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Why You Cannot Ignore Personal Development as a College Student

Busy college students make every excuse in the world as to why they spend little time on personal development. They have a full or part time job to hold down along with a heavy course load. They still want to have a social life so they cannot take the time to meditate, or visualize, or affirm, to become successful. All of these excuses are the exact reason why the students feel so busy. Yes, you will tend to be busier if you work and go to school on a full time basis but when your mind is clear you find yourself studying less, getting better grades and making money with far less effort.

Maybe you open up an online business, helping you generate cash online while you purse your degree. This will save you precious commuting time and of course, stress. Not a bad deal but you can only generate and pursue these prospering ideas if you think on a creative plane. Thinking on a creative plane means taking the time to engage in personal development on a daily basis. You need to meditate, visualize, or affirm, or you need to engage in all 3 practices, as well as studying self help materials to instill your confidence in personal development.

personal development

This typically takes at least 30 to 60 minutes daily, a task which might seem too difficult for a college student. Well the reason why this seems impractical is because you have not developed your mental tools, and you are working on a competitive plane of thought, you try to work longer, harder hours at your job instead of working less hours on a business that makes you infinitely more money. You try to snatch the 25th hour in the day to study more instead of concentrating more in the classroom, or during your home study sessions, so you would not need to spend as much time studying. Few students engage in effective acts most of the day. The few who do save themselves loads of time, headaches, and stress as they succeed in the classroom with less effort.

Your Academic Success Comes from Within

How you choose to think about your studies creates success or failure in your studies. Think of the world as proceeding from the inside out. You think and feel a certain way to bring you certain results. You feel a certain way and move into actions based on those feelings, actions which bring you success or failure in the classroom. Now changing your feelings on a predominant basis might seem difficult to do at first but spending more time on personal development helps you shift your inner world so that you can achieve your desired results. You need to do this mental clearing because you likely carry negative, limiting ideas of yourself as a student. Maybe you feel you are not smart or talented enough to succeed in the classroom. Whatever the case may be you must put in at least 30 minutes each day to study the inside world in order to shape a more successful academic reality.

Why Inside Out?

Think of positive people. Notice how few things seem to faze them, and how this crowd goes from victory to victory with little effort. These folks carry different perceptions of life’s circumstances, viewpoints that help them crush obstacles. You too can be positive as a student and build a different reality. The massive failure on your exam can be an opportunity to learn a new skill set, or perhaps this is a moment you needed to experience to develop your concentration. In any case your perception created the experience.

Go within, change the without as a busy college student, and you might just stop being so busy in the process.

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Purchasing Commercial Kitchen Supplies

For those who own their own restaurants or local dining business, often it can be overwhelming to keep everything managed. Utilities and locations are always a concern, and of course one must always be careful when selecting the finest personnel to employ for their business. Additionally, something that many business owners overlook, is the purchase and maintenance of high quality commercial kitchen supplies. More often than not, owners may choose to not purchase the finest equipment to save themselves money. In the long run however, this is not advised, as reliable supplies will allow you to use them for longer wit the proper maintenance procedures.

Depending on the type of food that you regularly provide for your customers, you will find that certain basic utilities will be more useful than others. If you have a large amount of baked goods for sale, you will want to invest in state of the art ovens and mixers to ensure reliable service after each use. On the other hand, if your restaurant will do more frying, grilling, or specialty spitting, you will want the appropriate supplies for such a business venture.

Restaurants that have a unique mix of cuisines will want all-rounded adaptable cooking utilities, such as general ovens and ranges that can be used over and over to multi-task while mixing and matching different types of food. Keeping an eye on kitchen space is recommended as well, as a few functional devices can be much more efficient than a packed kitchen.

Basic equipment such as chef’s knives, mats, and cutting boards will be necessary no matter the specialty of your business. For this reason, it is recommended to not limit your budget on such items. Personal research and surveying can help you find the basic tools that will get the job done, while ensuring that they last you for as long as you plan on using them.


These tools can cost anywhere from one hundred to two hundred dollars, with more advanced sets costing anywhere from two hundred and twenty-five dollars to upwards of three hundred dollars. Regardless of the price, many people falsely believe that more expensive is always better. It is critical for customer testimonials to be taken into consideration before making any sort of long-term purchases, as certain products may work better than others, despite the price tag.

