How to Be the Life of Every Party

If you love to go to parties frequently you might have noticed certain men tend to attract a lot of attention; they seem to be weaving a magic on the people around them. They seem to garner a lot of attention everywhere they go. Have you ever wondered how it would be to be that person around whom people would feel tempted to, one who hogs the limelight at all social events and parties? Being a popular person in the party circle is not as difficult as it may sound; following the few simple techniques below would greatly help you to be the life of every party:

Put your best outfit on: This is one of the simplest yet the most effective ways to be the life of every party. Looking good is pivotal to pull in the people’s attention towards you. The kind of dress you wear and the way you groom yourself would have a huge impact on the people around you. If you look sophisticated and smell well, it would definitely create a positive impression about you on the people. Nobody would want to talk to a person who is dressed shabbily or looks unclean.

Apart from being dressed good, it is important that you appear to be a very confident person, the way you conduct yourself would make or break your chances of being the life of the party. Having that swaggering confidence would create an aura around you that people would find irresistible.

Get drinks at the party always While you are going for a party, it is advisable that you always carry some drinks with you for the host. It may be anything, a few cans of beer or a bottle of wine. You can also consider buying a cake. Nobody likes people who visit parties as freeloaders.

Even if you have got personal invitation for the party, it would be wise to bring something along with you. This would not only earn you appreciation from the party host but also would create a strong impression among other present at the party. It is always good to have more drinks at the party than having a party running out of drinks.

Be the entertainer: Ideally, when people visit a party they love to let their hair down and enjoy to the fullest. People look up to someone who is energetic and is buzzing with enthusiasm so that they can join in with them and have some fun themselves. If you want to gain the attention of the people at the party, bring out your entertainer cap from the bag and take the initiative to crack jokes, dance, sing or display your unusual abilities.

People love to be around with people who are laughing and making merry than with people who simply prefer to sit at the bar gulping drinks. The more people you interact with, the more you talk and laugh more people would know about you and become aware of your presence. Cracking jokes on you is the best way to break the ice and attract people’s attention.


Looking For The Ultimate Christmas Party Entertainment?

Are you looking for ways to keep your children entertained for Christmas? Have you ever thought about a magic show for your Christmas party? There are several performers waiting to host parties for you to help make your party an event to remember. One such magician is Scott Dietrich. He is a professional magician with 30 years of experience. Magic is a great way to kick off the Christmas party entertainment for all the children and other guests to enjoy.


Scott Dietrich has been entertaining individuals for many years, starting at a very young age. He was first recognized for his work at the age of 18 when he won first place honours as the youngest magician in a highly respected competition. He has spent years honing his craft to become the master of magic that he is today. There are a variety of tricks that are preformed to keep the children’s minds active and entertained for long periods of time. He has even been voted the Best Children’s Party Entertainer in 2012 and 2013 by City Parent Magazine.

The children at your Christmas event will have lifelong memories from a magic show. During the show, they will be filled with laughter and wonder as Scott keeps them guessing on how the tricks were performed. It will definitely ensure that the children have a great time at the Christmas party and will have something to talk about with their friends and loved ones.

Magic shows are a great way to keep a party going. They are great for Christmas party entertainment, birthday parties, school events, church events, or just about any other event. During the Christmas party, parents can enjoy each other’s company and have adult conversations, while the children are being enthralled with Scott’s magic. Many parents may even find themselves watching the show as well! Magic is great for kids and adults of all ages!

The next time you are planning to throw an awesome party, you don’t have to stress about the details. You can always hire a performer, like Scott Dietrich, to come in and help liven up the party. The guests are going to go home filled with happiness and memories they will never forget. Other parents may even get the idea to hire a magic performer for the next party that they throw! Give your guests a night they will never forget with the magic of Scott Dietrich!

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With the holiday season upon us, event entertainment blogger Roger Fillbid continues to provide his readers with great ideas on how to throw a memorable party. If you are planning a holiday party, Roger encourages you to click here to learn more about Scott Dietrich and the best Christmas party entertainment you could possibly find.


