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How Nicotine Helps to Improve Memory Functions

There’s no denying the fact that most people live busy, stress-filled lives that are either centered around education or work. With so many day-to-day tasks and chores to keep track of, it’s easy to let some of them slip by you. If this sounds like a familiar situation, you might be surprised to hear that consuming nicotine can help improve some of the cognitive brain functions associated with memory. It’s not some magic solution that’s going to allow you to miraculously remember everything placed in front of you, but studies have shown that it can in fact improve one’s memory.

If you ask a smoker how they feel after consuming a cigarette, one of the adjectives they will likely use is “alert.” When a person consumes a cigarette or any other tobacco product, the chemical known as nicotine immediately travels to and stimulates nicotine receptors in the brain. This results in mental clarity and alertness for the consumer, at least for a short period of time.

electronic cigarette

Vanderbilt University’s Center for Cognitive Medicine recently did a study regarding the potential memory-enhancing benefits of nicotine. Instead of forcing participants to consume harmful cigarettes, though, they gave placed them on a nicotine patch as a safer alternative. The study was focused around 67 individuals (non-smokers), of which half were given a nicotine patch and the other half given a placebo patch. Researchers closely monitored the trial participants to see how their memory retention abilities were affected through the course of the 6-month study. After the study was over, they concluded that individuals on the actual nicotine patch had their memory functions improve by 46%, while those on the placebo patch had their memory functions improve by 26%.

Researchers believe that nicotine isn’t only helpful for basic memory retention, but that it can also be used to reduce the effects of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Currently, Alzheimer’s is the sixth leading cause of death in the U.S., affecting nearly 1 in 8 older Americans. This number is alarming to say the least, but the possibility that nicotine may offer some relief is welcomed news.

The study done Vanderbilt University’s Center for Cognitive Medicine isn’t the only one to tackle the subject of nicotine and its benefits on memory retention. Several other universities have performed their own studies to solidify the theory that nicotine can help memory functions. However, the problem at hand is the fact that most people assume nicotine can only be consumed through a cigarette, which is undeniably dangerous and harmful to your health.

If you’re looking for a safer and effective way to consume nicotine without all of the harmful effects of smoking, you should consider using an electronic cigarette. These devices have become quite popular in recent years due to their ability to emit a safe vapor cloud of nicotine. Unlike traditional cigarettes, there’s no harmful by-products or chemicals left behind with e-cigs. This allows you to enjoy all of the benefits of nicotine without the harmful effects of smoking.

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Finding the Right Business Partner & Trusting Them

Trusting your partner is akin to developing a marriage. Without trust, it will be difficult to develop your company into something that will thrive. Experts agree with this principle and have shared the idea with nearly 200 different entrepreneurs. In fact, an entire seminar was developed around the concept at the end of December 2012. “A Marriage of Convenience: Keys to a Successful Business Partnership” is the name of the seminar that espouses these principles that have served as the foundations of many companies.

What Are the Components of a Business Partnership

When entering a business partnership, a contract should be signed to protect the interests of both parties. The business relationship should be so solid that both parties should feel that no contract is required to enter a business partnership. These contracts should be in place only as a precaution.

A good business partner has more than a certified professional resume. Instead, a good business partner is about developing chemistry and being able to withstand challenging times. Partners should also have skills that are different from the principle partner. This makes the partnership well-rounded.

For instance, it would make sense for a business partnerships focused on software to understand all aspects of the business. Select people who have unique skills that can develop into profitable companies.

Always check resumes for skill, but then, verify the skills and determine if the chemistry is present. If the skills and compatibility are evident, the partner may be beneficial to the company. Business partners should also respect each other’s opinions. If one business partner does not respect the feelings of the other partner, productivity will decline, and it will impede the company’s progress. Even if each partner’s point of view is not congruent, they must be able to respect the consensus reached after discussion and deliberation. The company’s vision and values must be respected.

Since frequent communication is necessary for the success of a business, business partners must feel comfortable contacting each other at any time of day or night. If there is tension contacting the person and being around them 24 hours a day and seven days a week, then this business partner is not right for the company. Before selecting business partner, think about your level of comfort with calling a person all times of day and night. If anxiety levels rise when contacting a potential business partner, then this is not the person for the job.

Find the Right Business Partner For Your Business

Choosing a business partner is like choosing a spouse for life. The important questions must be asked up front to determine if the business partnership will endure the trials and tribulations of starting and maintaining a business. Questions will also prevent arguments later in the business relationship. Essentially, a business partner should be someone that is trustworthy and reliable. The process of finding a trustworthy partner may be long and tedious, but it will prevent disagreements when tough decisions must be made.

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12 Sensational Startup Offices

officespceMany offices are vibrant and unique, but 12 in the U.S. deserve special recognition.

