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4 Tips for Marketing Your Business Online

ID-10069243Growing your online business intelligently shaves many years off of your learning curve. Skilled offline entrepreneurs quickly learn that marketing online requires a different skill set. Stick to the core activities of creating value and making connections to improve your marketing campaign. Target your content by using SEO. Connect with interested prospects through niche-specific social media groups. By sticking to the fundamentals you can lap the lost, unfocused online marketing competition.

Create Value

Create massive value to become valuable in the eyes of your target audience. Shoot helpful videos, create problem-solving blog posts and publish a helpful email newsletter to build your marketing campaign on a foundation of strong, recurring value. Offering value to your target market makes you valuable to people who seek your product or service. Patiently create to rise above the field of competition.

Listen to the needs of your prospects to create compelling content for your target audience. Smart entrepreneurs know that listening makes the difference between online marketing success and online marketing failure.

Target Your Content

Target your content by using SEO to laser point the specific audience you wish to reach. Foolish entrepreneurs try to market to every living, breathing soul within reach. These failures throw in the towel after running out of energy chasing people who are not interested in their venture. Smart marketers target each piece of content created by including niche specific keywords in their content. Post keywords in titles, description fields and blog posts to resonate with your target audience and place higher in search engine rankings from big sites like Google and Bing.

Create each post with your end game in mind. Intend to connect with as many interested prospects as possible through each piece of content which you publish.

Make Connections

Make as many connections as possible to grow your business network on solid footing. The size of your friend network determines the length and depth of your marketing reach. Help people out by promoting their blog posts and commenting on their social networks and blog posts to make more friends. Many of these people will return the kind act, promoting you aggressively. Increasing the number of people who promote you expands your presence quickly. Give to receive. Market other people; help them out and each new, strong connection will be happy to market your content and opportunity to their large, growing friend networks. The more freely you give the more friends you will make and the more easily you will receive coveted web traffic.

Hang Where Your Prospects Hang

Market your opportunity from a smart place. Hang where your prospects hang by promoting your latest blog posts on relevant LinkedIn and Facebook Groups. Run twitter hash tag searches to see what people from your niche are chatting about. Take the time to hang only where you might connect with people who are definitely interested in your venture. Chat with these individuals, ask questions and provide answers to build your connections and marketing your opportunity effectively. For example, if you mentor home business entrepreneurs you would spend your networking day connecting with people on home business-themed Facebook and LinkedIn Groups.

Kelli Cooper blogs about all things business from purchase order lending to how to build a business online.

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