Maintenance can be as simple as making sure that your employees enter and leave work with a clean kitchen area. Basic hygiene should always be the first thing on the check-list, as not only does it promote a healthy cooking environment, but it also helps limit accidents in the workplace. All spills should be mopped up immediately, and no device should be left on if it is not in use. Sweeping and scrubbing should also be done regularly, as this will ensure that cooking build up doesn’t limit the longevity of your tools. With careful maintenance and consideration, you will be able to get quite a bit of mileage on your supplies, while simultaneously ensuring customer satisfaction!

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Tips for Starting a New Restaurant Business

Millions of people are yearning to start and run restaurant businesses of their own.  However, the problem that comes in is that most of these people do not really realize the preparation and work that normally has to go into making the business a success.  That is why most restaurant businesses fail within the first one or two years of operation. Yours should not turn out like this. If you want to make your restaurant business a success, there are certain elements, which you have to adhere to.

Starting and running a restaurant business involves a lot more than just serving tasty and delicious meals.   As much as this might be a vital element in the entire success of the business, it is vital for you to have a very good understanding of how this industry operates. From there, you will have gotten the right kind of ideas and inspiration on how you can better remain relevant in this ever changing competitive market.

There are many ways through which you can launch your new business.  Remember that each of these options has its own taste of pros and cons that you need to consider.  You can choose to buy a business that had previously failed or filed bankruptcy, take over existing lease from a landlord or even start the entire business from scratch.  So, what are the main aspects to consider when you are starting your new business?

Finding money to feed into the activity of starting your business is one of the most important obstacles that you will have to overcome if you really want your business to be a success. You also need money if you plan to employ people and such like aspects.  Again, in case you plan to seek financial assistance from various lenders, you have to make sure your business is duly registered. That again requires proper investment.

If you already have a business location in mind, you need to take some time and do your research right in order to ascertain that it is the most ideal location. You need to understand that the success of your business largely depends on its location. Again, you might find that the business location is really not suitable for the kind of cuisine that you are planning on offering. Just make sure that you are getting everything right.  Conducting some market research early in advance is perhaps the best way for you to be guaranteed of the success of your business even in future.

Last but not least, you also have to familiarize yourself with the kind of inventory and equipment that you will need in the business.  A fully functional restaurant requires a wide range of amenities and equipments. You need to think about some of these issues before you can start thinking about the hungry customers out there.  Moreover, there is a plethora of suppliers whom you will have to interact with on a daily basis; take some time and get to know them better.  If you need to buy kitchen equipment, the best online store to go to is E&A Supply.

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Reasons For Online Reputation Management

Online reputation is crucial to both an individual and a company. Having a successful business because of the best content is all that a business owner would want. It also helps the business to be prominent amongst a large number of people thus ranking high. In the today’s business market, people are faced with a high competition. Business owners should therefore make sure that they come up with competitive ways in order to overcome the competition. One should also make sure that they use the best ways amongst them being marketing in order to improve the brand name. Social media have been used by many to market their businesses. This is because of a large number of people who use the social media. For the people who operate online businesses, they should make sure that they acquire visibility in order to increase the brand name. This also helps a company to have many clients.

reputation management

Online reputation management is one way that helps a company to increase the number of clients in a daily basis. With many ways of managing the reputation of an individual or a company, people should make sure that they choose the best.

Top 3 Reasons for online reputation management

  • Improving and upholding the brand name

Brand protection is the best thing that a business owner can do in order to improve their businesses. A brand name should be protected, maintained and improved. With this, business owners should know how to manage their reputation online. If the customers like a company, they are likely to give the support needed. Business owners should make sure that only the positive comments appear in the websites. Availability of negative comments is likely to mess up with the reputation of a company. With the competition that is there in the business market, people will always go for the best. With this, the business owners should bring the best out of them.

  • Managing the reputation increases the visibility of a company

Each company would definitely want to rank high in the Google search. Only the companies with best reputations get to the top. Apart from keeping a good reputation, one can also opt to use other ways in order to rank top. This includes using the best search engine optimization techniques, using keywords appropriately and creating perfect content. With all this, the business owner should get all ways possible to make their businesses successful. Users will online choose the top websites in the rank. Business owners should therefore make sure that they do all ways possible in order to rank high.

  • Helps to build customer trust

A company with a good reputation is likely to gain customer trust than the ones that have bad reputation. This can only be doe by a company making sure that only the best information goes to the search engine. By this, a company is guaranteed to gain the good reputation that is required. Business owners should ensure customer trust because it is the best way to make an improvement to a business.

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Can Your Online Reputation Sabotage You?

