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5 Healthy Habits to Teach Your Kids About Organization

Let’s be completely honest – children can be extremely messy and disorganized. Although this disorganization drives most parents crazy, their children don’t seem to mind at all. In fact, the more their parents try to set up routines or complain about their messiness, the more rebellious the kids become. Unfortunately, this causes conflict within the household and frustration with both parties. Well, the good news is that you can stop fussing and still get results. Yes, there are techniques you can use to help your child develop better organizational skills that won’t disrupt communication. Skills that will not only help your children in school but also in life. In this article, we will share five techniques to improve your child’s organizational skills. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

Healthy Habits

1. Use Visual Prompts

Most children are visual learners and using visual prompts help them get and stay organized. For instance, reward charts and to-do lists are excellent prompts that motivate children to succeed. In fact, parents who use visual prompts and offer rewards for completing tasks often see positive improvements in their child’s organizational skills and behavior in a short period of time.

2. Encourage Use of a Planner

Planners are not just for adults – they can also be used for children, too. With a planner, children can write down important tasks and then check them off when they are completed. Not only does this give them a sense of satisfaction and higher self esteem but it helps them realize the value of their time. It also encourages them to stay organized and on schedule.

3. Designate a Separate Area

Most children are disorganized because there is no set place for them to put things. If you designate a special space for their books, shoes, clothes, toys, and other items, it will be much easier for them to put them in their rightful place. For instance, if your child is having issues with a dirty room, you may want to get rid of clutter and then organize their closets or toy boxes so they can put items in a special place. On the same token if your child can never find supplies for studying, you might want to set up a study center that is fully stocked with necessary supplies. Then, they can use that area for studying.

4. Enforce routines

Although children don’t particularly like routines, they actually help them stay on track. This encourages them to follow a schedule, organize their time and stay on task. For instance, you may dedicate the hour after dinner as study hour or allocate fifteen minutes in the morning for them to make up their beds and straighten up their rooms. This way, they know what tasks they need to complete at what time.

5. Make Organization Fun

Buy colored organization bins and encourage them to put items in its right place. If you live in Cordova, TN and have a lot of items and no room for them, you can rent Cordova TN storage units and place items there. Your child can help you organize items for storage and win prizes for helping you put items in appropriate boxes. You can also play the clean up game where you and your child puts items in its appropriate place in under 5 minutes, etc. Another fun activity is to encourage your child to cook with you. They can organize the ingredients and assist with overall meal planning. You can also give them special tasks like organizing coupons and putting them in their correct folder. All of the above tasks encourage them to be more organized.

In conclusion, teaching your children strong organization skills takes time and effort but it is well worth the effort. By using visual prompts, encouraging the use of a planner, designating a separate area, enforcing routines and making organization fun, you can definitely enhance their organizational skills.

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