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Latest Web Design Trends

The web designing is a constantly evolving field, the web designers have to be on their toes always to know the latest technologies and implement the same in their design to provide the best user experience. Some of the latest web designing trends are discussed below:

Typography: Expert web designers suggest that typography is sure to be the future trend of website designing. The experts are of the opinion that it will receive a huge boost in the near future and will be a hit among the website owners. Owing to the vast variations in typography, the web designers have the options to choose different fonts. While there are plenty of typography options to choose from, it is important that you take your time to choose the right typography; the design you choose must be both visually appealing as well as trendy. With typography gaining more and more significance, the website designers need to change their designing strategy to replace the text with images and focus on increasing the visual appeal of the website.

Responsive web design: It is a known fact that today more and more people are using mobile devices to browse internet and since each mobile device have a different screen size and resolution, responsive designing is fast gaining popularity as the future trend of website designing. A responsive website design eliminates the hassles of irresponsive website due to screen size and resolution issues and makes the website functional on all kinds of mobile device. A single responsive website design layout works flawlessly both on desktop and mobile device.

Vertical scrolling: This is a popular web designing trend that is fast gaining popularity. Today, majority of the websites provide both vertical as well as horizontal scrolling. Vertical scrolling allows the web users to browse through the different sections of the website conveniently and easily. The vertical scrolling option makes the website more user-friendly and easy to navigate. The latest development in the vertical scrolling trend is the scrolling of menus of buttons. This implies that as the user scrolls down the page, the header menu scrolls down as well and thereby makes it easier for the users to choose the menu option.

Big Buttons: As the touch screen mobile phones are gaining fast popularity, it is natural that big buttons are becoming the order of modern mobile website designing trend. Initially, only a few websites had large buttons, but today, it has become a necessity and almost all the mobile websites have large buttons. The buttons makes tapping easy for the mobile users. While, it makes browsing easy and pleasant, it has a drawback too. The main disadvantage of having big buttons is that it requires heavy graphical elements which affects the loading time of the website. The designers are already working hard to find a solution to get rid of this problem.

Parallax Scrolling: Parallax scrolling has existed for quite some time now, but it was previously restricted only to video games. Today, it has become an integral part of the modern day website designing projects. Parallax scrolling allows the web designers to manage the depth of the various design objects in a better way.

Health and Beauty

Drink Healthily With Sparkling Water Dispensers

Water is at the core of life and so the healthier and safer we drink the better. It is a known fact that water out of our taps is not the best simply because it contains numerous contaminants apart from having an awful taste. However, presently you can drink low quality water only if you like because advances in technology now ensures you can have fresh, pure, clean and sparkling water any time you want.

That has been made possible by the introduction of various types of water coolers that can dispense both hot and extremely cold water whenever you want. For your convenience, now there are dispensers that combine a water chiller and a hot water boiler in one. This means you are saved from the hassles of stowing away a pitcher in a fridge whenever you need cold water or using a heater to boil water. Whenever there is a need for chilled, sparkling water you can get this in an instant.

Are you still boiling water in a kettle for your coffee or tea? If your answer is yes, then you are still living on the wrong side of technology. That method has now become a thing of the past because presently any kind of food that needs boiling water for easy, quick and convenient preparation is just a button away. Making a cup of coffee or tea now takes a matter of seconds.

What a relief to forego the hassles of boiling water using a kettle. Apart from the time this takes, it is also a safety hazard especially if you throw in children into the mix. Accidents can occur resulting into burns, damage to furniture or even electrocution. Luckily, you can minimize this greatly by using modern water dispensers.

With a lot of hue and cry about the state of our planet and the tragic effects of climate change, there is a great need for us to mind about the purity of the air we breathe and the water we drink. The degree of pollution to the water we drink has now reached alarming levels giving rise to life threatening circumstances to infants and older people.

Even those who presume they are healthy are not spared when you factor in the rising incidences of water borne diseases. This now calls for health conscious measures that are meant to safeguard us against unnecessary infection particularly from water. It is now common knowledge that tap water is never safe due to the process of chlorination it undergoes. Chemical sediments in the tap water and other harmful residues now dictate the need to provide safe and clean water.

Fortunately, with the introduction of various models of water coolers or dispensing units, it is now possible to get sparkling hot or cold pure water instantly. Technologically advanced water dispensing machines are now available in different designs. There are various models suitable for homes, offices, hospitals, institutions etc. So why wait? You can get yours today and enjoy the benefits of convenient, energy saving water purification methods whether hot or freezing cold.

