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Arts & Crafts: Painting Without Brushes

Oil painting does not necessarily require the use of brushes. Although it is often used by most oil painters, there are other ways to make amazing oil paintings without the use of brushes.

A less famous yet more traditional way of painting in oils is done with the use of palette knives. Palette knives are often interchangeably or mistakenly referred to as painting knives; there is a difference between the two however. Palette knives are used when mixing oil paints in the palette while painting knives are knives specially made for oil painting. Most artists however prefer to use palette knives in painting because it can be compared to putting icing on a cake. The first try would seem to be awkward and frustrating but it is easy to get the hang of it. Palette knives come in all shapes and sizes depending on their use. They are also made of plastic thus they are safe. They are more preferred by oil painters because they can be easily cleaned up, unlike with the usage of brushes.

Many artists also try experimenting with different techniques, mediums and tools in oil painting. One such experiment is with the use of stencils. Stencil painting allows one to p0roduce a design or pattern over and over again, thus it can be advantageous for painters who sell their artworks in bulks. This new technique however may be difficult to carry out because it combines to different fundamentals of painting. For other cases like this it is important to remember that the first consideration should always be the medium.

Finger painting with oils is rare but it does not mean that it has never been tried. The problem faced with this is that the oil paint is very hard to control thus there is a difficulty in placing the texture and determining the depth. Also, oil paints are very difficult to remove and to clean up after. Oil painting using brushes is already a messy business, what more if the fingers are used? This is also not recommended for people with sensitive skins.

A true artist experiments with his work and always tries to think and discover something new. With continuous trials one would eventually find out that a brush is not the only tool an artist could use with regard to creating a wonderful and beautiful painting. Rags, sponges and wood could also be used in oil painting as long as they are clean would not leave traces of their fibres in the oil painting.

Oil painting is not only a way of expressing ones emotions and sentiments but it is a method of expressing and developing an individual’s creativity. No rules apply as to what tools an artist should use when painting as long as the basic and fundamental rules of the medium are followed. Using different tools to deliver the oil paint also results to difference in texture and depth.

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