseas, including the green and red houses, which are made in Ireland. Who knew!

American flags: Even our nation’s flags are imported, with the vast majority being made in China. Seems a little odd right?

Harley Davidson: This iconic brand’s motorcycles are still made in the good ol’ U.S.A. Way to keep things real Harley!

Oil: Surprisingly, the U.S. actually gets most of its imported oil from Canada and Latin America. Many Americans might be surprised to also learn that the U.S. now imports roughly the same amount of oil from Africa as it does from the Persian Gulf.  However, America is one of the world’s largest oil producers, and close to 40 percent of U.S. oil needs are produced in the states.

Beef:  Meat from foreign sources accounts for roughly 8-20 percent of total U.S. meat supplies. Most U.S. livestock imports come from Canada and Mexico.

Sugar: American sugar often comes from cane grown in either California or Hawaii. Florida is also a major producer and distributor of sugar. Now it makes sense why the U.S is so sweet J.

Can you think of some interesting or surprising origins of other everyday products? If so, share them with us here!

This article was written by James on behalf of RateLinx, a North American shipping and logistics company. Fore more information about RateLinx’ one-of-a-kind shipping software and solutions, visit their website here.


Top 5 Tips for Medical Marketing

Some of the common marketing mistakes made by healthcare providers are very similar to those made by most other sectors too. The fact is that people are tired of looking at the same kind of advertisement, slogan or video campaign that generally becomes standard for a particular product or service.

When most people think of medical marketing, they envision a scenario where a healthcare professional is answering a patient’s questions about medical issues and then suggesting a certain brand or medical service provider. If you switch on the television or open a magazine, you are guaranteed to find at least 4-5 advertisements along the same line!

medical marketing

Tips for Healthcare Advertising and Marketing Success

When you are trying to create an impact with any kind of marketing, there are a few things that can make all the difference if they are kept in mind. Your aim should be to target the kind of market that you are hoping to convert and creative marketing strategies can help you with this process. Let’s take a look at 5 of the essential factors involved:

  1. Consistent Research – The medical and healthcare field is one that keeps evolving constantly. In this sector, it is essential to stay abreast of recent changes and new techniques that are being established. Your marketing campaign should be able to reflect the fact that you are well-versed in the latest methods.
  2. Portray Real Situations – When you are using a medical scenario in an advertisement, make it realistic and engaging. Use real-life examples of issues that are caused due to medical problems and offer solutions for them, e.g. a skin care and dermatology centre could focus on the distress caused by itchy skin or rashes, rather than going into the details of why they occur.
  3. Use Social Media – Social media marketing is becoming a buzzword in the industry, simply because it really is effective at targeting a certain group of people. Since there are a number of websites and discussion groups, forums, etc. where people meet to share their issues, aiming for a specific end market becomes much easier!
  4. Always Be Creative – The idea behind any marketing model is to catch the attention of viewers or readers. To this end, try out new ideas that may seem different, maybe even a little unlikely. Remember, the more unique an idea, the more likely it is to actually cause waves, so ‘different’ may not really be a bad thing!
  5. Create a Well-Designed Website – One of the first things a potential customer searches for is a website for the company or service provider they have heard of. If your web page looks unprofessional, incomplete or just boring, you are likely to lose the attention that you have already gained, so make sure it is interesting and informative with great content and graphics.

In order to create an impact and stand out from the crowd, you need to think out of the box and avoid the generic idea of healthcare and medical marketing. Treat it like any other product and focus on grabbing attention by being unique and fresh in your approach!

The author of this article has a lot of experience with effective healthcare marketing strategies and suggests turning to a medical marketing agency for assistance if you are new to this field.


How to Use Stickers in Your Small-Business Marketing Campaign

Do you think marketing requires substantial funds and unlimited resources? If your answer is “yes,” then think again, because even though the platform and exposure matters, it can hardly guarantee successful and sufficient results as far as ROI  (return on investments). A highly expensive marketing campaign can easily backfire if the message or the method is not appropriate. On the other hand, sometimes a very inexpensive campaign can bring significant results and give your business a much-needed boost.

small business marketing

The truth is that marketing is about doing your homework, being creative, and planning carefully. Unless you are a big brand and you can afford a commercial during the Super Bowl, you have to be careful and make sure you are not wasting your marketing dollars on glitz and glamor, instead of the message you are looking to convey.