Top 7 Types Of Classical Music You Should Know About

In simple terms, classical music is the art of music that is rooted and produced in western music traditions. It covers a wide period beginning from the 11th century to present day. Nevertheless, the term ‘classical music’ did not appear until early on in the 19th century. It was used to canonize music from that era. Classical music has an extremely wide range of forms, genres, styles thus it is very challenging to come up with specific characteristics.

Nevertheless, musical experts have come to agree on the general types of classical music. Knowing some of these general types will help you enjoy and appreciate classical music more the next time you are out on a concert. It can also help you find out which kind of classical music you enjoy more and thus make the right choice the next time you buy. Here are some of these general classical music types:


Houston Symphony Tunes Up

Generally, this is a large-scale work involving full orchestras. This kind of classical music normally comprises of four sections or movements, which often alternate from fast to slow. The ninth symphony from Beethoven was the first to break this tradition in that it incorporated a full choir and soloist in to the last section of the symphony. Mozart and Brahms are other famous symphony composers you can try listening to. When you visit a classical concert, chances are you are listening to a symphony.


Similar to a symphony, a concerto is a large-scale work that involves full orchestras. The main difference is that a concerto has a lead instrumental soloist. Even though it can be any instrument of the orchestra, it is often a cello, violin or piano. The distinguishing mark of a concerto is the interplay between the soloist and the orchestra. A perfect example of a concerto is Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, where the violin is the soloist uses the violin.


This type of classical music is a good collection of various short pieces of music to form one large piece. These musical pieces can come from a symphony, concerto or solo instrument. The benefit of this kind of classical music is that it allows you to enjoy a broad range of classical music from different composers and different compositions at the same time. An excellent example of a suite is Ancient Airs and Dances by Respighi.



This is perhaps the most common type of classical music that people enjoy today. Operas comprise of very large-scale piece of both music and theatre. A typical opera has solo singer, full orchestra, and choir. The participants are required to sing and act on stage. Nevertheless, you can also enjoy operas purely for their music content. Some examples of well-known classical operas include magi flute by Mozart, Carmen by Bizet and Madame Butterfly by Puccini.

Chamber music

A simple definition of this kind of classical music is that it is made for a small audience. This kind of music consists of a small number of performers between one to six individuals. They can use any types of instrument but the focus is on the interplay between these instruments. This kind of classical music used to be enjoyed by kings and their guests, nobles, and affluent citizens in the privacy of their own homes.


This is the same as a symphony but only with one or two instruments. It consists of four movements or sections usually alternating fast-slow. Most sonatas consist of a piano or a violin. A violin sonata is normally accompanied by a piano to break the monotony. This kind of music suits individuals who enjoy listening to specific types of instruments in an orchestra. Beethoven composed about 31 piano sonatas in his lifetime. A piano sonata involves only the use of piano with no accompaniment.

Small groups of instruments

Classical music can also be composed of small groups of instruments, and called duos, trios, quartet, quintet, sextet and octet. The musical pieces can comprise a combination of any types of instrument, once again the focus being on the interplay between these instruments. One of the most common styles is the string quartet, comprising of two violins, cello and viola. These are normally very serious and complex musical pieces.

Dennis is a resident of New York who has, for many years, enjoyed listening to classical music. His favorite is always a classical string quartet.


4 Tips for Film Production

ID-10086792Creating a film entails paying strict attention to details to smooth out the production process. Connect the dots by following a few basic tips to improve your film’s production. Trying to juggle too many tasks will severely affect the quality of your movie. Put your ego aside and hire a team of skilled individuals to create a well-oiled, movie-making machine. If you can become comfortable with delegating responsibilities and build a concrete plan for your project you are well on the way to creating an inspiring, professional-looking movie production.

Pick an Assistant Director

You need someone to motivate each department to complete their job and keep the crew on schedule. Hire an assistant director to ensure all flows smoothly on the set. These technical end wizards are detached from the creative process. This allows assistant directors to focus exclusively on running a tight ship in a sometimes hectic, chaotic environment. Assistant directors take care of ensuring all the day to day operations are completed effectively. This position wears more than a few hats, acting as the head of safety. Assistant directors ensure that the cast and crew are performing their tasks in a safe manner.

