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Yoga: A Best Way in Relieving Pain

yoga for relief in pain

Pain is a manifestation that something is wrong in our body system. It is an individual unique, complex, multifaceted experience that other people might not understand or recognize. It is also one of the major reasons why people seek health care and find alternative ways aside from medicines. Pain causes discomfort, uneasiness, stress and even unhealthy relationships because moods are affected. To many people pain is just a problem that is not difficult to address with but to some, pain is something unbearable and cannot be easily dealt with.

There has been a widespread use of non-pharmaceutical treatments and techniques in dealing with pain. Researchers are finding a lot of ways to ease any kinds of pain. Using herbs and medications, doing exercises and living a stress-free life are some of the effective treatments in relieving stress. Many researchers suggest that exercising is the one of the most effective tools in managing stress. And recently yoga is becoming a popular choice for many people. Studies say that yoga offers a lot of health benefits. Yoga is basically a meditative exercise and has been practiced for a long time. In ancient times, yoga is a form of ritual act to enlighten the mind, body and spirit. Most of yoga lessons are mainly for relaxation but modern styles and movements have been introduced nowadays. Yoga tests your body’s flexibility and balance. It might be difficult and painful at first tries but if you do yoga more regularly, you will enjoy its health benefits.

Yoga can also improve your mood, strength, and coordination. Yoga has been known for improving bone-related conditions like scoliosis and osteoporosis, high blood pressure, and body pains. Yoga compared to medication is much cheaper with no side-effects on the body. But not everybody can do yoga. It is still recommended to consult a doctor first before doing yoga because this kind of exercise might not be helpful and effective to some people.

Some yoga poses and stunts include forward bends, head stands, rainbow and prone, pigeon or twisted triangle, head to knee, and warrior I and II poses, triangular forearm support, and calves stretching. Yoga offers a lot of health benefits to the human body. Yoga can ease headache or even migraine, arthritis, neck, joints, shoulder and back pains. Yoga also relieve Piriformis Syndrome (pain and numbness in the buttocks) and Policeman’s Heel or Plantar Fasciitis (painful inflammatory in the heel and heel spurs).

Indeed, yoga is a powerful, healthy and an amazing activity or exercise because of the above mentioned results to human body pains.

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Childhood Obesity: A Problem That Is Not Going Away

Thirty years ago, there were not that many fat kids playing out in the schoolyard. There might have been one or two fat kids out there, but the majority of the children were slim and active. The fat kid in class most likely got teased at least a little bit by his classmates for being bigger than everyone else.

Nowadays, there are far more many overweight children to count. Child obesity is at an all-time high. There are many more fast food restaurants around and children are not learning healthy habits from their parents. Many children also are not as active as they were 30 years ago. Instead of playing sports or running around outside, a lot of children like to watch television and play video games for hours. Overweight children are more likely to get made fun of at school and might have more difficulty making friends. They often turn to food for comfort, which makes their situation even worse.

The government needs to do a better job at helping young children fight obesity. Instead of only paying for their insulin injections or bariatric surgery, the government should create more programs to teach children better eating habits and social skills. If you have an overweight child, you understand. Although you have thought about bariatric surgery for him and searched “bariatric surgeon Clifton” online, you are not sure it’s the best thing to do.

One group of kids from a school in Missouri received the chance to learn good eating habits, exercise routines and social skills at the Mindstream Academy. This high school offers on-campus personal trainers, dieticians, chefs and therapy. It also gives kids the chance to interact with other kids who are going through the same things. Many of the kids achieved great results at the Mindstream Academy. One child even lost over 90 pounds in just a few months. Learning how to eat properly and being around supportive people put him in charge of his alteration.

Although bariatric surgery can help a child lose a lot of weight, it does not teach him how to cook, fit exercise in a daily routine and identify healthy foods. Going to the Mindstream Academy will not just help a child lose weight; it will also teach him healthy habits and how to be confident with his appearance. The Mindstream experience should certainly be covered by insurance companies if children don’t want to have bariatric surgery.

It will probably take many years for the medical system to accept this kind of program to help children lose weight, so Mindstream needs your support. There are plenty of families who want to help their overweight children but can’t afford programs like these.

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