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How to Make a Yummy Sweet Tree

Have a birthday party coming up soon and not sure how to decorate? Now there is a great way to not only have great decorations but great edible decorations. You may have heard already about the all new tasty sweet trees. These are so much fun as you can literally pick your favourite kind of sweets and make a colourful and fun decoration piece. These sweet trees are perfect for any occasion whether it be someone’s birthday party, a get well present or just a treat. Sweetie trees are a great way to tickle anyone’s taste buds. Here are some steps to help you make your very own sweet tree. Although this may be time consuming it is also going to be extremely fun (and yummy!)

yummy sweet tree

Materials you need

  • A sturdy pot of your colour and choice.
  • Dowel rod
  • Curling ribbon (any colour you prefer)
  • Brown semtex florist tape
  • Sweets of your choice (and lots of them)
  • Glue gun & glue sticks
  • Polystyrene ball- (Very Important)
  • Colourful tissue paper
  • Cute decorations (butterflies/stars/hearts)
  • Thin double sided tape
  • Oasis cylinder

These materials can easily be picked up at your local crafts shop, and the sweets of course can be picked up from almost any nearby retailer. All of these materials are needed before you proceed to create your own sweet tree.

Step 1 – Prepare the base

Mix the plaster of Paris solution into your plant pot. Follow the instructions to ensure that the consistency is correct.

Step 2Prepare the trunk of your sweet tree

Cut off 5 cm of the 30 cm dowel rod. Push the dowel rod through the centre of the 5cm thick oasis cylinder. Put the dowel rod into the your pot which is now full with plaster of Paris, and push the oasis cylinder down into the top of the pot, so you now have your tree trunk in place.

Now your trunk is in place you will have to allow the plaster of Paris to dry for at least 30 minutes.

Step 3 – Decorate the trunk

Make sure the plaster of Paris is dry before you begin to decorate your pot. Completely cover the dowel rod using the florist tape. Take the double sided tape and wind it around your tree. Take the double sided tape and wind this around the tree, following this you should then take your curling ribbon and wind it around the tree.

Step 4 – Prepare the head of the tree

Now the base is ready you can begin the fun part. Take your polystyrene ball and push it down onto the dowel rod about half way. The structure of your tree is now ready.

Step 5 – Start sticking the sweets on

This has to be the most fun part of the entire process. You can now begin to stick the yummy sweets to the tree. Get your glue sticks and glue ready and begin. Take the sticks and place them into the polystyrene ball, then you need to glue the sweets onto the sticks. It’s best to place the sweets quite close together as this will prevent the tree from looking like it has too many gaps.

If you want to fill in the gaps on the tree but there isn’t enough room than you need to take the paper tissue and use it to fill in the gaps.

 Step 6- Add your own touches

Now you have your tree ready you can begin adding final touches to make it look more appealing. You can pretty much design the pot in any way you want to make the tree look better. As well as adding your own touches to the tree you can add your very own embellishments around the sweets on the tree. These could include such things as butterflies, hearts, stars or anything your heart desires.

There you have it. Follow these simple steps to create the perfect gift for a loved one this valentine’s day.  Your loved one will surely be blown away that you took the time and effort to create something so nice looking and yummy!

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How To Collect Your Child Support Payments Efficiently

When you are owed child support from your current or former spouse, obtaining the money you deserve can be overwhelming and seem nearly impossible, especially when dealing with a negligent parent. If you are looking for help with child support collection, you have a few options available that can assist you with getting the money you need to properly provide for your children. Working together with a child support enforcement agency is highly recommended if you are not familiar with the areas of law that include child support.

child support payment

Working together with professionals who can help enforce the child support that you are owed is possible regardless of whether or not you currently have full or joint custody. When you choose to work with an enforcement agency that specializes in child support collection, you do not have to work with traditional state or government based services which may be lacking and not willing to move forward with your case. Rather than waiting years for the government services to help with collecting the child support that is owed to you, working with a private company can assist you with getting your payments as quickly as possible.

Additionally the private enforcement agency you choose to work with is capable of filing any paperwork or documents that are necessary or required to move forward with your case. When you are not sure of how to go about filing the necessary paperwork for your child support case, it is essential to consider the benefits of working with a professional agency that can help. Many professionals who represent an agency that collects child support have degrees in business and law and specialize in understanding how to solve child support predicaments. Having a professional readily available to answer any questions you may have can ease the burden and stress of your situation.