Design a Comfortable Set

If you are filming on location plan out what you need to create a comfortable set up for cash and crew. Filming on a beach means you need to have plenty of water, cool snacks and sun block for actors and film workers who might be spend 10 or 12 hours under direct sun. Wear the proper attire for your location. Don the proper shoes and prepare to weather changes by bringing rain gear or heavier coats for cooler settings. Walking around cold, wet or with sore feet because you forget to bring the right gear can make for a miserable day on the set. Do not forget to carry eye drops. Climate conditions or the simple bright glare of set lighting can cause eyes to become dry and irritated. Using eye drops can alleviate eye irritations.

Pick a Producer

Hire someone to solve problems developing between departments, hire crew members or communicate with the director if some project is outside of the movie’s set budget. Producers are multi-talented individuals who can handle a variety of tasks on and off the set. Between communicating with owners of rental house or other locations to simply being available to solve just about any problem a producer will be able to resolve any situation faced by the cast and crew.

Write Down Your Action Plan

No matter how talented or creative you imagine yourself to be you will need to write down your action plan and check off completed tasks to effectively create your film. You might have the most inspiring idea in your mind but unless you can get it down on paper and cross off what you complete you will have problems solidifying your vision and reaching your goals. Organize your thoughts by using full storyboards or skeletal shot list

About the Author: Ryan Biddulph shares production tips and suggests that you click here for all of your production needs.

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Should You Become A Bartender? 3 Things You Need To Know

This post is from the Instawares food service blog, a great resource for restaurant owners who want to catch up on best practices and what’s going on in the industry.

Bartending is a career choice that offers extreme job flexibility. Good bartenders are always in high demand, especially for individuals who live in towns with high college populations or in cities. Additionally, bartending can be an incredibly lucrative career since many bartenders make a significant amount of money in tips each day. That said, there are a few things you need to consider before you take the leap and jump into the world of bartending.

Handsome bartender

You Won’t Have a Social Life

Think you’ll enjoy bartending since it means your days will be free? Unless you’re only friends with other bartenders, working nights means you’ll miss out on many social events. This could be anything from your son’s baseball game to your wife’s birthday party. Since many people plan social events in the evenings, bartending means you may have to miss out on some things that are important to you. This will last as long as you’re working nights and your friends work days. While chances are that you’ll still have friends, the truth is that there will be social sacrifices you have to make in order to work nights.

You’ll Have the Chance to Party

While many of your usual friends will plan events you can’t attend, your patrons and frequent visitors to the bar will invite you out on a regular basis. Most people, especially regulars, grow attached to their bartenders. You’ll have people give you their phone numbers, invite you out, and even come on to you. If you’re married or in a long-term relationship, this temptation can be intense. Make sure you’re ready to handle it before you become a bartender.

You Will Feel Lonely

If you aren’t proactive in doing activities during the day with people you know, you’ll start to get lonely. Many bartenders have spouses who work during the day, which means that they might only see their partner on the weekends. While going to work can be a distraction, you’ll need to take steps to make sure you don’t become depressed or overwhelmed with feelings of loneliness. Some bartenders choose to go golfing during the week or pursue other daytime hobbies where they can connect with other people. Being a bartender can be a fun and enjoyable career. There’s plenty of room for growth and there is always something new to learn. It can also be a difficult job, though, so make sure you consider all aspects of bartending before you take the leap.


Favorite TV Dramas Right Now

Are there really more exceptional television dramas on than ever before—or does it just feels that way? Maybe the latest cable TV deals help the networks stay creative.

It’s common for reviewers to come up with their top shows, and typically one or two shows top the list of most major critics. However, with our current crop of shows there is no clear winner. They are just that good. Let’s review some of the truly extraordinary shows currently on our airwaves.

Favorite TV Dramas

Breaking Bad
Those of you brave enough to fall in love with a dark, tense show are likely to love “Breaking Bad.” Though this show centers around an ex-chemistry teacher who’s decided to use his scientific powers for evil, there are still surprisingly fresh bursts of humor to be found. Warning: this show is highly addictive.