If you are marketing a small business, identify your target market and look for effective yet inexpensive methods of reaching out to it; even if it’s something as small as a sticker.

Using Stickers for Business Marketing:

Stickers are widely used for marketing purposes, from election campaigns to business marketing. They are available in various sizes, designs, materials and colors, which give you unlimited options to choose from. You can use some of these stickers as labels on your products or packaging, or as a giveaway at different events. You can also distribute them at a place that’s popular with your target audience.

The  following are some tips to help you plan a successful campaign while using stickers …

Things to Remember:

    Stickers are cheap and cost-effective, but you need to be creative to stand out. Simply putting your business logo and message on a sticker and distributing it in public will make it look like a desperate marketing attempt. Try to come up with a more creative and interesting way of conveying your message via stickers.

    If you can’t think of a novel idea for sticker marketing, try using a public service message and putting the stickers at appropriate places. Similarly, you may have noticed many stores using “push” or “pull” stickers on their doors. If you look around, you will see stickers used in various ways and for different purposes. Use these messages with your business or website mentioned in the corner of the sticker.

    You can also use some inspirational or interesting quotes with your target customers in mind. For example, if your product or service is aimed at students, you can come up with a funny one-liner, and many students will use these stickers on their stuff. An easy way to search for relevant quotes is to search Google with keywords like “student jokes.”

    Make sure the color and design of your sticker complies with your brand, but is also eye-catching. Ideally, hire a professional designer instead of using self-design services or applications.

    Do not miss the opportunity to use the sticker back covers, especially when you are planning to hand out stickers to your target customers. It’s another way to market your brand .

Keeping the aforementioned tips in mind will help you make the most of stickers for marketing your small business.

Business and EDU Marketing

The Art Of Small Business Marketing

Many small business owners do not spend money for promotional activities. It is not because some of them do not understand the impact of marketing. However, they feel that they simply cannot afford the cost of marketing. Due to the introduction of the worldwide web and other reasons, there is a cheap way of marketing, which many small business owners might very well afford.

Gain More Business by Giving Out Plastic Cards

plastic cards

Image Source: Flickr

In today’s world, there are many means of marketing. Online marketing has taken a huge share from offline marketing. Nevertheless, the traditional form of marketing, which is by giving out business cards, is still being practiced by organizations, large, small or medium. This is because it is still effective, useful and convenient in certain instances.

It does not matter whether it is to gain more business prospects, gain better suppliers or any other reason. Nowadays, there are many types of business cards. One type, which is much favored, happens to be the plastic type. This is because it tends to last longer. Even if water or any foodstuff were to spill on the card by accident, the card might not be smeared.

It is true that some people may receive business cards and throw them away soon after. Therefore, the trick is to include something useful, valuable or interesting so that they would keep them for a long time. Then, there are better chances of them contacting you for your products or services. For example, you can include the following year’s calendar on the other side of the business card.

A business card can be printed as single sided or double sided. Print the key aspects of your business with your company’s contact information on one side and the calendar on the other. If the idea of calendar does not appeal to you, then, print emergency contact details or the list of public holidays on the other side. Another way to promote your small business is to give out plastic privilege or membership cards to loyal customers, entitling them to specific benefits or privileges.

How to Save Cost on Plastic Card Printing

Nowadays, there are various means of saving cost on business card printing. One such way is to order the cardsin bulk. Approve the layout for bulk printing after careful consideration. You may need more cards later on. Using the same layout might mean less cost.

If only minor changes are required for the layout, you may not have to pay additional cost. Major changes may require a new die, costing you more money. Ordering the business cards you want online is another smart way to save money. Due to much competition, many online printing companies offer good rates for printing them. At times, even the cost of delivery of the cards is waived.

For saving more money, think about negotiating for an even lower price.

If you plan to make future orders with the same company, you may get a better discount for the plastic cards. In addition to saving cost, it is convenient too. You can choose whatever design you like from the scores of readily available design templates on the company’s website, upload your own design quickly and make the payment online.