Seeking a private enforcement agency that can assist you with any child support matter you are faced with is possible by utilizing both local and online resources. Checking local listings and asking for a referral from friends and family members can assist you in addition your own research online. Browsing online for a private enforcement agency that specializes in recovering owed child support and debt is a great way to compare all of your options while reading reviews of the various agencies that are located near you.

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Unique themes for your baby shower

Baby showers are often thrown to celebrate the pending birth or recent birth of a baby. Traditionally they were only for the first child in a family and were women only events. Today they are a great excuse to shower mothers-to-be with love, well-wishes and gifts for both her and her baby. If you are throwing a baby shower for a family member or close friend, here are four unique themes that will make the baby shower a day to remember.

Bun in the oven tea party

We often refer to pregnant ladies as having a ‘bun in the oven’, so why not go for a baking themed baby shower? If you know the mum-to-be loves to bake, this will be something she truly enjoys. You could either get everyone to bake together, or you could pre-bake the cakes and set up cake decorating stations. After you have made your sweet treats, set up a table that everyone can sit around and throw a traditional tea party. The little details can make the biggest difference so be sure to pick a pretty table cloth, hang coloured bunting and present your cakes on vintage style cake stands. If you are unsure of the baby’s gender, opt for a neutral, yet pretty colour like mint green.

Ready to pop party

Mums-to-be always describe themselves as being ‘ready to pop’ so why not make this the theme of your baby shower? Think of everything that pops like soda pop, champagne, balloons, bubbles, cake pops and popcorn. This is a baby shower theme that you can certainly have a lot of fun with! You could even choose colours that pop against each other to keep consistent with your theme.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar baby shower

We absolutely love the idea of throwing a baby shower based on the famous baby book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. For the decorations you could use prints from the book and choose colours which are inspired by the caterpillar transforming into the beautiful butterfly at the end of the story. You could also make butterfly mobiles which will add a special touch to your party decorations. Food wise, why not pick out some of the food mentioned in the baby book? The caterpillar chomps through so many different foods including strawberries, oranges, chocolate cake, pickles, Swiss cheese, salami, cherry pie, sausage and cupcakes!

You could try a Safari theme
You could try a Safari theme

Twinkle Twinkle baby shower

Lullabies and nursery rhymes are often associated with children, so why not throw a baby shower based on these themes? We love the idea of throwing a ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ baby shower. For the decorations you could hang moons and stars from the ceiling and feature lyrics from the nursery rhyme on your invitations. You could even make prints to hang on the wall which could go in the baby’s nursery after the shower. In terms of food, think about creating star shaped cakes and biscuits, decorating them with edible glitter to make them twinkle!


When it comes to planning a baby shower there are so many different themes you can choose from. Whilst some baby shower themes have been done over and over again, the themes featured in this article are all relatively unique and will make your baby shower stand out from the rest. Putting thought into the baby shower and planning a special theme is sure to be well received by the mum-to-be who will love that you have taken care into making sure her day is a day to remember!

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Identity Theft Should Be Prevented – Find Out More

Identification fraud or ID theft happens to be a major concern amongst almost all people throughout the country. Now if you were not really conscious of it, then understand that it’s time you got yourself acquainted with this flaming issue. Actually, not learning identity theft makes you an even more vulnerable sufferer of this. Check out further information about this

Identity Theft

Identity theft concept – You should know

Actually identity theft or ID theft happens to be a criminal activity by which others obtain your personal financial details. Herein the only inspiration behind doing so is to assume your identity and fraudulently make dealings or purchases with your financial resources.

Now identity theft is known to be performed in various methods. For example, there are certain identity criminals that are known to dig through junk containers so that they can discover banking account or credit cards statements. There are, of course, more advanced techniques involved including obtaining corporate data source so that customer details can be stolen.

Identity theft insurance – Its importance

Now with the growing prowess of identity theft and the variety of techniques that are actually employed towards it, experts opine that it’s better to be safe instead of sorry. This is why identity theft insurance policy has become so very indispensable. If you wish to get an excellent one, then you could obviously consider ID theft services by Protect Your Bubble which can come in rather handy. Simultaneously, even if you go for it, there can be no alternative to knowledge and awareness in the long run.