Home Improvement

10 Important Tips for DIY Home Remodeling Ideas

Most home remodeling ideas turn out poorly or are completely abandoned due to very simple reasons. The allure of DIY is irresistible given the number of instructional videos, “how-tos” TV commercials, magazines and websites that float around on the internet and anywhere else you care to look. Some people enjoy the distractions that such projects bring, while others are hard pressed for finances and would like to save by cutting corners here and there. Whatever reason you have for taking the do-it-yourself way, there are a few basic preparations you have to make. Here are important things you cannot ignore.

  1. If you are a beginner, start with smaller jobs and minor improvements such as painting that do not require much expertise.
  2. Where there are no risks get involved in minor repairs and installations without fear because such projects provide ample learning opportunities. Be confident enough and trust in your ability to see the job through.
  3. Do not approach a job with the mentality that is can easily be done, for instance, knocking down a wall for expansion might look easier until you realize you are not adequately skilled to finish the job.
  4. Some jobs are better off left to experts, e.g. electrical installations, utilities involving water and sewage etc, not unless you are an expert.
  5. Do not start on a project before examining all the safety precautions you need to take. Unexpected delays, holdups, or complications may drive you into a panic mode, leading to accidents. Common accidents to be avoided include: severe cuts, falling from ladders, eye splashes, splinters, and caustic cuts, and so on.
  6. Set aside time for the project because many home improvement tasks normally take longer than expected
  7. Be prepared by expecting the unexpected. A simple wallpaper removal can turn into a nightmare if you discover there are 4 more layers beneath what you thought was a simple ripping-off job or faucet replacement can get complicated when the water is not turned off properly.
  8. Make sure you have all the right tools and equipment. It wouldn’t do to move halfway through a job only to realize you lack certain essential tools or materials. Of course you can rush to the neighbor, but that is in poor taste.
  9. Get yourself some training before embarking on a remodeling project. A lot of home improvement agencies offer classes to those wishing to learn for free with the expectations that you will buy their products. You can also search for tips online from experts.
  10. Apart from the satisfaction one gets after completing a project, the main drive behind DIY remodeling jobs is to cut costs. Buy your supplies from shops that deal in second hand or re-used items. You’d be surprised to find that some of the materials are as good as new.

Lastly, determine the rough estimate of what it will cost you to complete the entire project before thinking of even lifting that hammer or paint brush. What a nightmare it can turn out to be if you get stuck halfway through a project for lack of funds! Budget well.


Why You Would Want To Buy Yourself an E-Bike

Cycling is the new in thing. For good reason, aside from the fact that the biggest cities in the world have this on top of their list of agendas, this is only in response to the growing number of people choosing cycling as their main means of transportation.

Then again, if you think about it, it is surprising why it has only caught on recently. People in China have done this for years, and the rest of the world never seemed to notice. Then again, people never understood he benefits of biking, up until now.

While the reasons of this sudden interest in biking and the list of benefits grows on and on, there is no denying that it is becoming a cultural phenomenon in the largest cities in the world and marketing companies have found a way to capitalize on this.

They introduced the E-bike, an electronic bike that runs on a motor or a battery just to give it that extra power to make it less strenuous to have to bike 30-40 miles every day.

Still, with its costs, buying an e-bike over a regular bike is not economic if you look at the price alone.

Luckily, an e-bike has far more benefits than a regular old bike, such as the following below:

  • It is Easier to Use – An e-bike requires less power to cycle. You run faster and yet you exert much less effort. This is great if you are wearing a suit and tie and do not want to come in to work sweating like a pig. This is also better if you were to climb a hill, as the extra power can help you pedal your way through and it makes it easier to travel longer distances. Additionally, have the option to pedal and not turn on the motor.
  • Bigger Savings – An e-bike costs you a lot more than a regular bike. Yes, the cheapest e-bike costs as much as a high-end road bike. However, that is up for another argument and discussion. What you need to know is that an e-bike costs a lot less than a car in terms of maintenance, registration, insurance, special license, and in some states, you do not have to pay for toll if you use an e-bike. As an added bonus, you also get tax exemption to a certain extent.
  • Safer – An e-bike or a bike is much safer to ride on than an automobile. Sure, there is the argument that it is easy for you to topple over when you ride a bike. However, regular use makes that less likely to happen. You also have access to bike lanes, as well as shortcuts that larger vehicles cannot go through.

