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Student Investment Opportunities in Sheffield May Evolve With New Legislation

Once one of the UK’s biggest industrial hotbeds, the city of Sheffield is now a glamorous investment opportunity for a whole other reason; its student population. In particular, student property investment in Sheffield is a major part of the cities economy, although much of this market may be heading for disaster if proposed new local council directives come into force.

Student Investment Opportunities

One of the most rapidly expanding cities in the county, Sheffield’s total of around 55,000 students account for around 10% of the entire city’s population during term time, and with all of these people needing places to live, the student property market has understandably boomed in recent years.

Sheffield, alongside its renaissance as a vibrant centre for modern businesses, is home to two universities, one of which (Sheffield Hallam University) has grown to be the third largest in the UK. Between Sheffield Hallam, and its counterpart, the University of Sheffield, the city continues to attract many thousands of new people every year.

The dense population of the Yorkshire city means that the city buzzes with a dynamic youthfulness, and this in turn attracts many more students at the start of every academic year.

While many of the first year students are offered dedicated accommodation through university-run schemes and halls of residence, very few are catered for after the initial year. As a result, many property investors have taken to Sheffield as a profitable and low-risk investment opportunity. Sheffield has consequently become one of the most sought-after cities for investors.

As well as independent landlords, student developments are exponentially spreading throughout the city, all vying for the custom of these students who need comfortable and affordable places to live during their studies.

This property market appeals to a wide range of people, from independent property owners seeking to make some extra money on the side, right through to dedicated organisations who make a full-time business out of providing and maintaining student residences. With around 35,000 students each year looking for accommodation, it’s little wonder why Sheffield is such an excellent investment opportunity.

But despite this, Article 4 Directions proposed by the local councils are threatening to destroy the student housing market as it has come to be known. Sheffield City Council is one of 30 in the country currently considering enforcing this legislation.

Many students prefer the popular option of shared accommodation; after all, this provides not only a cheaper option by allowing shared costs, but also offers the added benefit of a more sociable living arrangement.

Under the proposed changes though, the legislation will mean that house and apartment sharing is prohibited, and many people have surmised that students will be amongst the first people to be affected by this ruling, meaning that Sheffield may suffer from decreased student interest moving forward.

On the other hand, dedicated student accommodation are likely to benefit, with huge numbers of students prepared to turn to them to provide their housing.

Despite the uncertainty, Sheffield certainly continues to offer great opportunities for dedicated student accommodation investment in Sheffield for businesses and investors.

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3 Steps to Finding a Reputable Personal Injury Attorney

Medical Malpractice LawyerWeed out ambulance chasers from legitimate and reputable personal injury attorneys by performing strict due diligence. Researching lawyers both online and offline helps you to build your watch list and tap into a trusted referral network of attorneys in your area. Patiently sift through the information you collect to find an experienced and capable lawyer who can get you the settlement you deserve.

Research Thoroughly to Locate a Personal Injury Attorney

Do strict due diligence online and offline to locate the right lawyer for your trial needs. Keep in mind that most lawyers receive work through network referrals. Consult lawyers you have used in the past, business colleagues, friends and family members to locate reputable, successful and experienced lawyers for your watch list.

You can also contact the local bar association to tap into their referral service. Services range from setting up stringent measures to find lawyers to being not as discriminatory in selecting attorneys for their referral service. Ensure that the service screens for lawyers with a certain level of experience and number of qualifications before you hire an attorney through this channel.

Set up the Initial Consult

Even though most personal injury attorneys waive the initial consult fee double check with your attorney before setting up this meeting. Some less scrupulous lawyers might gloss over the fact that they are charging you a hefty fee for the initial consultation. Lawyers who do charge initial consultation fees also usually charge a retainer fee.

Avoid such attorneys unless you feel comfortable paying the fees and confident in their abilities. Focus on meeting with lawyers who do not charge these fees for your first meeting.

Question Your Prospective Attorney

Ask if you are responsible for paying any additional potential expenses or fees relating to the case that do not fall within the typical charges. Does the attorney charge a retainer fee and will they take your case on a contingency basis?

Ask about settlement amounts; see if the attorney will agree with you if you are happy taking a lower settlement or if you reject an offer the attorney believes is fair ask if they will go to trial for a bigger payout. Both parties need to be on the same page if you hope to win your case.