How to avoid identity theft – The techniques involved

It’s very essential that you create an effort to avoid identity theft. Follow the easy steps given below and keep ID theft at bay.

1. Change security passwords often: It’s very essential that you ensure to modify security passwords often. There is no factor in being sluggish here for your financial situation is at risk.

2. Be careful of your PIN: Your PIN number happens to be a super private detail and do not create the error of discussing it with anyone. You should take care all the more of your PIN and that too at ATMs. Also, have your PIN number should be committed to memory. Don’t just write it down somewhere.

3. Do destroy credit cards receipts: You should consistently tear up or destroy your credit cards invoices after you have been through them. For that matter, stuff like rarely used loan requests and any other such records or records containing private details should be damaged with immediate effect. Don’t make the error of simply tossing it in the junk for criminals can fish it out from there and use it for their benefit.

4. Run a check of credit score report: Always take care to run a check of your credit score at regular durations and frequently at that. This is essential for if you do not examine your credit report, you will never really get to know what has been happening. Actually you might be totally unaware to the point that you are a sufferer of identity theft for a lengthy period to come which effectively means disaster for your financial situation.

5. Report anything unpleasant immediately: Also ensure to review anything unpleasant like say for example stolen credit cards instantly without sparing any time at all. This can help you in the long run and save your money too.

Now that you are conscious of what identity theft is and how exactly you can avoid it, ensure to visit here for more information. Surely you would not like to feel sorry later.

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How to Increase Your Odds of Landing the Right Relationship


The urge to pair up is natural and understandable. Being in a healthy, loving relationship offers many benefits for our mental and even physical well-being. But, it is easy to lose focus and look for anyone rather than the right one. We may be sick of being alone and convince ourselves that certain people are good matches when we know deep down, they aren’t. I am certainly no expert, but as  deeply introspective person who went from a romantic train wreck to meeting a great guy who I will soon marry, I wanted to share some insights that helped put me finally couple up with someone that was right for me.

Know Your Past Does not Dictate Your Future

No matter what area of your life you are trying to achieve better results, it is crucial to know that your past does not dictate your future. When looking back at all our romantic ‘’failures’’ it is easy to develop a destructive mindset that you will never be able to get anything other than what you have already experienced in this arena of life. Our mindset is very powerful and has a huge impact on the type of reality we experience.  You are not destined to be alone, or with someone who treats you badly or with a specific type of person and no one else.

Do Some Digging within Yourself

It is easy to blame our love woes on some cruel outside force or bad luck, but guess what? You are looking at the problem in the mirror. My personal ephiphany was that getting involved with people who were not good matches, and developing all-consuming crushes on people who did not feel the same, were a result of being afraid to be in actual relationship, where I would be vulnerable, let someone see the real me and perhaps have to compromise my fiercely independent nature. You are getting involved with the wrong people because on some level, there is some benefit. This may seem silly on the surface, but if you think more about it, you will find the reason.  Once you discover more about your motivations, you will have an easier time staying away from people you know are bad for you and gravitating towards better matches.

Be Open to the Possibilities

Right before I met my fiancé, I had made a concerted effort to be more open about dating. There had been a guy from high school that apparently had a crush on me and we somehow reconnected years later. I did not feel an instant attraction, but he was nice and I tested the waters. Then there were a couple of other dates that I would have normally passed on. Obviously, none of these people ended up being ‘’the one,’’ but I believe that my openness set a strong intention that allowed the right person to come into my life, which happened shortly after. Be open to going out with anyone who may ask, try speed dating, or get online. There are chat rooms for 50 plus, Christians, Muslims, animal lovers and numerous other specific groups of people. Here you can connect with people who you know you will have many things in common with.

About the Author: Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who enjoys blogging about all things love and dating.

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What Are The Causes of Depression?

Depression affects vast numbers of people worldwide. In Britain, it is estimated that some one in four will suffer from depression at some time or other. The exact causes of the illness, however, are not known but a variety of factors are involved. These can be social, psychological and physiological.

Causes of Depression

Genetics and biology

Depressions Research shows that the disease is more common among those whose biological families have some history of the problem, although the genes responsible have yet to be identified.