As businesses adapt to cutting edge technologies and as individuals enter the “internet age”, your company’s and your reputation as well can be destroyed or enhanced by what is seen and read online. Can your online reputation sabotage you then? The answer is yes, especially if you don’t invest on online reputation management measures.

online reputation

How It Came To This?

Businesses now take an internet revolution, where products and services are promoted through the internet, and even transactions are processed online. Internet as a mechanism through which businesses work and realize their investments contributed greatly to profits and returns of investments. It also paved way for lower costs of production and an ease in the efforts the manpower exerts. Indeed, what the internet did to the world of business is extremely important and that is undeniable. Great advantages, however, comes with certain construes. It may be fast to gain clients, promote a product, make your company well known and establish a reputation through the internet but it is also easy to destroy this reputation and deter possible business prospects. We have the vast search engines, forums, blogs social media networks and the internet’s permanent memory to thank for this. All of these serve as venues for people to voice out negative comments, and it is just a matter of a few clicks for these negative comments to go viral and spread like an infection throughout the net. When negative and deliberate comments go viral, it can deter possible clients, prevent qualified prospective employees and upset current clients. All of which can negatively impact the business and all the hard work put in it.

Online Reputation and Businesses at a Glance

According to the co-CEO of Amsher Receivables Management in Birmingham, Alabama, every type of businesses in the world today has to deal with online reputation.   A potential client or business partner can just type or evaluate your company by typing the company name in search engines like Google and comments would immediately appear, for others, this is a chance to overrun the search with negative comments.

Most of the time companies fall victims to false accusations or exaggerated cases of mishandled services. The business may operate in a legal and ethical manner offline, but when an unsatisfied customer complains about a service and rats it out on the internet, a minor mishap can become a major and viral topic of forums and blogs.

How to Prevent an Online Sabotage

Studying how an online sabotage of reputation happens, it is undeniable that companies cannot control what people say or post online, but some PR experts say companies can keep their head up and promote positive information about the company. Here are some steps on how: Find out what people say. Do your own search by typing the name of your company and reading people’s comments about your company. To help you further, you can set alerts (e.g. Google Alerts) that lets you know when there is something being said about your company. Companies are also advised to seek the services of PR firms especially if they feel the situation is something they couldn’t handle anymore.

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The Process of Shipping Goods

Day in and day out thousands and thousands of shipping containers arrive and depart from ports around the globe. Shipping containers in Australia, UK, the US and everywhere else in the world are transported on liner ships which travel along regularly scheduled routes. Each shipment represents a particular supply chain – from consumables to electronics, textiles and more. Whether the goods are furniture from Bali or sneakers from China being sent to Africa, each supply chain is really unique since involves accurate and timely transfer of the items between a variety of transport modes.

Typically, goods that are transported aboard a liner ship are packed into the shipping container at the factory of production. The container can be locked and sealed on site and only opened once it reaches its destination, meaning the goods remain safe and secure during their journey.

It’s because of the convenience and safety of this method of transportation that more than 50% of the world’s goods that are moved internationally are done so in shipping containers.

Process of Shipping

Here’s what the process involves.

  1. Let’s say a clothing store is running low on stock of this summer’s most popular t-shirts. The t-shirts are manufactured in northern China. The store orders 1 000 t-shirts and the t-shirt manufacturer will work with a freight forwarding company to organise transport directly from the Chinese factory for the shipment of the goods.
  2. When the t-shirts are ready to be sent off, a trucking company will arrive at the factory and loads the items. These won’t be the only packages on the truck as orders from many other companies are also loaded. Once loaded, the 40 foot container will be bolted shut and a high-security seal is fitted. The container does not get opened again until it reaches a distribution warehouse in the country of destination. Although customs officials may wish to open the container and inspect the contents.
  3. The freight forwarder the Chinese manufacturer uses then decides that the most cost-effective option is to transport the container to the port of Tianjin. The truck company has contracted with a shipping container line. The shipping line will need to submit documentation about the shipment to the local government and to the destination country’s government. The information submitted will include details regarding the contents, the company exporting the goods and the company importing the goods.
  4. Once the container is loaded onto the ship, the ship heads off to its destination country.
  5. A couple of the days before the ship’s scheduled arrival at its destination port, the captain of the ship will give a report over to the government in the destination country with information such as the cargo, ship and crew.
  6. Once the ship has received the proper clearance to enter the port, the vessel will dock at a berth next to large cranes which will unload the shipping containers.
  7. As many as 100s of dockworkers will then arrive to work the ship and containers. Workers include those who will operate the cranes, clerks, lashers and also those who will operate the cargo equipment.
  8. The next step is for customs officials to inspect each container if they wish to. They are armed with all the necessary documentation for the container and can choose to inspect any container they want to.
  9. Once the shipping container has been cleared by customs it is loaded on to a special trailer or chassis and trucked to the distribution warehouse. Typically the containers will be transported by train if the destination is a long way away from the port.