It is safe to assume that with the stance that most governments have taken about emitting less harmful gases in recent years, the use of e-bikes and/or bikes may become more and more prevalent, making it more reasonable why you should go with the bandwagon.


How to Be the Life of Every Party

If you love to go to parties frequently you might have noticed certain men tend to attract a lot of attention; they seem to be weaving a magic on the people around them. They seem to garner a lot of attention everywhere they go. Have you ever wondered how it would be to be that person around whom people would feel tempted to, one who hogs the limelight at all social events and parties? Being a popular person in the party circle is not as difficult as it may sound; following the few simple techniques below would greatly help you to be the life of every party:

Put your best outfit on: This is one of the simplest yet the most effective ways to be the life of every party. Looking good is pivotal to pull in the people’s attention towards you. The kind of dress you wear and the way you groom yourself would have a huge impact on the people around you. If you look sophisticated and smell well, it would definitely create a positive impression about you on the people. Nobody would want to talk to a person who is dressed shabbily or looks unclean.

Apart from being dressed good, it is important that you appear to be a very confident person, the way you conduct yourself would make or break your chances of being the life of the party. Having that swaggering confidence would create an aura around you that people would find irresistible.

Get drinks at the party always While you are going for a party, it is advisable that you always carry some drinks with you for the host. It may be anything, a few cans of beer or a bottle of wine. You can also consider buying a cake. Nobody likes people who visit parties as freeloaders.

Even if you have got personal invitation for the party, it would be wise to bring something along with you. This would not only earn you appreciation from the party host but also would create a strong impression among other present at the party. It is always good to have more drinks at the party than having a party running out of drinks.

Be the entertainer: Ideally, when people visit a party they love to let their hair down and enjoy to the fullest. People look up to someone who is energetic and is buzzing with enthusiasm so that they can join in with them and have some fun themselves. If you want to gain the attention of the people at the party, bring out your entertainer cap from the bag and take the initiative to crack jokes, dance, sing or display your unusual abilities.

People love to be around with people who are laughing and making merry than with people who simply prefer to sit at the bar gulping drinks. The more people you interact with, the more you talk and laugh more people would know about you and become aware of your presence. Cracking jokes on you is the best way to break the ice and attract people’s attention.

Health and Beauty

The Most Common Misconception of Pregnant Women

Pregnant women need to eat. However, the most common misconception amongst pregnant women is that they need to eat twice because they have two mouths to feed. Sure, cravings will always come when a woman is pregnant, it does not always need to be satisfied.

True, in some cultures, not satisfying the cravings of pregnant women is bad. However, this is also the reason why pregnant women in those parts of the world tend to gain more weight than usual.

Yes, weight gain always comes with pregnancy, but it does not always mean that when you are pregnant, you need to munch on more food.

Research shows that a pregnant woman should only eat an extra 350 to 400 calories a day. On top of the average caloric needs of a woman, 2,500 calories is a safe bet for pregnant women.

To give you a clue on what 350 to 400 calories look like, it is only a snack. Approximately, it is one medium-sized apple and a single serving of yogurt. However, it could also be an average-sized glass of milk and one peanut butter sandwich. Sure, other types of food may be comprised of approximately 350 to 400 calories, but they may not be healthy calories.

Then again, it is important to keep in mind that some pregnant women engage themselves in mild physical activities and that can ramp up their daily caloric needs to 3,000 calories a day. However, these calories should only be from healthy and important food groups.

Another thing to remember is that women that breast-feed babies need to eat more than pregnant women do. Yes, it is quite shocking. However, it is in line with the fact that women that nurse their babies need to eat more because their babies get their food from them.

Still, much research is still ongoing when it comes to how much food a pregnant women actually needs to eat. This is because the individual’s metabolism, unique calorie needs, etc, affect how much they need to eat, more so when it comes to pregnant women.

Sure, feeding two mouths may have some truth in it, but I will not bet on it being wholly true and if you do not want to pack on too much weight during pregnancy, you may need to watch what you are eating.

Go to a nutritionist and visit your gynecologist regularly to make sure that you get the daily nutrition you need and that your baby is as healthy as it needs to be. You do not need to feed to mouths to make sure that your baby is healthy.

All you need to do is to make sure that you eat right, get your calories from the right types of food items, and that you do not engage yourself in too much physical exercise or do not stress yourself too much.