Biology also seems to play a part. Changes in the hormone balance due to menopause, thyroid problems and other conditions are thought contribute to triggering depression. The body also has neurotransmitters, which are naturally occurring chemicals in the brain that are linked to mood, that are thought to have a direct connection with the development of depression. Also, scientists have observed physical changes in the brains of those who have depression, although the significance of these observations is yet to be established.

Trauma and life experiences

High stress events are known to have precipitated depression in some people. The loss of a loved one, divorce, financial difficulties and the loss of a job are all circumstances that can have an affect. Trauma, especially in early childhood, can also render people susceptible to depression. Sexual or physical abuse, dysfunctional family life and the like could lead to changes in the makeup of the brain and increase the likelihood of depression as time goes by. Troubled interpersonal relationships, especially with siblings, can also be a factor.


The risk of depression can also be increased by the use of certain medications. Some drugs associated with the treatment of high blood pressure, acne, insomnia and anxiety, contraception and the lowering of cholesterol levels have the potential to increase the risk and should be taken only as prescribed.

Substance abuse

People who abuse alcohol and drugs often have problems with depression. In fact, almost a third of drug or alcohol abusers suffer from the illness. The relationship, however, is confused as depression can lead to substance abuse, so it is not always clear which came first. Smoking has also been linked with depression although, as with substance and alcohol abuse, it is often unclear which occurred first.


Some people develop depression as a result of their surroundings. For some the pressures of city life can be too much, while others are intimidated by the open spaces and quiet of country living. Even the time of year can play a part – some people become depressed during the winter while a very few are adversely affected by the arrival of summer.

These are just a few of the major known causes of depression. There are others – the end of a favourite television series, excessive amounts of time spent online, lack of sleep and even having too many options – that can be triggers.

Fortunately, if find yourself, a loved one or a friend falling into depression help is available. The sooner you seek it out the better, as the earlier you tackle the problem, the more easily and quickly it can be cured.

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The Beauty Of A Contemporary Tub Chair

For that modern, yet contemporary look in your home there’s nothing quite like a tub chair. In every imaginable shade and colour, with imaginative designs and a quietly elegant style all of their own they add individuality and imagination to any setting.

tub chair

Swivel Tub Chairs

Ideal for the busy mum, or work from home business man, swivel tubs come in leather of fabric. They not only look the part, but also are perfect for those times when you are busy at the computer, or office desk, but don’t want to miss out on what’s going on around you. What are the kids up to? A quick push with your feet and you can swivel in their direction, without twisting into exotic yoga positions. Something catch your ear whilst you’re busy typing? Swivel to the telly or your companions with ease and grace. But don’t be surprised if the kids want a go as soon as you vacate your seat!

Colour me Autumn

With all the latest shades of autumn at your fingertips you really will be spoilt for choice with the amazing tub chair range. Browns, golds, russets, mustards. You name it, they can do it.

And it’s not just the autumn shades either. Be dramatic with black, pristine in white, Subtle in blue, or why not make a bold statement in one of the many shades of red on offer. If tartan’s your thing you won’t be disappointed.

Spoil me with leather

The range of leather chairs available is phenomenal. Red, Orange, Blue, Plum, Ivory to name but a few of the exciting colours on offer. And the high quality leather tub chairs come in contract and swivel styles.

Which style do you want? Classic, contemporary, contract, swivel? They have them all.

Who sits in a chair like this?

You may well wonder where, besides classy and elegant homes, you might see tub chairs. Well, you may find them nestling in a Best Western Hotel, the Celtic Manor Resort, or even Derbyshire County Cricket Club, showing that these chairs are not just classy, but sporty as well.

What about the design?

Imagine any number of designs and it is quite likely that tub chairs will come in them. Floral, Woodstock, Churchill, Parchment, Natural, to name but a few. You won’t get a much subtler look than the delightful Churchill Champagne, or Parchment Verdi, and for that bold statement why not consider Tosca Blush or Tosca Sunshine.

What about the Price?

With prices starting from under £100, this really is an affordable addition to you home or office. With delivery, usually within 48 hours, what are you waiting for? Order yours today!

