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4 Ways to Create a Unique Outdoor Space Using Rattan Garden Furniture

Everyone likes to spend time outdoors when the summer finally arrives and one favourite pass time is to light up a barbecue and invite some friends around for the evening. Creating an impressive and inviting outdoor space not only means you want to be out there when the sun’s shining but if it’s well planned, it can add value to your property too. Rattan outdoor furniture is a very popular choice because not only are these garden sets extremely attractive but good quality ones are weather proofed too, adding a real cachet of style to your garden without it costing you a fortune.

There's a superb range of high quality rattan garden furniture on the Internet
There’s a superb range of high quality rattan garden furniture on the Internet

1 Creating a Relaxing Spot in a Garden

You might be thinking about creating a quiet corner in your garden with one particular area being a great place to sit and relax, and somewhere you can lie in the shade reading a good book while sipping a cocktail on a balmy summer’s evening. There are some gorgeous rattan loungers and low tables as well as cosy outdoor chairs that would be the perfect choice to create a nice garden hideaway to relax in. Using subtle outdoor lighting adds to the overall effect making your little corner and very inviting place to spend time with family and friends both during the day and in the evening.

2 The Perfect Outdoor Dining Setting

If you love eating al fresco when the weather permits, creating an attractive outdoor dining area can easily be achieved using stylishly dark rattan furniture decked out with smart, brightly coloured cushions. Not only will the space be stunning aesthetically, but rattan dining chairs are incredibly comfortable which makes enjoying a meal with friends and family in the great outdoors that much nicer all round.

3 Creating the Perfect Sun Spot

When it comes to lying in the sun just enjoying a few rays while catching up on a good book, having an ultra-comfortable rattan sun lounger to lie on is essential. If you add a rattan garden cube, you can create an outdoor area where family and friends can sit and relax, play a few games or just enjoy the good weather and each other’s company. It’s the perfect environment for everyone to spend quality time together in comfort and style.

Lounging in the sun in style and comfort doesn't get much better
Lounging in the sun in style and comfort doesn’t get much better

4 The Perfect Pool Setting

Rattan furniture looks brilliant around a pool especially if there are lots of potted plants strategically dotted around too. There’s something very attractive about rattan and greenery that works incredibly well whether it’s in an outdoor or indoor environment. Add a splash of colour by choosing brightly coloured cushions, or you may prefer to keep it subtle and use more neutral tones. Either way, the effect always works very well with many decorators choosing to use rattan furniture around hotel swimming pool areas and saunas.


Rattan garden furniture is incredibly versatile and fits in with many styles and décors whether you’re looking to create a very sophisticated theme in your garden or a more relaxed feel to a particular corner of it. The great thing about modern rattan furniture is that good quality garden sets are extremely well weather-proofed which means they will cope well with our often unpredictable weather. Creating lovely outdoor areas using rattan furniture is an affordable option especially if you buy it online where the prices are extremely competitive. In short, you can create a wonderful outdoor space without having to spend a fortune.



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How to Check a Used Car’s History Online Before Making a Purchase

There are countless benefits to buying a used car, but it’s very important that you know exactly what you’re paying for. You should always check the car’s history, as this will give you a good idea of how well it’s been looked after and how much more life is left in it.

Dealerships will usually be able to give you an extensive history of the car in person, but this requires you going into the dealership, when you might not even be that sure about the car.

Another easier and faster way to check a used car’s history is online. You can get an extensive history of the car from the comfort of your own home without purchasing it, or even enquiring further with the dealership.

Remember the Number Plate

The more information you have about the car for the history check, the better, but the only thing you really need is the number plate. Most dealerships will have photographs of the car along with some basic information. Once you’ve identified the car you are the most interested in, then you are ready to take the next step.

The number plate can reveal a lot
The number plate can reveal a lot

Find a Company

There are numerous websites online that you can use to find out different parts of a car’s history. Below is a guide to some of the top websites to look out for and what they can help you discover.


The DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) is a completely free database to use and can tell you the year of manufacture, date of first registration, engine capacity, colour, current tax expiry date and the tax rate.