Astounding Architecture

The architecture of the Gawker office in New York City is unique. The building has an enormous deck on the roof with furniture, a lounge resembling The Matrix, decorations with a science fiction theme, and even a surfboard.

AOL Ventures in New York City is characterized by exposed brick and numerous archways as corridors. It also houses bean bag chairs, a stress level arcade game, interactive art and murals, various video game consoles, and vending machines of health food.

Dazzling Design

Fab in New York City takes decor to a new level with bright, unconventional furniture, sculptures, unique chandeliers, branches, electrical sockets, and more adorning the rooms. It has quite a modern and eccentric style while remaining coordinated, lively, and welcoming.

ZocDoc in SoHo has lively decorations throughout its office, including walls painted with cartoons, a cafeteria fashioned by Scholastic, stuffed animals, and even a hammock. The design gives the office the atmosphere of a child’s playroom.

OMGPOP in New York City, recently obtained by Zynga, conjured Draw Something. The office contains many photos of Draw Something art as well as champagne bottles to commemorate the Zynga ownership celebration.

Abundant Gaming

Foursquare in New Your City contains several conference rooms, each themed to an individual Foursquare badge. For example, “Herbivore” is decorated with plenty of plants. Features include ping pong and foursquare courts, gymnastics rings, an amphitheater, keg, and others.

The office of LivingSocial in Washington, D.C. is a collection of several buildings with a sophisticated waiting room. Games and activities available in the office are yoga classes, rock climbing, and shuffleboard, and its board room resembles an antique library.

SquareSpace in New York City contains multiple floors that offer a library, a horse on which to draw, vibrant murals, and many games. The office houses several video game consoles, including Nintendo, PlayStation, and Rock Band. The interior design has a contemporary theme as well.

Alluring Attractions

MakerBot in Brooklyn is a 3D printing company, and its office teems with interesting attractions. Located within the office is an area of 3D printers, a factory that assembles them, a “botcave,” and a vending machine of MakerBot plastic toys.

GitHub in San Francisco entices with unusual designs, vivid motorcycles, and the plentiful appearance of its mascots, the octocats. In addition, it contains attractions such as a library, a women’s lounge, and a great deal of scotch and draught beer.

Buddy Media in New York City is a four-floor office that contains attractions such as a workout room, bobble-head dolls for decoration, and its very own studio for training purposes in media. It has a rather contemporary atmosphere.

Tumblr in New York City is a two-floor office with a living room, abounding in contemporary art. Attractions include a ping pong table, and the office even adopted a Pomeranian. Sumptuous offices such as this likely boast a successful crowdfunding platform.


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Few Questions to Ask Yourself Before Enrolling For Online Degree Programs

Online education is extremely beneficial when considered from a number of aspects. It has opened up excellent opportunities for people who have had the desire for pursuing higher education and stepping into a rewarding field of work, of their choice. However, for anyone who is keen on getting an online degree and therefore, enrolling for the online degree programs must consider several factors to be able to make a right choice of subject as well as online institution. In fact, one might ask himself a few questions that will make him convinced of his decision along with guiding in the subsequent course of action.

Which is My Area of Interest?

You might well want to become a business entrepreneur or perhaps see yourself as the Managing Director in some renowned multinational company and accordingly, plan to take up the subject of Business Administration. However, if you have always tried to stay away from accounts and commercial studies in your high school, do not expect yourself to fare well in this particular field. Always try to choose subjects that you have interest in and that you have always been good at.

online degree program

Will the Course be Interesting Enough?

It is difficult to pre- determine as to whether a course in a particular subject will be captivating. However, the answer to this is intricately linked to the answer of the previous question. If you are genuinely interested in business studies then the course structure through which you move to get the online business degree will automatically turn out to be an interesting one.

What Career Prospects Can I Expect?

There is no denying the fact that the majority opt for online degrees to enjoy a prosperous career and make money. So, whatever subject or course one chooses must promise chances of having a lucrative career and the choice is up to the pursuer. The overwhelming success of President Obama might urge several youth to take up political paths. Online degree programs are held in a variety of subjects and so, studying subjects like Journalism or Criminal Justice might actually help you go the desired way.

Which Institution Should I Go For?

The popularity of online education has led to the emergence of many online colleges that conduct the degree program in a varied range of subjects at all levels. However, certain colleges have a strong faculty on some particular subjects and these specifications must be considered. Suppose if you are opting for an online criminal justice degree, you must get into a college that has a strong program in Criminal Justice.

Am I Doing All This for Myself?

This means that a student needs to consider his choices and preferences instead of being pressurized by parents or family members in the matter of getting the online degrees. Anything that you do should be guided by what you think and feel about the same. This is even more important in the context of education, which is difficult to be accomplished if one is not inclined towards it.