Ask how long the attorney has been in practice and delve into their educational background. How experienced is the attorney in a trial setting? Demanding a big settlement and performing in a courtroom setting require two very different skill sets. Check to see if one lawyer or multiple attorneys will be handling your case.

Ask if the attorney expects the case to go to trial and inquire into how many personal injury claims the lawyer has settled to gain confidence in their abilities. Also ask if the attorney usually represents insurance companies or injured people in personal injury cases. Find a good match for your legal needs by thoroughly question your prospective lawyer.

About the Author: Ryan Biddulph shares legal tips to help you find the right attorney.  If you need an injury attorney in Tampa, Florida consult the Fernandez Firm for all of your legal needs.


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Personal Injury Claims – a Little Comfort after Your Loss

Deciding to make a personal injury claim after being injured in an accident that was not your fault can seem like a daunting task to the layman. However, with so many people suffering injuries whether in the workplace, at home, in their cars or in a supermarket doing their shopping, there are specialist personal injury solicitors who are there to help you through what is often a complex legal process. Just one of the things that personal injury claims offer is a little comfort after your loss or life changing injury.

Getting the right advice is essential in personal injury cases
Getting the right advice is essential in personal injury cases

Have You Lost a Loved One Due to Medical Negligence?

If you have lost a loved one due to medical negligence or if you now suffer from a long-term ailment as a result of a mistake made by a healthcare professional, the chances are you feel devastated at your loss. The illness you now suffer could have affected your chances of continuing in your chosen career and as such you would need to be compensated for your financial loss and to help you live your life as comfortable as possible. Although losing a loved one or having to cope with a life changing injury cannot be put into financial terms, you do have the reassurance of not having to worry about money if you are successful in your personal injury claim.

Are You Housebound Due to an Accident?

If you find you are housebound because of an injury you suffered through no fault of your own, making a personal injury claim will help you over what could otherwise be a very difficult financial time. Loss of earnings is an important factor when making a claim from another person through their insurers and as such you need to keep all the relevant financial documentation to support your claim.

However, if the injury you suffered means you would no longer be able to work, the compensation you receive through your personal injury claim would need to reflect this fact. If you need specialist medical equipment installed in your because of your injuries, this fact too would need to be taken into consideration when your compensations is calculated and agreed by the parties responsible for your injuries.

Personal injury claims can raise money
Personal injury claims can raise money

Lodging a Personal Injury Claim Early

Because there are strict time constraints on personal injury claims, it is really important to seek advice as early as possible. It takes time for solicitors to assess a case and get a report from an independent expert to support a claim. However, the other reason to start the process earlier rather than later is that everything that happened to cause your injury is still fresh in your mind.

If you are able you should take photos of where your accident occurred and to report the accident to the relevant authorities as soon as you can. You also need to note down the names and addresses of any witnesses of your accident. The more information you have the better as this will support your claim. The information would be valuable to a personal injury solicitor as it assists in assessing your case. If they believe your claim is justifiable, they will then proceed to negotiate a settlement figure from the responsible person or organisation’s insurance company. Although, the process may seem long and convoluted, the end result could offer you a little comfort after your loss or injury.


Personal injury claims are on the rise with over three million people being injured in accidents every year. If you have suffered as a result of an accident that was not your fault, you need to seek professional advice as early as possible to see if you would be entitled to some sort of financial compensation, visit a site like this. If the accident was serious and you lost someone close to you because of it, then a successful personal injury claim would offer you a little comfort after your loss that helps make sure your future is made as comfortable as possible.


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Student Loan Consolidation: Making College Easier

Most men and women that go to college had to borrow money from quite a few different lenders in order to take care of their tuition costs. Money might also need to be borrowed in order to take care of other necessities that are associated with going to college. If you have different loans from various lenders and have already started to pay back your lenders, you might already know the difficulty of handling multiple debts and lenders at once. Most men and women who find this hard to handle normally take advantage of student loan consolidation loans.

Student loan consolidation services are designed to bring together all of the outstanding loans that you have from different lenders into a single loan payment. Using loan consolidation services to take care of any remaining student loans that you still owe money on can actually help you save money if you find the right services. In addition, student loan consolidation services can help you manage your debt easier. Since you are taking care of only a single loan after the consolidation process is over you do not have to worry about managing more than one loan and defaulting on your monthly payments.

student loan consolidation

Student Loan Consolidation Options

Going to college is one of the most important parts of a person’s life. It can potentially determine the entire outcome of the rest of their lives. Because of this, there are many different options that are designed to help students find the help that they need in order to pay for their education. For example, this might include supplemental loans for students, health professions student loans, guaranteed student loans, Federal Perkins loans, federal unsubsidized loans and federal subsidized loans.