If the details listed on this database don’t match the vehicle then the car may have been given another car’s identity. This is illegal, though not completely unheard of amongst used cars. This is one reason you should buy from a reputable dealer, as this seriously reduces the risk of this identity fraud occurring.

One of the other most helpful facts you can learn from the DVLA website is how much the car will cost in tax every year.


A history check, sometimes referred to as a data check, can inform you of whether the car has been reported stolen, still has finance owing, has suffered any serious accident damage in the past, and the mileage.

Cars with a lower mileage are more desirable, so people may fraudulently turn back the mileage reader on the car to make it look like it has done less miles. Checking through websites such as the AA or RAC will let you know the official mileage of the car.

All you need to complete this check is the car number plate. However, this service isn’t free. There is a discount available if you want to check more than one car, otherwise you’ll be looking at paying approximately £15-£20. There will be other websites that appear to be cheaper, but the legitimacy of those websites may be unconfirmed.

Finding out a used cars history is important
Finding out a used cars history is important

Vehicle and Operator Service Agency 

Finally, by logging onto the Vehicle and Operator Service Agency (part of the website) you can check a car’s MOT. In the UK it is a legal requirement to have an MOT every year.

You can check the current MOT certificate and the vehicle registration certificate through this website, completely for free. This is only available for cars in England, Wales and Scotland, as Northern Ireland is not yet covered.


Checking a used car’s history online is an easy way to find out more information about a potential car without even having to leave your home. There is a wealth of information available about used cars and their history online so why not check the facts from the comfort of your own armchair?



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Unique themes for your baby shower

Baby showers are often thrown to celebrate the pending birth or recent birth of a baby. Traditionally they were only for the first child in a family and were women only events. Today they are a great excuse to shower mothers-to-be with love, well-wishes and gifts for both her and her baby. If you are throwing a baby shower for a family member or close friend, here are four unique themes that will make the baby shower a day to remember.

Bun in the oven tea party

We often refer to pregnant ladies as having a ‘bun in the oven’, so why not go for a baking themed baby shower? If you know the mum-to-be loves to bake, this will be something she truly enjoys. You could either get everyone to bake together, or you could pre-bake the cakes and set up cake decorating stations. After you have made your sweet treats, set up a table that everyone can sit around and throw a traditional tea party. The little details can make the biggest difference so be sure to pick a pretty table cloth, hang coloured bunting and present your cakes on vintage style cake stands. If you are unsure of the baby’s gender, opt for a neutral, yet pretty colour like mint green.

Ready to pop party

Mums-to-be always describe themselves as being ‘ready to pop’ so why not make this the theme of your baby shower? Think of everything that pops like soda pop, champagne, balloons, bubbles, cake pops and popcorn. This is a baby shower theme that you can certainly have a lot of fun with! You could even choose colours that pop against each other to keep consistent with your theme.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar baby shower

We absolutely love the idea of throwing a baby shower based on the famous baby book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. For the decorations you could use prints from the book and choose colours which are inspired by the caterpillar transforming into the beautiful butterfly at the end of the story. You could also make butterfly mobiles which will add a special touch to your party decorations. Food wise, why not pick out some of the food mentioned in the baby book? The caterpillar chomps through so many different foods including strawberries, oranges, chocolate cake, pickles, Swiss cheese, salami, cherry pie, sausage and cupcakes!

You could try a Safari theme
You could try a Safari theme

Twinkle Twinkle baby shower

Lullabies and nursery rhymes are often associated with children, so why not throw a baby shower based on these themes? We love the idea of throwing a ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ baby shower. For the decorations you could hang moons and stars from the ceiling and feature lyrics from the nursery rhyme on your invitations. You could even make prints to hang on the wall which could go in the baby’s nursery after the shower. In terms of food, think about creating star shaped cakes and biscuits, decorating them with edible glitter to make them twinkle!


When it comes to planning a baby shower there are so many different themes you can choose from. Whilst some baby shower themes have been done over and over again, the themes featured in this article are all relatively unique and will make your baby shower stand out from the rest. Putting thought into the baby shower and planning a special theme is sure to be well received by the mum-to-be who will love that you have taken care into making sure her day is a day to remember!