Mad Men
Some shows can get stale after a few seasons – especially shows that are as stylized as “Mad Men.” Thankfully, that’s not the case with this brilliant drama that focuses on the hip and stylish late ‘60s and early ‘70s Manhattan. From the clothes, to the sets, to the cars, everything about this show is cool. Die-hard viewers claim this show is just getting better every season. As the upheaval of the ‘70s takes over Manhattan, look for the plots to get even more relevant and thought-provoking.

Game of Thrones
This show alone makes subscribing to HBO worthwhile. Based on a popular series of books by G.R.R Martin, “Game of Thrones” takes place in the fictional land of Westeros. From intrigue to romance, from battles to love affairs, there’s something here for everyone. The acting has been described as the best seen on TV this decade, and the show’s fans are constantly on the edge of their seats to see which plot twist will next blow them away.

Probably the best show on NBC in the last twenty years, “Parenthood” has stayed steady in the ratings for four seasons and will be hanging around for at least a fifth. The story follows patriarch Zeke and matriarch Camille’s adult children and their families, as they make their way through the often-confusing world of family, careers and more. Grab your popcorn and your most philosophical friend, because one of the strengths of this complicated show is the fact that there are always two sides to every story, and nothing is ever quite what it initially seems.

Another tense heart-stopper, “Homeland” has an incredibly talented crew of actors and writers who truly bring these tales of espionage, theft and attempted terror to life. This is not a show for the faint of heart, but it is a show that bridges generation gaps. After all, everyone can appreciate an expertly woven tale and stories of foreign intrigue.

Doctor Who
“Doctor Who” has been a popular British show for decades, and part of the brilliance of this show is the fact that it’s set up in such a way that it can carry on with new actors every few years. The main character, referred to only as “The Doctor”, has had many incarnations, but whether you’ve loved this show for many years or are just getting on board, all it takes is one episode to see that this science fiction/fantasy show is truly something special.

The Good Wife
As intriguing as political dramas are, the idea is not an especially new one. However, “The Good Wife” manages to put a fresh, fascinating spin on political theater. Part political thriller and part courtroom drama, it focuses not on the powerful, corrupt politician himself, but on his wife. At times heart-breaking, at times tense, it is consistently captivating.

The Newsroom
Fans of Aaron Sorkin, creator of the beloved series “The West Wing” and the Academy Award-winning movie “The Social Network”, are making quite a fuss over his newest offering: “The Newsroom.” There’s no question that this is Sorkin at his best. With stunning performances by Jeff Daniels, it’s hard to say what’s more impressive—the acting or the writing. Either way, watching this hour-long show is an hour well spent.

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Why Bars on Liverpool Street Are Best if You Are Working in The City

Life in the City is fast-paced and the work is high pressure. By the end of the day, you are ready to relax and wind down a little before going home and what better place to go than the bars on Liverpool Street? There’s a great selection of classic London pubs and some new bars that add a refreshing modernity to the area.  And, being within easy walking distance of the office and convenient for transport home when you are done, Liverpool Street has got to be the ideal place to go at the end of the day if you work in the City. Try some of these bars and you’ll understand why.

Bars on Liverpool Street

1. Dirty Dicks

Practically a London icon Dirty Dicks was established in 1745 and retains many of the features of days gone by – sadly you won’t be able to buy a bottle of Scotch for half a crown (12½ pence) any more but the huge selection of drinks at reasonable prices is well worth a look. Dirty Dicks also has great food with classic British dishes and plenty of entertainment if you decide to make a night of it.

2. The Lord Aberconway

Another traditional London pub that is steeped in history, the Lord Aberconway has a great interior that alone makes it worth a visit. Destroyed in the Fire of London, it is said to be haunted by victims of the fire, so if you’re not comfortable around ghosts, just have drink from the selection of real ales and maybe a bite from the excellent traditional menu and make your way to another of the great bars in Liverpool Street.