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Household Energy Saving Guidelines

Saving energy at home can by easy and economical. Follow these 18 tips to give you motivation to save energy in your house. Your household will be doing its bit for the environment by following these tips and your carbon footprint will decrease dramatically.

Household Energy

Tip 1: Old Boiler

If your boiler has clocked up more than 15 years’ service, then it’s time for it to go into retirement. More energy will be used by an old boiler.

Tip 2: Keep Doors Shut

Your household can stay warm by shutting the doors. Your home can get cold quickly if you have any cracks or holes in your doors. So you should make sure to seal all drafts.

Tip 3: Monitor Your Energy Usage

Using an energy monitor, you can estimate how much your energy bill is likely to be. You will also be able to tell the amount of energy you’re actually using.

Tip 4: Buy Local                                                                                                        

A lot of carbon gets produced before food gets to your local store. Therefore, when you can you should buy from a local supplier.

Tip 5: Compost

Fertiliser can be produced from waste food for example potato skins. Just get yourself a composter and you can grow your garden.

Tip 6: Insulate Your Home

Your heating bill will be high if your home doesn’t have good insulation. You will repeatedly be heating your home if you don’t have good insulation.

Tip 7: Water Tank Jackets

You can keep your water warmer for longer by have an insulation jacket for your water tank. This can you reduce your spend on water by almost 75%.

Tip 8: Boiling Water

Does the kettle need to be filled to the top for just one cup of tea? A partially filled kittle will use less energy than a full one.

Tip 9: Lighting

You will use more energy if you are using standard light bulbs. You can reduce the amount of energy you use by using light bulbs that are energy efficient.


Tip 10: Cooker

You can halve your cooking times by using a halogen oven. They cook food much quicker than standard ovens.

Tip 11: Piping

Your carbon footprint can be reduced by secure your piping. It will also help to keep the water warmer for longer.

Tip 12: Clean Your Appliances

Dust will begin to clog up your appliances if you don’t clean them regularly. One they become clogged up they will start using more energy to function correctly.

Tip 13: Solar Panels

The company that supplies your energy may give you money if you create more energy than you use. You will need to have solar panels installed first.

Tip 14: Don’t Have A Bath

A typical shower will use about 35 litres of water, whereas a bath will use about 100 litres. Stop having baths and take showers if you want your water and energy bill to be reduced.

Tip 15: Stop Drafts

Drafts are the cause for about half of heat being lost in homes. You can test your home for drafts by putting your hand next to windows and doors and feeling for a breeze. Warm air is leaving if you can feel cold air coming in. This is one easy fix that can save you hundreds of pounds on your annual heating bill.

Tip 16: Turn Off Applications and Lights

Any appliances you do not use regularly should be switched off and plugged out of the socket. You should also turn off the lights once you leave a room. It is also important that your fridge or freezer doors are not open for long periods of time.

Tip 17: Search for Grants Obtainable To Help Make Your Household More Energy Proficient

To make homes more energy efficient, grants are now available for households. This is a great way to implement expensive changes.

Tip 18: Central heating Oil

Heating oil that is slow burning has recently been formulated. The amount of kerosene you use will be reduced. A smaller amount of carbon will be produced as a result.

Visit to connect with author of this article (Brian Madden).

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5 Healthy Habits to Teach Your Kids About Organization

Let’s be completely honest – children can be extremely messy and disorganized. Although this disorganization drives most parents crazy, their children don’t seem to mind at all. In fact, the more their parents try to set up routines or complain about their messiness, the more rebellious the kids become. Unfortunately, this causes conflict within the household and frustration with both parties. Well, the good news is that you can stop fussing and still get results. Yes, there are techniques you can use to help your child develop better organizational skills that won’t disrupt communication. Skills that will not only help your children in school but also in life. In this article, we will share five techniques to improve your child’s organizational skills. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

Healthy Habits

1. Use Visual Prompts

Most children are visual learners and using visual prompts help them get and stay organized. For instance, reward charts and to-do lists are excellent prompts that motivate children to succeed. In fact, parents who use visual prompts and offer rewards for completing tasks often see positive improvements in their child’s organizational skills and behavior in a short period of time.

2. Encourage Use of a Planner

Planners are not just for adults – they can also be used for children, too. With a planner, children can write down important tasks and then check them off when they are completed. Not only does this give them a sense of satisfaction and higher self esteem but it helps them realize the value of their time. It also encourages them to stay organized and on schedule.