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Web design tips that will help you increase your conversion rates

Whilst getting internet users to visit your website through clever marketing and SEO techniques is an achievement in itself, unfortunately the hard work does not stop there. Once users are on your website, they have the choice of whether or not they purchase your product or services or fill in your sign up form (depending on what the call to action is). This decision will be based on how well you have optimised your website for conversion. Your websites conversion rate is the number of users that complete the call to action and become a customer. In this article we will provide you with a few web design tips that will help you increase your conversion rates.

Simple navigation

When designing a business website it is important to make it as easy as possible for users to access the information they need. Rather than clicking through numerous pages to find the information they are looking for, users are much more likely to click off your website and go to one of your competitors instead. Straight forward navigation is essential. When building your website’s navigation map, make sure that it is both simple and logical. Thorough testing will be required to ensure it works effectively. It is also worth keeping in mind that users will be viewing your website from various different websites, therefore making it essential that navigation is optimised for desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Having clear call to action buttons can help to transform users into customers.
Having clear call to action buttons can help to transform users into customers.

Clear call to action buttons

Studies have proven that users are much more likely to click on buttons than on text links. When designing your website, make sure your call to action buttons like ‘Buy,’ ‘Checkout,’ and ‘Register’ are easy to spot on your website. Keep them at the top of your page as some users will not bother reading all of your content and therefore may miss your call to action buttons if they are placed at the bottom of your website. It is also important to make sure you refrain from having too many call to action buttons on one page as this can be both distracting and confusing for users. If they are unsure what they need to do on your website, then it is unlikely that they will convert.


When writing and presenting content on your website you need to make sure it is audience-oriented rather than simply SEO-oriented. Whilst your content needs to be optimised for SEO, if it is simply stuffed with keywords, those viewing your website will see it as spam. When creating a web design for your website, make it easy for users to locate the information they require and present your content in an engaging way that captures users’ attention. The easier it is for users to find your information and the more engaging your content is the more likely users are to complete their call to action.

Reduce loading time

The quicker your website loads, the better chance you stand at converting users. If your website takes ages to load, impatient internet users are likely to click off and go to a competitors’ site instead. Users will not sit around and wait for more than about five seconds. You can reduce the loading speed of your web design by making sure the coding is clean and that you are not using unnecessary content that adds little value to the user experience.

Social media integration

Not only are internet users impatient but they are also lazy. If you require users to register before they can buy your product or service, presenting them with a lengthy online form can be off-putting. Instead integrate your web design with social media. Allowing them to sign in with Facebook or Twitter will enable you to capture the information you need from them, whilst allowing them to complete the checkout process quickly and easily. Users are much more likely to convert into customers if you use a straight forward checkout process.

Streamline your checkout process to increase conversion rates by allowing users to sign in using their social media account information.
Streamline your checkout process to increase conversion rates by allowing users to sign in using their social media account information.


When it comes to improving your web design with the aim of increasing conversion rates, it is a matter of testing to see what works and what does not. Every change you make to your web design should be justified by your users’ online experience. The better shopping experience you can provide through your web design, the more likely users are to become customers.


An article by Zachary Lowton in conjunction with web design in Southend specialists Bulldog Social Media.


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Personal Injury Claims – a Little Comfort after Your Loss

Deciding to make a personal injury claim after being injured in an accident that was not your fault can seem like a daunting task to the layman. However, with so many people suffering injuries whether in the workplace, at home, in their cars or in a supermarket doing their shopping, there are specialist personal injury solicitors who are there to help you through what is often a complex legal process. Just one of the things that personal injury claims offer is a little comfort after your loss or life changing injury.

Getting the right advice is essential in personal injury cases
Getting the right advice is essential in personal injury cases

Have You Lost a Loved One Due to Medical Negligence?