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A Career in Media Management

Media management is a contemporary field. It is also known by the name of communications management. It covers various disciplines like account planning and management/brand management, market research and media planning. To have the better knowledge and good understanding of how the business of media works one should definitely pursue a program in media management. It is a multidisciplinary field which makes the student aware of the latest media technology in use and what are its basic components. It also deals with market studies, organization and business development. This program is highly beneficial since it enhances the capability of a person to comprehend the changes in media environment. It makes them capable of doing the research and analysis using the data acquired to create good and more effective managerial plans. The media manager can work in any technological and business environment to create effective strategies for engaging audience. Other benefits of this program include:

  • Making available a global, interdisciplinary approach for studying media and communications using the management expertise.
  • It builds a bridge between the general discipline of management and the specificities of the media industry and media organizations.
  • It develops a good understanding of the basic media structure, how it is regulated and what are the impacts on the audience.
  • It enables the candidate to become a major force in shaping the communications revolution.

media management

Course Detail

The Media management programme includes topics such media economics, which is all about studying the structure of different sectors and markets, and how the resources are deployed. It gives sound understanding of how to properly utilize financial resources while meeting the needs of audiences and advertisers in the society). Another topic is political economy which deals more into the structure of the media from a regulatory and policy perspective. Media studies are a relatively new concept that borrows its principles from cultural studies, anthropology, art theory, psychology to sociology. It serves the function to analyse the economics and output of media organisations and how it is affecting the society and its value system. Some of the other important topics that are made to study in media management course are:

  • Human Resource Management
  • Business Strategy in Media
  • Media Economics
  • New Media Marketing
  • Technical Writing & Content Management
  • Advertising Management
  • Media Law & Ethics (Cyber Laws & IPR)
  • Animation Production
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Broadcast Technology Management

Careers after completion of Course

Once you complete your MBA in Media Management, there is a good chance that you might end up working for big brand management companies, and production houses in not only India but aboard also. You will have different career options to choose from like:


A media manager can go on to work in the advertising field as advertising manager, media manager, media specialist and media planner. It is the most preferred path after media management. You will study topic like corporate strategy, media law and market mix, mass media all of which are applicable for advertising field.

Public Relations

Every brand and company needs to improve their image amongst the audience. Media Management gives the expertise to do just that. After doing MBA in Media management you can opt for a career in a PR firm as communication executive, media relation specialist, or community manager.

New Media

Today’s age is the age of social media. Social networks have become an important tool for leveraging the image of a brand and connect with audience. Therefore there is a large demand of social media managers who can work across different platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and manage online communities.

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How To Maximize Meta Tags For SEO and CTR

While optimized meta description and keyword tags are no longer a necessity when it comes to achieving high page rank, meta tags are still very important when it comes to boosting search engine optimization and click-through rates. This is because the page title and excerpts of the page’s meta description are commonly pulled and displayed whenever your site appears in search results. Of course, anything you can do to lure web traffic from SERPs is worth utilizing and taking advantage of. So don’t let anyone tell you that meta tags no longer matter in SEO. The content plugged into these tags is still instrumental in attracting visitors and boosting business.

Here are a few things to know when it comes to properly optimizing meta tags for better SEO and CTR.

Don’t Leave Meta Tags Blank, Fill In and Complete These Fields

Each meta tag has character limits. There is a 70 character limit for the page title, a 160 character limit for the meta description, and a limit of no more than 10 keyword phrases in meta keywords. Much of this content appears as a snippet whenever your site is displayed in search results. This means that the content plugged in here is very important. Go into filling out these sections with the mindset that this content will serve as an introduction of your brand to the masses when they find you on Google, Bing, or other search engines. Be sure to maximize the allotted space with keywords and phrases relevant to what your site is about and who it’s for.

Always Use Natural Looking Keyword Phrases In Meta Tags

Google’s Penguin algorithm update may have devalued techniques like keyword stuffing but keyword phrases are still very relevant and should definitely remain strategically utilized in meta tags.

Once upon a time, while surfing the web, you’d see page titles that were really nothing but a bunch of keywords strung together for better ranking. This method no longer works after Penguin and Panda updates. Instead, make the page title look natural, perhaps including the page’s title, followed by your company name, and then one targeted natural keyword phrase. Use the “|” symbol to divide each of them. For example, “About Us | Company Name | NJ SEO Company.”

The same approach must be taken with the meta description tag as well. Any keyword or keyword phrase plugged into your description will be bolded in search results if the user types that exact wording into their search. But we now have to be mindful of over-optimization penalties. This is where you want to show your copy-writing chops and come up with a description that’s has a call to action and uses cliffhangers to entice click throughs. And then ask yourself if what you have is compelling enough for you to click through.

Finally, while meta keyword tags don’t yield as much weight as they once did with SERPs, using keyword variations here is still good for placement in second-tier search engines.

