Web Trolls are Mightier than Promo Pens: How Spammers Killed the Toolbar

Have you ever been trolling the internet and found yourself lured into an ostensibly “helpful” site, only to have pop-up ads and hyperlinks coming at you from all sides?

Here’s where it gets worse: The web trolls entice you to download their nifty toolbar that supposedly offers some truly helpful features. But we know the real deal – whenever you download a handy toolbar, you are also downloading a bunch of malware and malicious code.

Be very careful on what you download – lest you contaminate your computer or smart phone with spammers’ malicious code. And if downloading something requires you to “accept their terms” watch out. Read the terms and agreements page carefully because these days those check boxes are automatically checked and by agreeing to the terms, you basically give those spammers the right to interfere with the integrity of your hard drive.

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The more we try to avoid the inevitable, the more devious the web trolls become. Spammers pay legitimate software companies to include their toolbar as a package deal. These household-name corporations will include hackers’ malicious code in those toolbars, so watch out.

If you’ve ever been given promotional pens as giveaways, you’ve been exposed to a similar situation. You accept those free pens based on faith, but what you don’t know is that the company that paid for them has an agenda. They probably bought thousands of those Bic promotional pens with the intent to advertise, not gift.

But the web trolls are more malicious than the companies who give away promo pens. Why? They disguise their underhanded agenda as an offer of sincere helpfulness. Hey – why not download our free web toolbar? Oh, and by the way, while we’re at it, we’ll bend you over and take a poke at your hard drive.

It’s kind of like the old analogy of a frog that will leap out of a pot of boiling water but will allow himself to be boiled alive if the temperature is systematically increased over time. Before we know it, we’ve sanctioned a bunch of malware on our computers and we’ve agreed to the terms in the process.

My advice is to stay clear of the web trolls but save a place for promo pens. After all, they are free gifts, regardless of the fact that they are imprinted with some company’s logo and contact details.

Author Bio: Riya Moore is a writer for HALO Branded Solutions, a leading Bic promotional Pens products company. When he’s not working, he loves to travel and blog, so his tablet is his best friend.