If you have lost a loved one due to medical negligence or if you now suffer from a long-term ailment as a result of a mistake made by a healthcare professional, the chances are you feel devastated at your loss. The illness you now suffer could have affected your chances of continuing in your chosen career and as such you would need to be compensated for your financial loss and to help you live your life as comfortable as possible. Although losing a loved one or having to cope with a life changing injury cannot be put into financial terms, you do have the reassurance of not having to worry about money if you are successful in your personal injury claim.

Are You Housebound Due to an Accident?

If you find you are housebound because of an injury you suffered through no fault of your own, making a personal injury claim will help you over what could otherwise be a very difficult financial time. Loss of earnings is an important factor when making a claim from another person through their insurers and as such you need to keep all the relevant financial documentation to support your claim.

However, if the injury you suffered means you would no longer be able to work, the compensation you receive through your personal injury claim would need to reflect this fact. If you need specialist medical equipment installed in your because of your injuries, this fact too would need to be taken into consideration when your compensations is calculated and agreed by the parties responsible for your injuries.

Personal injury claims can raise money
Personal injury claims can raise money

Lodging a Personal Injury Claim Early

Because there are strict time constraints on personal injury claims, it is really important to seek advice as early as possible. It takes time for solicitors to assess a case and get a report from an independent expert to support a claim. However, the other reason to start the process earlier rather than later is that everything that happened to cause your injury is still fresh in your mind.

If you are able you should take photos of where your accident occurred and to report the accident to the relevant authorities as soon as you can. You also need to note down the names and addresses of any witnesses of your accident. The more information you have the better as this will support your claim. The information would be valuable to a personal injury solicitor as it assists in assessing your case. If they believe your claim is justifiable, they will then proceed to negotiate a settlement figure from the responsible person or organisation’s insurance company. Although, the process may seem long and convoluted, the end result could offer you a little comfort after your loss or injury.


Personal injury claims are on the rise with over three million people being injured in accidents every year. If you have suffered as a result of an accident that was not your fault, you need to seek professional advice as early as possible to see if you would be entitled to some sort of financial compensation, visit a site like this. If the accident was serious and you lost someone close to you because of it, then a successful personal injury claim would offer you a little comfort after your loss that helps make sure your future is made as comfortable as possible.


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Investing in Coins – a Hobby with a Financial Return

Most people begin coin collecting as a hobby, but for some it becomes an investment, with the hope of great financial returns. Although some people may think coin collecting is an odd hobby to take up, you have to think of the rare and ancient coins as art. In this article we will explain how collecting coins can develop from a childhood hobby into a financial investment.

Many people take up the hobby of coin collecting at a young age with no intention of it becoming an investment.
Many people take up the hobby of coin collecting at a young age with no intention of it becoming an investment.

Taking up the hobby of coin collecting

Many people take up the hobby of coin collecting at a very young age. Often they are influenced by parents and grandparents that are keen coin collectors. Most people have a story behind every rare coin they have collected and enjoy sharing them with anyone who will listen!

Children often start their coin collections by simply looking round the house for old coins and keeping coins from trips abroad. As they get older they start to appreciate the different designs and gain a better understanding of the value of each of their coins. For some coin collecting then starts to become more of an investment and influences them to purchase sets of rare and old coins from local coin shops, websites and shows.

Financial benefits of coin collecting

Rare and old coins increase in value over time, so coin collectors are best taking a buy and hold approach, rather than buying coins and selling them straight away. In order for individuals to stand a chance at receiving financial rewards from investing in coins, they have to carry out a lot of research. It is certainly not a short term way of making money, visit a site like Coin Invest Direct for strategies and a range of coins to start collecting.

Some people include their valuable coin collections in their long term money management and retirement plans, but whilst coin collecting can be financially rewarding, it still poses certain risks.

Rewards and risks of investing in coins

A keen coin collector must always keep in mind that there is no guarantee that their coins are going to hold their value. They cannot rely solely on their coin collection as their financial means for the future. Coin collectors should consider investing in gold and silver coins as they pose less of a risk, due to the fact the prices of the solid metals have been on the rise since the early 2000s. However when investing in gold and silver coins, you need to be careful who you buy from. Make sure that you always do your research so you know exactly what you are buying. Every coin you purchase must be authenticated.