Green Technology Trends in Home Construction

In the purview of the growing popularity of the use of ‘green’ products, the use of green products, materials and techniques in the construction industry is also gaining greater significance. Even the people are become more and more aware of the importance of using green technology for home construction purpose and are availing its benefits.

Some of the major shift in the home construction trend is discussed below:

  • Today, the concept of green technology and green building is incorporated right at the beginning of the building process. The essential building items like doors, windows, concretes, heat protection systems, appliances, fittings, mechanical and electrical systems and for every other aspect of building, you have a green option that can be used for construction.
  • With the rapid advancement in the construction technology, nowadays, different types of green flooring systems are available. A large number of people around the world prefer wooden flooring that is made from wood that are taken from the old and unused buildings. This trend is gaining immense popularity as it is a smart way to recycle. For new buildings, the builders are now using green alternatives like rubber, bamboo or cork. The new linoleum products that are available in the market today are also easy to recycle. Not to mention, they are less toxic.
  • Carpet is such an important aspect of home interiors. People love to use different kinds of carpets in their home. It not only uplifts the beauty of your home décor but also they are a cheaper alternative to using the expensive tiles. In present times, the carpets are made of recyclable materials and they are quite cheap too. Another important benefit of using carpets made of green materials is that they are easy to install, clean and replace.

The main objective of using green material for construction purpose is to make the whole structure or building environment friendly. The green structures also provide a safe and healthy place to live for the occupants. It gives them an opportunity to live and breathe in a space where the air is clean and fresh. Another important reason why more and more builders are opting for green building techniques and materials is that these buildings blend well with the nature and they use much less water and energy.

There are several advantages of living in a green building than living in an ordinary home. Although, buying a green home or the rent for the same would be a bit more than other ordinary homes, living in such homes would be totally worth it. In the long run you would enjoy the health benefits as well as save a lot of money on the energy cost. If you have a old aged person or any other person who is sensitive to toxic substances or dust, living in a green home would keep them safe from health hazards. Use of green technology is not only a growing trend in the new construction business but also it is gaining popularity in the remodeling projects.

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Tips on How to Look Fashionable

All around the world, fashion keeps evolving and expanding its horizon. While following the flow of evolution, today, everyone wants to look fashionable. Right from a small child to an old person, everyone wants to look their best. In order to adorn their looks with the style in vogue, people have even gone beyond boundaries to look for what’s in fashion. This trend is rapidly expanding its branches all around the world. Here are some tips that can contribute immensely in your class and stylish look. Let’s take a look at them.
•    The foremost rule of a stylish look is to learn saying bye to your old clothes. Old is never a part of fashion. There may be several clothes in your wardrobe, which could not have the privilege to be worn by you. My advice is to stop giving them space in your cupboard. And, save that space for some new and trendy clothes.
•    Once you have the space to incorporate new clothes in your wardrobe, go for a shopping and pick the latest piece of cloth in the market. Make sure that your cupboard is always filled with blue, white, black or brown trousers to be paired with any of your top, colorful jackets and skirts and different pairs of flat, low heels and high heel shoes.
•    Many people feel that being fashionable is all about wearing short clothes. And skirts form an indelible part of this category of clothes. But, before wearing a skirt, girls must make sure that their legs are presentable enough to be shown. Once you are confident about that, then you can go for those trendy skirts in the market.
•    It’s a misconception that short clothes are fashionable in comparison to conservative dresses. Bare skin can never look classy. It may look fashionable at times but will always lack on the class front. Try avoiding too much of your skin if you want to trendy along with fashionable.
•    Different prints on clothes have always been in fashion but one can easily go wrong while pairing them. Always remember that a floral top or skirt must be paired with only plain trouser or to respectively. And, also make sure that colors match appropriately.
•    It’s good to follow fashion, but one must do that with only open eyes. It is not correct to follow it blindly. Various people buy a particular dress, just because it’s in vogue. They forget to realize that the dress does not suit them. In such a scenario, one can never manage to look fashionable or classy. For you to look stylish, it is imperative for your clothes to compliment your body. Also, take care of your comfort while choosing clothes. Your will contribute in your confidence, which will eventually lead to a completely you.
•    Apart from a great wardrobe, your personal health and hygiene also contribute in your classy look. Make sure that you always look clean and tidy.
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Curbing Your Appetite for Sugar, Salt and Fat

Our body needs real food, the type of food that benefits us not just in terms of taste, but also in terms of health and well-being. However, such types of food does not always taste good, and this is the reason why most people’s taste buds tend to gravitate towards food that is not a vegetable, fruit, nut and/or seed.