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How to Build a Winning Team the Facebook Way

The social networking powerhouse Facebook has plenty to brag about as major technology company due to its winning team. With over 400 million active users on the social network, Facebook exemplifies a winning strategy for entrepreneurs, especially those who seek to pioneer into uncharted territory. CEO Mark Zuckerberg mans the helm of the social networking behemoth that has recently started trading its shares publicly on the open market in the past year and continues to lead the company towards further global dominance. Zuckerberg and his team at Facebook exemplify some entrepreneurial strategies that can help other aspiring business leaders with building a winning team.

Winning Team Requires Smart Recruitment and Hiring Strategies

In order to put a winning team together, companies need to identify and incorporate smart recruitment and winning hiring strategies and practices. Companies need to seek to identify people who will fit into the company’s culture by seeking out the right people for the right positions that are necessary for the team to succeed together. The right people may not be found merely through applying conventional means to the recruitment process. A CEO can get staff members trained in the necessary skills to accomplish the tasks, but no one can teach company staff members how to work together through teamwork and a winning attitude. By first building a cohesive team, a CEO can expect the right people to work together as a winning team.

The Company Values its Employees and Their Contributions

Facebook shows its staff members how much that it values them, offering enticing employee benefits like free dry cleaning and free food. Beyond the freebies that Facebook offers its staff members, the company also values the individual contribution of each team member to help the company eliminate its problem areas and blind spots or helping the company take advantage of opportunities. Facebook staffers are encouraged by the company’s leadership to form teams and work on projects where they have their hearts into the work by following their passion. Such an approach allows Facebook to exist as an organizational enigma of unconventional methods where employees are rewarded with unique career opportunities based on exploration and experimentation as contributing team members who make the vision of the company a reality, not necessarily due to their age, credentials or tenure.

Teams Perform in a Winning Structure

Many companies such as like a NJ website development company and similar technology companies operate with a flat management structure like Facebook. Based on its cultural approach and management structure, Facebook allows its employees to perform at a high level intensity with plenty of rewards to go along with the amount of risk undertaken. Staff members at Facebook form a winning team of the right people performing the right tasks that ensure that the company wins as a whole.

Entrepreneurs and business leaders can learn lessons from Zuckerberg and his winning team at Facebook. When it comes to building a winning team, Facebook gives a shining example to the business community.

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Being a Smart Shopper by Using The Delhi Free Classifieds

Lack of time, ever increasing crowds in malls and huge traffic jams on roads have turned shopping to a chore from a thing of joy. Going for shopping seems like a headache now. Online shopping websites like OLX have come up as a lifesaver. Anything you need in life from a routine use item to anything luxurious, you will find it there.

It makes shopping completely hassle free and a pleasure. You can shop from anywhere right from the comfort of your living room or from your office. Whether its day or middle of the night, any working day or any festive or bank holiday, no matter what, it is always open. And when it comes to a city like Delhi where roads are always full of traffic and markets always flooded with people; something like Delhi free classifieds comes as a blessing.

The benefits of shopping with the help of free classifieds are huge. One of the best advantages is huge difference in prices. Something that you buy from this website will be much cheaper as compared to the market. The reason behind this is the absence of supply chain. When you buy something from market, there are number of steps it comes across before coming to consumer. From manufacturer it goes to distributor, then to the wholesaler, then retailer and then it comes to the consumer.

But here on Delhi free classifieds the seller is directly in touch with the buyer. The seller can post a free ad which anyone interested can view online, make payment and buy it without any mall visits and wastage of time. Posting ads is again a very simple procedure. Anyone with little computer knowledge can also easily post his ad. You just need to follow the instructions that appear on your computer screen while doing so and in no time your ad is online and viewable to millions of users anywhere.

delhi free classifieds

You save a lot of your precious time by shopping from this website as for different products or different brands you don’t have to go to different stores. You will find everything of your need and choice here. You just need to type the item you are looking for in the search window and a number of choices will open up. Even if you don’t want to spend more, like for example you want something second hand, then also you will find a lot of choices which you don’t do in any malls or supermarkets. And if you want to sell something which is of you no use to you, then also you can always do it. For selling or buying anything new or old, free classified websites like OLX can be the best way to go ahead.

Another good thing about shopping online is that you have the liberty to have and give customer feedback. Many other users who have bought the same product can post their review about it free of cost, thus making it easier for you to judge about the quality of the product. When you walk to a store for shopping, sometimes you get lured by the deals that the store is offering or get carried away by the chit chat of the salesman and you end up buying unnecessary things and repenting later on the wastage of the money that you have done. But here you can easily escape that by buying things of your need and choice and simply logging off from the website.

Hence we can say that shopping from Delhi free classifieds is always the best option when it comes to saving your time, money and energy. It is always the preferred choice of a smart shopper for best deals and maximum gains.

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