If gold and silver coins aren’t your thing, but you still want to try and make money from your coin collecting hobby, then it is worth investing in entire series of coins. By investing in a series of coins you are more likely to receive a greater financial return that you would for single, random coins.

If you are thinking of selling your coin collection, make sure you know the value of the coins and are able to supply the information to support this.
If you are thinking of selling your coin collection, make sure you know the value of the coins and are able to supply the information to support this.

People sell their coin collections for many reasons. Some lose interest in collecting coins, whereas others reach a point where they want to try and cash in on their investments. If you are thinking of selling your coin collection you have a number of options. You can visit a local coin dealer, attend a coin show or sell your coins online. Make sure that you have all the necessary information and authentication certificates to go with the coins you are selling.


If we could give one piece of advice to individuals thinking about taking up coin collecting, it is that they should only do it if they see it as a hobby first and an investment second. Any financial rewards you make from coin collecting should be seen as a bonus. Although coin collecting can be very interesting and has the potential to become a financially rewarding hobby, it is too risky to depend on it as a future income for you and your family.

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New Year Fitness Campaign

If you have over-indulged over the festive period and are carrying a few extra pounds, do not worry. You are not alone. People who do not gain weight over Christmas are few and far between, let’s get that straight right from the start. The good thing about starting off a fitness campaign at New Year, is that there are plenty of others doing exactly the same thing. Make use of the camaraderie and support of your fellow dieters and fitness friends to help galvanise you into action.

New Year a New You

So where to start on the new you for the New Year? Why not take some time to think about your goals for the coming twelve months and note them down. This will bring an element of clarity and perspective to your hopes for the coming year and you can keep going back to remind yourself if motivation levels start to drop.

Motivation is the key to success

Because motivation is the key to sticking to a new diet or fitness regime. Try and minimise thoughts about how hungry you feel and how tired your aching muscles are, and visualise the positive benefits that these very temporary states of being will bring to your life. Losing weight will have wonderful health benefits, you may drop a dress size or two and your confidence levels will soar. Feeling fitter will have positive knock on effects throughout your life – you will have increased stamina and flexibility and your general sense of wellbeing will be elevated.

Why not make a decision to get fit this New Year?
Why not make a decision to get fit this New Year?

Visit the Doctors

If you are not used to exercising, visit your doctor before embarking on any new fitness regime. They will advise you on realistic goals and give you a check-up if necessary.

Losing weight is really not rocket science. There is a basic equation that applies to everybody, no matter what physical make-up – if you expend more calories through physical effort than those you consume in food, then you will lose weight. It’s that simple.

Dieting is more mental than physical

What isn’t simple is convincing your mind that your body has had enough of the foods you like. Dieting is all about the mental battle that goes on inside our heads –‘I need that slice of cake to cheer me up’. No you don’t, you are perfectly fine without it, and if you are genuinely hungry, have some nuts or an apple. Far healthier and less loaded with calories and guilt. Too many of us use food as an emotional crutch, and the sooner we can cast it off, the sooner the weight will start to fall off.

Starting a diet at New Year in the depths of winter may seem a bit grim, but consider all the time you have until the summer to get slim, toned and bikini ready. Plan ahead to keep motivation levels from dipping. Blue Monday is a common problem for New Year fitness campaigners – it usually lands around the third week of January and can see resolves crumble and diets fall by the wayside. Be super-prepared for such times of danger to your plans and organise a galvanising activity or special, low fat healthy feast.

One of the most successful ways of sticking to a new diet or fitness activity is when it is a group effort. Weight loss clubs where dieters meet on a weekly basis are very successful, chiefly due to the supportive atmosphere and camaraderie of fellow club members.

Getting a good piece of exercise equipment can help.
Getting a good piece of exercise equipment can help.

Fitness can be fun!

The same can be said for fitness activities. If you join a sports team or club, the motivation to play well and succeed not just for yourself, but your team mates, makes the whole getting fit thing redundant – it’s about the competition, the enjoyment and the bonding.