Salt, sugar, fat, all these three make us unhealthy and we knowingly consume plenty of these on a daily basis because they taste good, further neglecting our body’s natural needs. While it is easy to say that avoiding such types of food is easy, it is not enough, for it is important that we rewire our taste buds and slowly make ourselves eat more vegetables, fruits and other healthy food.

Unfortunately, it takes plenty of time to change one’s self. It does not happen overnight. As to why, these tips below should help in changing as to what kind of food our taste buds are more likely to gravitate towards.

  1. While eating your veggies raw may not sound as appetizing, learning a quick recipe or two that involves sautéing or roasting it the right way may help bring out the natural sweetness in these delicacies and make you want to eat them more. Much like how roasted meat makes you eat more than usual, the same applies if you try roasting or sautéing your vegetables.
  1. Fresh herbs can make a plain old dish look more appetizing, delicious and more importantly, healthy. In such cases, herbs like cilantro, parsley, dill, basil, oregano, and the likes could do the trick.
  1. If you are looking for a healthy substitute to add a creamy and luscious texture for whatever it is you are cooking, you may want to try using the healthy fat found in avocado, coconut and tahini.
  1. As much as possible, learn to use local fruits and vegetables. While canned substitutes do exist, they do not do as much of a good job in bringing out the natural taste as compared to fresh produce, with the latter making for a better ingredient.
  1. You need to realize that the one reason why you may not be enjoying the food is that you are dehydrated. The case is true for most people that think that the food tastes bad or that they simply do not have the appetite. Remember, digestion starts from our body and if we are not hydrated properly, everything that put into our mouth will have a bland taste.
  1. As a fair warning, you may want to check your meds as well. Some meds interfere with our body’s senses.
  1. You may also want to check if you are getting enough nutrients and minerals. The lack of zinc can prevent you from fully enjoying your next meal and make anything taste bad. In these cases, food such as oysters, pecans, sunflower seeds, lentils and others full of zinc can help with just a deficiency.

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Health and Beauty

Ways to Combat Hair Loss

Losing your hair is one of the worst possible situations that can befall any man or woman.

While a genetic predisposition to hair loss can still be addressed, there are a variety of other factors which can be behind hair loss issues.

While there are medical treatments recommended for hair loss by trichologists (doctors with a specialization in hair), it is advisable to root out other factors that could be behind hair loss.  Go through the below mentioned points, and see if they are applicable to your situation. It is possible that while they aren’t directly causing your hair to fall out, they could still be at play.


This means two things. Firstly, are you consuming enough water on a daily basis? It is possible that in winters, you’re not drinking enough water, and getting all your water from tea, soup, or other hot beverages. This is bad for your hair, as skin and hair both tend to dry out more in the winter air, and you need to drink water to hydrate on a daily basis.

In the summer, its not the question of drinking water, but not drinking enough of it. In humid and dry weather, we can lose more water from our sweat than we can recover from drinking. And, are you replenishing the electrolytes lost from the water in your sweat?

Secondly, it is possible that the water in your shower has too much salt, i.e. calcium.  Further, the bath water could also be polluted. Casually checking the smell, taste and color of the water is a good way to check for impurities that could be behind hair loss.


There are many factors of your diet that can be behind hair loss. The most obvious aspect is the nutritional contents of your meals. Are you getting enough vitamin E? Vitamin E is essential for good skin and hair health, and hair loss is can be a symptom of its deficiency.

Further, does your diet not have enough protein? If you are more carbohydrates oriented, it could have a detrimental impact on your health, including inducing hair loss. This is why doctors advise a balanced diet.


The one factor that is the most obvious, yet is ignored often. Smoking is dangerous for every part of your body, including your hair.  Smoking damages your hair in many ways.

Firstly, cigarette smoke gets trapped in your hair. As cigarettes contain hundreds of chemicals harmful for human health, direct contact with your hair will obviously damage them.


There are many medicines that can trigger off hair loss. It is therefore advisable to always research, and ask about the side effects (including potential hair loss) from a reliable source. A new prescription medicine, recommended for a long term must always be checked out for such side effects. Dr Ray Woods Hair Transplant,  of the Dr Woods Hair Transplant team in fact analyses all your current prescription medication, as well as long term medication history.