3. Designate a Separate Area

Most children are disorganized because there is no set place for them to put things. If you designate a special space for their books, shoes, clothes, toys, and other items, it will be much easier for them to put them in their rightful place. For instance, if your child is having issues with a dirty room, you may want to get rid of clutter and then organize their closets or toy boxes so they can put items in a special place. On the same token if your child can never find supplies for studying, you might want to set up a study center that is fully stocked with necessary supplies. Then, they can use that area for studying.

4. Enforce routines

Although children don’t particularly like routines, they actually help them stay on track. This encourages them to follow a schedule, organize their time and stay on task. For instance, you may dedicate the hour after dinner as study hour or allocate fifteen minutes in the morning for them to make up their beds and straighten up their rooms. This way, they know what tasks they need to complete at what time.

5. Make Organization Fun

Buy colored organization bins and encourage them to put items in its right place. If you live in Cordova, TN and have a lot of items and no room for them, you can rent Cordova TN storage units and place items there. Your child can help you organize items for storage and win prizes for helping you put items in appropriate boxes. You can also play the clean up game where you and your child puts items in its appropriate place in under 5 minutes, etc. Another fun activity is to encourage your child to cook with you. They can organize the ingredients and assist with overall meal planning. You can also give them special tasks like organizing coupons and putting them in their correct folder. All of the above tasks encourage them to be more organized.

In conclusion, teaching your children strong organization skills takes time and effort but it is well worth the effort. By using visual prompts, encouraging the use of a planner, designating a separate area, enforcing routines and making organization fun, you can definitely enhance their organizational skills.

Author Bio

Kathrine Kreger, is a freelance writer from Eugene, OR.  She loves museums, art and football. For those who are looking for a reputable storage company, look to ( for a location near you.

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Choosing the Right Rehabilitation Facility for Your Teen

ID-100187425Raising children can be heart-wrenching enough; add drug addiction into the mix and you have a set of circumstances that can invoke an emotional state that you cannot adequately describe with words. No one wants to see her child suffer with such a serious problem that can ruin the rest of his life, or even worse, end it completely. Getting him into a quality rehabilitation center sooner than later is crucial for a successful recovery. There are a variety of facilities to choose from, and while in most cases, cost will largely inform your decision, there are other important things to consider as well.

Distance of Facility

You can find rehabilitation centers in every corner of the country, and the first thing you will need to decide is whether you want your child in a facility that is close by or farther away. Having your child closer to home may allow you to be involved in his care more—for example, you may take part in family counseling session or simply be able to visit and support your child, who may need family more than an adult would. On the other hand, a facility farther away may be the better option in some cases if you think putting some distance between your child and his current environment can help.  Being out of our familiar elements can invite a deeper reflection on our lives and our choices. Ultimately, you should focus on the facility that you think will best meet your child’s needs,  regardless of the distance.

Treatment Philosophy

There are countless ways people approach treating addiction and staying sober. To optimize the chances of successful treatment, you should pick a facility whose program resonates with your teenager. For example, you may believe in the power of God to heal all wounds, but if your child is not religious, or does not share this same degree of conviction about the role of religion in overcoming adversity, a faith-based program would probably not be the best fit. Some places may take a more scientific, secular approach or a spiritual one that is not rooted in a specific religion.

Treatment of the Underlying Cause

Drug addiction typically does not develop out a simple enthusiasm for experimenting with illicit substances; if your teen has reached the point of addiction, it is because some issue in his life was driving use; there was something he believed he could not deal with any other way. Whatever it is, make sure you choose a center that will work on treating the triggers, whether depression or something else, not just the drug habit.

Center Offerings

This is not a vacation, but at the same time, you do want to choose a center that offers a relatively pleasant experience. There should be activities to keep your teen busy when not in therapy or other treatment-related activities. A place that offers him the opportunity to perhaps develop a new skill or discover a passion. You want a rehab experience that will show your teen a life without drugs can be good and enjoyable. While this is important for anyone struggling with addiction, it is particularly important for teenagers, who do not have motivations like their career or family, to get better.

Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who blogs about various health issues; if you are looking for a treatment center currently, she recommends you read more at, a helpful referral service.

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