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Advantages of anti-aging laser procedures

Nowadays, there are a lot of techniques developed specially to restore the skin. Women use all possible means to win in the fight against aging processes. They use everything from cosmetics, masks and injections up to the heaviest weapons – plastic surgery. Unfortunately, each method has its drawbacks: the surgery requires a fairly long and complicated recovery period, and the use of cosmetic products do not always give the expected result.


Luckily, modern aesthetic medicine is developing very rapidly now. Modern rejuvenation technologies made a revolution in the beauty industry, providing the fair sex with new highly effective methods of skin care. Nowadays, lasers cosmetology is considered to be one of the most perspective spheres of the industry. In addition to effective treatment and the ability to eliminate various defects of the skin, lasers are the best weapon in the fight against aging. Rejuvenation lasers, as well as any other professional equipment have their own characteristics and advantages. The principle of lasers operation is peeling effect, which helps skin renew itself and thus rejuvenate. Besides the irradiation provokes the production of the intercellular substance that are responsible for the ductility and elasticity of the epidermis. This method is completely safe and has virtually no contraindications.

One more great advantage of lasers technologies is that they reduce the recovery period significantly, allowing patients not to change the usual way and the rhythm of their lives. After such rejuvenation procedures you can continue to work, drive a car and do everything you need, without feeling any discomfort. A lasers beam can affect the skin selectively, and eliminate the problems and defects only on those parts of the body where it is needed. The whole procedures delivers no discomfort to the patient. Penetrating into the deeper layers, radiation stimulates physiological processes not only on the surface, which allows to renew the skin at the level of the epidermis. Additional thermal effect activates inert cells and production of collagen and elastin. This helps to ensure that the effect of the procedures is supported by internal resources for several years.

The main benefits of the procedure are the following: precision – the depth of the ray exposure is strictly fixed; physiology – the procedure activates natural processes in the human body; painless – the surrounding tissue is not affected, and therefore no damage can be made to them; safety – absence of direct contact with the skin eliminates the possibility of infection during the procedure performance; bactericidal – radiation kills pathological micro flora.

It is important to note that after the procedure, the skin is very sensitive and permeable, all applied cosmetics acts with maximum effect. That is why, the specialists advise to use professional beauty aids designed specifically for this purpose. They do not contain dubious and harmful additives, corrosive components, moreover, they are hypoallergenic. It is mandatory to use specialized creams designed for protection against the sun, with a protection factor at least 15. It is necessary to choose the cream that protects against UV rays of B and A types. You can also use restorative drugs for body during the recovery phase.

Willie Simon in collaboration with Carla Robertson for Sharplight company, skin rejuvenation lasers seller.