Think fun, as opposed to fit. In London you will find social netball leagues (like London Netball leagues) which are the perfect way of combining fitness with fun – for a relaxed approach to team sports in a supportive and friendly environment, joining a netball league is hard to beat. Or you might like to try other team sports such as football, volleyball, hockey and baseball which can be great fun with the additional benefit of increasing your fitness levels and making new friends.


For 2014, why not make a new year’s resolution to start enjoying yourself more? Think about the getting fit and losing weight as by-products of a new fun attitude to life, rather than miserable sacrifices. It’s all about mental attitude and looking at life through a positive lens. Go for it in 2014 and you’re guaranteed a happy new year…



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A Review of the savelgo Social ecommerce Platform

SavelGo is a new social commerce website that blends together elements of traditional commerce with new e-commerce features. It uses the power of social networking to connect businesses and customers, helping businesses to promote their products and encouraging customers to share their thoughts and reviews. In this article we will provide a review of the new SavelGo website.

Sign up to SavelGo so you can shop online and share your purchases all in one place!
Sign up to SavelGo so you can shop online and share your purchases all in one place!

About SavelGo

SavelGo was created by Massimo Rossi Salvatore Vacante. He started the business in 2009 with the aim to fuse ecommerce features with elements of social media, to create social ecommerce. The SavelGo website has an in-built search engines which provides users with exclusive offers from various different companies. It also has online window shopping pages where businesses can promote their products and services. As a SavelGo member, businesses can gain access to a wide range of powerful social and business management tools and customers can benefit from exclusive offers.

The SaveIGo logo.
The SaveIGo logo.

How does it work?

When a user wants to look for a particular product or service, they simply need to type what they are looking for into the search bar on the SavelGo home page. The website will then bring up a list of companies offering relevant products of services. The user then simply needs to click on the business that takes their interest and they will be sent to their personalised shop window page. Here they can find out more details about the business, including where they are located, how much their products cost to ship and the various offers that are currently available.

Benefits for users

SavelGo provides a simple and easy way to discover new stores, restaurants and services in your local area. The search bar makes it really easy to find what you are looking for within seconds. Users can also benefit from businesses’ exclusive offers on SavelGo. A great way to make sure that you are always kept up to date with the latest offers is to sign up for the email newsletter.

The social side of SavelGo

SavelGo isn’t just about buying products, but sharing your purchases too; it has some similarities to sites like Groupon. Basically it is the one stop destination for all of your social shopping needs. After you have bought a product or service you can share your thoughts about it on your profile. By sharing, commenting on and reviewing recent purchases you can inform others about whether or not the product or service is worth buying. As a SavelGo user you can also benefit from real time news feeds and personalised special offers based on your interests, social buying at its best!

Benefits for businesses

SavelGo is beneficial to businesses in many different ways. One of its main selling points is the fact it can help you reach your target customers by matching their interests to your products or services. It is easy to generate revenue from the social search engine and you will also find that as customers begin to review and recommend your products or services, you will gain more and more sales. Today social sharing of products and services makes up for a large percentage of ecommerce sellers’ conversion rates.

Benefit from increased sales as your customers begin to review and recommend your products.
Benefit from increased sales as your customers begin to review and recommend your products.

As a member of SavelGo you can choose whether you use your window shop as your main ecommerce store or whether you link it to your existing website. The company provide you with a wide range of management and sales tools which you can use to promote your SavelGo page and set up offers for your customers. Whilst providing an excellent social ecommerce platform for promotion and advertising, SavelGo also breaks down existing barriers of communication between business owners and customers. It can help you improve your customer service by ensuring your customers are 100% satisfied every time.

SavelGo packages

Unlike many other social shopping sites, SavelGo does not focus on making money through commissions. Instead they offer a number of different packages for businesses to choose from. Even if you choose to sign up for the free package, you can still use many of the site’s features. The only real restriction is the fact that you are limited to putting up two offers a month. If you cannot see a package that is quite right for you, it may be worth getting in touch with the company as they do provide customised packages and reseller packages too.


SavelGo is certainly a website with an interesting concept. It fuses together ecommerce and social platforms, like no other site has before. SavelGo brings benefits to both customers and businesses. It provides customers with a place where they can shop, take advantage of offers and share reviews. For businesses it provides a place where they can promote their products, services and offers at a low cost, whilst benefiting from access to their target market and social sharing.

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7 Tips to Overcome Erectile Dysfunction

For a man, suffering from erectile dysfunction can be embarrassing and demoralising. No guy wants to have to face any issues with his sexual performance, but the real truth is that over half of men will suffer from it in some form during their lives.

If you believe those staggering statistics, then shouldn’t we be talking about it? Instead of getting overwhelmed, why not face your mountain and focus on getting your mojo back?

There are so many things you can do to regain your confidence and kick-start your sex drive and performance. Here are just 7 of the ways you can fight off the physical and mental causes that can cause ED.

1. Talk

One of the biggest fights for a man experiencing erectile dysfunction isn’t downstairs, but upstairs. Your head is one of the biggest contributors to any erectile problem, so get your problem out in the open with a mate, a doctor, your partner or even someone on a helpline! You’ll soon breathe a sigh of relief and realise that there’s more you can do than you think, and that you don’t have to panic or worry every time you step into the bedroom!

It might be good to talk to an advisory service
It might be good to talk to an advisory service

2. Chill

Stress affects every area of your life if you don’t manage it properly, or you’re too busy or overwhelmed by things going on in your life. It might be the last straw if you can’t enjoy intercourse on top of all that. The truth is that stress will undoubtedly affect your performance, so make sure you make time to relax. Sleeping more will also help increase your testosterone and hormone levels!

3. Exercise!

The more you exercise the more muscle you can build. When you build more muscle and work out, your testosterone levels increase, and you get healthier! It’s a complete win-win. Linking back to the previous section, ‘chilling’ for you might be hitting the gym. Exercise is an amazing way to get you feeling good, release endorphins and release stress too. A toned body doesn’t go amiss with the ladies either…

4. You Are What You Eat

Remember that if you eat badly, your body won’t thank you for it. Not many people think that your diet can impact your sex life apart from bringing food into the bedroom. In reality, your diet really does impact your overall wellness, how you feel, and even your stamina and performance during intercourse. Get your fruit, veg, protein and carbs, and make sure you have omega 3 fatty acids to help reduce any systemic inflammation. Eating well helps prevent and protect you from ED, and you might get a six pack out of it too!

5. Try Something New

Viagra isn’t just for older men; it’s actually a fantastic tool to get your sex life going again. Maybe you’ll have to use it for a while, or maybe it will be just the temporary boost you needed for your confidence. Whatever your situation, it’s a great way to help you overcome your erectile dysfunction in a practical way. Don’t be put off, give it a go. It might be just what the doctor ordered.

6. Cut Drinking and Smoking

Both alcohol and the harmful chemicals from smoking have a big effect on your body and your nervous system. Alcohol obviously reduces your response time and sensitivity, two things which play a huge role in intercourse and shouldn’t be neglected.

Cut down your drinking and smoking
Cut down your drinking and smoking













But you might be asking yourself, isn’t that temporary though? It is when you finally sober up, but long term heavy drinking can lead to permanent nerve damage and many other diseases that will lead to ED. As for smoking, in the short term the vessels in your penis may narrow, which reduces blood flow. In the long term, if you ever need treatment for cancer or radiation therapy a history of smoking can have extremely damaging effects on the tissue and nerves that play a huge part in getting and maintaining an erection.

7. Watch What You Watch

Watching high levels of pornography can have a detrimental effect on what turns you on. Coupled with masturbation, you create neural pathways in your brain and, over time, modify what turns you on and what you associate with sexual feelings. If you want a great sex life, you might want to discipline yourself so you can enjoy the real thing, instead of a false onscreen representation. Your expectations could be way off too, and lead to further issues with getting aroused.


There are so many factors that can have a big effect on your sex life. Sex is great, and it should be enjoyed to the full!

It doesn’t mean that you’ll always have to suffer though; these 7 top tips can help you overcome your erectile dysfunction, and help to prevent it in the future. Don’t make a mental mountain out of a molehill; with perseverance, communication and a bit of discipline you can still make your molehill stand like a mountain.

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Innovative Solutions for Office Storage

When it comes to storing things, offices can become cluttered messy and unorganised very quickly. Admittedly, much of this is down to the individual(s) in charge of storing things, but quite often, part of the reason things get so hectic is due to a lack of proper storage space.

We take a look at some of the most innovative solutions available to help create the right kind of storage for your office.

Growing Businesses

If your business is growing, it is likely that there will be a lot of paperwork coming and going and it all needs places to be kept. The more your business expands, the more things you’ll need to find space for. You may find yourself spontaneously buying extra storage units and adding them into the office space as and when without properly thinking about how it will fit into the layout as a whole.

However, as things progress and more and more impromptu or hurried storage solutions are found, an office can very quickly become cluttered and messy. Not only does this mean that finding the right file can be a nightmare, but it also creates a stress-inducing environment, to the detriment of your workforce.

Finding innovative solutions for office space is hard to do.
Finding innovative solutions for office space is hard to do.

Finding Long-Term Solutions

As such, it can really be worth re-thinking your storage solutions and investing in a new and innovative alternative that will benefit your office.

This article shall consider two office storage solutions that can drastically improve the organisation of your office and the way in which things are stored.

Storage Walls

A new means of storing items which is enjoying increasing popularity is the use of a storage wall.

A storage wall consists of multiple storage spaces that come together as one unit that dominates the entirety of a wall; imagine numerous filing cabinets side by side that reach right up to the ceiling. The installation requires that you sacrifice the floor space of the office along one wall of the room, but it gives you the optimum storage space.

Your first thoughts regarding a storage wall might be negative. Not only have you taken out the use of a whole wall, but you can also stand to lose a couple of feet off the room. Admittedly, if your office floor-space is already somewhat pressed, maybe a storage wall isn’t for you. However, if you can imagine taking your existing storage units and putting them all against the one wall side by side, it’s easy to see how it optimises the space available.

A storage wall first and foremost consolidates your storage space into the one location. If it’s not in the drawer you thought it was in, at least you needn’t search all over the office for it, it’ll be somewhere in the storage wall.

But the most important feature of a storage wall is the total efficiency in storage space it presents. Not only do you have the benefit of having all of your storage units stacked side by side (as a single unit, the dividing walls between storage spaces can afford to be thinner too, giving you more space), but a storage wall reaches right up to the ceiling, giving you the best use of available space in the room.

Another significant advantage of a storage wall is that it looks a lot neater than other options, talk to a company like Storage Aspects to discuss your options. Storage walls are specifically designed to look like just that… walls. Instead of looking like a stack of shelves or a row of filing cabinets, a storage wall looks just like another wall, giving your office a slick and organised aesthetic. This is perfect for offices with notoriously poor filing methods; even if the filing looks horrible, it’s hidden away in the storage wall and won’t negatively affect the workspace environment or people’s moods.

Roller Racking Shelving

Roller rack shelving is an innovative and somewhat genius means of storing items in an office.

The shelving in a typical library makes great use of height and is very easily accessible from both sides. However, it is somewhat flawed in that the access ‘corridors’ required on both sides take up a lot of floor room leading to an inefficient means of making use of potential storage space in the room.

Roller racking takes this basic model of shelves that are accessible from both sides and minimises the need for access corridors by putting the shelves on a raised fake floor and rollers. This means you can move the shelves around at will, creating a viable access corridor when you need it to the particular shelf you need to get to, while ensuring the other unused shelves are making the most efficient use of available storage space.

Having space like this can make life easier.
Having space like this can make life easier.

In this way, roller rack shelving can be more than twice as efficient at making the best use of available storage space than a conventional shelving layout, while still providing you with all the benefits of ease of access found in a conventional shelving layout.


This article has considered storage walls and roller racking as two brilliant innovative storage solutions that can really benefit your office space. Whether or not you choose either of these two options or another choice entirely, finding a new and innovative means of making the most effective use of available storage space really is a worthwhile endeavour .


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