In fact, the Higher Education Act of 1965 offers two different student loan consolidation programs. These programs are the Direct Loan Program and the Federal Family Education Loan Program. With these student loan consolidation options, the student’s loans are paid off and a new consolidation loan is created for the student. After the new loan has been created, the student’s payment period is lengthened. This helps lower the student’s monthly payments in order to make the payback process easier for a working student.

Obtaining Student Loan Consolidation Services

Before you can obtain student loan consolidation services, it is extremely important for you to contact your student loan lenders first. You have to find out if the lenders you are already working with offer any student loan consolidation plans for their customers. In addition, you might want to check with your local credit union or the bank that you are currently using for your financial needs. Your bank or credit union might be able to provide you with the deals that you need in order to obtain the best available student loan consolidation plans. If the interest rates that are offered by your local credit union or bank are relatively lower than the interest rates that are offered by other lenders, it is in your best interest to work with them. Make sure that you spend some time looking for the student loan consolidation plans with the best available interest rates and loan terms.

How Student Loan Consolidation Works

Each student loan that you are currently dealing with will feature different repayment schedules and different terms. Taking advantage of student loan consolidation services gives you the chance to merge all of your outstanding loans into a single loan in order to simplify the process of repaying the money that you owe. Most of the time the new loan that has been created after the student loan consolidation process is over will feature interest rates that are lower than one or even multiple of the loans that you had to pay off before. When obtaining a student loan consolidation service you will have to choose between a fixed rate loan and a variable rate loan. Once the loan has been created, all of your payments will go to the lender that was in charge of consolidating the loan.

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Student Property Investment 101

THERE is a lot to be taken into account when it comes to considering student property investment.

Students across the UK have among the worst reputations when it comes to the property market. Large groups of young adults living together – often living away from parents for the first time in their lives – added to alcohol and a need to stand out, can mean a tough time for landlords.
The life of a student, and the freedom that brings with it, can have a negative impact on a student property investment. It is important to remember, though, that is a small percentage who give the rest a bad name. If you factor in the chance of mess and damage to a property, student accommodation still offers some of the most lucrative returns for developers and investors in the property market.


Due to the nature of the rent, and the fact that buildings are normally located in high areas of student housing, tenants are almost always guaranteed each year and offer a high yield for an investment can be expected.

Some things do need to be taken into consideration, though and one of those would be damage.
It’s a well-documented fact that the majority of students like to party, they like to drink and they like to have fun and most of all, they know that a property is not one they own.
When you factor in all of these it can be expected that damage will come hand-in-hand with a student home.

Not all students are the same, but a small minority won’t take responsibility for their actions, meaning that you are likely to pay the consequences for their actions.
To counter this it is wise to budget in an allocation from the profits to be put towards repairs and other maintenance.

One of the good things about student accommodation is even with this outgoing, returns on investment will still be high. Another thing to be taken into consideration is lack of care.
This goes hand-in-hand with damage, as a small fraction of students are known to ignore or leave things that need seeing to.

Whether it be a problem with the shower, a kitchen cupboard that is broken or a window that has a crack, students do not always come forward with problems.

This could be due to a fear of loss of deposit but it can mean that simple repair jobs can become expensive and time-consuming tasks when left in disarray.

To counter this arranging inspections by the landlord or lettings agency can ensure that these are addressed instantly and save all parties a lot of time and hassle.
The last thing to be taken into consideration should be the turnover of tenants.
Most rents last the nine months of the academic year, this turnover means that developers and owners who partake in student accommodation investment will see a wide variety of people living under their roofs at any given time.

The demands of such a accommodation can lead to a constant change within the decor of the property. Many students will want to make small changes to suit their individual styles.
Most landlords allow a slight change to be made as long as it is not the detriment of the property.
Despite all the pitfalls that there might be, student property investment remains one of the best ways to receive a return on investment.

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How the Bailing System Works

Everyone has heard the term “bail” at some point in their lives, whether in conversation, a movie, or if it directly affects their life in some way or another. Below is a quick overview of the United States bail system:


What is Bail?