Giving out business cards, preferably the plastic type is a very good and cheap way to promote your small business in today’s world. To ensure that the recipients keep them for a long time, consider including something interesting, valuable or beneficial on one side and the relevant details about your company on the other side.

Finance and Law Marketing

To 4 Tips For Becoming A Successful Online Trader

It is the era of the internet and the world has gone online. From a needle to a car, everything is sold online and this trend is becoming famous day by day. Trading too is not left behind. The trend of online trading has revolutionized the world. The best way to become a successful online trader is to put your knowledge on the right path. If you have selected the correct way then the success is not far ahead from you.

online trader

  • Be Careful While Choosing Your Style Of Trading: Before starting online trading, you must be clear with your idea. Think deeply to select your trading style. Ask yourself that do you want to do day trading in which the trade ends at the end of a day or you want to go for weekly or monthly trading.  Before starting anything, it is wise to be clear with the style that you want to follow in your online trading.
  • Find A Broker for Your Trading Style:  After making the final decision on the style of online trading that you want to follow; now it is time to find a broker for your trading style. The style of online trading that you would opt for would be directly proportional to the type of broker. That means your trading style will decide the type of broker who would be the best fit for your online venture. A high speed direct access is required in the case of day traders. In terms of cost and broker fees, the choice of day trading is the most expensive among all the ones available. If you opt for short term weekly or monthly online trading then you may get some discounted brokers.
  • Use Less Risk And High Rewards Trading Style: Every business starts with a little risk and the same is the case with online trading. It is also a bit risky. Many people encounter damage to their trading account because of lack of knowledge. You must know how to win consistently.  An improper knowledge of online trading can cause a huge loss to you, so you must have good knowledge of your trading style and you must choose a style which includes minimum loss and maximum profit. The best solution for this problem is the efficient use of risk management. The competent use of risk management always makes your online trading less risky and more rewarding.
  • Analyze Your Winning Edge:  Knowing the winning edge is what discriminates winners from the losers. To make money by trading online, you must have an advantage on which you can rely without any doubts. Try to find out that what the factors are which give you an edge over the other traders. You must be sure about this because if there are any flaws here, you would have to succumb to the competition and lose out on revenue. The best way to find out your winning edge is to analyze your results.

Apart from following these tips, you should also try to connect with the best online traders in the market. This would help you in creating a useful network.

Get more useful tips on online trading and read reviews from students and professional brokers at

Business and EDU Marketing Technology

Essential Information About Business Intelligence

A lot of the big companies and organization really depend on business intelligence when making careful planning decisions and highly classified business decisions. Business intelligence dashboard provides a structure of an organization’s analytics and costs. These packages communicate info and analytical insights in order to resolve problems and concerns about the company. In the past few years, business intelligence markedly boosted management and operational indicators across multiple industries. One of the management that have benefitted a lot from making use of BI tools into their systems is the Senior-level management

Business intelligence is widely used by many big companies because it is so engaging and has the skills to immediately visualize a large set of data. It also shows analyses for the manager with the intent of producing stronger business choices. The visual aids on the business intelligence assist managers and supervisors to easily analyze the efficiency of a company using their own data.

The individual dashboard may be setup based on the goals of the organization and the information provided. Like for example, some of the formats may be better shown as a map than a variance comparison or thermometer. In this way, it can use a clean chart that is perfect for their needs and presentations. The capability to apprehend data permits the companies to search and find information as a result. The dashboard reports display a company or small business’ productivity for many people and potential clients. It also stimulate to looking for the ways that could be improved in the company. Business intelligence tools transports supervisors with the information allowing them to advance from view point in to action.

Business Intelligence tools are very useful and informative tools for organizations. It let you see the overall efficiency and power of a company or small business depending on demands that the visuals shoes. Moreover, it helps managers handle the problems properly and of course make some alternatives.

Are you researching business intelligence dashboards options? There certainly is no shortage of solutions to consider. InetSoft offers business dashboards as a component of its BI software platform Style Intelligence.

While some business intelligence dashboard solutions deliver only flashy interfaces and bells and whistles of questionable value such as scrolling tickers, InetSoft has added extensive dashboard capabilities on top of a sound technology base rooted in over 16 years of developing reporting software. For more information, visit us at: