Scrubs In Style – Fashion in Medical Profession

Nursing Patients requires a lot of physical effort. Nurses or scrubs have to be on their toes, all through the day. Be it for taking the blood-samples of patients or running around from floor to floor for various CT’s and test results. The most important aspect that gets the nurses going through their tedious and hard routine at work is their clothing. It is foremost to be comfortably dressed and also look professional no matter what work the nurse does; as they are representing the hospital or the medical office they are employed in. Patients are reassured that they are in the right hands when they see a competent and qualified nurse. Nurses accentuate the image of the hospital.

Here we list some of the fashion faux pas that are to be avoided by nurses while on duty

Cleanliness in next to Godliness: The first and foremost thing that anybody will notice on you is how clean you look. Undoubtedly, a nurse’s job is physically demanding as they are required to pull, push and lift things on a daily basis, but no matter what work you do, looking your best is always a necessity. Be it your personal hygiene or the cleanliness of your attire. A shabby stained image (no matter whatever the excuse) is definitely not a pleasant sight. Presenting a clean, professional and hygienic image shows that you care about your patients in just the same manner as you care about yourself. Please ensure your scrubs are close to the original color and not faded due to frequent washing, or show an ugly stain of grease or body fluid etc. not forgetting to keep your shoes clean too. Even they form an important aspect of the whole attire.

No Cleavage please: Wearing a V-cut Scrub top that is way too low for your comfort or the comfort of others who can’t help but stare, is a big ‘no-no’ considering the atmosphere and work-place. No doubt V- cut suits almost every body type in men or women except for the restrictions of heavily gifted women with full bosoms or the extra hairy men with their hair peeping out of their shirts for the worldly view! Please save these tops or t-shirts, for after work play and entertainment. No one in the hospital will be interested in appreciating your style sense with these. But, if you still want to stick with them then wearing a camisole or a t-shirt or a vest under them is a good idea and will surely save the day for you.

The Right Fit: Scrub Tops and pants should be of the perfect size and fitting. It shouldn’t be inappropriately loose or tight even the length of the clothes is very important. Low waist pants should also be completely out of the picture.  Not every brand is made to work on everybody. You have to choose wisely what looks best on you after trying a whole lot of multiple brands. Also watch out for the material you choose, it has to be breathable so you are relaxed and at ease the whole day.

Pick the right designs: While shopping for scrubs the petite girly ones may wish to adorn themselves with some of the cutest designs available in different shades and colors (mostly they go after pink). However, these cute designs are limited only to pediatrics and others will have to let go of their wishes and satisfy themselves with solid colored simple plain pattern as it won’t look appropriate anywhere else.

Keep the above tips in mind as they’ll be handy when you plan to go scrub shopping the next time.

Family and Personal

Who Gets the Ashes? Ideas for Large Families in Mourning

Death affects large families in unique ways. When multiple households have deep ties to the person who has passed, it can be difficult to decide who should hold onto the ashes or where they should be scattered. Many times this dilemma comes down to three options: your family could divide the ashes, establish an accessible memorial, or explore alternative ways to cope with the grieving process. This quick guide will provide a few suggestions for each.

An Urn for Everyone

Sharing urns are becoming more common than ever. Miniature urns are made to the same exacting quality as regular urns, often to a higher quality because the small sizes reduce the expenditure. Many families choose to invest in a full-size urn for the columbarium jck110_aspot or for the ceremony, only placing a portion of the ashes inside while distributing the rest into the smaller keepsake urns. Each branch of the family tree can choose to scatter or keep the ashes at their will.

If you want to share the ashes with somebody who had a very special connection to the family member who has passed, you could invest in a necklace that holds ashes so that he or she can keep those important memories close to their heart. Other popular options include memorial gems (ashes fused into diamonds under heat and pressure) and candle holders with ash compartments.

Accessible Memorials

Whether buried in a vault, stored in a columbarium, or kept in the home, an urn serves as a tangible connection to a person who has passed away, much like a funeral plot. Much like choosing the location for a funeral plot, families separated by large distances may have trouble establishing a memorial that everyone can easily access. This can be resolved by splitting the ashes into one or more portion or by taking a creative approach that everyone can get involved with.

Scattering ceremonies are a great way to create an alternative monument – scattering into the wind means that you can find their memory in all wind, scattering into the ocean means that you can find their memory in all the world’s oceans. Other families look outside the box and plant a tree or a memory garden, cuttings from which can be mailed to every person in the family so they can start their own memorial from the same plants. The meaning is always more important than the physical monument.

Personal Solutions

Sometimes hurt feelings can be avoided with a personal touch. It helps to seek out the underlying cause of the disagreement; perhaps an estranged son has nothing else to remember his father by, or perhaps a previous spouse feels as if he has lost one more connection to his past life by losing the opportunity to remain close to the ashes. In these cases we suggest grief counseling, and a little creative thinking.

Shadow boxes are powerful. By placing old photographs, handwritten notes, and personal belongings into an archival quality hope chest, you are sharing an important part of the loved one passed, much more important than mortal remains. Making a copy of a CD or home movie featuring that person’s voice can be powerful. Sometimes giving up an heirloom is a reasonable compromise – but it all comes back to figuring out why the intended recipient’s heart is hurting in the first place.

If your family is having trouble working together to find a solution, you may find the negotiations easier to undertake once a small amount of the grief has subsided. Take some time to talk to your funeral director for personalized recommendations (disputes over ashes are relatively common) or seek the advice of a grief counselor. Sometimes finding a “perfect” solution is impossible but there is no harm in trying to seek harmony and balance.

Health and Beauty

Common Weight Loss Myths

13090913_sObesity and weight problems are common in any urban area due to the different lifestyle changes. Some people struggle with weight problems due to genetics while others it’s purely due to poor eating habits. Generally, obesity is a lifestyle problem as many people who are overweight tend to overfeed and avoid exercising. Due to the weight problem in most developed nations, there has cropped a breed of weight loss myths that tend to confuse overweight individuals in their bid to shed the extra fat. The media also offer conflicting information on this thorny subject and sometimes victims end up confused about the whole issue. Here are some common weight loss myths and what they mean.

You Can Lose Weight  Faster If You Skip Meals 

Some ‘experts’ or friends may mislead you into believing that skipping a meal ensures that you lose weight faster. This is one of the oldest weight loss myths and it’s absolutely misleading. Skipping a meal doesn’t add any value to weight loss endeavors as scientists have proven that when you skip one meal, you tend to eat more on the next one. Furthermore, you will be more likely to crave for high fat foods for supper if you didn’t eat lunch. If you want to reduce the amount of food you take, make sure you eat small servings a couple of times in a day. Remember to eat your fruits and vegetables as they help you to feel full and avoid high fat foods.

In Order To Lose Weight, You Need To Absolutely Do Away With Your Favorite Foods 

This is also one of the most common weight loss myths today. It’s advisable to leave the bar of chocolate alone but not completely. To be able to work out a great weight loss program, it’s good to eat your favorite snacks once in a while; this motivates you to keep going, knowing that you will eat your favorites at the end of the week. If you stick to a strict healthy diet, you can never go for long before giving up especially if you are advised to eat vegetables which aren’t sweet.

People Who Lose Weight Fast Are Healthier 

Let nobody fool you that skinny people are the healthiest. This is one of the weight loss myths created by the media and mainly influenced by supermodels. Many young girls today want to be skinny as they think that’s the ultimate body shape. If you use your own methods to lose weight, you may end up losing water or muscles in your body which isn’t recommended for a healthy body. The main aim of weight loss programs is to shed extra fats as muscles are important for everyday activities.

Natural Weight Loss Products Are 100% Safe 

This is one of the weight loss myths created and spread by the weight loss product manufacturers. Though most manufacturers mention that the products don’t have any side effects, it’s good to check with the local authorities and ensure they are listed as good for human consumption. It’s also good to use these herbal supplements only if prescribed by a qualified doctor.

Author Bio

daniel is a health and fitness blogger who loves to write articles about health and weight loss. Recently he read about extract from garcinia cambogia fruits and found some interesting facts about it.


Quick Guide To Using Rainbow Cake Face Paints With A Sponge

Professional face painters use striped cake paints to get easy one-stroke gradients, perfect for anything from butterfly wings to cool fire effects. Brushes are the easiest way to apply rainbow pots but artists typically work with disposable sponges for work around the eyes, especially at large events.

Using a sponge to apply a rainbow cake takes some practice. Many beginners report muddled colors the first few tries but those problems are often easy to troubleshoot. This guide will help you get started.

1. Preparing Your Materials

Use the highest quality paints you can find. Name brand rainbow cakes are well worth the investment. We always recommend 4727224_f520Diamond FX products because their cakes apply as smooth as butter, making life much easier for beginners. Of course, the sponge is just as important as the paint. You’ll want a high quality, high-density round sponge with a nice smooth texture. Try a couple different shapes and sizes to see what seems to fit your distinct style the best. We suggest cutting the sponge in half so you can have a nice straight line to work with.

2. Loading Up The Sponge

Getting the right amount of moisture is the hardest part. You will want to keep trying until you figure out the right water to paint ratio to suit your cake and sponge. It’s better to start with too little water because you can always add more, but a good gradient rainbow effect seems to require a little more moisture than general application.

After wetting your cake, draw the flat edge of your half-sponge across the surface several times using even pressure and a little bit of “wiggle” to work the water into the paint as you go. Move back and forth as cleanly as you can to prevent blending the rainbow stripes, and add a little extra pressure on the edges to scoop up those hard to reach colors.

3. Applying The Face Paint

Now that your sponge is loaded, give it quick sprits with water before applying. We suggest practicing on your arms or legs until you can get a good idea of how the sponge will react. Start with a single point and dab gently but firmly. Never try to “wipe” the sponge across the face – trying to apply with a wiping motion will produce muddy results every time. Keep dabbing the color onto the face as you slowly rotate the sponge to create the fan effect necessary for those gorgeous butterfly wings.

You can adapt this technique to fit plenty of needs. Try watching video tutorials online for ideas and actual implementation. Now that you know how to make those gradients sharp and pretty, practicing them will be more fun than ever.

Home Improvement

How to Clean Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Buying expensive furniture isn’t the only thing that will keep your kitchen in the best condition for many years.

You will need to keep the furniture clean in order to make sure that everything looks tidy and attractive. Moisture, grease and heat are some of the common threats to the kitchen furniture which ruin the kitchen cabinet hardware the most. Here is how you should clean the cabinets to maintain the perfect kitchen.

First off, you need to gather up hot water, white distilled vinegar and dish washing soap as your cleaning supplies. These three things will help you clean up the kitchen cabinet hardware completely. Once you have attained these essentials, find yourself a screwdriver as well to remove the cabinet doors.

Remove the hardware from your kitchen cabinets and drawers using the screwdriver. Put aside the hardware and fill your sink up with warm water and the vinegar. The mixture should be half water and half vinegar. Once done, put the hardware in the sink and allow the mixture to soak in. You should give it around 2 hours so that you don’t have to give too much effort later on for cleaning.

Now drain the sink and refill it with warm water and soap. Now lightly scrub the kitchen cabinet hardware and the grease will easily disappear.This makes the whole cleaning process effortless.

Lastly, rinse the kitchen cabinet hardware, dry it using paper towels and once they are all dry you can refit them in their rightful places. You will see a huge improvement in the appearance of your kitchen and it is important to continue to do this regularly to maintain your kitchen. You should use this cleaning technique every few months to make sure that your luxurykitchens remain tidy and attractive all year round.


Photography Apps for the iPad

As soon as the iPad was launched it became an instant hit in the market. The Apple iPad is a phenomenal device that can do a lot of amazing things. It is a super cool tablet that looks visually appealing. You can find a number of applications for iPad on the Apple app store. Today I am going to tell you about the best photography apps for iPad.


iPhoto is one of the best image editing applications on the app store. This app offers a number of useful features that can be very helpful for photographers. Furthermore, most features are simple to understand and use. The best thing about this photography application is that you can edit any picture by just clicking on it. Despite the fact that the tools in this app are for amateur photographers, they are no less than commercial level tools such as Adobe Photoshop Light room. The price of this app is $4.99 and it can be purchased from the Apple app store.


Instagram is probably one of the most used photo sharing apps in the world today. This is a must have app on your iPad. The retina display of the iPad allows images to look more attractive and appealing. Instagram is an application for photographers who like to share their pictures with the rest of the world. A lot of amateur photographers also use this photography app. It is a very easy to use application and can be downloaded free of cost from the Apple app store. Instagram also allows users to like and comment on other user’s pictures.


Despite the fact that this app does not have an easy to use interface, it still is an extremely proficient image editing app. The price of this app is $2.99 and it can easily be downloaded from the app store. The makers of this app have incorporated manifold features in it. This app is ideal for those photographers who are looking for an affordable app that offers numerous features. It will take some time to get used to this app but trust me it is worth it.


According to facts, SnapSeed is one of the best ranked photo apps on the app store. Millions of people use this app because it has a very easy to use interface. You can tweak the intensity of any image by just sliding your fingers on the screen of your iPad. Moreover, there are various other tools and features that are included in this app. The best part is that this particular app is totally free of cost. All In all it is a must have app on your iPad. I am sure you will enjoy editing and revamping your pictures on it.

Adobe Photoshop Touch

Adobe Photoshop Touch is one of the most popular apps launched by Adobe. It brings several desktop’s application positive features to a simple and minimalistic interface on the iPad.  The app includes various signature Photoshop tools such as magic want tool, clone stamp tool, gradients, filters and text.  Keep in mind that these tools are in addition to standard features like noise reduction, color balance and saturation. The only downside of this application is its price. Adobe Photoshop Touch costs $9.99.


The iPad is a very powerful device that is capable to do a number of things. You can play games on this tablet or take photos. It all depends on what your interests are. However, if you are a young and budding photographer who is looking for the best iPad photography apps then you should try out all these apps that I have mentioned above.

Mike is a passionate photographer and blogger who loves to write on new applications and gadgets. He has written extensively on applications used in photography , and for more details visit

Finance and Law

How Do An S-Corporation And A C-Corporation Differ Financially?

An S- Corporation and a C- Corporation are similar in a lot of ways and very different in others. They are each governed by a different set of laws in each state that they incorporate in. Some states treat an S- Corporation in the exact way that they do a C-Corporation, while others have a completely different set of rules.

Tax Liability

The tax liability of the two types of corporations is completely different. A C- Corporation is taxed as its own entity. The business will need to file its own tax return and take into account all profits, losses, donations, payroll, and other items that go into figuring the tax liability. An S- Corporation is taxed very differently. It is taxed as if it is a partnership. The profits are passed to the shareholders. The shareholders must then note the earnings or loses on their personal tax returns.

Personal Liability

Liability for all other aspects of the corporation, are the same. The shareholders are not held personally liable for any damages that the corporation may acquire. They will still lose out on their investment if the company does not thrive. So, having a company that thrives and avoids liability is still better for everyone involved.

Popular Alternatives

There are many alternatives available to people which they can choose from. Many people will start their business as a sole proprietorship or a partnership; they then grow and decide that their newly evolved business needs to have a new format. Corporations are some of the most popular choices, more times than not it is for liability reasons.

There are many differences between all of the different business forms. S and C corporations are no different. It is in the best interest of your business to do your research on both. S- Corporations only allow up to 75 shareholders and partnerships cannot own shares in the business. This severely limits some larger corporations from obtaining the right amount of capital.

Many S- Corporations will outgrow that business form as well. The only place to go from there is into a C- Corporation. There are fewer restrictions with a C- Corporation.

This allows the business owners to continue to grow their business. Once you are a c- corporation you cannot go back to a different business form, so before you switch to this business model be certain that it is what your business needs.

Author Bio

Crystal is a business finance consultant and a freelance blogger. She often consults business on how to file for a Winding up petition and its implications.

Health and Beauty

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

High Intensity Interval Training, commonly referred to as HITT cardio is without a doubt the most intense and effective cardio training method available. HITT has been proved through numerous studies to burn more fat then low-intensity and long-duration cardio. You may have heard in the past that doing cardio in your “Fat-Burning” heart rate zone is more effective at burning fat, however HITT has proven itself threw countless tests to burn more fat and have an effect after the cardio session for up to 24 hours!

So what exactly is HITT?
High Intensity Interval Training is a form of training which ranges from moderate intensity to maximum intensity throughout the session. HITT can be done on almost any cardio machine. A sample HITT routine on a treadmill might look something like (1 min jog, 1 min sprint, 1 min jog, 1 min sprint, etc.). HITT Cardio sessions usually last anywhere from 10-20 minutes. Most beginners might not even be able to do 10 minutes and just like in any situation, you must keep training and soon you will be able to complete a 10-20 minute HITT session. If you feel like you can do more than 20 minutes, then you definitely need to evaluate your routine and if needed increase the intensity.

So what if I lose a little muscle… I don’t care!
Yes you do! Because your body requires more energy (calories) in order to maintain muscle then it takes to maintain fat. What I’m saying is that when you lose muscle, you’re not going to be able to eat as much as you could be eating if you kept your muscle. You’re basically slowing down your metabolism when you lose muscle. That is why most people actually put all the weight back on after their diet is over. It’s very common for someone who weighs 140 to go on an extremely low calorie diet and drop to 125 within 2 weeks and then come all the way up to 145 in under a month!

Why is HITT so effective?
Despite the fact that you burn a larger amount of total calories with higher intensity cardio, HITT has another feature which is the real reason why it’s so effective. The metabolic boost which a HITT session gives is the main reason it’s so effective at burning fat. After an intense HITT cardio session you will burn more calories throughout the day because HITT training gives your body a metabolic boost which according to research can last up to 24 hours. The boost you receive from low intensity cardio lasts no more than a few hours max!

Calories burning tip: You can also burn calories by drinking Ice cold water

Drinking ice cold water is a very simple and easy way to burn extra calories every day. Even though there have been no extensive scientific studies done on this topic, there is substantial information backing these claims. The main reason your body burns/uses up calories when you consume ice cold water is because in order to bring the water to room temperature, your body requires energy (calories). It’s really that simple, every glass of water you drink must be heated up to your body’s temperature.

The quantity of calories burned in the process is quite small. Every glass of ice cold water will burn about 8 calories. However, if you drink at least 8 eight ounce glasses of water, you will burn about 65 extra calories daily. Even though that may seem small, it sure adds up quickly.

Jake is fitness trainer and a part time blogger who loves to write on health and fitness topics. He had recently reviewed products from, an online website selling performance enhancing products.

Finance and Law

How Will A PPI Claim Benefit Me?

It may not be obvious what claiming PPI can do for you. You may feel that the amount that you may receive will be very small and that it will not be worth the hassle of claiming. However, there are more reasons that you may benefit from making a claim as well as the money. Hopefully you will be able to punish the company that allowed it to be miss sold to you and you will be able to show them and other companies that this behaviour is not acceptable. Hopefully it will prevent them all from doing it in the future and protect you as well as everyone else against it.


The amount of money that you get back will be determined by how much you paid in. You may not think that you will be able to get very much, but this will depend on how much you paid out. Even if you were only paying a little bit each month, you may have been paying it for a long time and therefore this amount of money could have added up to a more significant sum. It is also worth remembering that this is your money and so you have every right to get it back.

Punish the Seller

The person who unlawfully sold the PPI to you should be brought to task over the matter. They should not be allowed to get away with the fact that they have charged you money that you should not have been paying. Therefore you should make a claim so that they get punished for what they have done and made to pay.

Build Awareness

By making PPI claims people are increasing the awareness of it. This means that they are showing other people that they could do the same thing as well and therefore ensuring that everyone who should not have paid PPI will get the compensation that they are allowed. It will also allow companies to see that if they miss sell anything then they may get punished as well. Hopefully it will mean that less companies miss sell products in the future.

So by claiming back money that is rightfully yours, you will not only gain financially. You will have the satisfaction of knowing that you have made a company that unfairly took your money, pay. You will also make other people more aware that they can get money back as well. Hopefully the more people that make a claim, the more companies will be made aware that this sort of behaviour cannot go on and they will not miss sell products again. It is important to make a lasting impact so that it will not happen again in the future. This may not seem like it will benefit you, but it means that when you buy financial products in the future you will be protected against miss selling. Hopefully you will be more aware of it anyway, but it is not always easy to understand everything in the small print or to realise that you are being overcharged.

Chris is a tax consultant who loves to write on business and finance in his free time. He suggested one of his friends to get ppi claims advice as he was going through a rough financial year.


Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet – The Vegan Approach To A Fitter Body

vegetablesA vegetarian weight loss diet is a healthful and nutritious method to eliminate some pounds and get your body in the right shape. Combined with working out or exercise routines, a vegan eating habit can throw in many improvements in your way of living and overall health.

Losing weight the vegan way is considered as a fast weight loss plan. Although it’s critical for you to note that even if you are a vegetarian, losing weight is not as easy as it appears. After all, when you imagine vegans and vegetarians, you think only of healthy foods. But, similar to a non-vegan diet, still, there are always enticements, treats, and foods rich in calories luring you to get back to your unhealthy habits.

Vegetarians who desire to lose weight can use many popular diet programs and fit them in their lifestyle. While most of the diet plans require consumption of dairy products and lean meats, you can use soy milk, legumes, nut, tofu, and other vegan options as alternatives. You can opt for a vegetarian weight loss diet that incorporates food consumption with no restrictions and requirements. This integrates fruits, whole grains, and veggies with low point values, so you can consume a bit of several foods while you still lose weight.

Even if you perform other diet programs such as herbal life weight loss plan or take in CLA weight loss supplement, losing weight should be carried out carefully and diligently. Crashing down your intake of calorie too radically can result to various health problems and might as well lead to gaining some pounds back rapidly. Continual losing and gaining back weight has been discovered to cause some health concerns such as heart problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, lower metabolism, and liver damage.

Prior to starting any form of vegetarian weight loss diet, you should consult with your doctor to ensure that you are on the right track. This is particularly important if you are breastfeeding or pregnant.

A weight loss system for vegetarians like you line up foods allowed in abundance such as whole grains, beans and legumes, as well as vegetables. On the other hand, foods which should be eaten in moderation are refined sugar, salt, fruits, soybeans, nuts, or egg-free pasta. You should inhibit from consuming foods that have refined soy products, avocados, oils, and flour. This is just a simple overview of the vegetarian weight loss diet. The chief focus of this diet program is to incorporate vegetables and some plant-based products as the focal aspect of your diet, while you stay away from foods with starches and fats.

When performing the vegetarian weight loss diet, you should keep an eye to the food portion sizes. You should deter false hunger signs, and you’ll soon consume less food amounts.

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Crystal is a health and fitness blogger who loves to write articles about health and weight loss. Recently she read about  garcinia cambogia extract pure gnc.