Bail starts when the court decides on a set amount of money that a defendant must pay in order to be released from jail until trial. When and if the defendant shows up for his or her court date, the money that he or she paid for bail is returned to them. The amount of bail money is dependent on both the court and the severity of the crime the defendant is accused of committing: if the defendant is accused of petty theft or public intoxication, the amount of money he or she would have to pay in order to “make bail” would be much less than if they were on trial for say, auto theft or first degree murder.

What Happens if a Person Cannot Make Bail?

It is not uncommon for trials to be scheduled several weeks or several months after a person is first arrested. If the United States bailing system did not exist, all defendants would have to be held in a jail facility until his or her court date. Obviously, a sizable portion of these defendants would be innocent, and many would serve excessive time even if they were guilty.

If a defendant fails to make bail, however, he or she would have to wait in jail. If a person lacks the financial means to make bail on their own, they may seek out a bail bond, which is a loan (with interest) given to them in order to help them make bail. If he or she makes their court date, they will have no problem paying their loan off, assuming they can afford to pay the added interest.

What is Bail Jumping?

Unfortunately, the court can only hope that the money they are holding will be enough of an incentive for the defendant to make his or her court date. While it often is, some defendants will take advantage of the fact that they are not being kept in jail, and will avoid going to court in the hopes of avoiding a possible conviction and a jail sentence; this is colloquially referred to as “bail jumping” or “bail skipping.” If this happens, the person who jumped bail will forfeit the entire amount of money they paid, and a warrant will be issued for their arrest. Additional charges will be filed on top of their earlier crimes, which can result in higher fines and a longer jail sentence.

Unfortunately, bail bondsmen involved in bail jumping scenarios do not receive their money back. However, in some states, the bail bondsmen are allowed to hire bounty hunters who work to locate the bail jumpers in order to recover some of the money that they lost. The standard fee for bounty hunters is 10 percent of the bond money.

This article was written by Robert Tritter, an aspiring lawyer who hopes to help you understand the law better. He writes this on behalf of OK Bail Bonds, your number one choice when looking for a Harris County bail bond. Check out their website today and see how they can help you!

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Investing in Coins – a Hobby with a Financial Return

Most people begin coin collecting as a hobby, but for some it becomes an investment, with the hope of great financial returns. Although some people may think coin collecting is an odd hobby to take up, you have to think of the rare and ancient coins as art. In this article we will explain how collecting coins can develop from a childhood hobby into a financial investment.

Many people take up the hobby of coin collecting at a young age with no intention of it becoming an investment.
Many people take up the hobby of coin collecting at a young age with no intention of it becoming an investment.

Taking up the hobby of coin collecting

Many people take up the hobby of coin collecting at a very young age. Often they are influenced by parents and grandparents that are keen coin collectors. Most people have a story behind every rare coin they have collected and enjoy sharing them with anyone who will listen!

Children often start their coin collections by simply looking round the house for old coins and keeping coins from trips abroad. As they get older they start to appreciate the different designs and gain a better understanding of the value of each of their coins. For some coin collecting then starts to become more of an investment and influences them to purchase sets of rare and old coins from local coin shops, websites and shows.

Financial benefits of coin collecting

Rare and old coins increase in value over time, so coin collectors are best taking a buy and hold approach, rather than buying coins and selling them straight away. In order for individuals to stand a chance at receiving financial rewards from investing in coins, they have to carry out a lot of research. It is certainly not a short term way of making money, visit a site like Coin Invest Direct for strategies and a range of coins to start collecting.

Some people include their valuable coin collections in their long term money management and retirement plans, but whilst coin collecting can be financially rewarding, it still poses certain risks.

Rewards and risks of investing in coins

A keen coin collector must always keep in mind that there is no guarantee that their coins are going to hold their value. They cannot rely solely on their coin collection as their financial means for the future. Coin collectors should consider investing in gold and silver coins as they pose less of a risk, due to the fact the prices of the solid metals have been on the rise since the early 2000s. However when investing in gold and silver coins, you need to be careful who you buy from. Make sure that you always do your research so you know exactly what you are buying. Every coin you purchase must be authenticated.

If gold and silver coins aren’t your thing, but you still want to try and make money from your coin collecting hobby, then it is worth investing in entire series of coins. By investing in a series of coins you are more likely to receive a greater financial return that you would for single, random coins.

