Are Trampolines Safe for Children?

If you’re thinking about buying a trampoline for your backyard, you might be concerned about its safety.  There have been a number of articles and interviews done with health experts who stress that trampolines can be very dangerous, especially when used without adult supervision.  While it’s true that trampolines can lead to injury if used incorrectly, it’s also true that they can be a lot of fun for children.  They’re also a great form of exercise, and many parents are very pleased when they hear that their children want to go jump on the trampoline instead of playing video games or watching television.

The Risks

Because trampolines involve jumping high into the air, there’s always the risk of landing wrong and getting hurt.  This can range from a sprained ankle all the way up to a damaged spine or broken neck.  However, much of this risk comes from improperly using the trampoline or using a trampoline that’s damaged or worn out.  All of these risk factors are within your control, however, and you can greatly reduce them by doing a number of things.

Trampolines Safe

Creating a Safe Environment

The first thing to do is make certain the area are your trampoline is clear of all obstacles.  Many trampoline-related accidents involve children jumping into tree branches, the side of the house, or onto a fence.  You also want to level the area so that one side of the trampoline isn’t lower than the other.  An uneven trampoline can lead to broken ankles.  While trampolines should always be used with safety netting around them, it’s possible someone could go through the netting.  Remove any large rocks and other potentially dangerous items from around the trampoline just in case this happens.

Teach Your Kids Proper Trampoline Techniques

One of the best ways of avoiding injury is to teach your kids how to properly jump on a trampoline.  Talk to them about the importance of following directions when jumping.  More than one person should never be on the trampoline.  Jumpers should never do flips or attempt any dangerous types of jump.  Adults should always be present when anyone is using the trampoline.

Always use a Safety Net

One of the biggest risks of using a trampoline comes from falling off of it.  That’s why everyone who sets up a trampoline needs to use safety netting around it.  However, a lot of people don’t think they’re necessary or don’t set them up correctly.  An improperly set up safety net can actually be more dangerous than no safety net at all.  This is because kids will assume the net will catch them if they fall into it.  If it’s not set up correctly, though, it may break, sending the child crashing to the ground or into obstacles behind it.

Purchase Proper Equipment and Accessories

Don’t try to make your own netting or replace worn parts with temporary fixes you make yourself.  You need to always purchase items made specifically for your type of trampoline by a licensed company.  For example, Outdoor toys direct sells a number of trampolines and trampoline accessories that are affordable and durable.

Author Bio: Andrea is a big kid at heart. He is a dad that is crazy about his kids and enjoys playing with them on their swings, slides and even Trampolines. He also loves writing about  Outdoor Toys and sharing his experiences with others.