Finally the truck will arrive at the import distribution centre close to the port. It is here that the container is opened and all the orders by individual retailers are sorted out, separated and then prepared for distribution. The next day the clothing store will receive its 1000 t-shirts ready for the shelves.

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The World in Books


A Photographic Survey by Emil Schulthess.English translation by Peter Gorge.173 illustrations from photographs in colour and monochrome.Collins.£4 4s.

This English edition of a Swiss publication is, pictorially, very striking indeed. Its pages, nearly fourteen inches wide and eight inches deep, are excellent for the display of pictures though not for the reader: when turned they flop over and curl and, as the captions are so placed that they cannot be seen side by side with the illustrations, one has to keep on turning. This inevitably leads to a certain amount of irritation, and even cramp in the neck, as one tries to manipulate the flops and curls.

Sir Raymond Priestley contributes a short preface in which he views Antarctica in the light of progress and his own experience. Then Rear-Admiral Dufek, in much greater detail, describes his Antarctic travels, his scientific investigations undertaken during the International Geophysical Year, and his conclusions on the significance of Antarctica to present and future generations of men. His record includes an account of MrSchulthess’s part in these investigations as one of the official photographers: a very active and successful part, as the resulting photographs show. ‘His camera’, the Rear-Admiral says, `caught the fairyland grandeur of glaciers and crevasses that moaned as the ice-shelf moved relentlessly towards the sea at the rate of four feet a day. He caught, too, the changing moods of the men at work and at play. Once I walked from my flagship over the ice towards a herd of four Weddell seals and a group of Emperor Penguins. When I arrived, I found I had been mistaken. There were three seals—the fourth was Emil taking pictures of the penguins.’

While his views of mammals and machines are remarkably good, where Mr. Schulthess most brilliantly succeeds is, I think, in his landscapes. Some of his desolate icy wastes, his fantastic ice­bergs, ice-shelves and barriers explain the lure of the Poles which those who have visited them never forget or escape.


Rome. By Y. and E.-R.Labande. Translated and adapted from the French by George Millard. 205 illustrations.4 maps.270 pp.New edition. Kaye. 35s.

The heliogravure illustrations in the Beaux Pays series to which this reprint belongs are not only of excellent quality, they are particularly well suited to ‘the many faces of Rome’. An intro­ductory chapter on the colour of Rome—colour in the broadest sense—points out that ‘not everything can be attributed to the light. The city, so rich in ancient monuments of many periods, has a genuine continuity not only in the materials used but also in the elements that con­stitute apparently inconsistent styles: all are unified by a subtle harmony.’ Though the ancient ruins—ancestors from which the great city has sprung—are ‘now only tiny islands of verdant natural beauty’, they have lost nothing of their interest for newcomers to Rome, who will find this volume likely to be of value in identifying the most important relics.

The seven hills, the tombs and burial sites, the palaces and villas, the Tiber and its lovely bridges, and finally the Vatican City are described, with digressions on paintings, sculpture and archi­tecture. As the authors say, even the best of illustrated books cannot tell the whole story or convey the complete picture of Rome. As an attractive side-light on its history and art, this one has earned a place.

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Getting Professional Help Moving Your Office

A lot of people dread the moving process. Unfortunately, when moving a residential unit or office, most people have no idea what they are doing. Without proper preparation items can be lost or broken in the process.  Smart people have realized that it is worth the extra expense involved in paying a professional mover. Hiring a professional moving company will minimize both stress and damage. While some people may scoff at the cost, others realize that a professional mover can do a better and more efficient job, which may actually save money in the end.

Moving Box

When looking for a moving company, a homeowner or office manager must do some research. It is crucial to choose a solid company that does a terrific job every time. For starters, one must choose a company with a strong track record. Luckily, with the Internet, one can research a moving company with ease. Consumers should check out some of the review sites online to verify that the company has adequate insurance and operates within the law. Finally, a smart office manager should sit down with a few moving companies to get quotes for moving and packing services. Remember, a reputable moving company will do a better job and will be less likely to destroy property or mistreat the customer.