If you are thinking of selling your coin collection, make sure you know the value of the coins and are able to supply the information to support this.
If you are thinking of selling your coin collection, make sure you know the value of the coins and are able to supply the information to support this.

People sell their coin collections for many reasons. Some lose interest in collecting coins, whereas others reach a point where they want to try and cash in on their investments. If you are thinking of selling your coin collection you have a number of options. You can visit a local coin dealer, attend a coin show or sell your coins online. Make sure that you have all the necessary information and authentication certificates to go with the coins you are selling.


If we could give one piece of advice to individuals thinking about taking up coin collecting, it is that they should only do it if they see it as a hobby first and an investment second. Any financial rewards you make from coin collecting should be seen as a bonus. Although coin collecting can be very interesting and has the potential to become a financially rewarding hobby, it is too risky to depend on it as a future income for you and your family.

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Preventing Teens With Bipolar from Developing Substance Abuse

A new study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry shows that teenagers with bipolar disorder are at much more likely to develop substance abuse problems. This study also cites several warning signs that can help clinicians and parents recognize which teens with the disorder are most likely to develop substance abuse problems. You should be aware of these signs if you have a child with bipolar disorder.

Substance Abuse

Risks of Substance Abuse Among Teens With Bipolar

Mental health professionals always knew that patients with bipolar disorder were more likely to have substance abuse problems. However, they didn’t study the prevalence of substance abuse among teenagers with the mental illness.

The new study from the University of Toronto and the University of Pittsburgh found that about 32% of teens with bipolar disorder developed substance abuse within four years of diagnosis. Many researchers believe the incidence is significantly higher for teens who aren’t diagnosed. There are a variety of risk factors that can influence their likelihood of developing substance abuse problems.

Other Risk Factors

Lead researcher Dr. Benjamin Goldstein said there are a number of other factors that can influence the risk of substance abuse problems. Parents should be aware of the following problems to mitigate the risk of their bipolar teen from dealing with them:

  • Teens are about 125% much more likely to develop substance abuse problems if their bipolar symptoms aren’t treated with medication or therapy.
  • Teens with bipolar disorder are nearly three times as likely to develop addictions to substances if they also have an untreated anxiety or panic disorder.
  • They are more likely to have symptoms if they have a family history of addiction.
  • Teens are more than twice as likely to have substance abuse problems if they don’t have support from their families.

The prevalence of substance abuse increased substantially with teens that had multiple risk factors. This study clearly highlights that bipolar disorder isn’t the only risk factor that needs to be addressed to deter teens from developing substance abuse problems. The risk of mental health problems can be reduced considerably if you are aware of these problems and give your child the support they need.

Treat Symptoms ASAP

Goldstein stated that parents and medical providers have between two and three years to treat symptoms before teens begin developing substance abuse problems. This shows that bipolar symptoms and other mental health problems need to be treated as quickly as possible.

You should pay close attention to any problems that your teen suffers from if they have bipolar disorder. Make sure that they have the support and treatment they need to manage any emotional problems they are facing. This can considerably reduce the likelihood that they will turn to drugs and alcohol.

If a teen does develop substance abuse problems then you will want to help them as soon as possible. You can keep their problems from growing if you address them early on.

About the author: Kalen is a health blogger who lives in Santa Rosa, California. He knows people with substance abuse addictions who have gone into rehab at facilities throughout Northern California such as Bayside Marin.

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Useful Tips for Binary Option Trading

Earlier, binary option trading was a forte only of the experienced and veterans of this industry. Over the years, the benefits that this form of trading has offered to traders have caused an increase in the number of individuals that have tried their luck with this trade form.

One of the main reasons why binary option trading has appealed to traders is due to the fact that traders have the freedom to limit their risk by selecting the amount they want to invest. So, you are mentally prepared that if you invest a particular amount of cash in the trade, you will not lose more than what you invest. As such, the amount you can risk in the trade can be decided by you.

Although the trading patterns or strategies opted for by one trader usually differs from the other but there is a general rule of the thumb. And this is as follows-

  • The option is said to be “in the money” provided the trade ends above the target price also called the strike price when call option is opted for or below the strike price when a put option is opted for.