3. Boisdale of Bishopsgate

One of the newer bars in the area, Boisdale’s has already established a reputation as a great place for an after work drink. Superb award-winning cocktails and huge selection of whiskies make it the ideal place to wind down with friends after a hard day. And, for jazz fans, there is live jazz piano in the Piano bar from 6.30pm till 9.30pm. You can also stay on for dinner and experience the great Scottish-themed food from the sumptuous menu. Step into Boisdale’s and you’ll soon become a regular.

4. Catch Champagne Bar and Lounge

Located in the Andaz Hotel, the Catch Champagne Bar and Lounge is a recent addition to the bar scene. It’s blend of the traditional and contemporary gives it an intimate feel that is ideal for a relaxing drink as the sun goes down. The Lounge has a selection of over 70 Champagnes and Bellini cocktails that are complemented by its popular charcuterie.

5. The Magpie

One of London’s unique pubs, the Magpie was an ambulance station in the early 20th century but is now a popular drinking hole for those looking for a traditional pub with real ales. It also serves great food so you won’t have to worry about cooking dinner when you get home – if you can drag yourself away, that is.

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Why Entering Competitions is Great Fun and Rewarding Too

Entering competitions is not a new thing. Since companies wanted to find a way to attract new people to their business with a gimmick or offer, they’ve been offering free things to lucky winners for entering their prize draws. While postal competitions and premium rate telephone lines have been the way to stake a claim on the prizes offered in the past, the internet has now taken over as the main source of winning that dream holiday or just about anything you could possibly imagine!

Finding competitions to enter

There is no shortage of opportunities to enter competitions online. A simple web search will bring up a whole host of opportunities to win all kinds of prizes. The only limit to what you could win is your imagination and the time you have to put into submitting your entries.

Win yourself a trip to a tropical paradise
Win yourself a trip to a tropical paradise

In addition to simply happening across the odd competition and entering on a whim, there are websites available that collate competitions from across the web and compile them into lists so people can find the kinds of prizes that interest them. While in the past this was a much more labour-intensive process, searching out telephone quizzes or competitions in newspapers or magazines, websites can now take all of the effort out of finding things you like the look of. All you then need to do is actually enter…

The fun of the chase

While there are some people who take competition entry very seriously and make it a full-time occupation to apply for cash prizes and other items of high value that they can either use or sell, it’s also a great fun hobby. Almost like gambling but without the risk, entering a competition is like placing a stake on an exciting return and waiting to see what happens.

Some of the competitions themselves are fun to enter. While many of them are as simple to enter as submitting your details, many include some kind of fun element such as quizzes or games to complete in order to qualify for the prize.

Get your next meal on the house
Get your next meal on the house

For those people who have some strong opinions and aren’t afraid to share them, giving views on products or services are also a way to get prizes. Many companies offer the chance to enter prize draws for feedback on a restaurant visit or use of a particular product. Who knows? Let the company know what you thought of their food and your next visit may be free.

Get lucky

So, are there any tricks to success in online competitions? The real secret is in the number you apply for. The more you put in, the more you’re likely to get out. There are people who make a full-time occupation out of entering competitions and a pretty lucrative one at that. However, you don’t need to put in that much effort in order to get a pretty tasty reward.

Of course, there’s always the chance of beginner’s luck. There are those people who only ever applied for one thing in their lives and were successful first time out. However, a major part of the fun of competitions is in the winning, so once you hit the jackpot it’s likely that you’ll be going right back for more.


As a hobby, entering competitions can be good fun to do and your time can be rewarded with some fantastic prizes. Take a chance on a few online competitions and see what you can win for just a few minutes of your time and a little bit of effort.



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Ideas for a Tween Girl’s Sleepover Birthday Party

1396243_pastels_confettiWhen I think back to my younger days, sleepovers were one of the highlights; hanging out with friends, staying up all night talking about boys and stuffing our faces with junk food. If you are looking to do something simple for your tween’s next birthday that just involves a few of her closest friends, a sleepover can be the perfect party idea. Here are some tips for planning the big event.

Planning Considerations

First and foremost, you want to set some ground rules you feel are important to you and discuss them with your daughter. Make sure you have emergency contact information for every person attending. Find out about any medications, food allergies and the like. While you do want to have some fun activities planned, it is also important to have some downtime where the girls can just be girls, hang out and chat.