To move a small item may not be difficult, but to move an entire home or office is strenuous. A lot of people think they can move on their own and often quickly realize that moving is not fun or easy. Large items can be difficult to move and can cause a person a lot of injury and grief. When moving large desks or beds, a lot of people bump the walls or knock over expensive things. A good moving company will have both the personnel and all of the necessary equipment to do the job safely.

When moving an office, it is crucial for the company not to damage equipment. Desks and other office furniture are one thing; electronics are another consideration.  Damaged and lost computer equipment can cripple a company upon relocation.  A professional mover will take these things into consideration and will ensure safe transport of your office’s equipment.

One must remember; office employees should be paid to do office work and not to move furniture. The reality is, time is money. An individual could take a couple of days to move their entire apartment or office. With the cost of renting a truck and the time wasted, most business owners will find it easier to let professionals handle the job. Keeping in mind the advantages of having a professional handle the move, a business owner would do well to hire a trusted moving company.

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Thinking About Attending Flying School?

Flying school can be an exciting thing to get into if you are interested in working as a pilot. The benefits of being a pilot are impressive. You could even get access to all sorts of attractive types of planes when you are working as a pilot while learning how to fly with real-time experience in actual planes through a school. Learning to fly can be a thrilling experience.

flying school

The benefits that come with being a pilot and flying are amazing. You can travel to all sorts of beautiful places around the world while working as a pilot. This includes many different major airports and cities in all sorts of countries. You can even learn how to use a variety of different planes based on what you are trained to control. The fact that you can get into a great industry that is always hiring is impressive just as well. The airline industry always has a need for pilots who are well-trained and qualified to captain all types of different planes.

The qualifications to get into flying school are not too stringent. You need to pass an appropriate physical and background check so you can be confirmed as a possible pilot candidate. You can learn how to control a plane by studying different courses at a school while also receiving training after an extended period of time. The fact that you can receive hands-on training with actual airplanes is a great benefit because it lets you go out into the real world instead of just having to go behind a simulator that you might get elsewhere. You can get additional training on new technologies if you are already a licensed pilot. It always helps to be educated on all of the newest features and standards in the aviation world.

You can also learn about different planes in a flying school. This can be useful because you might come across a time where you want to rent a plane for use like with a private charter. A flying school can teach you about practically any kind of airplane. These range from small single-engine charter planes to massive commercial liners. It’s exciting to see this, considering how so many of these planes can travel at incredibly fast speeds of hundreds of miles per hour. The thrill of flying is truly something that can’t be beat.

You should strongly think about going to a flying school if you want to become a pilot or if you want to improve your skills with flying different airplanes. You can enjoy flying by taking a look at different planes and by learning about everything you have to know about them. You can even get training on site through a school. If you are looking to learn how to fly, taking lessons from a qualified flying school is a great way to go.

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Custody Battles With Great Attorneys

The Bikel Law website is probably one of the best resources that you will come across if you are currently struggling with family issues that will soon be headed to court. There are currently millions of people that are going through some very difficult times without an idea of how they are going to be able to get through and obtain the types of results that they may be relying on in order to live a comfortable life for many years to come.


The first thing that you want to do would be to limit the impact that fear and anxiety have on the way that you choose to handle yourself during this difficult time. Allowing your emotions to control you would only be choosing to make the situation worse than it needs to be. The best way for you to start making progress in doing what is best for you would be to find a lawyer with experience in this aspect of the law. Someone that has many years experience in family law can provide you with a great deal of knowledge and understanding when it comes to the questions that you are struggling with at the moment.

It is likely that you fear the possibility of losing custody of your child or having to pay a very large amount of support to your spouse when the marriage is dissolved. No matter what your questions may be at the moment, the right legal professional can be the key to a new start.

Some online sites would allow you to find lawyers that understand how the law works. As such, they would be able to examine your case and speak to you about how it can work to your advantage despite the way that you feel at the moment. If there were an action that you could take in order to ensure that you are able to obtain custody of your child, you would likely made the decision to take advantage of them.

However, many people begin to lose hope when legal problems come into their life. No matter what it is that you are stressing about, the law can provide you with a solution. In fact, there are likely many protections that have already been put in place, which can work to your advantage. The best way for you to rely on these would be to speak to a professional that can help you discover just where you stand.

If you have the ability to provide stability and a great home for your child, there is no reason why you should not be able to attempt to obtain custody. The bond that you have with your child is unlike anything that you will experience in your life. Do not allow this to become tarnished by the actions of another person in your life. Even if you feel that you are going to lose in court, going into a custody battle with a great attorney can be the key to getting results.