  • The option, on the other hand is said to be “out of the money” in case the trade expires below the strike price when call option is opted for or above the strike price when the put option is opted for.

binary option trading


As far as the payouts are concerned, it varies between 65% and 95% depending on the trading platform you are opting for aside from the strategies and tools you have used in the trade. There are few traders that prefer to “give back” or compensate a part of your money that you have lost when the trade was “out of the money”. As such, the loss you incur when the option is “out of the money” is compensated to some extent. If you are looking for information about the brokers that compensate traders for the loss incurred, you can visit Here you will find details about the binary brokers and you can access their profiles.

What are the valuable tips of binary option trading?

If you have just started out in this field, it does not make sense in rushing into a trade. Adopt a slow and steady pace for the first trade. Understand the concept of trade, the selection of assets, pricing the asset, predicting the movement of the price of the asset, and bonuses and payouts, the risks involved and then take the plunge. In this way, even if you lose your investment in the first trade, you will not have anyone to blame for your actions and you will not have any regrets too.

Selecting reliable and experienced binary option trading brokers is crucial. As mentioned above, you can visit the website to know more about the brokers, their past track record, reviews and feedback from clients that have already availed the services of the brokers. Do a bit of homework before you sign up for any trading platform.

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Five Steps to Regain Self-Esteem after a Divorce

Divorce often leaves people feeling depressed, anxious, and wondering what went wrong; these feeling can be extremely difficult to shake but not impossible. With just a few simple steps you can boost your self-esteem and move onto the next and exciting chapter in your life. One of the things that happens in long relationships is that each person becomes dependent on each other making the other party responsible for your own self-esteem. One important thing to remember is that a marriage takes two to work and even if it does not work out, you are not the sole reason that it did not work out.

Five Steps to Regain Self-Esteem after a Divorce

Reclaim what you gave up

To make any marriage work there has to be compromises on both sides. When the marriage is over, you can finally get back to doing the little things that made you happy before you got married. Many people spend less time with friends and family once they get married to spend more time with their spouse but now is the perfect time to get back together with them because they will be an enormous source of comfort. Exploring your old hobbies is also a great way to take your mind off of the divorce.

Change your internal thinking

When a relationship ends most people tend to fill their minds with negative thoughts. Obviously, this is not a healthy situation and needs to be changed as soon as possible. You can start changing these thoughts by keeping a journal of things that you like about yourself. If you think of a negative thought such as your body image (which is common when a relationship ends), think about how you are changing this image by working out and eating healthier. Establishing the qualities you like about yourself will make you more aware of the qualities that you enjoy in others as well.

Avoid negative influences

Sadly, when a marriage is ending many people turn to negative influences as a coping mechanism. Staying away from harmful substances such as alcohol and drugs will help you in the long run and using these substances tends to lead to further problems. Not only will these substances not boost your self-esteem they will lead you into further depression and lower self-esteem. A lot of people will also jump to the next person to prove that they’re worthy of a relationship often too fast without truly getting to know this new person.

It is wise to take a break from a relationship when just going through a divorce and reevaluate what you want in a partner and what went wrong in your past relationship; doing this will save you from clinging onto an unhealthy person who could further fuel your low self-esteem. Food is another thing that can be harmful. Overeating and starving yourself are two other common coping methods that need to be avoided; these can be avoided by eating healthy and exercising.

Support groups

Divorce is much more common than a lot of people think. When going through a divorce it is important to remember that you are not alone. Support groups create an atmosphere of acceptance for everyone. You can go to meetings in support groups in person or you can connect with others online via a support group’s website; these methods are a great way to express yourself in a healthy, natural way. Your divorce attorney law firm should also have materials for you that can help you bounce back; keeping in touch with them is also a good outlet for support. Check the company website for this kind of material.

Find a new hobby

When going through a divorce it is important not to dwell on it. Focusing on all of the negative aspects of yourself and the marriage will only bring you down which is why it is important to try new and exciting things to get in a better head space. These new things can boost your self-esteem and you can find out something that you like to do. By thinking your divorce as new start and not a dead end, you can have more freedom to explore the world and take in all of its beauty. Taking healthy risks such as meeting new people can lead to new friendships and put a smile back on your face.

Regaining your self-esteem after a divorce is not going to come easily. You have to work to reclaim a healthy self-image of yourself. If you reclaim what you gave up, change your internal thinking, avoid negative influences, embrace support groups, and find a new hobby you can move onto the next, healthy chapter of your life.