When it comes to invitations, you can just go the standard route or use a sleepover theme. Buy white pillowcases and print the details of the party on them and mail them out. Take a regular card invitation and punch a hole in the side where you can attach a toothbrush and tube of toothpaste. Or hand-deliver a message in a bottle.

Goody Bags

What birthday party would be complete without goody bags? For this type of party, a fabric tote with personalised labels is a great idea. Fill it with all sorts of fun things that girls that age will like. Nail polish is a particularly good idea since your daughter and her friends can give each other manicures and pedicures.


There are so many fun activities you can do with the girls. Arts and crafts is always fun—they can bead jewelry or decorate a plain t-shirt with puff paint and other items. Fill a jar with gum or some other treat and have the girls guess how many pieces are in it, with the winner taking all. If you have even numbers of girls, a game like seeing who can wrap the other one in toilet paper the fastest can be fun. The girls can also decorate pillowcases with that they will give to your daughter for her birthday—they can write messages, pictures, whatever. Throughout the night , take lots of pictures of the party and of each girl individually. Mail the pictures out with the thank you cards.

Food Ideas

Any old party food will do, but if you want to do something a bit more special, here are a few ideas. Serve freshly popped popcorn in regular bags, and provide toppings the girls can choose from, such as cinnamon, chocolate sprinkles, powdered cheese or salt and pepper. Make regular foods more fun by using cookie cutters to cut them into interesting shapes, such as peanut butter sandwiches, cheese or deli meats. Breakfast can consist of pancakes and toppings used to make funny faces, or you can set up a waffle bar.

About the Author: Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who enjoys blogging about birthday party ideas for kids.

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Theme Ideas for a Costume Party

1094799_venice_carneval_mask Playing dress up is not just for kids. Plenty of adults would love the opportunity to don a cool costume, shed their image for a night and express some of their own creativity and style. While Halloween may be the most popular time to throw such a party, you can do it anytime of the year for any occasion, or for no special occasion at all. The first step in throwing a great costume party is deciding on a theme. Here are a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

Arabian Nights

If you like the exotic, an Arabian nights theme may be right up your alley. You have your snake charmers and harem girls. Middle Eastern food is delicious and you can easily order it from restaurants if you do not want to make it yourself. Decoration is fairly simple as well. Get rid of some of your furniture and lay down some colorful rugs and pillows; make low-lying tables with stacks of books or wood, with a piece of plywood put across. Throw some rubber snakes in baskets; spray paint some pitchers gold for flowers or to serve drinks. Mood lighting is a must so turn on those dimmers or get a bunch of candles. Play some Middle Eastern music, and maybe look into getting some belly dancers. Check out these funny group Halloween costume ideas, which contains some international-themed outfits that would work well for this party.


When it comes to themed parties, people will love the speakeasy theme—the roaring 20s had some great fashion and your guests will have so much fun choosingtheir flapper and gangster outfits. You want to make your space look like a cocktail lounge; get as many small tables as you can—beat up tables or cheap card tables are fine since you are covering them with a long white tablecloth—and place candles or table lights on top. Set up a special area for the bar. This was a very interesting time in history and you can write up some note card with interesting facts about the mafia, prohibition and other issues of the time. As for the menu, cocktail finger foods are the name of the game—make enough and you do not have to worry about serving a major meal. Get some jazz and ragtime music, or if it is in your budget, hire a jazz piano player or a singer.

Other Ideas

If you are a movie fan, a Hollywood movie party can be a good idea—if you want, you can assign different movies to different guests; if you want to go the potluck route for food, ask everyone to bring a dish that can be associated with the film. You can throw a deserted island theme and have people dress as shipwrecked people from different times—you can ask them to come up with a story of what happened and everyone can tell them over dinner—divide people in teams and have them do Survivor-like challenges. If you like the idea of a couples only party, where everyone can get to know each other, a ‘’Better Half’’ party can be a good idea. Split each couple up and at the party, the person has to find their other half, who they will sit with at dinner and participate in any games with.