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5 Popular Hire Tools

There are many tools which can be used in a DIY project or on an ad hoc basis. When the right tool is owned, it can be used for a wide range of tasks. However, tool hire is far more convenient on account of how much it costs. When a tool is hired, it doesn’t have to be stored in a garden shed because it is returned. So, what are five of the most popular hire tools around?

Hire Tools

Cordless drill

A cordless drill can be used for a variety of DIY tasks. Screws can be taken out of a wall and fresh holes drilled. Although a screwdriver can be used for putting a screw into a wall, it can take a while to do so. When a cordless drill is used instead, it’ll only take a couple of seconds. As a cordless drill is battery operated, there is no need to keep unplugging a socket when moving from one room to another. As a result, a cordless drill can be used throughout a property and not necessarily near a socket.

Circular saw

A circular saw is used for accurately cutting wood. When a large piece of wood needs to be cut into several pieces, a hand saw is one such option but it can take ages, especially when a thick piece of wood has to be cut. By using a circular saw instead, it doesn’t take as long. In fact, wood can be cut in a couple of seconds.

Floor polisher

After a wooden floor has been laid, it can be polished. Although polish can be administered by hand, it will take a while. A floor polisher can change the appearance of a floor because it will shine. If new flooring has been laid in a property which has recently undergone significant renovation, a lot of dust could collect on it. By hiring a floor polisher, a wooden floor will look completely different.

Wallpaper stripper

Before hanging fresh wallpaper in a bedroom, the wallpaper that is currently hung will have to be stripped. Although warm water can be applied with a sponge and then scraped off, this can take time. A wallpaper stripper is an alternative to a bucket of water. After it has been turned on, a wallpaper stripper can remove the wallpaper which is no longer needed. By hiring a wallpaper stripper, the wallpaper in a large room can be removed very quickly. Therefore, it won’t be long before new wallpaper can be hung.


Although a shovel can be used for making a hole in a garden, a digger is an alternative. A lot of force is used to dig a large hole with a shovel but the opposite happens with a digger. A digger which is normally used on a building site can be used instead of a shovel. It is one of the most popular tool hire options around because when it is no longer needed, a digger can be returned to the shop that it was rented from. If a hire shop provides delivery, it could even be collected.

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